Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 9

Did I accidentally doze off?

Maybe I fainted. Seriously...I was SO overwhelmed by the sensual vibrations of my first sexual experience with another boy that I completely lost MORE than a few minutes here and there. And when I was finally able to regain consciousness and focus again...I found myself laying in a comfy hotel bed, naked as the day I was born, with THE Greyson Chance snuggled up close and holding me tight in his arms. His eyes closed, his head back on the pillow, sensuous neck fully exposed, his delicious lips parted slightly as he was still trying to get a hold on his labored breathing after such an intense orgasm. If I looked closely enough...I could see him smiling. Hehehe...my sex made Greyson Chance smile. Cool....

I was so unbelievably relaxed that I hardly wanted to move at all. And yet, the addictive feel of Greyson's warm, flawless, skin against my cheek as I lay my head on his shoulder was too much for me to neglect. Turning my head into his tender embrace allowed me to kiss the supple flesh again and again, with a delicate pressure, and a glee filled smile of my own.

Greyson's smile fully blossomed into the beautiful sight that I had fallen so madly in love with many times since I first got to see it in person. He opened his eyes, but only slightly...and he looked at me with a grin that drove me wild with a craving for more. "Evan...you're awake. Hehehe, I..."

NO! I couldn't stop myself! I craned my neck up and mashed my lips, hard, up against his before he could finish his sentence. Our tongues reintroduced themselves to one another as we began making out with a passion that rivaled the ultimate high that we were still just recovering from, our quivering bodies so hyper stimulated by the sweet friction and chaotic release of a shared virgin experience.

Was I floating? I felt like I was floating. Floating...and never coming down.

If this is what 'sex' feels like, and this was only my first time...IMAGINE what this sensation must be like for the well practiced rhythms that Asa and Chandler must feel when they wander off together on set and strip down to pleasure each other as often as their limited privacy would allow. It must be mind-blowing!

I can see why it's so addictive. Why it's such an obsession. Sex, that is. I can still taste Greyson's sweet fluids on the flat of my tongue. I can still catch a hint of the scent that his heated groin left while it was pressed firmly against my face and lips. The few wispy hairs of his adolescent maturity holding in the most potent, and yet subtle, aroma of hot young pheromones...consumed by lust. Fueled by the deeper context of the love and friendship that had escalated between us, oh so swiftly. The whole situation fascinated me beyond belief. But I did my best not to think too hard on it all, as my attention should have been totally devoted to my Greyson, and nothing else. He deserved that, and so much more.

Every touch seemed to trigger a different emotion within me. His fingers played my trembling body with as much skill and feeling as they did on those blessed piano keys he played on stage. And before I could even shake the cobwebs and dizziness of my last climax out of my head...I was rock hard again, and pressing myself deeply into him as he wrapped his legs, lovingly, around me.

It was soooo much to take in. It was too much of a miracle for my brain to really believe. I kept trying to tell myself that it wasn't a dream. I kept trying to feel this extremely REAL event as it was happening...and yet, my body couldn't accept the validity of it. Not at all. I just had to drift along with the soothing current of the dream. And sometimes...that's all we can do. You know....drift.

Would I come off as some kind of pervert if I suddenly ducked my head down and went back to sucking him again?

It crossed my mind. I mean, I looked into Greyson's relaxed face, and saw his enchanting smile...and I thought that maybe our night of hot boy sex was over as soon as we both...you know...were 'done'. Hehehe, WHAT? I didn't know! I've never had sex before! Not with another person, that is. So, I had to use my imagination to sort of 'fill in the holes', so to speak, on how this was supposed to go. I mean...like...can I ask for more? Would I end up looking like some kind of orphan Oliver kid if I asked him for more. He was hard again. I was hard again. I wonder if it would be ok...

I couldn't tell. Even in the porn I've seen...you get one ejaculation and that's kind of...like...the end. That would suck. Because I am SO ready for another one!

I didn't know if I should just keep laying there in Greyson's arms, or...or like...if I should get up and get in the shower. Or just get dressed and leave so he could maybe sleep...or...or something? Or...or maybe kiss him some more and say...that...that 'thing' that I wanted to say, but didn't want to freak him out by saying it too soon.

I wasn't quite sure how to proceed from where I was. I just took a couple of sweet moments to play a little highlight reel in my head as I grinned to myself and enjoyed the warmth of Greyson's body heat as we broke our kiss, and I pressed my cheek against the flat surface of his chest again.

