Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 21

It was like laying my hands on a soft pillow. A cushion of flesh so mesmerizing that I couldn't bear to take my eyes off of it. Not even for a moment.

Greyson's ass was so pliable...so delicious...I almost felt 'sinful' for being allowed to touch it this way. He actually loved it! He wanted me to violate his virgin body in ways that had only existed in the darkest corners of my subconscious until now. Random wet dreams, fueled by the naughty vibrations that come with every teenager's sexual awakening. Can this be happening? Is an ass so amazing really something for me to claim as my own...at least for the next few minutes?

He looked over his shoulder to 'shush' me as he was putting his sister on speaker phone...but still encouraged me to enjoy the comforts of his cute body while he was talking. A gesture that truly left my head spinning.

"Hello? Alexa? Are you there?" He asked.

A girl's voice answered him with, "Where the heck have you been? We haven't heard from you in days!"

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry. The video shoots have been running a little bit long and I needed to rest my voice for a while. I could lip sync the videos, but it looks more 'natural' when I actually sing on camera." He said.

At this point, I found myself lowering my head...pulling the back of his boxer shorts down and giving each of his sweet little buns a kiss. Greyson had to hold back a cute little giggle as he raised his hips and allowed me to pull his last strip of clothing down his smooth legs and toss them off to the corner of the bed.

"What was that?" Alexa said on the phone.

"What? Nothing."

"You sounded like you were laughing." She said.

"I'm just happy, that's all." Greyson said, and he smiled at me over his shoulder as he saw me finally stand up and pull my boxer briefs down to the floor.

"Happy?" She asked. "What are you so happy about?"

"Hehehe, nothing! Gosh, can't I just be happy for happy sake?" He giggled.

I crawled back on top of him, this time...we were both naked from the waist down, and I got a warm chill from the feel of my hardness lining up with the deep crease of his 'pop boy' booty. Hehehe! You can't imagine how badly I wanted him at that moment. How my body trembled knowing that I was soooo close to the final breach of our once innocent relationship. As my hips, involuntarily, pushed against the 'freshly baked bread' softness of his ample bottom...I bit my lip in an attempt to stifle the jittery whimper that was sure to cry out from having my naked flesh pressed up against his. Dear God...his body felt soooo good beneath me!

Greyson giggled sweetly, and said, "What do you want? I'm busy with stuff. Get to the point already. Hehehe!"

Alexa said, "Mom wants to know when you think you'll be coming home. She's gonna make almond brownies, but she wants to do it when she knows you're going to be home. She's buying ice cream and everything. So what's the plan?" Then, as she was talking, she started giggling, and I heard some heavy breathing on the phone. It was like...a dog licking the receiver. Alexa laughed out loud. "I think 'Whiskey' wants to say hello! Hahaha! I think he heard your voice over the phone. He misses you, Grey!"

Greyson giggled in the cutest way imaginable. God, he's so damned adorable. "HI, Whiskey!!! I love you!" He said, and the dog actually grunted in response. Not quite a 'bark', but enough of a noise to know tht he recognized his favorite boy's voice on the phone. It made me smile.

"Omigod!" Alexa said. "His tail is wagging soooo hard right now! It, LITERALLY, just hit me in the face multiple times! Hahaha!" Then she asked, "When are you coming home, Grey-Grey? We miss you. Your music video won't take that much longer, will it?"

I pulled back, sitting back as I studied the well sculpted mounds of flesh before me. A view of Greyson that even the biggest fan will never ever get a chance to see. Or touch. Or 'taste'. It was so shapely and cute. Pale in color, the glaring white skin darkening as it reached up to his lower back and down to the backs of his thighs. So creamy white that it was almost as if his body deliberately bleached the skin that color for the sole purpose of highlighting its graceful beauty, and the sexy little dimples on either side. I couldn't stop staring at it. I reached out with both hands to hold the doughy cheeks and give them a squeeze. It was almost hard to breathe, knowing that I had Greyson Chance's supple ass in my hands...and I as I massaged the taut and spongy flesh...the narrow cleft opened slightly, exposing the hint of a pink colored entrance. Innocent in its subtle expression. A tight swirl of untouched muscle...eagerly waiting to accept as much of my excited inches as it could manage. I swooned at the sight of it, still a little scared of the responsibility of giving my new boyfriend the ecstasy he deserved. But when I finally got the courage to slide my finger down the moistness of his valley...finally connecting my fingertip to the quivering pucker...muscle seemed to suddenly contract, getting even smaller and tighter than it was just a moment ago. I can't put into words how much that physical reaction thrilled me. I think that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

