Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 16

I don't think I ever took in such a deep breath of fresh air like I did the moment I stepped outside and closed that trailer door behind me. I could feel my heartbeat throbbing in my ears. And was I really breathing like that? You would have thought I just ran a mile uphill with bowling balls tied to my ankles. I ran my fingers through my hair to keep it out of my eyes, hoping to get my highly aroused body to calm down long enough for me to balance myself and start walking again.

My God, what the hell just happened in there?

I was so hard that my balls were cramped up beneath my boner. The whole area beneath my belt was tight...thigh muscles and all. They were right there, both of them...on either side of me. Touching me. Breathing on me. I could feel Chandlers sock foot on the small of my back. His other foot slowly stroking my hardness while Asa massaged my shoulders...softly breathing on the back of my neck. Soft moans and gentle whispers, their hands on my stomach...me trembling in response to their every manipulation of my sexual curiosity. I'm still shaking. I hadn't even taken more than a few steps away from the trailer yet. I was almost afraid that the first few steps would cause the tightness of my jeans to rub up against me the wrong way and I'd end up having a wet and sticky explosion that I wouldn't be able to hide when I went back to the set.

Holding my hand to my chest, I felt myself feeling a little dizzy from the whole experience. I don't know why I said no. I mean...I was scared, I guess. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? What horny gay teenager is scared of sex? You'd think I'd be doing everything short of fucking a warm cantaloupe and sticking my dick in the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to get off! But the truth is...even though Greyson and I had technically lost our virginity to one another, and it was AWESOME beyond words...I think...I just think Asa and Chandler were a little bit 'advanced' for me. Wow...I feel like such a baby for saying that, but it's the truth. It's hard to just randomly jump from a really soft and sweet sexual experience to a three boy, ten minute, orgy in an old trailer in the woods. It just wasn't me, you know? It's not who I am.

Oh God, am I going to end up being one of those hopeless romantics who spends the rest of his life alone because he's not willing to settle for taking cute strangers home from a bar and bang them to feel better about myself? I don't know...I just...I liked the way that Greyson and I had this subtle, undercover, kind of 'thing' going between us. As HOT as he is, and as much as I LOVED the sex...I really liked having that not be the only lovable thing about him. I'm not in any big rush to get to the point. I don't feel like I have to be in this giant hurry to get off and then go back to work like nothing happened. Maybe I'm different. Maybe Greyson is different too.

I think I like that. Us being different together. You know...compatible.

However...that doesn't free me from being a teenager. And once I heard some movement and a couple of really sensual whimpers from Chandler coming from inside the trailer...I got so hard that I think I actually grew an extra inch! It literally hurt me to be so erect and unable to move. There were times when I had a few naughty thoughts rolling around in my head and had to concentrate on something else to make my erection go down...but I don't think that was going to work this time. Hearing the heavy breathing, Chandler puffing with little 'ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh' noises, I knew that Asa was on top of him...pumping away at that constricted hole while bending his legs back and tongue kissing the side of his neck. I could see it in my mind, and there was no way that I was going to be able to forget that long enough to just go back to filming my parts for the rest of the day. No chance in hell.

The moment the idea crossed my mind, I tried to shake it off.

What the fuck was I thinking?

No...that would be stupid. I'm not doing that.

But, then I could faintly hear Chandler say, "Circles! Mmmm, circles, babe. Not so hard..." And it sort of sent me over the edge.

Now...I'm totally aware of the fact that it's a totally backwards idea...walking around to the back of the trailer and standing under the open window to jack off when Asa and Chandler CLEARLY made me the offer to walk right in there and join in on the fun...but, I don't think I was ready to do that just yet. I just...I needed relief. Oh God, I'm so hard! I was walking wide-legged all the way and had already started undoing my belt by the time I got to the window. Normally, doing this kind of thing outside would be so risky and I'd be so paranoid about getting caught, that I'd lose my hard on right away. But not this time. No way! I couldn't get my hands on little Evan fast enough! I almost forgot to be quiet while unbuckling my belt and undoing my zipper so they wouldn't hear the jingles through the window.

