On The Outside

Chapter 15

I found it extremely hard to keep my hands to myself as we took a bus towards Drew's house. I mean...I tried, but my fingers kept finding their way over to the fabric of his shirt, or crawling down his arm to graze the skin on the back of his hand...and occasionally, when I thought no one was looking...I'd let my palm rest lightly on his upper thigh. I think Drew thought it was cute, me being so anxious. I could tell from his bashful little giggles and the pinkish color of his cheeks. But whenever a stranger's wandering eye landed on us, Drew was quick to straighten up and gently push my hand away. Reminding me that 'this' was supposed to feel abnormal. Maybe even shameful. I loved that boy so much that sometimes it was easy to forget that.

I'd stop pawing him...but only for a moment. The very feel of him was more than an addiction at this point. It was an involuntary necessity. As subconscious as breathing. By the time we came to our stop...I was gently holding Drew's hand in my own, the electric thrill of it warming my heart from within. Another minute or two, and we would have been making out. The rest of the world be damned.

Drew was examining his house from a block away as we walked towards it. Looking to make absolutely SURE that his father's car was nowhere in sight. I mean, as happy as he was before, he was seriously terrified of his dad. Coming out to him must have been one hell of a bad experience for him to be this worried about even being seen with me. Heh....isn't that a complete 180*? I guess now I know how it feels to be so detrimental to someone else's life by making my very presence known.

I didn't push anything. No holding hands. No whispered confessions of love. He was concentrating solely on scanning the area at the moment. The faster he felt at ease, the faster I could get my baby's full attention back.

We were almost there, and Drew put out a hand to stop me a few houses away. He looked down at his feet, but then worked to lift his eyes up to meet mine. "Umm...listen, I just..."

"What? What's the matter?" I asked.

He seemed a little embarrassed, but he said, "Can you just...wait here for a second? I just wanna check the house, and then look around back before...you know..."

"Wait, what?"

"Please? Just for a minute. Wait...don't stand there. My neighbors can see you. Stand like...right here. K?"

"Hehehe, you want me to wait out here by the bushes?" I was actually joking when I said it, but it looked like that was the plan he had in mind. "Oh wow...um...ok, I guess."

Drew's knees dipped a little as he whined, "I'm sorry, Ethan. Really, I am, ok? Do you think I'm being a freak about this?"

"Awww, hehehe, no. No way. I understand. Just hurry up. I want to give my boyfriend a proper kiss." I said, and he seemed so...grateful that I understood. He literally swooned when I said it, and he backed away from me with a smile.

"Ummm....mkay..." He giggled. "I'll be...I'll just be a minute, ok? Just a minute. LESS than a minute..."

"Hehehe! Just GO already!" God, he was being extra cute today. Am I even ready for this? Who knows? I just...I can't wait to be with him again. To hold him in my arms and feel his warm breath on the nape of my neck. Every bit of physical contact that I could possibly share with him has been the victim of a severe social stranglehold for the past few weeks. Can't walk too close to him, can't hold his hand, certainly can't run my fingers through that soft mass of unruly light brown curls. All of our affection had to spoken merely with shared eye contact and a mischievous smile. And for a boy as outrageously gorgeous as Drew was, that was nowhere NEAR being enough. I needed his touch. His physical connection. His warmth. His tenderness. Looking at it from a distance was not an option for me anymore. And the judgement of our peers seemed to be getting less and less important where my boyfriend was concerned.

And yet, all of this was easy to say when nobody else was around. Not so much when they were watching.

Sighhh....I am hardly the same person that I was a few months ago. It's funny how little I miss the older model.

I got impatient in the first 45 seconds, but perked up the second I heard Drew's screen door open up again. He excitedly beckoned me inside with a grin, and I practically skipped my way over like a toddler on a sugar rush. Which is hard to do when your stiffy is pulling on every muscle from the waist down.

Drew looked around like he was smuggling narcotics into his home, but shifted his waifish little body aside so I could slip in through the crack in the door. Finally...at long LONG last...Drew and I were alone again.

"Sorry..." He said. "My neighbors can be kinda nosey sometimes I didn't want them to see you coming in and mention you to my..." But before he could finish, I stepped right up to him, took him in my arms, and I planted one of the most desperate kisses ever on his lips. I don't even think that I was thinking when I did it. I just knew that I couldn't hold back any longer. Every second of my whole LIFE is a tease when I'm not kissing those lips. I can't take it anymore. Omigod...it felt sooooo good! So fucking good!