Greyson wiggled a bit from my touch, and I saw an increase in the dip of his back...pushing his delicious rump out even further...the wrinkled sack peeking out from beneath him...his straining boyhood stretched out as if its hardness was trying to grow an extra inch or two. Turned on beyond belief, I leaned forward, and gave his sweet ass another little kiss. Then another. Then I began to suck on the tender flesh...leaving little temporary red blemishes behind. The only thing hotter than connecting my lips to that beautiful ass of his...as the way he writhed and squirmed from the contact. Spreading his legs further apart to allow me complete access to him in the most intimate way.

I saw Greyson's eyes close, and he arched his back even more while struggling to keep his composure on the phone. "Uh huh. Yeah. No, I'm listening..." He said, pressing his forehead to the mattress.

Now using my tongue to lick the frictionless surface of his hot bubbled cheeks, my middle finger positioned, tauntingly, at his heated, 'dime sized', opening...gently teasing the sensitive nerve endings there until he was forced to almost wriggle away from me...I gently licked the back of Greyson's thighs...just at the bottom of his lovely curve...and further down to suck his balls into my mouth and nurse the gentle nuggets, one at a time. All in the hopes of silently arousing him to the point of hanging up on his own sister so we could get further involved in this intimate moment of ours.

I was pretty sure from the way his toes curled, and from the way he began to hump the mattress, his voice now squeaking a bit as he tried to speak in a normal tone of voice, that my sinister plan was working.

That's when I heard him say...

"I shouldn't be out here for too much longer. I guess we'll be wrapping production in about a week, and I'll just catch the first flight home."

Immediately, my heart turned into a jagged block of ice...and suddenly, this mind-blowing fantasy world of mine began to unravel right before my eyes.

I don't know why it never crossed my giddy, love soaked, mind before now. Maybe my heart wanted to shield me from the truth of the situation...attempting to hang on to this waking wet dream for as long as possible before it was over. I mean, did I really think that Greyson and I would just spend the rest of our lives together, making love every other day in this hotel room? That I'd just keep filming on the 'Walking Dead' set, and he'd keep making his music, and we'd never be apart ever again?

Funny thing is...it truly did feel like it would be forever. It felt as if time wasn't moving forward at all.

Alexa said, "I'm just telling you, ya might want to hurry back. Your friend Rodney is back in the neighborhood. He asked about you a few days ago."

"Psh! Oh please." Greyson grinned sweetly.

"What??? Omigod, I thought you were crazy about Rodney!"

"I'm SO over that. Seriously." Greyson looked over his shoulder, and used his free hand to take hold of my wrist and pull me up to lay on top of him. My hardness now lined up with his warm valley once again. I lightly kissed the back of his neck while he kept talking. "Rodney is a distant memory, believe me."

"Well, you've got a song on your second album that's gonna keep reminding you of your biggest childhood crush. You know that, right?"

Greyson smiled at me again. "I don't know, Lex...I'm thinking of maybe writing a new one. Something more 'current'." He leaned in to softly kiss me on the lips, and my hips pushed forward involuntarily, the soft bottom beneath me flexing from the pleasure it gave him. "Mmmm..." He moaned. I think it was by mistake, but it was music to my ears anyway.

"What was that?" Alexa asked.

"Nothing, hehehe!" Greyson answered quickly.

"No, I specifically heard something just now. What are you doing?"

"Nothing! I'm talking to you on the phone. That's all."

She thought for a moment, "Turn your phone camera on for a second..."

Giggling, he said, "What? Why?"

"I wanna see your face." She grinned.

"No. I'm not turning my camera on, it'll kill my battery."

"What are you up to, little brother?"

"I told you, I'm not up to anything. I'm just sitting here watching TV. Leave me alone. Hehehe!"

I heard a slight gasp on the other end of the line, and Alexa asked, "Omigod...is there someone there with you right now?"

I froze when I heard her say it, and Greyson instantly burst out laughing. "NO! What are you talking about? I'm here by myself."

"Are you getting some groupie love right now?"

"I've gotta go, Alexa. I'm hanging up."

"Who is he? Is he cute? Dude, it's about TIME you got some!"

"Oh my God, get OFF the phone already!" He cackled.

"You're coming home next week, right?"