I couldn't see anything, but from the sexy sounds coming out of that window, I knew that I was just getting in on the good part. I feel so perverted for doing this, but the moment my soft palm slid across the sensitive nerve endings in my shaft...I couldn't think about anything else. The ridge of my helmet tingled with every touch, my back leaning against the trailer as I heard Asa Butterfield sliding deep into Chandler Riggs' resisting hole, their arms and legs wrapped around one another, a thin moisture of teen sweat allowing the smooth flesh to bond and connect in the most intimate way. The sound of smacking lips as they attempted to maintain a sexy kiss between them, even though Asa's wildly thrusting hips kept detaching their oral embrace with their feverish movement. I could hear the front of Asa's thighs slapping rhythmically against Chandler's upturned ass, as well as the sensual 'squish' that came from pushing into his warmth with such vigor and passion. So hot. I almost felt bad for thinking of them together when I had just taken the high road and walked away...but I couldn't help it. I wanted to be in there. I wanted to feel what they were feeling. I wanted to experience a level of reckless abandon that 99% of the world out there will NEVER know! The chance to make love and be smothered with the sexual affections of two hot celebrities that most people will only get to see through the cold, lifeless, feed of television pixels and YouTube interviews. A part of me wanted to have it all.

And yet...another part of me wanted me to realize that having it all was a pursuit that was better suited for me and Greyson alone. Not the sudden temptation that seemed too good to be true.

I began to tighten my grip, stroking and pulling at my hardened shaft with my eyes closed. Chandler's hot moans being broadcast through that open window, my legs getting weak as beads of sweat began to form on my furrowed brow. My lugs felt heavy with the Summer heat as I imagined myself pushing into Chandler's sweetness over and over again while his legs wrapped themselves around my waist, his fingers gripping the skin on my back, Asa sucking lovingly on my neck as his hardness left a leaking trail on my hip. Where making love was my usual fantasy...the combined thrill of their sensual noises and being so close to them that I could practically smell the heat of sex through the window caused my brain to go wild in ways that surprised even me. I pictured myself fucking Chandler so HARD! Hard enough to make him scrunch up his cute face and beg me for circles. Slow, erotic circles. A grind on him that would push my hardness even deeper into his quivering hole than before. I thought about taking as much of Asa's long shaft into my throat as I could, my nose being tickled by the small bush at the base, and having him look down at me with those piercing blue eyes as his legs tensed up and he sprayed the insides of my mouth with the hottest splashes of teen cum. All with me swallowing it down, using the muscles of my tongue to work every last dribble out of the weakening erection, encouraging gentle little twitches and aftershocks of pleasure as he smiled at me and rubbed the hair on my head for being a good boy. I could see it all in my head. Every last detail. I swear I could taste it!

I didn't know whether I should increase my hand speed so I could cum and get it over with, or if I should slow it down so the 'fap fap fap' sound wouldn't be heard through the window. I think I kept changing it up, it was kind of hard to keep track. Oh God...it felt so good. After being so turned on while sitting on that bed between them, every electrified nerve ending within me had been activated. They were alive and tingling with every well-practiced stroke. And Asa's labored breathing as he began approaching a shattering climax was making me a hundred times hotter than I was before.

"Shit...Here we go..." Asa whispered.

"Mmmm, cum inside me! Fuck it! I don't care! Ahhh!" Chandler replied.

"Too hard?"

"Just keep going! Holy shit..."

Asa obeyed his lover's request, and began to drill that sexy little hole for all he was worth, the smacking sounds of their lovemaking just slightly louder than the sounds of their kissing lips as they tried to keep from yelping out loud from the building pressure in their excited loins.

I suddenly felt the sensation of a healthy load being pushed into the base of my hardness, my hand a blur as I leaned back on the trailer for balance. Oh God...Asa....Chandler....oh wow....oh WOW! I reached the point of no return, and the Pope himself could have walked by and caught me jacking off and I wouldn't have stopped. He'd just have to take a face full! Hehehe, he might even like it!