His lips were soft as silk. I loved the way my kisses always took him by surprise. Like he never expected me to want him so badly. It was adorable. Because he would tense up at first, and then I'd get the pleasure of feeling him slowly go limp in my embrace. Surrendering to it. Helpless to fight against the overwhelming need to love me too. The cutest of boyish whimpers escaped him as I pulled him closer, pressing him up against me. His body was so soft and fragile, it hardly felt as if he had any bones at all. He was more like a life size pillow, willing to be molded into whatever shape I squeezed him into. The only exception, was the hardness of the organic spike pressing against my own. It rendered me breathless to know that Drew was so turned on. He was practically trembling in my arms. Almost as if he was scared to love me this much. I knew the feeling. Believe me.

We tongue kissed for a few minutes, but it didn't take long before that ceased to be enough. As much as I loved sucking on the wetness of his tongue...these clothes were getting in the way of a full experience. I wanted all of him. All at once.

I tugged at the bottom of his shirt, and he stopped me. "Mmmm...wait, hehehe, um...." Drew broke the kiss, his cheeks flushed as he hid his beautiful smile from my infatuated stare. "...Um...do you think I should call? Just to make sure that he doesn't come home early or something?"

"He, who?" I asked, my brain too mixed up to think of anything more than getting him naked.

"My dad, silly. Hehehe, c'mon...I should check. Just to be sure."

"Drew....sighhh....just...we'll be fine. K? Come on. I want this. I want you."

I kissed him again, and I could tell that it really hurt him to pull away from me, but he was insistent on triple checking everything to make sure that it was ok. "Ethan...I want you too. But this isn't like being at my mom's house. This is...'different'." He said. "Just one phone call. Ok? I'll be quick." I certainly didn't want him jumping at every noise and worrying himself to death while we were spending time together, so I gave in, and Drew gave me a sweet peck on the lips to thank me.

"Ok, so...uhhh...do you want, like...something to drink or...?" He asked. Awww, he's so damn CUTE when he's this shy and nervous around me.

"I don't want anything else but you." I smiled, and Drew swooned again, his face turning an even deeper shade of pink than before.

He bit his bottom lip to contain his blossoming smile, and he fidgeted for a moment before saying, "Umm....k...Hehehe, I'll be right back, I promise..." Then he started to walk over to his phone, but he stalled for a second, and rushed back over to kiss me on the lips again. Once. twice. Three times. Then he had to control himself. Taking a deep breath as he tried to keep his stomach from trembling. "I'll...I'll be right back. I mean...I already said that but....hehehe...yeah...when I get back we can...um....do stuff..." He backed away from me with a sheepish grin, but blew me another kiss as he picked up his phone. He made sure to signal me to stay quiet and not make a sound. As if he had to tell me that. And I watched as he dialed the number from memory. There was a pause, and he was like, "Dad? Yeah...it's me. I just, umm...I was thinking of putting something on for dinner. When are you coming home? I can have it ready or something when you get here...." His voice could be so delicate sometimes. Hearing those sweet lips form each and every word with such a gentle grace only made me want to attack him even more. I pressed both my hands down on my lap as I sat on the back of his sofa. Drew saw what I was doing, and his eyes widened with a giggle. I stuck my tongue at him, and he snickered into the phone. "Huh...hehehe, nothing. I was laughing at something on TV." He said. I made some goofy faces at Drew, and he had to turn his back to me to keep from bursting out in a fit of laughter. "Wait...say that again..." Drew said. And suddenly, he spun around to face me with a surprised look. "Really??? Oh...ok!" He was trying not to sound TOO excited, but I could tell from his expression that it must have been good news. "It's alright. I'll make a pizza or something. Yeah....yeah, it's fine...ok....bye bye..."

Drew hung up the phone, and he blushed furiously as he looked me in the eye. I asked him, "WHAT??? What is it?"

He giggled. "It umm...it looks like my dad has meetings until 8 PM tonight. He said I can make whatever I want for dinner...."

I nearly jumped up in the air with joy! "EIGHT O'CLOCK?!?!?!?! Seriously!!! So we have, like...all afternoon AND half the evening to be together???"

He snickered bashfully at the idea, lightly digging the toe of his shoe into the carpet. "Hehehe, ummm...yeah, I guess. I mean, if you wanted to stay that long..."