"Yes! Next week. Now...goodbye."

"You're in an awful hurry. He must be a total HOTTIE!"


"Give him a smack on the booty for me!"

"Ugh!" Greyson hung up at that point, giggling in the sweetest way as he put his phone down on the floor by the bed.

"Did I just get you in trouble?" I asked.

"Hehehe, no! She's just being silly. She teases me for not taking advantage of the fame thing to get cute boys to come up to my room when I'm out on tour."

As I lay across his back, Greyson turned his head to the side and I kissed him lovingly on the cheek. "So, would you?"

"Would I what?"

"Get cute boys to come up to your hotel room when you go on tour next?"

"Hehehe, there's only one cute boy that I would ever consider having in my hotel room. And he's already here. So, nope. I've got everything I want right here, right now." He said, and I felt my hips push into him again as my erection throbbed with an urgency that left me breathless. "Mmmmm, wow...that feels good. Keep doing that." I watched him lower his chin to the mattress and silently beg me for more bodily contact. Something that I fell into quite naturally...allowing my weight to press down on him, certain muscles tightening up to drive my thrusts forward while other muscles relaxed completely to relish in the infinite joy created by the knowledge that I was now grinding my naked body into the most impressive, most amazing, boy on Earth. I gently hooked my chin on his collarbone, my arms working their way beneath his underarms to hold him close...the smoothness of his bare cheeks caressing me with an insistent craving for me to go further.

Am I ready? Is anybody ever ready for their first time...going all the way?

I could hear my soft moans harmonizing with Greyson's musically trained voice as I began a rhythmic humping motion against his rear end. I hadn't even made my penetration yet, but the feeling of me sliding up and down his tender split was enough to make me shut my eyes and shudder with surreal sensations of utter joy and bliss. How amazing. How incredible. My whole body came alive with feelings that I never knew I had before this moment. The kind of feelings that inspire both music and poetry of the highest order...and yet, could breed feelings of envy and insecurity that could take the whole world to the brink of war. It was the most merciless conflict that I have ever known. But I couldn't stop. It was Greyson's love and purity that brought me here, but sex has a way of dividing the body, mind, and soul, in the most addictive ways. Demolishing your will power until your most primal of instincts have been appeased.

My current lust was an altar that I prayed at while lost in the moment. Shamelessly.

I kissed his cheek, and Greyson smiled warmly as my hips pushed forward with more passion.

Then, he said, "Mmmmm, wait! Evan...don't waste it."

I didn't want to stop. Hell, if he hadn't slithered his way out from beneath me, I don't think I could have stopped. Not on my own, anyway.

"Where are you going?" I asked, staring at the pinkish hue coloring his bulbous cheeks as he walked over to his travel bag. Omigod, even his butt blushes! That's so CUTE!

He dug around inside for a few seconds, and then pulled out this little tube of stuff in a blue box. I was naturally curious as he opened it up and grinned bashfully as he showed me this tube of stuff that looked like lotion, but I'm assuming that it wasn't.

Greyson gave me the biggest smile as he sat back down on the mattress in front of me. He looked at the bottle and read, "Premium silicone lubricant. Helps you feel close and natural to your partner." Then he blushed as he grinned at me. "It says it's long lasting too."

"What does that mean?"

"Ummm...to be honest, I don't really know. Hehehe! I mean, I know what long lasting means, but...are other lubes 'short lasting'? That's weird." His pretty eyes gazed into mine, and he softly asked me, "So...is it ok if I put it on you?"

Still baffled by the dreamlike nature of this entire evening, I absentmindedly nodded my head...and when I heard Greyson giggle with excitement, I did the same. I saw him open it up and squeeze a healthy dollop into his palm. "Do you think this will be enough? I don't know. Maybe a little bit more..." Once he got a handful he leaned over on his side, his hand softly cupping my balls, and he said, "Wait...hold on a second..." And before I knew what was going on, his beautiful lips enveloped my shaft and he began sucking my hardness while keeping his palm up so as not to waste the lube he had collected beforehand.

His tongue wriggled under my sensitive shaft, and I petted his soft brown hair as his vacuum pleasured me for a few minutes more. Dear GOD, it felt good! I think I found myself even morearoused when I heard him quietly slurping at the extended flesh. I don't know...it just gave it an extra hint of 'naughtiness' when I heard it.

