Rotting Apples

Chapter 1 - Far From The Tree

All guilt seems to melt away the moment he lowers those tender lips down on me.

The sensation of lushly padded warmth and moisture softly wrapped around my hard inches makes me gasp, each and every time. I try to control that, hoping to hide just how much I enjoy having this neighborhood boy eagerly suck me off in the front seat of my father's truck. But...if nothing else, he can feel my entire body responding to his touch upon initial contact. It wasn't something that I could ever hope to control.

The way he coils his tongue round my pulsing shaft, the way his delicate fingers stroke me in time with his rhythmic's easy to forget that he's nearly two and a half years younger than I am. Little Stephen from over on the next block. We'd both be so DEAD if we ever got caught doing this with each other.

I'm reminded of his lingering immaturity as he stops the blowjob in mid suck to lift his head and crane his neck to look up out of the front windshield at a duo of helicopters flying overhead. I'll admit that they've been flying rather low over the past few days, and it's been odd...but I've gotten used to the noise. Only a high school Froshman would stop a mind-blowing session of oral sex to marvel at the sight of some dumb police helicopter.

I don't use much force when I guide his head back down into my lap. I don't have to. He's definitely enjoying himself. My hand sifts through the back of his angel soft blond locks, and he is all too excited to get back to pleasing me again once his boyish curiosity has been satisfied. I'm forced to close my eyes and lean back in my seat as his tongue and lips work me over again, his mouth salivating over me as he relishes every succulent moment of it all.

Stephen? He was one of those really well dressed boys from school. Button down shirts and freshly ironed pants. Hair neatly combed to the side with a slight scent of his mother's perfumed lotion, which he used to keep his skin so smooth that it was enchanting to experience. Even a simple handshake seemed like an act of arousal. Stephen was the definition of a 'good boy'. The ones that always end up as the teacher's pet. The ones that parents dream about when picturing their perfect ideal family. You ever notice the smiles of the people in the photo when you buy a picture frame from your local pharmacy? Stephen looks like one of the boys in those pictures. His whole family does. He represents every happy thought and every freshly baked apple pie placed in every window of every wholesome TV commercial and 'safe' Christian moral lecture known to man. But...when he's alone? When a few moments of 'privacy' present themselves, and the sugar sweet illusion of a blessed society vanishes from view...he's right here with me. In the front seat of this dingy old truck, sucking my dick as though I could cum 'world peace' if only he sucked hard enough.

Stephen was one of those boys that truly believed that he could consider himself 'in the closet', when the reality was he wasn't fooling anybody at all. I see a very disappointing coming out speech in his future. I knew he was a homo within the first few minutes of talking to him. The heft of his eye contact, his obvious blush, his repeated glances down at my crotch every time he thought I wasn't looking...yeah, if he thought he was fooling anybody then he was sadly mistaken. But who am I to complain? His secret turned out to be my good fortune.

I'm not really gay. least, I don't think I am. If I had a choice, I'd much rather be chasing some hot girls around, feeling their breasts against my face while having them grind on my lap, followed by the kind of deep, passionate, kiss that only females can deliver. But seeing as this rather cozy part of town is 'connected' enough for word to get around quickly, and yet allows reputations to linger forever like cave luck with girls hasn't been so great.

My father...he was one of those severely hated asshole neighborhood bullies when he was a kid. The kind that everybody said was never going to go anywhere in life. And they were right. He's still living here, guzzling down as much beer as his half empty wallet can afford while taking his frustration and regret on whatever or whoever happens to be within shouting distance.


My older brother, Brett, isn't much different. A chunky blockhead in his own right, Brett was the product of my father pushing too hard to make him responsible for all of his past mistakes. It's no secret that his plan backfired. Brett is an even bigger asshole than his predecessor. Until I get some decent money of my own, I can't even runaway from that place. I'm stuck in that dirty old house with the both of them until opportunity comes knocking. Opportunity doesn't come to visit my house all that often..

Me? Now a few months past my seventeenth birthday, I'm pretty convinced that by the time I came along and my mom walked out on father just stopped caring about life altogether. There's a point where a man simply stops trying to reach for rainbows and he accepts what he is. And what he'll always be. My father did older brother did it...and as I find my hand on the back of the young blond head in my lap...I feel the acidic burn of acceptance eating away at me as well.

They say that apples don't fall far from the tree. I fear that I'm one of them, laying on the ground, right there at the roots...rotting away with every passing hour...with no hope for redemption in sight.

"Donovan? My mouth's getting tired..." Stephen said, his changing voice still trying to find its adult-ish pitch.