He has a really cute belly button. I never noticed that before. I absentmindedly used my finger to run a few small circles around it without asking. It still baffles me that I'm able to just...touchGreyson Chance any time I want to. That's CRAZY, right?

His stomach tightened up a little bit as he chuckled at my ticklish movements, and I think I saw some subtle little six-pack action going on there. It was brief, but I liked it. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" He asked me.

"I can't help it. You have a really cute belly button."

"What's 'cute' about it?"

"Hehehe, I don't know. I just like it. It's...you know...it's CUTE. What do you want me to say?" I giggled.

"You're so strange..." He told me, but it was really cute, the way he said it. And he laughed before giving me another kiss on the lips and saying, "Well...I'm glad you think so. Hehehe!"

I thought about the way Greyson practically tossed the pizza aside when he pushed me back on the mattress and got on top of me with such determination to make this night happen. I thought about the brain busting rush that I got when the ridge of his circumsized tip began to saw back and forth over the tip of my eager tongue, and the squeeze of his pillow soft ass cheeks as I pulled his hardness deeper into my face with every thrust of his slender hips. The thoughts were driving me towards another sexual fever, and I was still a bit hesitant about what to do with the feelings I was having at the moment. So, I kind of scooted my hips back a bit on the bed so Greyson wouldn't feel my straining erection getting even harder against the warmer than warm, 'freshly baked bread', softness of his tender thighs. I was such a novice at this sort of thing, so I guess I was trying to be as much of a gentleman as I could be. I mean...right? Is that weird? I think that's weird. Why can't I just have a normal first time? What the hell am I over thinking this for???

I looked down towards the foot of the bed, and saw "Aaladin" still playing on the hotel room TV. Still singing and carrying on, I couldn't help but to giggle to myself. Greyson asked me what was funny, and I said, "I can't believe that the music from this children's cartoon is going to forever remind me of my very first time."

There was a slight pause, and then I felt Greyson lightly slap me on the shoulder. He laughed in the most adorable way, and he looked at me to say, "This was your first time?"

Feeling a blush rise up in my cheeks, I answered, "Yeah...kinda." I giggled again, but I don't know why. Bashful reflex, I guess.

Greyson said, "Sweet. This was my first time too."

"Really?" I don't know if I said it too fast or in the wrong tone of voice, but Greyson gave me the strangest look when I asked.

"YES!" He grinned. "Why, are you surprised?"

I'm like, "Well...yeah, actually."

He gave me a slap on the butt and smiled at me. "Seriously? Why?"

"Because...I mean...me? I'm just 'me'. But you're Greyson Chance. People chase you everywhere you go for that exact reason. I just thought it was...you know...part of the game."

He said, "Hehehe, what? You think I just run around doing teen groupies by the dozen backstage? Nah, that stuff's not real. Even if my parents allowed that kind of behavior, I've have to be careful about that sorta thing. It could end up being a bad situation."

I said, "But, didn't you say Cody Simpson got to do stuff like that when you guys were on tour?"

"Cody has a private arrangement with boys that are close to him. And quit mentioning that, because you're not supposed to know. Hehehe! He'd kill me if he knew that I told." I gave Greyson a kiss to let him know that my lips were sealed. But it wasn't like I was going to randomly 'forget' or anything.

"So...your first, huh?" I grinned.

Greyson adopted the sweetest little blush when I asked, and he rolled his eyes slightly as he said, "Hehehe...don't."

"No, I think it's awesome. I'm glad. Honored, even." I said. "I'm glad you were my first time too."

That's when Greyson's smile widened, and he slowly rolled his beautifully naked body on top of mine, kissing my lips gently. "Well, I hope to be your second time too." Another kiss. "And your third." Another kiss. "And your fifteenth..." Hehehe, the cuteness of it all made me wiggle inside. "And many MANY more times after that. Is that ok?"

"You won't get any complaints out of me..." I moaned, and soon our tongues were connected again...his hardness sliding up and down against mine...our bodies glued together with the sensual movements of young love, blossoming simultaneously in us both.

We rolled over one another, our legs tangling up again and again...soft whimpers escaping us both, most times in unison. Hehehe, I had heard Greyson sing a million times before, but I never heard his voice hit a sexier pitch than I did as we humped and grinded our nude bodies together that evening. It's something that you have to experience to really understand. Your mind goes blank. Your heart beats at ten times its normal speed. And your skin comes alive, letting you know that this one act of love is exactly what your body was created for. It is the single most important part of you being alive at all. And once you've experienced the surreal quality of awareness that comes from having sex with someone you really love...inside and out...you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Or how you'll ever live without it from now on.