I think he could tell how HOT I was from his sexy services, because he pulled off and then brought his full palm to my rigid length. Whoah! I don't know if it was the cool feel of the slippery liquid or my extreme sensitivity that caused me to nearly fall over from the feel of him smearing that gel all over me down there...but I could have sworn that my eyes rolled back to the point of it almost being painful to withstand another second of it. Jesus! Do people do this all the time??? They must, right? I mean...there's a product made exclusively for this kind of sexual activity. Still, I can't imagine this being a common practice for anybody. It just feels too damn good!

Greyson finally let me slip from his perfect lips, saying, "Sorry. I wanted to taste first. Hehehe, are you close?"

"Oh God, I'm SO close!" I whispered.

"Ok...hold it. Hehehe!" He said, and then he dipped his middle finger into the stuff, and my jaw dropped slightly as I saw him bend his knees and roll back a bit to open u his tiny little hole to finger a bit of the gel into his most private spot. Even with his own finger, he seemed to have a bit of difficulty getting his digit inserted into his sexy little hole.

I watched with fascination as he prepared himself for me, and his face got even more red than it was before. "Hehehe, don't watch!" He said.

"Oh! I'm sorry." I gasped, turning away. I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to look at him when he was doing...'that'. Hehehe, was I being a pervert or what?

"I'm KIDDING!" He laughed. And he gave me a little kick to get me to watch him slowly finger himself. If only I could have a picture of the look on his face when he was doing that...wow.

I, honestly, got a bit more nervous as his longest finger slipped out of his tight little hole and he 'clipped' the lid on the bottle of lube. This is it. Here we go.

Greyson tossed the plastic bottle over the edge of the bed and rolled onto his tummy, his perfect ass presenting itself in the most erotic way possible. And while I was frozen at first...I gathered the strength to sit up and move towards that sexual pleasure...my hard erection guiding me to his camouflaged treasure. Hidden deep between the valley of his scrumptious cheeks.

Coated in the slimy gel, I was surprised how easy it was to slide my way right up to his snug little pucker. I looked down, and the tip of my shaft looked as if it was THRRE times the size of his hole! How was this ever going to fit inside of him. No matter how much he relaxed his slender frame, it just didn't seem possible for his sensual ring to allow me access.

And yet, Greyson sighed out loud and urged me to try anyway.

I was SO careful...

Afraid that I'd hurt my sweetheart and ruin the image he had of me as a person in general. I almost felt guilty for using him in this way. But my libido was on fire, and with just a little bit of urging from my willing partner...a FAMOUS boy who had chosen me to be his very first penetrating experience...I decided to give it a try. Just....just a try, you know?

GOD, I hope I'm doing this right...


That's how it started. With pressure.

The spongy tip of my engorged erection...making physical contact with the virginal entrance of my lover...the smoothness of my helmet touching the texture of his wrinkled opening.

How hard do I push?

I don't want to ummm...'break' him. You know?

But as Greyson whimpered slightly and pushed his sexy cheeks back at me, I was given the confidence to maybe push just a little bit harder.

Even with a slow and sexy wiggle in Greyson's hips, the resistance of his constricted ring was a bit intimidating to me. I just...ugh...I wanted him sooooo BADLY! Just, how do I sink into such a small space and not totally 'ruin' him back there?

"It's ok..." Greyson moaned. Whoah...really?

"Are you sure?" I asked.

He's like, "Yeah. Just do it. I want to feel you inside me..."


"Oh GOD, yes! Mmmm...do it. K?"

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah..." He answered breathlessly.

"Ummm....k..." I said, still nervous, but now aiming my excite spear at his hole with intent. Wow...touching my tip to his entrance was soooo hot. I'm actually going to do this. I need to concentrate. I need to focus. Here we go.

A slight push. Bashful. Timid. But determined.

It takes a minute or two of intense effort on both of our parts...but soon...I feel the swollen head of my aching shaft push its way past his tightly defensive sphincter. And as his defensive muscles grip me like a FIST as I attempt to move further inside of him...I couldn't help but to think...'he's accepting me'. He's letting me in. He's trusting me not to hurt him. And from this very moment until we eventually part ways for good...nothing can ever top this moment. Nothing will ever mean anything more to Greyson or to me, than the first time we initiated the process of making love. It was something that we were sharing together as one.

Dear God, I love this boy! And I want to show him how much he means to me.

Right here...right now. He feels sooooo good. So good!

Who knew a celebrity pop boy could be so friggin' TIGHT???