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August 9, 2018: Now I get to have some fun...
Posted by JeffsFort

This is a temporary news post just so there will be some content here. Once the site is tied into the community's network, messages, news, announcements... will all be broadcast to the entire community at  so its main purpose is to give the "Shack" a voice inside our network and its secondary purpose is to host the shack's work in a place where the owner has control.

Copies of the work that will be co-hosted on the BloodBank and True's Fandom have fully formatted copies of the stories that will adopt the theme of the site they will be displayed on. For fun, I've played with bringing back the original look and feel of these works making this "Shack" a bit of a Throwback :) Other sites have translated the site into other languages, I translate it into "Blast from the Past!" and yes, I am having fun doing it.

Stories not hosted on this site will link to the chapters on Gay Authors directly and when I have free time, I'll work on converting them as well to make an archive that could stand alone as a full website if you ever wanted it to. Right now it's a big toy that could be fun for the handful of people who could find it. Content from the existing "Shack" as well as past versions have been used to make this site a potential experience... At least that's my intent, LOL!

For the people who do find it, I'll make sure links to the GA site are easy to find :)

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