The tension built up, and even though it would have been really cool to orgasm simultaneously with the teen hotties in the trailer, I beat them to the punch. I just couldn't take anymore. The tip of my penis got really warm as it expanded...turning a dark shade of pink as the powerful thumps and contractions began, nearly prying my fingers apart. One, two, three, dry heaves...then the first of MANY thick ropes of hot seed started to jet forward. I held my breath, standing up on my tip toes, my eyes flying open as I heard the heavy splashes of nectar landing on the leaves and grass on the grass below me. My stomach tightened up, almost causing me to double over, my shoulders collapsing inward, my hand working to squeeze out as many droplets of cream as it could before I finally let out a relaxing sigh and closed my eyes again to lean my head back against that trailer. It was one of the most overwhelming orgasms that I've ever had. I'm not sure where I'd place it on my top ten list just yet, but it was instantly up for an honorable mention before it even finished rocking my world.

It's hard to try to catch your breath and be quiet about it at the same time. I could feel sweat running down my cheeks, and I gave my softening member a few tight strokes to drain what little nectar was left...taking care not to let it dribble over my pants. There was a sticky mess on my thumb and the back of my hand, a few cooling rivers on my fingers. I had no idea what to do with it and didn't have anything to wipe it on...so I just brought my hand up to my lips and sucked it off myself, licking my fingers clean as best as I could. Ewww...

I don't know why I find my own so gross. I can drink from Greyson's tap all night long, but there's something about eating my own that seems...I don't know...off limits, somehow.

Ok...whew...I really needed that, and I'm feeling all fuzzy inside, but I didn't have a whole lot of time to sit back and snuggle with warm emotions. If either one of them got dressed or got a buzz from the set, I'd be toast. I don't even want them to se me walking back to the set. If Asa and Chandler knew how heated I got just being in the same room with them they'd get ten times worse. Or...better. Well...friendlier, anyway. I'm only human, ya know? I can't have Asa Butterfield lightly brushing his lips against the back of my neck every day. I'll be getting fitted for a straitjacket by the end of the week.

Was I still half hard? I thought it was going down! Needless to say, it's a bit awkward trying to walk back to work with half a post orgasmic sex lump in my jockeys! God, I hope nobody sees me! I really REALLY hope nobody sees me! Maybe they'll all just be working on setting up lights or something and too busy to notice me. I don't know. I just need to hurry back.

I shouldn't have even gone out there with them. What was I thinking? It's not like I didn't know what was going to happen once they got me alone. I was pretty aware of what to expect. So...the real question is...did I want it? I mean, maybe I changed my mind at the last minute, sure, but...was there really a part of me that was hoping I'd give in. They both looked so cute. Why didn't I stay? Ugh! You know, this kind of thing NEVER would have happened to me if I hadn't committed myself to Greyson. Asa would still be ignoring me and Chandler would be giving me a polite 'Hey, Evan' every few hours by the catering truck at best.

I should have gotten a taste. Of both of them. Just once so I could say that I did it.


No. No, that's stupid. Because if, by some odd chance, Greyson and I make things official and decide to get serious about being together...I don't want this lingering over my head. A few hot moments with them isn't really something that I'm going to miss when my true sweetheart is in my arms again.

really wish he was in my arms again...

I began trying to eagerly fix up my hair and my clothes again as I got close enough to hear voices and see people moving around on set to prepare for the next scene. It never ceases to make me grin when I see the most horribly disfigured, gore covered, walker extras just leaning against a trailer, smoking a cigarette and talking into their cell phones as if there was nothing wrong with that particular picture. Still, I kept my focus on maneuvering around as many people undetected as I possibly could.


"Evan? Honey, where did you run off to?" My mom's voice. The ONE person I couldn't possibly hope to sneak around. I should have known better. I swear that woman has a hidden microchip planted in me somewhere. She's caught me sneaking every single time, from peeking at gifts under the Christmas tree to going into the kitchen to steal a few extra cookies after dinner.

"Just went out for a walk, Mom..." I said, still walking and keeping my head down, so as to hide my face from her.

"Well...wait! Where are you going?" She asked.

"Be back in a minute! Just wanna wash up and look my best. Just in case they call me to set. It'll only take me a minute, ok?" I didn't wait for an answer. I just picked up the pace and kept walking to one of the nearest make up trailers and thanked the man upstairs that my erection had finally vanished due to blind terror and the siren of my mother's voice.

Those things help a lot better than just thinking of baseball.

