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March 19, 2019: Savage Moon Has A New Chapter Up! :)
Posted by Comicality

I just wanted to drop a quick announcement to let you guys know that a brand new chapter of "Savage Moon" is on the site! So, if you were looking for the next step towards's waiting for you! I hope you guys like it! And feel free to let me know what you think when you get a chance!

(The Shack Forum)

Thanks for all the compliments and support for the newest issue of Imagine Magazine! We've been going strong for 8 months now, and there's no signs of slowing down! So don't miss out on the March issue! And we'll be back with more in April! (Imagine Magazine) We are always looking for submissions, articles, short stories, featured authors, etc! So if you've got any ideas, send them along to me at and let me know to save you a spot! Cool? :)

Thank you all for sending me some 'get well' emails and messages! It always makes me smile! I am feeling a little bit better! Hopefully, this little illness is on its way back to Hell, and it'll leave me alone in another day or two! So thanks for the virtual chicken noodle soup!

That's it for now! Stick around, folks! We've got a busy week ahead of us! Hehehe!

Love always! And I'll seezya soon!


"So throw caution to the wind! You and a friend can jump off of a bridge! And if you live? Do it AGAIN!!! Shit! Why not? Blow your brain out! I'm blowing MINE out! Fuck it! You only live once! You might as well die now! People say that I'm a bad influence! I say the world's already fucked! I'm just adding to it! They say I'm suicidal! Teenager's newest idol! Come on, do as I do! Go ahead, get mad and DO IT!!!" -*Eminem*

March 16, 2019: NEW Comsie Q & A For Imagine Magazine!!!
Posted by Comicality

A brand new community question for all of you guys to chime in on for the next issue of Imagine Magazine! Every month, we try to get a variety of answers from you guys on a topic that we feel needs to be discussed out in the open. So if you've got any thoughts at all on any of these issues, please feel free to comment in the reply section below! You can use your screen name or answer anonymously if you prefer. You can also send me your answers at if you want. All responses will be posted in a future issue of Imagine! So dive in on the 1st and 15th of every month for a new topic! Become a part of the discussion! We'd love to hear what you have to say! :)

Red flags! I know you've seen them before! You've sensed them, deep in your heart. In the back of your mind. Sometimes you just feel it in your bones!

Lord knows that I have!

You see a guy that is really cute, seems really approachable, has a good head on his shoulders and has a lot going for him, right? So maybe you decide to test him out. You get to know him a little better, and maybe even go out on a date together. Sounds like the normal progression towards a happy and healthy relationship, right?


Sometimes, you might see a little red flag pop up that tells you that something isn't exactly right here. It might be subtle, and it might NOT be so subtle. Maybe he cringes every time you touch his arm. Maybe he spends the whole night talking about how wonderful his 'ex' was. Maybe he flirts with another guy at the bar. Or maybe he punches a wall because your reservation was pushed back at the restaurant. Somewhere between a few 'off colored' comments, to a lustful grope of your ass without may suddenly be alerted to the idea that this may not be the guy for you.

But how can you tell ahead of time? For all of our younger Shackers, and some of our older Shackers too, who might be trying out this dating thing for the first time...what constitutes as a 'red flag' when it comes to finding someone to call your own? Are they possessive? Jealous? Do they suddenly pull out a burnt spoon and a lighter to shoot up with heroin? Hehehe!

When looking for a companion, what would alert you to stay away from certain people before that even becomes a problem that you don't want to deal with? Let us know down below!

Chances are...if your first date has a guy asking you, "Do you want to see a dead body? I brought condoms!" may want to back out of that situation and run for the hills as soon as possible! Hehehe!


March 16, 2019: Imagine Magazine #46 is live!
Posted by Comicality

Good evening, folks! So happy to see ya back again for more goodies! :P

Let me start off by giving you guys hugs for all of the love you've been sending in lately! Believe me, we're just getting started! But the cuddles are nice, just the same! I love you too! Hehehe!

At the moment, I happen to be very ill, and I've been in bed for the last two days. What I originally thought was a particularly nasty flu virus or chest cold...turned out to be Strep Throat. Ummm...I've never had Strep before in my life, and it SUCKS! DAMN, does it suck! And yet, I can't help but to be fascinated by the experience. Hehehe, because it's new.

"Jesus, Comsie! You get Strep Throat, and you're STILL grinning like an idiot???"

Hey! What can I say? Life intrigues me. Bad times and all.

That being said, even though it's a few hours beyond our usual midnight posting, the new issue of Imagine Magazine is up for the month of March! And with me being down for the count with an illness, and our commander in chief dealing with wounded hands and a sprained wrist right was NOT easy getting this up in time tonight! LOL! But you can't keep a couple of good guys down! So enjoy! And be sure to let us know what you think!


Brand new chapters are up this month! New "Brandon Smiling" and "Souvenir" from MrM! New "Let Me Tell You About Bob" from Jules Porter! New additions from Lindon Weztser and The Story Lover! Our youngest writer, Juju has a new chapter of "Duncan: Out Of Exile" this month, and a new chapter of "Golden Bridge Chronicle" from Beldro (Which I'm behind on, but will try to catch up soon!)! And our featured author of the month is Sean E, with his story, "The Bully And The Bullied"! So be sure to check it out, and welcome him to the Imagine family! Look for future chapters in the issues to come! All these, plus your usual collection of extras and bonuses! The goodies that you've come to love and expect from every new issue of Imagine! Including a new chapter of "Shelter" and the finale of the three part story, "Holiday Rush"!

"Holiday Rush" will be released in a day or two, once the publishing goes through at Amazon! So'll be able to read the final chapter in Imagine, as well as purchase the entire series as an ebook on the same day! Cool? So look for that asap!

One more thing...

For the 'Comsie Q & A' section of Imagine, I' looking to have you guys maybe jump in and add your two cents to some of the topics of discussion that we ask from month to month. The more answers, the better! I will be posting these questions on The Shack message board (, The Library (, The Comicality Café (, or you can email me directly at with your answers! Cool? We've tackled everything from 'gaydar', to safe sex, to heartbreak, to secret relationships, to coming out of the closet. It could really help a lot of people in need, and you never know if your advice and personal experience could make a huge difference in someone's life. Check it out if you get a chance! And respond if you get the urge!

This time, we're talking about 'Red Flags'! Ever been on a first or second date, and the other person did or said something that tipped you off to the fact that...okaaaay, dating him/her might not be such a good idea? Let us know what you look for in terms of red flags when starting a relationship or looking for a partner! The more answers, the better. :)

Ok, so...I've lasted longer than I thought I would...but I'm super drowsy right now. See...sleepy PM medications and stubborn insomniac tendencies are mortal enemies! But I knew that I was destined to lose this battle eventually. Still...FUCK medicine! LOL! I wanna stay awake, dammit!

Ahem...let me regain my composure here...

I love you all! I may have to stay home tomorrow for contagion's sake, but...I'm feeling better than I did yesterday. So I guess that's a plus. Love you all! And I'll seezya soon with more! K?


"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." -Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

March 6, 2019: Updates Today!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi guys,

There was no official announcement sent with this but we have a couple of updates that need to be mentioned to you so, I'll be your guide today! Hehehe!

Today, Chapter 14 of "Left Without Words" is now live on Comicality's Mirror Shack as well the brand new Chapter 23 of "Untouchable" which is difficult to find outside of our home here and the Nifty archives. Be sure to grab a snack and get comfortable. As always, Comicality delivers as only he can!

Be sure to let him know what you think at!


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