"Omigod! Baby, I wanna stay with you FOREVER!" I shouted, and I ran over to lift Drew off of his feet and spin him around in my arms. He hardly weighed anything at all. I didn't let him slide back down to the ground until his lips met mine and I felt his thin arms hugging me lovingly around the neck. Omigod!!! Hours and hours and HOURS of having this house to ourselves!!! I can't believe it! I rubbed my nose against his, and I said, "See? Now you've got all the 'fingering' time you could ever want."

Hehehe, with a surprised gasp of air, Drew playfully swatted me on the shoulder. "Ethan! Hehehe, don't be dirty!"

"Oh man, you are REALLY in for a few shocks this afternoon if you think that's being dirty." I smiled, and kissed him again. "Ok...you ready?"

Drew rolled his eyes in the most adorable way. And he said, "Unh unh...you always say it first. Let me do it this time."

"You wanna do it first? That's fine by me." I said.

"Ok....so...you ready?" I gave him a kiss on the lips, but he pushed me away. "Noooo! No cheating. I wanna do it." He smirked, so I let him have his moment. "Are you ready?"

I told him, "Yep. I'm ready."

I was expecting him to just say 'I love you' and give me a kiss. But instead, he was silent for a moment. Then he gently caressed the side of my face. And he said, "I never thought...I never even dreamed...that I'd ever find someone like you, Ethan. Nowhere in the whole world. You're the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me in my life. After everything I've been through, after every name I've been called, after all the times I was pushed around or shoved in a closet or had my books knocked out of my hands...you're the only one who makes me feel beautiful. You make everything around me beautiful. I just want you to know that you're the only reason I have to keep breathing...and I love you. I love you soooo much. With my whole heart. I always will." And before I could respond, I felt his arms constricting around my neck, our lips connecting again with the most intimate of collisions. "You make it ok. Ok to be me. You're my 'normal'."

The honey sweet scent of him. The warm body, melting into me. The tickle of his breath on my neck. The pounding of his little heart as it pressed against my chest. Every part of the experience was an individual instrument...combining their brilliance to create a symphony of raw emotion that I could barely absorb while still standing. Weak in the knees? That's hardly the word for it.

He floored me with his affection. He opened the floodgates of his heart, and he gave me everything that he had without resistance. I felt myself falling. The love was swallowing me whole. I have to admit...it was scary. But it was more like the thrill of a roller coaster's first major dip. That shaky anticipation, those trembling nerves, and then the freefall. Where all you can do is take a deep breath and hold on.

"I need you..." I whispered between kisses, and Drew smiled as he tried to catch his breath.

"You can have me." He looked at the stairs, shyly giving me the hint. Then he moved towards them while I followed right behind him. For such a frail and slim body, Drew had an amazing ass. Watching it bounce up the stairs, the puffy cheeks pushing out the back of his pants with the most tantalizing shape. Round bubbles, with a tight crease in between. Cupped at the bottom in the cutest way. I swear...those other boys at school don't tease Drew because he's gay. They tease him because an ass that perfect is making them gay, and they're terrified.

He bounced into his room and kicked off his shoes. I took a look around. It was pretty much what I expected. A little different than the room he had at his mom's house. The feel of it felt a little more 'controlled' here. But I guess that says something more about his relationship with his dad than about him. "I like it. It's nice..." I said.

"Yeah. It's great." Drew said as he was rushing into my arms. He barely finished his sentence before he was hungrily smashing his lips up against mine and tugging at my clothes. I take it the coast was clear, because Drew was definitely getting into this now.

The next minute or two consisted of us clumsily trying to keep our lips together while fumbling to get our clothes off. A shoe, a t-shirt, one pant leg wrapped around one of our ankles...it was a few awkward moments of chaos, but soon we were standing there in just our socks and our boxer shorts. I held the sides of Drew's face, kissing him madly as the sounds of heavy breathing echoed off the walls. My hands traveled up into his curls, and I sighed from the sensation of being able to let his light brown locks coil lovingly around my fingers once again.

Drew's hands gripped my ass firmly, and he then slid his hands down the back of my underwear, sliding them down as he touched my bare skin. Thank God for an empty house today. I have been waiting for this!

I felt my boxers drop, and stepped out of them. Drew's hand immediately went to my pulsating shaft, and my stomach muscles tightened up, causing me to moan helplessly between our sucking lips. Drew whimpered as he took a hold of it. Feeling the warm tube throb in his grip. He stroked it a few times, kissing me even deeper as he lost all sense of 'danger' and just gave in to the moment. He wanted it soooo bad. It relieved me to know that I wasn't the only one.