Feeling his hips press his hardness soon became more frustrating that pleasurable. My mouth watered for him all over again. I needed it. I needed that taste. I craved him sooooo much, and I wrestled with Greyson to turn him over on his back and allow me the room to work my way back down again.

He had an erection that any teenager could be proud of. Two fingers wide, and just slightly darker than his usual skin tone. A modest pink blush at the sculpted tip, and a pronounced tube underneath its proudly displayed shaft...sure to deliver a wealthy load of thick seed from the ample nuggets that hung loosely underneath. A small patch of silky chestnut brown hair decorated the base of the shaft, but only at the top. He had only an easily countable number of hairs on the spongy balls beneath it, and the crop stopped abruptly before spreading to his smooth, alabaster white, thighs, or anywhere above or below. Almost as if he had personally groomed them that way. But...I know he didn't. It was just too natural for it to have been cut to such organic perfection.

My bashful nature had been compromised by the act of FINALLY getting another succulent taste of the forbidden fruit that others could only dream about. Celebrity fruit, in fact! One that...for lack of a better term...loved me back as much as I loved him. If not more so.

I felt Greyson's hands slowly travel to the tops of my shoulders as I enveloped him once again with the warmth of my excited lips...at last, reunited with the heated flavor of him as he slid over the surface of my tongue. My head went all fuzzy again as I began licking all around him, my hands resting lightly on his splayed thighs, feeling his muscles tense and release as he made the smallest movements to push his stiff member into the wet suction of my mouth. Little moans. Not out loud really...just in the back of his throat. Whatever boyish sounds his heavy breathing would allow. My bottom lip frequently touching the wrinkles of his sack as I reached the bottom of his shaft. The tang of liquid being swallowed down as his excitement bubbled over from the sensation.

I loved him. I mean it...I think I really loved him.

Is it too early to claim that? Love, I mean. I don't know. I just know that if true love and affection is any stronger than what I'm feeling right here, right now...then I can't imagine my frail little body being able to handle such an intense emotion! Already, I'm at the brink of a full body, 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, orgasm that never ends! Who could function in their daily lives with something like this constantly going on in their brain??? Flaring up at random and snatching their focus away from everything that they're thinking and doing, just to shine that chosen spotlight on a boy that...that just....sighhhhhh....

....Completes them in ways that even HE can't ever hope to understand?

There's a certain amount of shame that comes with loving someone so recklessly. I feel out of control. Like this is moving faster than what would normally be comfortable for me. It's like being stuck on a runaway bullet train, and trying to take in the scenery at 200 miles an hour. What am I missing? What is racing by me? Is this safe? Will I be ok? I didn't have time to think...just react. But...wow...

When I reacted...when Greyson reacted...everything came up like a Spring fresh bed of roses. And I eventually just had to stop being so terrified and so cautious and just...'let it happen'. Best decision I ever made. Seriously.

Greyson's second load was impressive, considering how soon it had been since his last offering. I think it 'ached' him a little bit more than the first one though. His spread legs collapsed inward on the sides of my face, his cute little butt clenching up as he lifted his hips from the mattress and deposited a few spurts of nectar on the roof of my mouth and back of my tongue as his fingers tangled themselves in the messy blond locks of my hair. I loved the feel of him pulsing and jumping in my mouth. I loved the sound of his strained whines and whimpers above me as his body gave in to the moment. The creamy liquid he gave me was soooo warm. So 'personal'. So vulnerable in its generous delivery. Just knowing that it gave him a level of bliss that would cause his young body to twitch and spasm in such a way made me feel awesome....about me! You know? You really do get what you give when it comes to sex! And I think that I could easily make this my new favorite treat of all time, if only he'd let me.

It had only been a quick moment of him sliding out of my pursed lips before Greyson pulled me up to kiss me madly on the lips. I swallowed as much as I could, but I was sure that his rapid burst of affection had sucked some of it back from me before I could get it all down. I think he liked it. Hehehe, could he be any more awesome? I mean, seriously.

We kissed ourselves breathless. And at one point he was laying on top of me, nearly pushing me into an 'Evan-shaped' mold in the mattress. Hehehe, but again...he'll get no complaints out of me.

