Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 6

It felt weird. I started getting really nervous as my work day was rapidly coming to a close. The set was about to wrap for the evening, the lighting people started unplugging stuff, all of the walking dead zombies were going to the make up trucks to have all their special effects prosthetics removed....and Greyson Chance was waiting on me to come over and spend some time with him in his hotel room.

Yeah....it's that last part....

That last part's got my heart racing like two cheetahs chasing the same prey. It's actually kind of hard to breathe when I'm this excited. Or is it scared? Or is it just...anxious? It's hard to tell when you can't get enough oxygen to your brain to think straight. Maybe it's all three. Or maybe...it's something else altogether. Something new. I've never really been in this position before. As far as I knew, 'sex' was just something you saw on TV. Or occasionally on a random gay boy internet search. Making out and frantically dry humping Greyson in the grass next to the lake was as close as I've ever gotten to the real thing before. And even that experimental 'roll around' was almost too awesome for me to handle. I mean....Greyson is just....he's too CUTE for me to fake some level of courage or control around him. He wants to kiss ME! ME??? I think about his smile and his lips inching closer to mine and I instantly find myself on the very edge of orgasm in a matter of seconds. I mean...what am I gonna do once I get there? What if he wants to...like...take his clothes off? Oh GOD...am I going to see Greyson Chance NAKED??? Am I ready for that? I'm SO not ready for that!!!

Then again...is he going to see ME naked???

Am I...um...well...what do I look like naked? Jesus Christ!!! I can't remember what I look like naked!!! I never really paid attention to my reflection before when I was getting out of the shower, or whatever. How 'big' am I? I should know this! See...this is why teenagers need to keep rulers or....or tape measures or something with them at all times! I think I was 5 and a half inches...but how long ago was that? I've grown since then. Wait...I've probably grown since yesterday. I can't trust any measurements from one day to the next. Do I have enough hair down there? I mean...I've got hair...but is it enough? Am I gonna look like a baby down there, or what? I've GOT hair, Greyson, I SWEAR!!! It's just...blond. So it doesn't look like a lot. It's all wispy and soft and...um...stuff. Greyson's hair is darker. It's gonna look like he's got so much more than me.

Am I really thinking about this, right now? What kind of freak am I? STUPID! What am I doing to myself? I'm actually comparing pubic hair notes in my head...

I need therapy. I mean it, I do...

There was a place available for me on set to take a quick shower and wash all the fake grime and dirt off of me. I must have lathered up like three times and washed my hair twice. I wanted to be clean enough to 'sparkle' when I stepped outside again. I nearly scrubbed my skin red, but I smelled as sweet as a bed of roses when I was done. I took extra time to dry my hair so I could get it to act right. Then I stared at myself in a nearby mirror for a minute or two, trying to imagine what Greyson would think when he saw...'me'. I suppose it was just a random moment of insecurity, but I'd have to just deal with it as best as I could. Nothing makes you feel more self-conscious than knowing that someone you find totally beautiful is watching.

I stepped outside and was ready to take my stuff back to wardrobe when I looked up and noticed Asa and Chandler standing right in front of me.

I stopped, midstep, and saw them sort of...grinning at me. Then Asa's like, "Taking off for the day, huh?"

"Um...yeah. I'm done until tomorrow." Why were they smiling? Is there a window in the shower? I don't think so. No...there's no window in there. Is there??? No. Ok. Good. For a second, I thought that maybe they were catching a perverted peek and my bits and bubbles.

"You smell good," Chandler said. Did...wait...did Chandler Riggs just tell me that I smelled good? This day is getting WAY too weird for me. Chandler Riggs is smelling me, Asa Butterfield is grinning at me, and Greyson Chance is waiting for me in a hotel room across town. I mean, what's next? Does a flying unicorn suddenly jump out of the bushes and hand me a bag of gold and a map to Santa Claus' workshop? Up until now, my luckiest day was accidentally finding an online key to free gay porn. This is just a bit too much for me to comprehend all at once.

Not knowing exactly how to react to the situation, I did what any normal teenage virgin would do. I ducked and ran. Or...you know, I tried to.

I lowered my head and quietly said, "Yeah, well...I'll see you guys later..." All while trying to sneak past them in a hurry.

"Well...wait..." Chandler called out, and Asa practically stepped in front of me again. "We were thinking...I mean, me and Asa figured why wait until the weekend? Right? I mean, we were going to go grab a bite to eat at this cool place in town, and it's only like a short walk to Asa's hotel from there. We could hang out."

