The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 3

Chapter 35

Saturday - I woke up today feeling sooooo good! Just lingering vibes from last night's party, I guess. I never thought that I'd be the kinda guy that would be going to parties like this on the weekends. I don't drink, I certainly don't smoke, and it's not like I've got a dozen girlfriends or play any sports. So I always kinda thought of myself as...'just popular enough to keep from being depressed'. But it's like, all of a sudden, people that I never thought would ever want to talk to me are suddenly inviting me out. How COOL is that?

Anyway, that 'feel good' sensation aside...I had a rather, umm...interesting day.

I had to get up kinda early because Sam called to make sure that I got home ok. My mom brought me the phone as I rubbed my eyes, and I smiled when I heard Sam on the other end of the line. He was like, "Dude...was that CRAZY last night, or what???"

And I'm like, "Hehehe, I KNOW!"

So he says, "I guess you made it home ok, then. We got split up from Lee, but he sent me an email last night to say he was cool." We basically just laughed about what happened for the next ten minutes or so, and then he's like, "Dude...Joey totally blew me on my back porch last night!"

Which totally came out of fucking nowhere! I thought that maybe I had heard him wrong, so I was like, "Wait....WHAAAAT?"

And the fucker tells me, "Well, we were running from the party, and she comes back to my house, but my mom is watching tv on the couch in the living room. I know she's not gonna let me bring a girl in the house that late. And even if I could, she wouldn't give us any kind of privacy. But Joey didn't have to be home for another hour, so we kinda snuck around to my back porch to sit for a while. And it was really dark back there, and wehad to be quiet, so we were whispering and was kinda 'hot', you know?" The whole time, I'm kinda cringing at the idea of Sam falling deeper and deeper into his 'hetero' life with every minute. But I'm also kinda turned on too, because it's SAM...and his boner is involved! So I keep listening, even if I'm a little jealous. He says, "So we start kissing and making out, right? And I'm listening out, just in case my mom comes outside or looks out the window for us or something. And she reaches down and feels me all hard and ready. But we TOTALLY can't just do it on the porch! And she starts kissing my neck, and unzips my pants and takes it out for me. I'm like, 'omigod, she really wants to do it on my back porch!' But as she's holding it in her hand, and stroking it real slow, we're both kinda staring at it, and I'm holding her close..." Why was this story getting me so hard? "...Then she goes down on me! Like, she slides down and swallows most of it, and I nearly lost it right away!"

I was almost jacking off at this point, but I didn't want him to stop talking. So I'm like, "Dude...what did you do?"

He says, "I was scared to do ANYTHING! I just wanted her to keep going! I swear, I could NOT keep my asshole from puckering up! Hahaha!" We both had to laugh over that one, but I wanted him to just...keep talking as I rolled over and was practically humping the mattress. He's like, "I didn't know where to put my hands, because if I touched her head I thought that I was gonna, like, chokeher or something." He heard me hold back a giggle, and he's like, "Well *I* don't know! It was my first time!"

And I said, "Yeah, and I'm sure you were soooo huge that she was putting her very 'life' at risk by blowing you."

So he says, "SHUT UP! Hehehe, do you wanna hear this, or not?" I told him that I had already heard the good part, and asked what else there was. So he says, "Well, I'm breathing hard, because I'm SO ready to blow! I mean, I'm seriously on the edge of the bench at this point! And just as I close my eyes and start whimpering and feeling my toes curl up, she takes her fucking mouth off of me and just finishes me off with her hand! I'm like, what the hell????" I cracked up instantly. "DUDE...I mean, it was like...such a 'shock' at the last second! She might as well have tossed an ice cold bucket of water on me! Now she's stroking me, and it's too late to stop from blasting, and I end up splashing cum all over my shirt and my pants and EVERYTHING! And some shot over my shoulder, and it was on the kitchen WINDOW! I had to wipe it off with a napkin! And that stuff doesn't come off of glass easy, you know? What the fuck?"

I'm literally banging my fists on the mattress just hearing the frustration in his voice, laughing my ass off! And then I ask, "So what did she say?"

He told me, "She's like, 'you like that, baby?' And what am I gonna say? NO??? I mean, I kinda want her to do it again sometime, but...DAMMIT dude! Not only did she screw me over at the last minute, but I had a mess to clean up afterwards! I had to go searching for spooge stains in the fucking DARK to make sure that my mom didn't find it in the morning!"

I couldn't resist teasing him, "That's funny, I would have thought that your semen would glow in the dark, since it spawned from your huge mutant cock, sweetie!"