Can I just say that I LOVE his ass? I feel like I need to say that! I prefer having him on top of me, not only to feel the awesome sensation of him humping his hardness against me in a sexual rhythm that would drive ANYBODY wild with lust if they felt it...but I get the chance to suck hungrily on his tongue while moving both of my hands down to the sweet mounds of his amazing ass and grip them as though they were the only things holding me in place on this Earth! If only you knew how AWESOME his butt was!!!

Of course...I had no idea what to do with it other than grab and squeeze it hard like a warm ball of fresh pizza dough, pulling it into me and kneading the soft flesh until my fingers ached. I worried that I was being too much of a weirdo about it, but it seemed to make him really horny to have me knead his bubbly cheeks this way. I'd give him a tight squeeze, mostly on instinct, and I noticed that he'd suddenly kiss me harder, his tongue would extend further, his sexual grunts would get more determined and he'd roll his hips into me in ways that would put most porn stars to shame. It was obvious that he was getting just as much pleasure out of my frisky hands on his ass as I was. And that left me with a question in the back of my mind. Like...I mean...does he want me to...I mean...can I just...can I....?

It actually took a bit of work to spread those bubbled cheeks open with my hands and extend an experimental finger into the deep cleft between. I had no idea what I was doing, or how Greyson would react to such a thing. It felt like an 'invasion of privacy' to me. I mean, that's like the ultimate expression of intimacy, isn't it? What if he's not ready? What if I'M not ready!

Sorry...still thinking too much. Which is hard to do with Greyson Chance's tongue in my mouth! Trust me!

I took a chance. I really did. And I let my finger wander down the moist valley between Greyson's pert and shapely cheeks...to a point where I felt the heated wrinkles of his most sensual spot. I felt it contract slightly from the physical contact, tightening up in response to my surprise invasion. I heard Greyson gasp slightly as he disconnected his rosy lips from mine. And he giggled sheepishly as he relished in the feel of my finger on his exposed opening. I saw such a passionate look of yearning in his eyes, and he smiled at me briefly before connecting his lips to mine once again....his beautiful ass pushing backwards and squirming in anticipation of my fingers actually penetrating him for the very first time.

And then....my fucking PHONE rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was still in my pants pocket, and my pants were by the bed...and like a DUMB ASS...I stopped what I was ding to check out the display.

It was my mom. The ultimate boner killer! And while I entertained the idea of simply not answering the call at all...I found myself weighing my options more logically. I know my mom...and if she didn't hear from me, she'd be downstairs, making the kind of scene that most Taliban terrorists would envy! I think the threat of humiliation was the only thing that got me to grunt in aggravation and get Greyson to roll off of me long enough to actually answer my cell phone.

"Hello?" I said, trying not to sound to angry about the interruption.

"Time's up." Said my mom's voice from the other end of the line. "Let's go. I'm downstairs. I'll be waiting in the car. I brought your new sides of script to practice on the way home. They want you on set 20 minutes early tomorrow morning so they can get the make up to be consistent with the scenes you shot yesterday. So...let's go. Say good night to your friends and come outside."

Ugh! Could I convince her without sounding suspicious? Could I? "Awww...Mom, can I just have TEN more minutes? Please?"

She said, "We had a deal, Evan. 10 O'clock. It's almost 10:30 right now. You've had more than enough time to play. This is important. You know they don't like it when you're late and unprepared."

It was embarrassing enough to even be talking to her while I was...you know...in this position. And it was getting worse as I tried to argue. "Alright. Fine. I'll...I'll be down in a minute."

"I'm right out front."

"Got it. Later." I said, and I hung up with a grunt.

Greyson gave me a cute little pout face, and said, "Time flies, huh?"

I set my phone down on the dresser and pulled Greyson on top of me as I kissed him hard on the lips, desperately clinging to his body as I tried to get as much sex and passion out of our last few minutes together as humanly possible. Greyson actually giggled a bit at my sudden burst of energy, but I just...UGH...I wanted him soooo badly! I didn't want to stop! Not now!

I clutched those pert round cheeks with both hands and pulled him into me again and again, my body straining as we wrestled together on the mattress. I was breathing so hard that I actually felt a bit dizzy, but I didn't dare take a break to regain my sanity. The tension began to build. The orgasm began to rise. And as Greyson broke our kiss to suck lovingly at the side of my neck, I quickly erupted without warning. Long streams of semen splashing up between us while I held on to his thrusting body, pinning me down. It was hard not to cry out with every burst, but I managed to bite my lip through it all. And then...I allowed my body to relax. My breath finally slowing down to a manageable series of pants and groans.