Did I stop breathing? I think I stopped breathing.

"Asa's...hotel?" I whimpered.

Asa stepped closer and he put a soft hand on my shoulder. He said, "Yeah. It's five minutes away from the restaurant. Tops. If you have some swim trunks or something, we could hit the pool." Asa's accent is cool, but it can be really hot to hear his voice when it's right in your ear like that. It's...deep. Like...deeper than you'd expect it to be. There's something 'seductive' about it. Especially when he added, "If you don't have any trunks...well, I'm sure that won't be a problem either."

Ohhhhhh God. Ok, I have to...um...I've got to say something. Anything. Like, now. But...what? "Ok..." I squeaked. Wait...NO! Not 'ok'! I can't just say 'ok'. What about Greyson? "Um...but not tonight though. I just...I'm going out, so..." Did I just say no? I think I said no. I said no...to possibly swimming naked in a hotel pool with a boy that I've been dreaming about for God knows how long, and an English boy with blue eyes that would put a divine angel's to shame. I said no. Not only should I have my head examined, but I should have it bashed in with a shovel by an army of boys who would have creamed their pants at the chance to do something like this! Hell, even STRAIGHT boys would have said yes! "Maybe...maybe...a different day, or...?"

Chandler seemed a bit disappointed, which broke my heart. But Asa stepped in and said, "Yeah. That's totally cool. Maybe after Friday, then?"

They really want me to come over, don't they? The thoughts that were running through my mind at that moment would have sent your average person running to a confessional. I don't think the idea of having sex with two hot boys at once had ever really crossed my mind before. Where the hell would I start? And how would I make it last longer than thirty seconds...including the 5 seconds it takes me to rip my own clothes off like a wild werewolf in mid-transformation? "I...I guess. Sure." My voice was trembling. My whole body was trembling.

I watched them smile at each other, and Chandler said, "Well...see ya tomorrow, then." And they both touched my shoulder as they walked away from me. I had to look back to make sure that they were still there. Did that just happen? Seriously. They looked back over their shoulders at me as they walked on, and I swear they were whispering about me. They're going back to Asa's hotel to have sex right now, aren't they? They're going to strip down naked and roll all over a set of fresh hotel linen, tongue kissing and humping one another until they cum hard enough to spray the headboard and ceiling above with hot boy seed. And I said 'no'. Like an IDIOT, I said no. What the hell is the matter with me?

You know what's embarrassing? Trying to hide an erection around your mom. That's what. Thank God, she was on her cell phone when I first approached her because as much as I did to conceal the fact that I practically had a wild mongoose shifting around in my pants, I was almost certain that I was awkwardly poking out at some weird angle somewhere. And it only got worse as I saw Asa and Chandler getting driven off the set together. I can't believe that this is driving me so crazy.

"Yes. I think we're all done for the done for the day. So I'm going to take Evan home and hopefully, he can get in a full night's sleep before tomorrow's filming..." My mom must have been talking to my father, who unfortunately had to stick close to work, so he couldn't follow us out on location for the show. But I used every last second of distraction that I could to will my boner to go away and leave me alone. At least for right now. Jesus... "Ok, well I'll be sure to call you later on and let you know how things are going. Uh huh...sure thing. Alright. Bye." My mom hung up the phone, and she looked at me with tired eyes. "You ready to go, hon?"

I wasn't exactly sure how to ask her the big million dollar question. I mean, how do I say, "Hey Mom? Can I go hang out alone in a hotel room with a hot teen celebrity and no adult supervision overnight?" I never had to ask that before.

I said, "Actually, some of the boys from the set are getting together tonight to just...like...hang out and stuff..." I hoped that I sounded a bit more confident than I really was. Because my mom was one of those people that could usually smell a falsehood from a million paces. I don't know why I said 'boys'. As though there was some secret party going on somewhere on a private beach by a bonfire somewhere. No adults allowed. But I thought that it might sound a little less...um...'gay'.

My mom sighed, and she said, "I don't know, Evan. I mean, didn't the director give you a few extra sides to read over tonight? You have to memorize all of the changes by tomorrow morning..."

"I know. And I WILL! Seriously. There isn't that much of a difference. It'll be a piece of cake."

"Honey...maybe another time, ok? This is your first big break. You've got to take this seriously." She said.

"I AM! I promise. I just...I wanted to have a little fun for a while. Just for tonight?" I said, and she gave me a look that let me know that she was at least considering it. I mean, lucky for me, she looked almost too exhausted to argue at this point. Thank God for on set parent/guardian boredom and hours spent outside in the Summer heat.

