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May 16, 2019: Imagine Magazine 48 is live...
Posted by Comicality

I had to update my laptop today, and that took a LONG time!!! LOL! I started last night and actually fell asleep waiting for things to get back in working order! BUT...I think everything is finished! SO, back to work!

 I really missed you guys since my last message! I want to thank everybody who sent me birthday messages this year! I took a week off from work, and between the rest, my family, a new Mortal Kombat game, and the GREATEST "Avengers" movie ever put on film...I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself! Hahaha! Best birthday EVER!!!!
Also...HUGE thanks go out to you guys who sent in Paypal donations to help me out and support the site!!! I truly appreciate it! ( You're the best! And I will do all I can to make sure I pay you back by giving you guys all I've got to give! Every time! MWAH! Love you!
That being said, a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is now LIVE!!! And we've got some special goodies for you all this month!
This is issue #48, which means that we are rapidly approaching the big 50th issue celebration! Wow! Hehehe, and it has now been about a YEAR since the big relaunch, and our attempts to go monthly instead of bi-monthly. The result was a massive success! We get hits and new readers each and every day! So thank you to everyone who stops by and supports the Imagine project! And HUG thanks to everyone who has taken time out to submit work of their own to keep us going strong!
This month, we've got new chapters from your favorite authors, Lindon Westzer, Juju, MrM, Beldro Mercier, Jules Porter, Ruwen Rohs, and The Story Lover! Also, "The Bully And The Bullied" returns from Sean E. this month! So be sure to check out chapter two! We have a brand NEW series starting by Julian Taylor, called "Kiss Or Miss", that you will definitely want to see! And an article written by Page Scrawler called "The Boy Who Would Be Queen"! Definitely check that out too!
This along with our usual monthly articles and party favors! We're dedicated to bringing you our best! So drop by when you get a chance, and support the authors and the stories that you enjoy! K?
Submissions from new authors are ALWAYS welcome! Articles, artwork, poetry, me at and I'll do my best to save you a spot in the next issue! you can make your love for imagine Magazine more interactive than ever before!!! Let me proudly introduce you to the new "Inner Visions" forum!!! If you're a fan of the magazine, drop by! Introduce yourself and say hello to the rest of the new community! New ideas, new comments, new questions! Catch up with some of the cuties from previous issues! Express yourselves! Meet and talk with some of your favorite online authors! Get exclusives on new content! Let us know how you feel about the latest issue, and talk to other people who love the magazine the same way that you do! We just opened up a new playground for you guys to explore and become a part of! So enjoy! And I hope to see you soon!
I want to let you know that the board IS moderated (meaning that posts have to be approved...because...trolls exist. Hehehe!), but Moderators will be checking the board multiple times a day to approve content, so you won't have long to wait at all. porn. Let's keep it PG-13, shall we? Hehehe! I don't mind  little naughtiness every now and then, but we know when a line's been crossed. So just...let's not. K? There are a lot of teens reading too. So behave! LOL!
ONE more thing!!!
There is one of my usual 'Daydream Short' stories in this month's issue of Imagine called, "Double Take"! Check it out! However, there was originally going to be TWO Daydream Shorts this month! Only one is posted in the magazine! The second story, "That One Moment", is available EXCLUSIVELY on the Inner Visions forum right now!!! Hehehe, so...if you want to read it, I guess you'll just have to click that link and go check out the board, won't ya?
What??? Am I being manipulative? Hehehe! ::Whistles Innocently:: Not at all. You can choose not to read it. Just sayin'! ::Giggles::
Alrighty then! I am doing a LOT of behind the scenes maintenance tonight! Fixing links and the like! But I'll be back soon with more! The floodgates are now officially open! So expect goodies! LOTS and LOTS of goodies!
Oh yeah! New additions will be made to the ComicalityShack YouTube channel tonight! ( This week's gay short film is called, "Football Boys In Love", and it's already in the favorites section! So enjoy! And look for more additions throughout the night! Including one of the most awesome Star Wars fan film retcons ever made! Wow! LOL!
THANKS for all of the new subscribers, by the way! I love you too!!!
Take care! And I'll seezya soon!
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April 25, 2019: GFD: We Are Many
Posted by Comicality