"Mmmm...oh God..." He whispered, and with another quick kiss on my lips, Drew began sinking down to his knees. Knowing what was coming, I instantly began looking for something to hold onto. I backed up a few steps to lean against his bedroom dresser, and Drew eagerly followed me on his knees. His mouth open. His tongue practically reaching out for a taste of me. I had barely leaned back against the dresser for balance when Drew's heated lips engulfed as much of me as he could take in one deep swallow. Oh wow...I nearly felt my chest cave in from the sensation. My legs went weak on me, and my breath got stuck in the back of my throat. He was sucking me as though he'd never get another chance to do it again. I was literally lifted up onto my tiptoes by the sensation, and Drew put his hands, palms down, on my thighs to keep me from floating away. I could hardly sit still without squirming, and when he reached around to rub my ass up and down as his head continued to move back and forth with a passion, I felt lightheaded and had to hold on to his narrow shoulders for support.

He hummed and he purred, the vibrations being transferred to me through my most sensitive spot. My hands entangled themselves in his soft hair again, and I leaned forward as a 'false alarm' moment of orgasm surged through me from head to toe. Omigod...what WAS that? I don't think I've ever had that happen before. Drew caused my own body to surprise me. If the sexual pleasure is THIS explosive in just the first five minutes...I can't imagine what it'll be like HOURS from now when we're still going at it.

I could see Drew's hardness leaking a long string of nectar from his rosy tip to the carpet. The sight of it nearly pushed me over the edge. "Whoah...I think....I uhhh..." I couldn't really speak. Not with Drew's salivating suction pulling me in deep with such a passion. I actually had to use a bit of muscle to push him off of me and pull out before I lost it. "...Jesus..." I sighed as Drew smiled up at me.

He leaned forward and gave it a kiss on the tip. "I've been dreaming about doing this to you again. Heh...like, a lot." He kissed it again, and then put it back in his mouth for one long suck before letting it slip out of his lips again. We both looked at my erection as it spasmed in the cool air, almost begging to be plunged back into his warmth. Now looking red and shiny with spit. Drew giggled sweetly. "Awww, it's like, 'What happened? Why'd you stop?' Hehehe!"

"I know, right? I think he likes you." I grinned.

"I think I like him too." He moaned, and he gave it a stroke or two before taking another long suck of its length. I shivered as I tried to come down off my toes. That's when Drew said, "Don't waste it. I want you to save it. For....you know..." He blushed.

I nodded, but it didn't help the building climax to go down any. Just looking at Drew's pretty eyes was almost enough.

I slid down from his dresser, and lightly pushed back on Drew's shoulders. His young body offered me no resistance whatsoever, and he gently laid back on the floor. His shaft was pointing directly up at the ceiling, swelling and tightening with every rapidly flexing beat of his heart. He looked down at me breathlessly as he waited for me to continue. I crawled between his legs, lowering my face to inhale the heated fragrance of his open thighs. Just touching him caused his legs to open even more, and I gave him a long, wet, lick on the side of his balls. Right where they connected to his legs. I gave attention to one side, and then the other, watching his cute little butt wiggle for a moment before taking one of the small bulbs into my mouth and sucking on the almost hairless wrinkled skin. Drew's high pitched whimper lets me know that he likes it. I feel his legs shaking as I suck on the other one, and then lick the small spot beneath them both. I smile up at him, but Drew's mind is elsewhere. He's just trying to keep from moving too much, even though his body is on fire with sexual tension. I don't make him wait any longer. I let the flat of my tongue travel slowly from the bottom of his shaft to the top, scooping up the stream of leaked fluids as I go. The bittersweet tang dancing across my tastebuds. And just as I see another healthy droplet of stickiness growing at the tip of his slit, I sink my mouth over the the had, and take him inside. Drew's legs slowly bend at the knees, and he pushes his hips up towards my face. It's an involuntary movement. One that is accompanied by a slight gyration of his slender hips as my tongue teases the underside of his inches. More sweetness. My mouth is filled with the flavor of his essence. I begin to suck him slowly, lowering my body to the floor to hump the carpet as I give Drew all the pleasure he's been waiting for.

His sprinkling of silky light brown hairs at the base of his shaft are just barely long enough to brush the tip of my nose as I take him to the back of my throat. He sighs out loud. A love struck sigh of complete release. He felt so safe in my arms. His hands cradle the sides of my face, and our eyes connect as he lets them slide down to my ears and hold me steady. His body is still shaking. It's so cute. So responsive. Just a little swipe of my tongue and I can cause his whole girlish frame to wiggle with sensual delight. Even with me sucking him, it makes me smile. But it's when I let my fingers wander down....down down down....that Drew begins to get anxious.