My mom said, "Evan...didn't your tutor give you some homework for tonight? You have to keep your grades up, you know, or they begin to cut back on your screen time..."

"NOPE! She told me that I was doing fine and that my grades were great so far. So I've got nothing to worry about. I'll go out for a while...have some fun...and then I'll come home and study for tomorrow." She seemed hesitant, so I added, "AND I'll get PLENTY of sleep too! It'll be fine!"

She grunted again, and she said, "Do you really need to do this tonight?"

I was like, "Mom....you have NO idea how much I need this right now!" Was I poking out again? God, I hope not!

Finally, she said, "Well...I want you to eat something decent before you go running around with your friends. Ok? Not just junk food from the catering truck."

"They'll have food there," I said. "Full room service and everything. And good stuff. Like..ummm...chicken and fish and...some kind of pasta or rice....and VEGGIES! They're big on veggies!"

She raised an eyebrow. "You're laying it on too thick, there, junior. Don't oversell it." Yeah...my mom is like Sherlock Holmes sometimes. "I will let you have fun for a LITTLE while. But I'm serious, Evan...I want you to study your lines and get a good night's sleep tonight. Ok? I'll come pick you up around 8 O'clock."

I was like, "8 O'clock??? Mom! That's like two hours from now! Can't I stay for a little bit longer?"

"Well, how long is a little bit longer?"

Might as well shoot for the stars. "How about midnight?" It was worth a shot, right?

She said, "TEN. And no later. Got me?"

"How about 11:30?" I grinned.

"How about ten?"

"Ok...how about 11 PM? Is that ok?"

Then my mom said, "How about NINE O'clock then? How's that?"

Recognizing defeat when I saw it, I said, "Ok. Ten it is."

"That's what I thought." She replied. "Do you want me to feed you? We can stop off somewhere and get some dinner into you."

I was a bit hungry, to be honest, but I didn't want to waste a single minute that I could be spending with Greyson tonight. I'm not exactly skilled in the art of 'boy seduction'. I'm not even skilled in the art of reacting to 'boy seduction', as demonstrated by my clumsy interaction with Asa and Chandler a few minutes ago. So I may need some time to heat things up and maybe...you know...start kissing. Hehehe, wow...I can't believe that I'm actually preparing for a night alone with Greyson Chance. There's that hard to breathe feeling again. I'm going to be tripping over my own two feet soon if I don't get myself together and try to focus on something more than sucking on Greyson's hot, wet, tongue within the next hour or so.

"No. Don't need it. It's totally unnecessary. We'll have food, I'll have fun...everything is already set up." I said. She was still on the ropes about he whole thing...and that's when I gave her the knock out punch. "Please?" Ding ding ding!!! And the loving mother hits the mat! She's down for the count!!!

"Alright. But when I call you, you'd better be ready to go."

"Totally! I will be!" I told her. And before I know it, she was asking me for directions so she could drive me to Greyson's hotel and pick me up later. YES!!! I couldn't believe that this was happening! I'm ready! I'm soooo ready!!!

My legs were bouncing and I was patting my hands on the tops of my thighs during the whole car trip. I'm surprised my mom didn't ask what the heck was wrong with me. I was trying to contain my excitement, but it was a little too much for me to handle. How far away was this place anyway? Are we there yet? Geez, this is taking forever! We've been driving for at LEAST three minutes now!

At one point, she looked over at me, and she said, "You're smelling awfully sweet tonight."

"Do I? Oh...hadn't noticed." I said. Was that a suspicious comment, or am I just being paranoid? It was hard to have any kind of rational thought at the moment.

At long last, we pulled up at this big hotel, and my mom stopped at the front door to let me out. "Ten O'clock, Evan. Ok?"

"Ok, mom. Thanks!" I had to keep myself from literally running into the hotel like a toddler on a sugar high. I was sooooo nervous, but I forced myself to keep moving. I can do this. I can...I can do this.

I made my way to the front desk, and the lady at the counter gave me a professional smile and a friendly welcome as she asked how she could help me today. I felt a little weird asking, but I looked around the lobby to make sure nobody was eavesdropping or anything...and I said, "Umm...I'm here to see a...um...Chance LeGrey?"

The lady gave me a look. I don't know if it was a suspicious look or what, but it made me shiver inside. Then she asked, "Is your party expecting you?" I take it he would have to have some kind of security in place to keep random people from going up to his room, right? I must look so guilty right now.