I went inside and headed to the sink to wash my hands. They were still a little sticky. Or maybe it was all in my head. Who knows? I looked at my reflection for a moment...wondering if I was wearing a supremely guilty expression on my face...or if maybe that was all in my head too. I stared myself in the eye for a long time...wondering if I liked what I saw looking back at me or not. I made the right choice. I know I did. So why do I still feel like crap? Why am I so bothered by the idea that I willingly walked out there with sex on the brain? I should have been stronger than that. I should have known better.

When I left that trailer, all I wanted to do was guzzle down two or three water bottles and let the giant fan blow across my feverish skin, hoping to bring me back down to Earth where I belonged. My mom came over and could see the redness in my cheeks, listening to my heavy breathing even though I hadn't done anything to have me exhaling this way. She felt my forehead. "Are you feeling alright? You look a little flustered."

I nodded. "Yeah. I'm cool."

"You sure? Are you remembering to keep yourself hydrated?" She asked, and I held up one of the cool water bottles to assure her that I was. "All this Summer heat. Did you eat something?"

"I ate lunch, Mom. I'm ok. Really."

She held a look of concern, but she didn't push any further with the questions. "Your agent called. She has a couple of ideas on the table for you if you're interested. When filming wraps here she wants to get you right back out there. I thought maybe we could set up a meeting for Wednesday? We could things over? She's excited about keeping you working and getting your name out there."

"Yeah. Sure. Wednesday's fine." I said. Then I turned the bottle up and chugged the rest of its contents so fast that the plastic crinkled up in my hands and collapsed in on itself from my suction.

My mother gave me the strangest look. What? What did I do? Am I acting strange? I don't want to look like I'm acting strange!

Before she could really start up with the questions again, her phone rang, and she told them to hold on as she tried to walk off to get to a quieter space away from the lunch tables. Thank God. I don't think I have enough believable excuses left to cover up whatever kind of weirdness is going on with me right now.

"Evan? You're on in 20." One of the PA's told me, but was too busy talking into his headset and flipping the pages of his clipboard to really pay much attention to whether I got the message or not.

Still...feeling a pinch of hurt in my gut...I stepped away from the fan and the lunch tables, and walked around behind one of the big lighting fixtures to get a few moments of privacy. I wasn't looking to make any big confessions or anything. I hadn't really gone through with anything naughty, but...awwww...I wanted to hear my lovely Greyson's voice. I wanted...I wanted to feel connected to him again.

I took my phone and dialed the number he had given me. One ring. Two rings. Almost three...but then it went to voicemail. Just a few amazing notes rang out, him showing off his singing voice for the first ten seconds or so, followed by him saying, "Hey! It's Greyson! I'm not available right now, but let me know where to find you and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! Bye!" He was smiling when he recorded that message. You could always hear the added sense of boyish 'joy' in his voice when he was smiling.

A part of me was a little heartbroken that I couldn't talk to him right there and then...but another part of me was just happy to hear him speak. Even if it was just a recording...it soothed my frazzled nerves, regardless.

However, when I heard Chandler and Asa's voices approaching the area that I was standing in, I quickly shut my phone off and shoved it back into my pocket again. I didn't get a chance to leave my sweetie a message. I'll try again later. For now? It was a little too late for me to run off and hide somewhere, so I just tried to look casual and folded my arms while leaning against the light fixture next to me.

Let me tell you something about cinematic light fixtures...NOT very sturdy! Probably burning hot enough to melt the skin right off of you if it touched you. And top heavy to boot! So as soon as I felt it starting to fall over from me leaning on it, I quickly reacted to the mayhem in motion and rushed to try to re-balance it! A few more crew members shouted out and came to catch the falling light before that expensive looking bulb got busted and I found myself with half of my next paycheck missing.

I noticed Chandler and Asa laughing at me and my bumbling incident, causing me to turn a bright red. Asa asked, "You alright, bud?" HUMILIATING!!!

"That thing was already off balance..." I mumbled, knowing that I was lying.

"Uh huh...I'm sure it was." Asa said, and lightly touched my arm as I walked past them to distance myself from this near catastrophe.

Both boys turned and followed right behind me.