There is a line. Just beneath his sack. I can feel it with my fingers. A single fold of skin, leading from his tasty orbs and traveling directly to the valley between his ripe young cheeks. Leading to his puckered entrance. As my finger begins to slowly trace that line...Drew's excited hips begin to lift up even higher. He wails in desperation, his eyes half closed with a dreamy gaze. I get closer to the bottom, and he presses his feet down on the carpet to give me access, the lovely cheeks spreading wide for me, his body trying to force me to go faster. An itch. A hopelessly needy and demanding itch...wanting my touch. Needing my touch. Drew's breathing increases, and he whimpers again as he lifts one of his legs and rests it above us on the foot of his bed.

I let his shaft slip from my mouth, and chew gently on his balls as I look down to see his cheeks spread even further apart, his raised leg exposing his cherry colored pucker in a shameless display of lustful passion. I lightly run my finger across its surface, and the muscle tightens. So tight that the hole itself seems to shrink to half its original size right before my eyes. The scent is intoxicating. It's hot. I can feel the heat. The cleft of his milk white cheeks have the sexiest shine to them, the thinnest sheen of teen moisture softening the flesh. Inviting me in.

I see the hole blossom again, its pink glow expanding as it relaxes again. But when I run my finger across it, Drew stifles a little gasp, and I watch it shrink again...his hardness jumping and standing at attention. I marvel at how much the whole system is connected.

I hesitate only for a split second. I've never done anything like this before, but something primal takes over. It pulls me in. Draws me close. And I find myself kissing my way down that mysterious line to the defiant opening...and taking an experimental lick at the entrance. It tastes like the rest of him, but warmer. Potent. I lick again. This time, the shrinking violet almost pulls my tongue in with it on its retreat. Drew jumps. He tries to remain relaxed, but his body won't let him. The more I lick, the more I like it. To the point where I want nothing more than to go deeper and taste the inside of it.

Drew curls his toes and wiggles in his own skin, breathless whispers of passion, he can't sit still. It feels so good to his spasming body that it almost hurts. His butt begins to squirm around, and I move my face closer to keep sensually scratching at that back door. Drew is breathing so hard that it sounds like he's about to pass out from fatigue at any moment. "Mmmm.....Ethan....baby..." His voice is strained. Higher in pitch. I can't tell if it's a random moan, a protest, or a question. All I know is that I want more.

I shift my position, and I push Drew's other leg up and back, spreading the bubbled cheeks wide to give me a better view. Drew was right....he really was tiny back there. Seeing it up close, I doubted that I could even get a pinky finger inside of him without causing him pain, much less anything bigger. There was a moment of worry. Maybe I shouldn't. I don't ever want to hurt him. Not my sweetheart.

I lick my way around again, and Drew's panting gets worse as the 'living' hole tries to open and close in time with my tongue. It's then that I feel the ring grab the tip of my tongue and hold onto it tightly.

At this, Drew can't take anymore. His legs come down, and he forces me to stop. His body is overwhelmed with thunderous shudders of restless desire. He sits straight up, and I'm surprised as he hugs me tightly around the neck. Panting in my ear, he whimpers, "God, Ethan...wait...let me catch my breath. That was...that felt...omigod....omiGOD..." I'm not exactly sure what to do other than hold him while he's holding me. "I want you. Do it, ok? Please?"

"Drew...if I...if I hurt you, you'd tell me right?"

He kisses me deeply, and his hands slide all over me. "You won't hurt me. Ok? Just...please? Like...now. Put it in me..."

"O-Ok..." I say, feeling a bit scary about it now. Drew's face was a permanent pink, and I was wondering if I'd be able to...you know...not fumble around with this kind of thing. He's expecting me to be...sexy and...awesome. I hope I am. I hope I last longer than a couple of seconds. Because....he looks really really tight down there. Like...REALLY tight. "Um...do you, like....'have' anything to...you know?"

"Oh! Yeah. Um...I took some from the health office at school. It's in the middle drawer." He said. I crawled over on my knees and opened it up. There were all of these little plastic baggies in there with little lube samples in them.

"Hehehe, how many of these things did you take, Drew?"

He giggled. "They're all so small. So every time I went in there, I took another one."

"There's like a hundred of 'em in here..."