"Yeah. I mean...yes. He's umm...I'm Evan. Evan Elliott." Please let me go up to his room, lady. Please, oh please, let me go.

She said, "Ok. Just a minute." She stepped away from the counter for a moment, I guess to call upstairs and check things out. Either that...or she was alerting security to come running out of a back room somewhere to beat me down for being a crazy stalker fan. One or the other.

I fidgeted for a minute or two. And then, she finally came back.

She said, "Ok. You're all set. Just take the elevator up to the 12th floor, and turn right. It's at the end of the hall."

Almost forgetting to breathe, I gave her a timid smile and said, "Cool. Thanks. Thank you. Umm...thanks." did I just thank her three times? Whatever. I'm in. That's all I care about right now.

That was the longest elevator ride of my life. And I KEPT getting boners all the way up. I was trying to concentrate on something else, but they kept coming back as fast as I could bat them away with thoughts of dead animals and sports. I mean...we've already kissed and all, but I didn't want to show up at his hotel door with a big 'do me' hard on practically poking him in the eye. Go DOWN, damn you!

The elevator doors opened up, and I turned right to walk down the long hallway to room 1214. Ok...here we go. We're here. Just...knock on the door...and prepare to...get naked or something.

I reached the door and made sure to do a quick breath check before knocking. Ok. Alrighty then. I'm ready.

Greyson opened the door with this great big smile. Big rosy cheeks and all. "Evan! Awesome! I'm so glad you made it." Ok. Alrighty then. I'm NOT ready. "Come in! Come in, come in..." He grinned, and I nervously walked in on shaky legs.

The room was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. And it had two full sized beds in it, and a big screen television. I felt like I was too scared to actually say much of anything, but Greyson just seemed so sweet and wholesome at the moment, he didn't make me feel bad about trembling like a wet cat on a snow day.

"Are you hungry?" He grinned. I felt like a big fanboy all over again.

I said, "Actually...I'm starving. Hehehe, I didn't want to stop and eat anything on the way over here."

"That's good. Because I was gonna wait for you, then you would have eaten already and I'd have to pig out in front of you." He said. Greyson picked up the phone right away to get us some room service, and he asked me, "Does pizza sound good? They make an excellent pepperoni and sausage."

"That sounds...amazing, actually. Sure thing." Greyson made the call, and I couldn't help but just...look him over while he was on the phone. His whole face glows with this playful radiance when he smiles, you know? No matter how often I see that smile, every time is like my first time seeing it in person. There's a charm in it's presentation that simply has to be experienced first hand. Trying to explain it is next to impossible.

The order was done, and Greyson politely thanked them before giving them the room number and hanging up the phone. Then he turns to me and he's like, "It shouldn't be long. I think last time it took 'em like ten minutes. They're really quick in this hotel, so...." His voice trailed off for a moment, and we shared a silent moment where our eyes connected, and Greyson just...let a quiet giggle escape his lips. "I'm glad you came." He said softly. Then after another short pause, he stepped closer to me. "Come here..." I felt the warmth of him as he gave me the sweetest, most tender hug, around my neck, his chin resting on my shoulder, close to my neck. My arms snaked their way around his slender waist and we just...held each other for a few seconds. Can he feel me shaking? I hope not. God, he's warm. His whole body is so soft in my arms. Like a bag of warm marshmallows. Hehehe! Greyson inhaled deeply, and he says, "Wow, you smell good! What is that?"

"I don't really know. But you're like the third person to say that to me since I used it in the shower. So I'm thinking about stealing it the next time I'm on set."

Greyson's little body jiggled in my arms as he chuckled boyishly at the thought of it. Then, he loosened his grip a little bit and moved his  head back just enough to look me in the eyes...before leaning in to give me a kiss on the lips. Just a short-lived peck, followed by him rubbing noses with me in the cutest way before letting his arms slide down to take a hold of my hand. "Come sit with me. I want you to hear something." He gave my hand a little tug and led me over to the bed. He has really soft palms. And long piano playing fingers. His grip was so gentle that I'm surprised that he was able to hold on at all.

Greyson climbed up on the bed and scooted over to sit with his back leaning up against the headboard. He patted the spot next to him on the mattress, and I moved in close enough for our shoulders to be touching as he began looking through the music on his cell phone. I still had no idea what to do or how I was going to bring up the subject of us...um....'getting it on'...

...Geez, what am I? A 70's porn star?