"Hehehe...well somebody needed that." Greyson giggled as he looked at the relieved expression on my face. "Are you ok?"

"No..." I whined. "I really really really really REALLY don't want to go! This is so stupid."

"Hehehe, it's ok. It's not like I'm going anywhere."

"I just...fuck..." I grunted. And I pulled Greyson down to kiss me again. Just the feel of his lips on mine was magic. He was an exceptionally awesome kisser. I'm not leaving. That's all there is to it. I'm just...I'm not going anywhere. My mom will just have to storm her way past hotel security and come up here to GET me!

Then....after a few more breathless moments of making out, my phone rang again. I could tell it was her. Even the ring sounded angry. I almost didn't answer it. I just hugged Greyson's naked body a little bit tighter and tried to ignore it altogether. But he broke our kiss again and smiled at me, nodding his head towards the phone on the dresser.

"Arrrrgh...!" I snatched the phone up and answered it. "WHAT?!?!?"

"Umm...excuse me?" My mom said, appalled at my tone of voice.

"I'm...I'm sorry. Ok. I'm coming down." I said, remembering my place.

"Now, young man. I mean it. Right now." She said.

"Alright..." I hung up, and believe it or not, I had to resist the temptation to just go back to kissing Greyson again and making her wait for another ten minutes. I mean, how much trouble could I really get myself into, right?

Luckily, Greyson was thinking a bit more rationally than I was. He was really cute about it, but he pushed me back and told me that I should get going. "Don't get yourself in trouble, ok?" I stared at the cups of his bare behind as he leaned over to put his undies back on. I think his butt looked even better in his underwear than it did without. As if that was possible.

He got a warm cloth from the bathroom to clean up and to help me clean up too as I scrambled to get my clothes on. Then I kissed him again. And again. Ok...just one more. he third time made him giggle as he had to physically push me towards the hotel room door. And even though I was out in the hallway, he was just too beautiful for me to resist leaning forward again. Hehehe, he kept me at arm's length though. I couldn't help it. He was really addictive.

There was an awkward silence between us. And I fumbled around for a second. Then, I blurted out, "I love you." It surprised me as much as it did Greyson. "Wait...that was odd. I'm sorry. That was really odd. Did that sound odd? I'm weird..."

But Greyson just stepped out into the hallway, wearing nothing but a pair of undies, and he draped his arms over my shoulders as he gave me one last lingering kiss on my lips. He simply said, "I'll come and see you tomorrow on set. Ok?"

"Are you?"

"Yeah. I promise." He smiled.

"K...." I grinned, and stole another smooch before taking a few steps back.

"Bye, Evan...." He said dreamily.

"Bye...Chance LeGrey..." I snickered.

"Stop! Hehehe!"

"I can't wait to tell everybody on set that I'm getting a visit from the great Chance LeGrey..."

"Shut up! It's a cool name!" He chuckled.

"You sound like a 17th century French swordsman." I said.

"You're the WORST, you know that?" He replied. And then, just as the elevator got to his floor and the doors opened, Greyson called out to me and said, "I love you too!" Then he quickly ducked back into his room before I could really react. All I remember is stepping into that elevator and leaning against the wall for support. I was too weak in the knees to stand on my own. And yet, I felt too weightless to fall over. Strange feeling. The strangest.

My mom and I had a grumpy ride home, and I had to listen to her complain about how long it took me, but my head was still spinning. None of it mattered. I could still taste him. My Greyson. My body was rumbling with an electric buzz for the rest of the night, and I barely focused on anything other than the fact that I was in love. Hopelessly so.

The changes that the writers made to 'The Walking Dead' script weren't really all that tough to remember. If anything, they made it better. Plus I got an added scene and a few more lines of dialogue. More screen time was always a good thing. I got as much sleep as I could, considering that the love in my heart had charged me up like some kind of infinite alien space battery, and I got to the set about a half hour early to get my make up right. It gave me a chance to sort of rehearse my lines in my head a few more times before shooting began.

And that's when I noticed Chandler and Asa standing not far away from me, both sharing an ice cold bottle of water and sort of exchanging a few infatuated giggles between them. I probably wouldn't have paid much attention, but their voices got a bit lower, and it was like they started having this really 'hushed' conversation just out of earshot. It wasn't out of the ordinary. They have hushed conversations all the time. But I couldn't help but to have my ears perk up when Asa's accented voice whispered, "You're looking good today. You know that? Really good." Chandler giggled a bit, and I saw Asa lightly brush his hand against the front of Chandler's pants.