Howdy, guys and gals! :)

I am sending out a super quick announcement to let you guys know that the party is still going strong! :P

Tonight, "GFD: We Are Many" was posted to the site for the first time! This is a 2 part short, and both parts are on the site now! It's actually really fun to bind all of these stories together to tell one massive story around the "Gone From Daylight" series, and I hope you guys are enjoying it too! Give it a look when you get a chance, and let me know what you think!


I've had a few weird issues posting lately, but...I'll try to figure things out when I have some more time. The stories themselves should be in tact though! So, no worries there!

I'm working on finishing up the enormous finale chapter to "Billy Chase" Book 9, and it will be up on May 1st! So be sure to clear your schedules and get ready for a wild time with that one! Hehehe!

More to come! I've got the day off from work tomorrow! And I've got to wait 8 hours before I can post again! I posted this around...7:30, so...3:30 in the morning? I'll be awake! Hehehe! Seezya then! MWAH!!!


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April 23, 2019: GFD: King's Order
Posted by Comicality

Yes, I'm still awake! Aren't you? LOL!

Anyway, I know that I've been super busy and distracted for the past two weeks...but this '30 Days Of Night' thing isn't anywhere NEAR being done yet, people! I've still got a TON of vampire goodies to send your way! So stick around! Because the show is far from over!

A brand new "GFD" spinoff makes its debut tonight! "GFD: Kings Order"! If your a fan of Comicality vampire stories...and also like King Arthur and the knights of the round table...well, hallelujah! Here's a combination of both! Hehehe! I hope you guys like it! Jump into it, and let me know what you think when you're finished! Cool?


And THANKS for the ebook purchases lately! You new readers just got me to 'impulse buy' Mortal Kombat 11 last week! Hehehe! Because that's on of my favorite thing EVER in life...and if you can't splurge on something you truly love and enjoy every now and then...what else is there? You know? Every single penny that you donate to the site, or spend to grab an ebook, is a HUGE blessing for me! Thank you!


So, it's because of you guys that I'm getting soooo much enjoyment out of life right now! That...and a few other things that I'll be telling you about soon as a surprise! ::giggles:: But yeah...I splurged on a video game. Sue me! :P

The name 'Comicality' CAME from Mortal Kombat, ya know? True story!

Alrighty then! Jump into the new vampire spinoff! And thanks for the emails and support! I'm answering them as quickly as I can. K? Hope to talk to you soon!


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April 23, 2019: Hiya, *Jesse*!!! XD
Posted by Comicality

I hope you guys all had an awesome Spring Break, and a great Easter weekend as well! I most certainly did! And with a lot of extra hours at work and time with family and all, I think it was good to unplug every now and then over the last two weeks or so! I definitely recommend doing that from time to time. :P

Anyway, the vacation's over! Hehehe! So, feel free to check out the newest chapter of "Jesse-101: Online Celebrity" tonight when you get a chance! Cool? I hope you enjoy it! And please feel free to let me know what you think when you get a chance!


A big welcome to all of our brand new Shackers as well! ((Hugz)) Welcome to the site! Drop me a line whenever you like! And I'll be sure to give you guys links for all of the stories that you may be finding for the very first time! Don't want you to miss out on anything important! So, if you're starting any of these series from the very beginning...links will be available to you! K?

Also, thanks for the continuous support of Imagine Magazine! It looks like we're averaging anywhere from 100 to 150 hits a *DAY*, easy! And April is already about to surpass March's issue! So things keep getting better and better, and its all thanks to you! So keep dropping by, spread the word, and we will keep bringing you the best material that we can as a team! ((Hugz))


That's it for now! I will see you guys soon! Take care! And thanks for everything!

Love and bunny eggs to you all!


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