...But there was something about just being there with him like this...it was just soothing. There was no real pressure, no tension, no need to impress or 'perform'. I was nervous as hell, sure. But Greyson had this uncanny ability to just put you at ease without even trying. He was just happy being comfortable in his own skin. And something about that made it ok for you to feel the same way about yourself. I just looked at him...this graceful beauty...and suddenly, I didn't regret walking away from Chandler and Asa today. I mean, I think I liked this a lot better. I guess there's a big difference between a true romantic fantasy and a typical wet dream. Strange. I never thought I'd hear myself say that.

Greyson brought up some of his new music, and even though he made me swear not to tell anybody that he even let me listen to it, much less any of the song titles or any details about the album, he wanted me to tell him what I thought. And I think we just spent five minutes just hearing the voice of an angel come through the speakers of his phone while he fed me gummy bears to hold me until the pizza was ready. Hehehe, which is such a Greyson thing to do. The new music was sooooo good. Just clean, and crisp, and done with the same enthusiasm and humility as the rest of his stuff. It was nothing less than what I would have expected from him at this point. He kept saying things like, "Now...this is just a studio version right now. So they might clean it up and stuff later. So if it doesn't sound great, that's why..." Was he kidding me? Seriously? Does he not have any idea what he sounds like? "They let me write almost all of my own stuff this time. So I'm really proud of this album. I just want the fans to love it, you know?"

I asked, "Didn't they let you write the first one?"

"Well...they did, but it was my first time. And they had to invest in the album to kind of give it that push. So I had co-writers come in and kinda give it that 'shine', you know? But on this one? They just sort of let me do my own thing. It was cool."

"Hehehe, I'm surprised anyone thought you would need the help."

"I have 'handlers' for just about everything." He smiled. "They have to train you to do certain things. Things that seem like they would be simple enough and that you wouldn't have to think about. Then they step in and show you the tape of your last interview, and you realize that they have to...um...'correct' you. Hehehe!"

"Why? What'd you do?"

"Well...for one thing, I cross my legs a lot. For some reason, they told me that I shouldn't do that so much. I try to stop myself but it's hard because it's something that I do automatically."

"What's wrong with crossing your legs?" I asked.

"I don't KNOW! I guess it's defensive body language or something. No crossing my arms, no crossing my legs...sometimes I let my foot bounce, you know? Like 'boingy boingy boingy', and they said that's distracting to an audience. And sometimes I guess I put my hand in front of my mouth when I get nervous. So I can't do that...umm...what else?"

I snickered a bit, and I said, "That just sounds insane to me. I doubt that anybody would have noticed any of that at all if they weren't looking for it."

"I guess all they DO is look for it, hehehe. But I've gotten better though. It was harder when I was younger. And then I had a major growth spurt and it made everything twice as awkward. But they kind of stay on me about it. So...practice makes perfect, I suppose."

"Well, if they're willing to write your own music now, maybe they'll find a way to let you cross your legs in an interview. Or not breathe too hard. Or not blink too much. Hehehe!" Greyson gave me a little push for teasing him, but it only made him more adorable. I said, "Maybe...when you turn 18 and you're ready to let the world in on the big secret...maybe they'll let you write a song about boys. Maybe even about me." I was totally kidding when I said it, but Greyson gave me the biggest smirk in response.

"I wrote a song about a boy once." He asked.

"Hehehe, no. I mean on one of your albums or something."

"That's what I'm talking about. I snuck it in there. I had to be really vague about a few things...but it was about this boy that I used to have a really big crush on back in Edmond."

Shocked, I let my mouth drop open. "Wait...you're kidding me, right?"

"Nope." He said. "There was this boy that I met at the local swimming pool once. His name was Rodney, and we went to the same school but we had never really talked before. So we started to kinda hang out for a while, and he was sooooo sweet. Like, the definition of a true boy-next-door sweetheart. And he had this blond hair and these really really light blue eyes. He used to drive me crazy." It was weird, but I never imagined Greyson having a crush on anybody before. I just figured his whole life started with him being famous and having to run away from other people's crushes. Greyson continued, "I remember that we used to go to this park together after school sometimes. It was pretty secluded from everything else. Just a few picnic tables, a slide, some monkey bars, and stuff. And there was this tire swing right in the middle of the park, over this sand pit or something. Rodney would always sit on it and I'd kind of take him by the hand...and slowly spin him around while we just talked. Sometimes for hours. It's hard to explain, but something about it just felt really intimate to me. Those afternoons were like magic to me."