"Do you wanna do this, or what?" He said. "Quit going through my stuff, already."

I never lubed up before, so I took three of them and crawled back over to him. I smiled as Drew shyly bit his bottom lip. I don't know what it was, but there was something....I don't know...extra 'naughty' about the preparation for all of this. I think we were both blushing a little bit. "Should I do you first....or...me?" I asked.

"Ummm...I think you're supposed to do me first." He said, and he rolled over onto his stomach. Then he said, "Wait, let me get a pillow." As he got up and walked around to the other side of the bed, I found myself practically drooling over the way his body looked. It was perfection to me. I loved the way his hardness bounced in front of him when he walked. He looked like he was going to shoot off any second. But it was sexy to me. He came back and put the pillow under his hips, lifting his sweet little buns in the air while his chest and shoulders were pressed down on the carpet. Sighhhh....what a sight that was. "Do you think I have a girly butt?" He asked.

"Hehehe, what?"

"I think I have a girly butt. It's jiggly."

"I like your sissy booty." I grinned, and he looked over my shoulder with a smile. Then he kicked me.

"Don't call it that, ya weirdo." He said.

"It's true. It's beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful. You know that." I said, getting his blush to deepen as he tried to hold back an infatuated giggle. I found a way to tear the top off of the lube packet, and I moved closer between his legs. I marveled at the shape of it. The thickness of those unblemished cheeks. Just touching the smooth surface with my palm was enough to make my shaft tighten with excitement. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. This is gonna be amazing. "So do I just...like pour it on, or...?"

"Uh huh. I think so." He said, so I turned the packet over, and the liquid came out really slow in a thin stream. "Oooh...that feels weird. I like it." He said, trying his best to see over his shoulder.

I gave the lube packet a little squeeze, and a big glob shot out of it like a smashed mustard packet. I snickered as the lube splattered all over his upturned cheeks, and Drew laughed with me. "Hehehe, sorry." His ass was so sexy, I wanted to take a bite right out of it. I leaned down to give both cheeks a kiss, before massaging the lube into Drew's crack. It was really slippery. I was sure that I didn't have to rub it in like lotion. I'm pretty sure it has to stay kinda greasy or whatever. Drew had to help me by holding his cheeks apart. They were so beautifully round that they kinda smooshed together in the middle and kept me from getting to his hole. I heard him moaning as I put it all around his pucker.

"I think you have to put some inside too..." He said with a sexual haze lacing his voice.

"Ok..." I was still worried that he was too little for me to make my way inside without forcing it...but as I put a little pressure on it with my middle finger...I saw it open up for me a little bit. And just like with my tongue, the muscle suddenly sucked my fingertip inside of him, and held it in its grip. Oh wow....he was really hot on the inside. Everything was swirling and moving and squeezing my finger tight. Drew wiggled his butt a little bit more, but the slippery lube made things easier to move around, and Drew lifted his hips a bit to allow my finger to slide in a little deeper.

I almost came right then and there. He took me further and further...almost to the knuckle. It was slow and steady, but he didn't seem hurt him.

We were both completely silent. Both mesmerized by the act taking place. Drew's insides were so...alive. I always kind of imagined it being just like masturbating. you know, just with my hand wrapped around it, and that would be it. But...it was much much more than that. So much more. The way his pink hole was greedily sucking on my finger, I couldn't even fathom having my actual hard on in there. This is soooo cool. I hope I'm doing this right.

"Try putting some more in there..." Drew said. I didn't even realize that I was just sitting there staring at his hole and not doing anything else. I took my finger out, and put some more of the lube on it. Then I worked my finger back inside of him again. It went a lot easier this time. He was still really small, but it stretched a little bit more.

I've read about guys using two fingers before, so I tried that next. Drew tensed up this time. He hissed a little bit. "I'm sorry...are you ok?"

"Um...yeah. Just go slow..." He said, and I felt his body slowly relax as I worked my fingers in and out of him some more. I couldn't get over how warm it was. I think I was actually breaking a sweat just from feeling the squishy heat of him alone. Then, I think I accidentally touched something inside of him, because Drew just about hit the roof. "Whoah!"

"What? What did I do???" I gasped.

"You uhhh...you just made me remember why I like 'practicing' so much, that's all. Hehehe!" Then he bashfully looked over his shoulder again and mumbled, "So, like...you wanna try it now?"

"Are you...ready, or whatever?"

He nodded. "Uh huh. I think so."