"Hehehe, don't! Omigod, what are you doing?" Chandler smiled.

"What? I'm just saying. You're looking pretty today. I love it when you look pretty." Asa stepped closer. "I think I'm going to have to get some enjoyment out of all this 'pretty' today. Soon. How many shots do you have today? Can we go off somewhere? Hmm? Please?"

"Shhh! Asa, c'mon...Evan is like...right there." Chandler whispered, and I jerked my head back to my script as they both looked over in my direction.

"Doesn't matter none to me." Asa grinned. "He can join in if he wants to." Um...gulp. "Hiiiii, Evan." He said with a little wave, and I saw Chandler's face turn red as he tried to keep from snickering out loud.

Pretending that I couldn't hear them talking before, I muttered, "Huh? Wha...? Oh, hey guys..." What the heck was that thumping sound? Oh, that's my own pulse. Jesus!

Asa went back to his intended target and continued to blatantly flirt with him, right out there in the open. "So, what's the deal? Hmm? I need you."

"Hehehe, Asa..."

"What? You know what you do to me. Are you even surprised at this point? Really?" I peeked back over at them, and saw Asa lightly rubbing Chandler's shoulder. Then letting his hand slide up the side of his neck. Stopping myself from getting hard wasn't even an option at this point. "Look at you. You're hair is getting long. I like it when it's long like this. Gives me something to 'tug' on..." He pulled Chandler's hair, causing him to giggle in mock pain.

Chandler gave Asa a little shove. "Quit it. What's with you, today?" Chandler's eyes secretly looked over at me again to see if I was eavesdropping. God, I hope he didn't catch me staring. "You know, when I get to be on set with Joel Courtney next month, he's gonna be nicer to me. I bet he wouldn't pull my hair."

"Oh? So you got it then? The Stephen King dealie?"

"Yep. I start shooting after this season's wrap up."

"Cheers." Asa smiled. "See? All the more reason for you to give me some tail today. Soon you'll be too far away for me to come see you."

"You have a one track mind, you know that?"

"I need it. I want you. You know I want you, right?"

Chandler sighed for a moment, but he never lost his boyish grin. He ran his fingers through his hair, and he said, "I have six scenes today. Two of them require me to run and stuff, so you have to be gentle. I have to function."

"That's fine. Whatever. Just come see me as soon as you can break away."

"Will you be gentle?" Chandler asked.

"I need you."

"But will you be gentle?" He giggled, and Asa didn't give him an answer. "Unh unh, no way. See, I have to be careful when you get like this. You start getting all crazy on me..."

"I won't get crazy. I'm already crazy. YOU make me that way. That's what you do to me? You know. Right? Huh?" I actually witnessed Asa reach his hand out to take Chandler by the wrist and rub his hand across his growing bulge. "You see? That's what you do to me. You feel that. It's yours. I'm going to let you have it. You're going to love it. Trust me. Come see me."

Chadler sighed again. "Maybe before lunch?"

"You're going to make me wait for that long? Every second here is a big tease to me."

"So? Hehehe, take it or leave it."

"I'll take it. I'll take all of it. You got it."

"Be gentle..." Chandler reminded him.

"No worries. I won't get too crazy. Word."

I was soooo hard and so focused on the two of them that I didn't even notice on of the set PA's walking up next to me. "Hey, Evan?"

"AHHH!!! What the...?" He scared the living shit out of me! What the hell is he, some kind of frickin' NINJA???

"You alright?" He asked me.

"Yeah. Yeah, sorry I was just...um...reading."

"Ok, well, the director wants you to stand in to set up lighting. So make your way over as soon as you get a chance."

"Yeah. Alright. I'll be there. Just give me a minute or two." I told him. And when I peeked back over my shoulder, both Chandler and Asa were standing there giggling wildly to themselves. They had to know I heard them. They had to have seen me watching. But I didn't know what to do with myself. And if my boner got any harder it was going to snap off like a mid Winter popsicle! So I did what any mature teenager would do in this situation...


Well, I didn't actually run, but I made quite the hasty escape by turning the first corner I found to hide me from them.

Geez...if people only knew what goes on around here. Between Chandler and Asa, and me and Greyson, I'm sure we could fill up a celebrity gossip blog by ourselves.