I said, "Did you guys...ummm...? I mean, was he like your boyfriend, or...?"

"Oh, no way. Hehehe!" Greyson said. "I was much too chicken to say anything to another boy back then. Nuh-unh!" Then I felt Greysom randomly put his hand on my leg. I think it was an unconscious gesture...but it gave me a shiver, nonetheless. "There was this ONE time, though, when I was working on the first album, and I had to go to all of these events and radio shows and stuff...it was so exhausting. And I was talking to my sister on the phone, and she said that Rodney's grandfather had passed away or something, and she was going to the funeral. I felt really bad because I was so far away, and I think I just really wanted a break from all the cameras and microphones and stuff. So I made arrangements to go home for just one weekend. No matter what it cost, I just really wanted to go. There was just...I don't know...this 'something' that I was missing. I loved all the attention and the fans and stuff, but...whenever I see Rodney's smile and those bright blue eyes...I don't know, it just feels like I'm 'home' again."

I was like, "So what happened?"

"I went home, and Rodney and I went back out to the park, and I spun him around in slow little circles while we just talked and caught up on everything that's been happening since I've been away. Just like old times."

"And that was it?"

"Yeah. That was it." Greyson sighed. "I never told him how I felt about him, but when I had to fly back out to Los Angeles, I wrote a song called 'Home Is In Your Eyes', and it's kind of my way of saying what I needed to say. So, you see? I wrote a song about a boy once. It's possible."

"What did he say when he heard the song?" I asked.

"Hehehe, I don't know. I'm too scared to ask if he listened to it. I mean, if he didn't know before...he certainly knows now. So..." Greyson seemed to get bashful all of a sudden, and he just shrugged his shoulders. So I mimicked him by shrugging my shoulders too. Then he did it again. Then I did it again. Then he pushed me a little as we giggled at one another.

God, he could really be insanely cute when he wanted to be.

Greyson took a hold of his Blackberry, and he spoke into it to record a short message. "I have a new idea for a song. I'm gonna write about this boy...that I met by accident. And he's really cute, and he's sweet...and he makes me laugh..." He looked at me, and said, "And he's a really great kisser too. If anybody deserves a song from the heart...he'd be the one."

His voice softened into something beyond flirtatious when he said it. There was something truly seductive about it. And we were slowly drawn to each other...leaning in at the same time to let our lips connect with a gentle suction. Not just a peck this time. I could feel the lingering passion between us. I could feel his gentle breath on my cheek. And before long, our tongues began to slide against one another as my heart attempted to beat at a speed that could keep up with the overwhelming emotion running through it.

I could taste the candied sweetness of the gummy bears we shared earlier, and as I leaned further into our liplock, I had to put my hand on his thigh for balance. It was innocent enough at first...but once I realized where it was placed...a naughtier part of my brain took over, and I felt my hand give it a sensual squeeze before sliding further upward.

I swear...I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I almost couldn't hear Greyson's soft melodic whimpers over the thunderous pulse of it. Still, I allowed my hand to slide further up his thigh...my fingers trembling with jittery energy as I neared the obvious lump just inches ahead. I could almost feel the heat of it on the back of my knuckles...even as I felt his legs spread ever so slightly further apart. I was soooo close to touching it. So close.

Then...Greyson gasped slightly, and he took a moment to break our kiss and catch his breath. He was smiling slightly, all dreamy eyed and blushed a deep shade of pink. But that was when he breathlessly whispered, "Wait...the um...the staff..."

Um...I had no idea what that meant. "The wha...?"

Greyson giggled sweetly and pressed his forehead against mine. "The hotel staff. They sort of...know who I am." I was still a bit too turned on to understand fully. So Greyson told me, "I mean, I have to be somewhat 'decent' when room service brings the pizza up. You know?"

"Oh..." I said. And then we both looked down at my hand, my fingers practically scraping the side of his...um...'excitement'. "Ohhhhhh...." I said again. I saw it jump a little bit in his pants as if straining to reach out and touch me back. But as I thought about it...yeah...it probably wouldn't be a good idea for Greyson to get up and answer the door in that condition. Greyson shyly bit his bottom lip and playfully rolled his eyes as he turned away to hide his deepening blush from me.

We couldn't help but chuckle to ourselves about our predicament, but Greyson gave me another kiss, and lightly caressed the side of my face. "BUT...it should be here any minute now. And then...no more interruptions for the rest of the night. I promise."

No more interruptions....

I think I like the sound of that.