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November 24, 2019: My Only Escape Returns With A New Chapter
Posted by Comicality

A new chapter of "My Only Escape" is now available! So check it out, and let me know what you think if you get just a few seconds of free time. As always, this one is a bit difficult for me to write, but I've been dedicated to getting this story told. No matter what. I hope it'll do some good in the long run.

Seezya soon with more! ((Hugz)) And thanks for the understanding and patience you guys have shown me over the years. You guys made writing this story worth it. I love you too. :)

(My Only Escape)

November 18, 2019: The New Parade Of Stories Starts Today! XD
Posted by Comicality

Another quickie for you guys before you get up and go to work today! Hehehe!


The new parade of stories and chapters starts today on the site! So thanks for being patient with me while I've been sorting through all of my files and getting everything back to where it's supposed to be! I've still got work to do, but the challenge only makes me stronger in the long run! So I'm getting used to navigating around the obstacles in my way. It feels pretty good, knowing that the site keeps going, no matter what. I love it! Hehehe!

Anyway, a brand new chapter of "My Only Escape" has just been posted on the site a few minutes ago! So if you're a fan of the series, or a new reader...check it out, and let me know what you think! K?


Also, I've added my own answer to the "If Only" Question for Imagine Magazine, and you can find that on all of the forums right now. And HUGE thanks to you guys who chimed in to add some of your own experiences and took the time to tell your stories as well. ((Hugz)) Love you lots for it!

That's it for now! Seezya soon! Enjoy the new chapter! And keep an eye on your emails! Because I'll be back sooner than later! ::Nods::

Take care! And long live "My One True Weakness"! Hehehe!


"I kinda like it when you waste my time. I don't really care if you ain't mine. You got me feeling like there ain't no need to think beyond tonight. I kinda like it when you waste my time. Because it means I get to look in those eyes. You got me feeling like there ain't no need to think beyond tonight. So go ahead and waste my time. All day. All night. Go ahead and waste my time." -*Johnny Orlando*

November 16, 2019: Imagine Magazine #54 Issue Is Live
Posted by Comicality

Hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between! :P

Just wanted to send out a quick note to let you guys know that a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is now available for you guys to dive into whenever you get the chance! We've got new chapters of your monthly favorites from our talented authors on the team! New articles, writing tips, and the usual goodies!

Also, something brand new from Jeff P begins this month, the next chapters of "Shelter" and "Give It To Me Straight" are included, and a brand new FIRST for the Shack Out Back! 'Comicality' was invited to his very first podcast! :O

Crazy, right???

Naturally, my voice has been digitally altered, but you can get the audio as well as some background on the podcast in this month's issue! So enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to me at and I'll get back to you soon!

Stories start on Monday night! I'll seezya then! :P

October 31, 2019: Happy Halloween! >:)
Posted by Comicality

Let me start by wishing you guys a very happy and safe Halloween! I hope it was a good one for you all! I had to work tonight, but the weather is pretty shitty right now where I am, so there's not a lot of festivities or trick or treaters or anything. But, just as well, because I wasn't here to enjoy it anyway. Hehehe!

First things first...a very IMPORTANT note that I need you all to know, and please spread, if you can! K? looks like the address is no longer functioning. :(

I've had that email address from the very beginning of the website and the stories, and I never changed it. In fact, I always got a big thrill out of having people come back to contact me even after years of being missing in action, just to say hello and feel good to see that I'm still around. It feels like 'home', you know? But, something went weird and I never got an explanation about it...que sera sera. always, the show must go on! And my /*NEW*/ email address is and you guys can reach me there from now on! Please understand, I don't have access to my older emails or my contacts list! So if you sent me something within the last few weeks and I haven't answered you, please look in your 'Send' folders and see if you can forward it to my new address so I can hear from you and respond. And if you just want to wave hello and send me your email address to add to my contacts again, feel free. I'm rebuilding stuff from scratch! (Again) So just drop me a line at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Once again, that's **

Also, the Halloween release of my very first horror anthology, "Darkness Waits" has been sent in to for its content review for publishing tonight! I had to resubmit the first edition, simply because the HTML code tags were all showing, which makes for a terrible reading experience! But it was an easy fix, and it's out there in the ether right now, awaiting approval! I hope you guys will enjoy it!

As a warning, these stories do contain some disturbing themes and images. It is horror, after all. So it does get dark in some places. But I didn't go overboard, and you'll still be able to recognize that typical 'Comsie Feel' in all four stories! Promise! Hehehe!

"Darkness Waits" is an ebook exclusive! So it won't be appearing anywhere else! You'll have to grab it from the Comicality Ebook Section in Imagine Magazine! Cool? It'll be worth it! You'll see!


One last thing! I never posted the short, Halloween themed, story, "Elixir" on the site before! It's an older story from a few years ago, and it's Halloween night, so why not, right? Hehehe! It's just a short, one-shot, story. So check it out, and let me know what you think when you get a chance! K?

(Click Here to Read)

That's it for now! I've gotta run! I'll stay up for a while longer to check on the status of the new ebook, and I'll send you guys another notice when it's live so you an grab your copy first!

One LAST time! My new email address is ** so contact me when you get a second, and I'll know how to get in touch with you again. Don't forget!

Seezya soon! And I love you all! Mwah!!!


"Don't work for recognition but do work worthy of recognition." -*H. Jackson Brown, Jr.*

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