He snickered to himself and said, "Fuck you! You'd be pissed too if it happened to you!"

I said, "Maybe you could come over and demonstrate." Which kinda came out of my mouth before I really had a chance to stop it. Luckily he thought that I was just kidding. But then he said something that kinda...I freaked me out a bit.

He said, "I thought that was Brandon's job? I mean, he was your 'date' and all last night! Hehehe!" Now...I'm PRETTY sure that Sam was just joking around and giving me shit. But...not one hundred percent sure. I sorta gave him a halfhearted laugh in return, but...I didn't realize how 'gay' it looked for me and Brandon to be spendng the whole night together at that party like we did. Especially since it was a party that I was supposed to bring a DATE to. It made me wonder if maybe I had exposed a bit more of myself than I wanted to.

Let's just say that it wasn't talked about for much longer. I needed to avoid THAT topic like the plague! But even then I had to wonder if Sam noticed me avoiding the topic. And if so, what did he think about it? I mean, how the hell am I supposed to keep a full fledged boyfriend a secret from my very best friend if we all start hanging out together? That's going to be fucking IMPOSSIBLE to pull off!

Speaking of Brandon...hehehe, he called me today. Awwwww....I'm getting all WIGGLY inside just thinking about him now! Ok...let me just....try to sit STILL here for a minute. Anyway, I was standing when I answered the phone...and after only three minutes of conversation...I was literally rolling over on the floor, hoping to keep my erection hidden in case my mom suddenly opened the door without warning. He sounded over the phone! was like an 'orgasm' for the ears. I MEAN it! Nobody makes me tremble the way he does. He's like, "I know it's gonna sound weird...but I just called because I missed you. Just...I wish I could be close to you right now, Billy. I feel like I'm just missing something without having you near me right now." that not the CUTEST thing you ever heard??? He's all like, "You don't mind if I'm being a little bit crazy right now, do you?"

I tried to speak, but the whole thing kinda caught me by surprise and I didn't even know that I was choked up about it until I actually tried to say something. Funny how fast your voice can leave you when you need it most. I managed to squeal out, "Ummm...noooo....?" Hehehe, it even sounded funny to me. So I blushed furiously when he started to laugh at my response. I was like, "Quit're gonna make me hang up!"

And he says, "Don't hang up on me! Hehehe! I'll stop. Promise." But he keeps giggling a little bit, and trying to hold the phone away from his face so I won't hear him. But I totally hear him laughing anyway!

So I'm like, "STOP! Awww, you're mean!"

And he's all, "I'm SORRY! It's was so freakin' cute, the way you said that! I can't HELP it! You are SO adorable right now!"

I'm telling you, it was like having a belly full of agitated worms! I kept squirming and feeling too overjoyed to remain in one position for more than a few seconds at a time. And when he heard me whimper helplessly from his compliments, he only giggled some more. He's so goddamn perfect in so many ways that it makes it hard to BREATHE sometimes! I thought that I was gonna melt right through the carpet if I talked to him for much longer! Ahhhhh! How the HELL did this awesome person end up being my boyfriend???

Then...came the hard part....

Brandon was being all cuddly and sweet, but then he asks me, " you think Bobby might let us use his house again sometime soon? I mean...for a little while. I just...I feel like I need you, Billy. I really wanna spend time with you again."

It really just....sighhh....he was really being...'sweet' about it. And I wanted to be with Brandon too! But he had no idea what he was asking me to do for us, you know? I mean...I wanted to be alone with him soooo badly! And the only thing I had to do to ensure that we could do that...was engage in a few hours of mindblowing sex with Bobby Jinette and his extremely hot and tight ASS! How much temptation can one boy TAKE before he literally keels over and has a heart attack? You know???

I might have to rewrite a few of my former 'rules' in order to make this work out in the best way possible for all three of us. The ones won't get me into MAJOR trouble with my better half, but might just give me enough leeway with some serious ass pounding every now and then with the most delicious pair of bubbled cheeks in the whole damn school! Hehehe, I'd love to think that I'd be that lucky, but I'm not., no matter what I decide...BRANDON comes first! He's the main focus of everything! Bobby is obstacle to overcome so that Brandon and I can be happy. So no sleeping with the enemy and losing sight of what's really important here. I'm writing it down so it won't even cross my mind!

Ooh! Lee is online! I wanna talk to him! So I'm gonna stop writing here! See ya soon! Life is good right now, and I can't wait to see if it'll get even better in the near future! Wish me luck! Hehehe! Later!

- Billy

Ps- I'm STILL wiggling! Ugh! I can't stop!!! He's sooooo CUTE!!!