"You missed out on something fabulous, Evan." Asa grinned, his pace speeding up to match mine. "It was a doozy like none other. Certainly a sight more exciting than anything I get from my mates back home. You may not have participated, but I still think you had something to do with that."

"No, I didn't. Honest. I...you guys just..." I stammered.

"Awwww, look at him, Asa. You're making him nervous." Chandler smiled.

"You're not nervous, are you? We can work with that too if you need us to. If I have to be honest..." He put an arm over my shoulder and leaned in close...his deep, melodic, voice moaning into my ear. "...When I was pushing all the way into him, I'm betting he wished it was you. He gave me quite a wild ride today. I should keep you around to get his engine started more often."

"Hehehe! What are you saying to him?" Chandler asked, giving Asa a playful shove and trying to listen in. "Don't listen to him, Evan."

"Hehehe, I thought you were over there somewhere, minding your own business. Me and the boy are talking." Asa used the arm over my shoulder to lightly push me over to start walking on his other side, with him between us. "Listen...Chandler and I were talking, right? And we get it. If you and Greyson Chance have got something hot going..."

"Shhhh!!!" I blurted out. "I NEVER said that! Ok?" I whispered it, but it was a loud and urgent whisper that basically doubled as a full blown confession.

Asa and Chandler exchanged a look, rolling their eyes for a moment before Asa continued with, "...Well, let's just say that you're involved with someone else. It's totally cool with us if you want to bring him along. I know I keep telling you this, and I don't want to seem pushy but...why not? What's the harm in a little fun, right?"

I didn't even have a chance to answer before I saw Chandler's blue eyes widen and he cheerfully tapped Asa on the shoulder. "Dude! Dude! There he is! Our angel is visiting his dad today. Let's go talk to him."

Chandler was obviously looking at somebody else, and noticing the same 'angel' made Asa's smile blossom even brighter than before. I turned to look in the same general direction as the other two boys, but despite the huge crowd of people moving back and forth, some in costume and make up, some not, some carrying equipment, some just taking a breather from hauling anything at all...it wasn't hard to figure out who they were talking about. He was sort of standing off to the side, tall and slender, wearing all white from head to toe, topped by a truly 'angelic' cap of short blond hair. Light blond. Almost white, but with just enough 'sun touched' gold woven into it to tell me that it wasn't. Lips so pink that you could see them from a distance. I thought I was supposed to be the prettiest blond boy on the set.

Asa and Chandler both moved in close up behind me to stare for a moment. Asa put his chin on my shoulder and said, "He's positively lovely, isn't he?"

Chandler added, "I know this is your first season on the show, Evan, but Norman Reedus' son, Mingus, stops by every now and then to spend time with his father. It's like the whole set shuts down when he walks by. Hehehe!"

"Thank God for a healthy father/son relationship..." Asa smirked.

I have to admit, he was definitely pretty to look at, but I felt a bit weird about all three of us drooling over him when he was clearly close enough to see us doing it the moment he turned his head.

"There's a bunch of fanfics about me and him getting together, you know?" Chandler chuckled. "Some pretty hot ones too! I kinda get a kick out of reading them and imagining that it was all true. Him and me together like that...gets me all hot and bothered, every time.‟ I saw Chandler reach down to adjust himself, and suddenly my oxygen intake was cut in half. ‟Sometimes...I wonder if Mingus reads them too. Like, what if he thinks about me? What if he pictures us like that and goes into his room to secretly rub one out to the idea? Can you imagine?"

This time, it was Asa's turn to give him a little push. "You wish! Don't you go giving your booty away until I'm finished with it." He giggled. Then he told me, "Bottom line, I think he's one hundred percent hetero. But if I ever catch that boy letting down his guard, even for ONE fleeting moment...even if it's just for curiosity's sake...I'm going to be RIGHT there to help him 'experiment'."

What the...? What are they...?

"Come on, Evan! Let me introduce you." Chandler said excitedly. "It'll give us a reason to make conversation. You'll love him. Trust me."

"But..." I whimpered as they were already pushing me in the right direction. "...You guys, I really think that I should be getting back to..."

"Later!" Asa demanded. "Come on. Come talk to him with us. Mingus is an absolute doll. We're going to see to it that you have a massive amount of fun on this set if it bloody kills you."

Funny that he should phrase it that way.