"K..." I got up on my knees and used some of the excess lube to rub on myself. I was soooooo hard. I don't think I've ever been so hard in my entire life. It actually ached from being so stiff for this long. But now came the moment of truth. Here goes....

I tried to hold one of Drew's butt cheeks open, but the other one was in the way. I tried to move that one, but I needed a hand to guide me in. Again, Drew had to reach back and help. Again....what a mind-blowing sight that was. I felt myself leaking warm juices like crazy the second I touched the tip of my penis to that constricted little hole. I was dizzy. So dizzy. My heart was beating so hard. My head looked almost twice as big as the entrance itself, but Drew wiggled his butt again and encouraged me forward. So I put a little pressure on it. The hole shrank again at first, but with a few more tries...I felt it beginning to give way. I was focusing so hard on this. Concentrating on the mechanics to the point where I almost forgot that I was supposed to be enjoying this...my very first penetration.

Then, with a little twitch...the muscle sucked me in deep, and the ring swirled up tight around the tip. We both froze. Oh God...oh wow....

Drew wanted me to wait for a second so his body could get accustomed to the feel of it. It's not like I was massively huge or anything, but I guess I wasn't exactly a brush handle either. The way his body was moving and milking me, I didn't think I'd be able to last if I sank in any deeper. But then Drew's hips lifted again, and I felt his body swallow another inch and a half, the slippery lube helping to squeeze and slide me in even further. I closed my eyes and tried to hold back from letting go and ruining the whole experience. I felt my shaft pulse with a few warnings, telling me to calm down. It was hard though. Especially when I looked down and saw myself disappearing into him, his hole stretched around the length of it, the ridge of his pucker now a slightly darker shade of red.

I pushed another inch into him. And then another. And soon, I had to move forward on my knees some more, and lean over Drew's back just to stuff anymore in. I was still looking down at his cheeks, and tried to get more inside of him. God, he was so warm. He was so tight that it felt almost like it was cutting off the circulation. The tip was almost numb and tingly, but his quivering muscles were crushing me on all sides. There's nothing like it. Nothing in the world.

Drew seemed to be panting really hard, and his whimpers were a little strained. I wanted to soothe him somehow. So I leaned down a little bit, and I gently kissed the back of his neck. It made his whole body shiver and quake for a moment, and I began sucking and licking at his neck some more. Before I knew it, his hole opened up even more, and I felt myself slide the rest of the way in. Jesus...he was soooo deep. Soooo tight. Soooo hot. Soooo beautiful. I felt the front of my lap resting on those bubbled cheeks, smashing them a bit with my weight, and without really thinking about it, I felt my hips grind into him even deeper.

Drew moaned my name, and his legs spread wider as he humped his cute little ass back up to meet me. I rested my chin on his shoulder, his curls tickling the side of my face. And that's when I pulled out a little bit, feeling the grasp of his inner walls collapsing behind my exit. And then, I pushed them open again as I flexed and moved back in as deeply as my hips would allow. I'm doing it. I'm actually making love to Drew. I'm going to remember this moment the rest of my life....

I didn't go too fast. I was still surprised that I fit at all. But I just didn't want to cause him any pain. The more he whimpered and writhed and wailed beneath me, the more I kissed his cheeks and his neck. It was so unbelievably intimate. So private. An act that could only be this pleasurable when both souls are completely open with one another. When the love flows freely. Where the give and the take are equal in every possible way. It was magic. The very definition of magic.

I began to move faster. There was a moment of desperation where going at the slow speed I was working at originally wasn't enough. Drew's inside seemed to be slick now, allowing me to slide in and out without much resistance. And yet, it still held me so SO tight in that clenched little tunnel of his. We both were moaning in unison with every pump, every thrust. And our bodies began to shake with pre-orgasmic tremors that we couldn't control. I pushed and pushed, feeling that heated network of muscles siphon the energy right out of me every step of the way.

Drew's whimpers were getting higher, and finally he said, "Ethan? Mmmm, baby, wait...."

I stopped on a dime. Worried that I had gone too far. "Oh shit...I'm sorry. I got carried away, didn't I? You just...you feel soooo good..."

"No. That's not it." He said. I was laying on his back, still deeply lodged inside of him, and he giggled a bit. "Hehehe, do you mind. It's a little hard to talk to you like this."

"Hehehe, sorry...." I pulled out of him, and he smiled as he rolled over on my back. He felt his hole with a finger, and I asked him, "Did I hurt you?"

He shook his head with a grin. "It stings a little bit at first, but...it's like...I get really warm inside, and then everything starts to tingle, and all I want is more. And harder. And faster." He blushed and hid his smile. "I hope that doesn't sound weird to you."

"No!" I said. "Not at all. I was kinda thinking the same thing."

He seemed timid to mention it, but he said, "I just...I liked it. I LOVED it. But...when I dreamed about this I...." He looked me in the eye and said, "...I wanna see you, Ethan. I wanna kiss you. You know?"

"Oh." I said. "Ok. So do you wanna like...what?" Drew laid on his back and raised one of his legs to put on my shoulder as I scooted closer. He was still really hard and pulsing in front. Cool. I took both of his legs and pushed them down a bit while I aimed myself a his hole again. Soooo anxious to be pulled back into that hot gyrating machine again.

This time, I got to see Drew's eyes widen as I slid into him. His lips parted a bit, and we shared a smile as we reconnected in the most intimate way. I felt like I got even deeper into him than before like this. I leaned forward to kiss his ruby lips lovingly. I was afraid that my shoulders would push his legs back too far and it would be uncomfortable for him. But Drew, always the flexible little pixie, didn't miss a single breath. In fact, once I started moving in and out of him again, his arms wrapped around my neck and held my lips to his, our tongues mingling wildly with every roll of my hips.

I got a much better rhythm going this time. I could almost pass for someone who actually knew what he was doing. Hehehe! But no matter what I did, it felt awesome to me, and it felt awesome to Drew, and our kissing just got more passionate by the second.

I moved faster, and Drew lowered his legs a bit more. Instead of being on my shoulders, he wrapped his legs around my waist, clamping them down on me, locked at the ankles, digging his heels into my lower back as I picked up speed. I could hear the sounds of my thighs hitting those firm round cheeks, and I lowered my kisses to Drew's soft neck, munching on it and sucking hard as he held onto my back with both hands. His eyes clenched tight. Lost in the pleasurable pain of it. Burning with a sexual fever and silently clinging to my body as he yearned for more!

Then, I felt his tunnel getting increasingly smaller around my inches. Almost like it was hardening as the vacuum increased and the vice like grip squeezed me with even more determination. Drew's arms and legs clutched at my middle with a vengeance, and his breathing turned to boyish little whimpers that got louder and higher with every thrust.

"Ungh...ungh...unnnghhhh...oh God...Oh....ETHAN...." He cried out, and I felt the sting of his fingernails in my back as his body began to vibrate like crazy beneath me. All of a sudden, without even touching himself, he reached his peak and began to explode with thick long streams of seed. I wasn't sure what happened at first, but I noticed the warm sticky wetness between us, and then felt his spasming erection as it jumped and twisted aimlessly, spraying his chest and stomach with nectar. It was the hottest thing that I had ever SEEN!!! The look on his face was priceless. He had no control over that climax at all. He could only hold on tight to me and whine like a sad puppy as I pushed the juices right out of him. I lowered my head and forced my tongue into his mouth, the two of us almost bouncing off the floor as I went crazy with my persistent pumping of his insides.

Consumed by lust in those final seconds, I think I might have lost all concern for hurting Drew and just pushed into him without even thinking. My rhythm was broken. My breathing stopped. And I swear that I saw stars as I suddenly went off like a fire hose inside of him. My eyes shot open, and a strangled cry escaped my throat as blast after blast of my heated seed was released. I was trembling so bad that I couldn't balance on my arms anymore. Drew just pulled me down and hugged me close, his sexy butt sucking and milking every last drop out of me. I had to force myself to breathe again...and caught a shiver when Drew kissed me on the side of my neck. My body so sensitive that a Summer breeze would have rendered me unconscious had it glided over the surface of my skin.

Minutes pass...

Spent snuggling close. Me on top of the boy I love. His body still shaking beneath me. His arms and legs still wrapped lovingly around my naked body as our minds tried to process the intensity of the orgasm we just shared with one another.

I kiss his lips briefly. "Sorry. Do you want me to get up?"

"Nooooo..." He whined softly. "Stay here for a minute. I like this."

"Aren't I heavy?"

"No. You're amazing." He said, and kissed me again.

I stayed like that for a moment, and then brushed some of Drew's curls back out of his face to look into those bright eyes of his. "I'm gonna say it." I told him. "Are you ready?" With a bashful grin, he nodded. "I love you, Drew."

"I love you too, Ethan." He sniffled. "I love you too."