"Keep going. I'm almost there." I said.

"Are you sure? Do ya want me to swallow this time? Or do you wanna do it on my face?"

It's amazing how he can make such a lewd comment sound so innocent. "Not on your face. I don't think we have any napkins to clean you up this time. Ok?"

"K..." He smiled, and went back to sliding his lips up and down my rigid shaft, slowly bobbing his head as I tried to keep my more melancholy thoughts at bay. We were just parked on the side of the road, half way down the path to the old forest preserve. We were alone at the moment, but it's not like it was a flawlessly isolated spot. We couldn't just sit there all night. Someone would be coming along soon and I can't afford to be seen in such a compromising position. The sooner I get off, the better.

"Yeah. That's it. Shit..." I said as he got more into it. the physical pleasure was intense, but I always held back for fear of getting my emotions mixed up in all this. Sometimes, sexual favors can feel so good that you can trick yourself into thinking the situation is something more than it really is. It blinds you from the truth. And the truth is...once I unload down this boy's throat...his usefulness immediately begins to diminish. This was as far as it could go. It's not like I was planning to let him take me to prom. Having him help me out with a few orgasms was great, but it's not love. It's nothing even remotely close to it. I don't plan to make that mistake. Not like my parents did.

Stephen is here to please me. We're mutually using one another to relieve tension. Nothing more. He's just an added bonus to my mundane life. Like using a few shakes of salt or pepper to season your food for a better taste. As long as I keep that in mind, and avoid those big brown doe eyes of his every time he swallows my heated offering...I can keep my heart out of this mess and remain somewhat sane through it all.

Whoah...ok, things are getting wild down there now. Stephen whimpers like a little Guinea pig when he really gets turned on. Both of my hands go to his head as I scoot further down in the seat and spread my legs even wider. Stephen's bobbing causes his hand to reach out in an attempt to steady the rest of his body, but I'm quick to snatch it back and hold onto him, as his hand was absentmindedly reaching for the horn on the steering wheel. THAT'S all I need! For him to honk the horn and get discovered so I'm forced to go home and spend the rest of the night with blue balls.

"Mmmm...that's it! Ah fuck...!" I whisper breathlessly, the pressure building inside as a warm buzz slides up my spine and spreads to my shoulders. Now it's my turn to whimper like a helpless animal as Stephen's wet vacuum and wriggling tongue begin to send me over the edge. "Shit...ok..." I was quickly reaching my peak. The part of the rollercoaster when everything slows down and you're left one last opportunity to catch your breath. It felt sooooo good! Thank you GOD for bringing this boy into my life! "Here it comes. You ready?"

"Mmm hmmm..." It was more of a rhetorical question, but I found it adorable that he answered me. muscles contracted. I pushed his golden head down while involuntarily raising my hips, my cheeks clenched tightly as if it could further push out the impending climax. I feel his tongue pressing my tip against the roof of his mouth, and I lose it. A loud breath, followed by some heaving panting to keep me from making any loud noises. It was a volume of semen that neither one of us expected, and Stephen had to fight to suck it down as fast as he could.

I felt as though I would never stop. Such a massive fucking load! I must have been a lot more excited than I thought I was when I came out here tonight.

Suddenly, without warning, two police cars came RACING around the corner and down the road, sirens blazing! It scared the living SHIT out of me! My eyes shot open and I yanked Stephen out of my lap so fast that he began to cough and sputter with his mouth full of my seed. He covered his mouth with the back of his hand, but some of the spray hit the dashboard and steering wheel anyway. I wasn't exactly finished cumming yet, and was frantically trying to grab a hold of my throbbing shaft and push it back into my underwear to keep from making an ever bigger mess.

FUCK! How the hell am I going to explain all this if a cop comes shining a fucking flashlight in through the truck window! Dammit! This was a bad idea! SO bad!!!

Poor Stephen was trying his best to wipe his mouth on his shirt, still hacking and wheezing next to me as he shuffled himself back to an upright position in the passenger seat.

Not knowing what else to do, I just scrunched down in my seat and whispered at Stephen to do the same, hoping we wouldn't be seen.

Then...the truck actually rocked a little as the rush of air from those speeding police cars zoomed right past us. And I mean it was at TOP speed too! As if they had just gotten an APB on Godzilla!

"Are they gone yet?" Stephen asked. I didn't answer. Just stayed quiet and used the side mirror to look back at the road behind us to see if any more were coming. "Donovan?"

"SHHH!" I hissed.

Then, in a light whisper, he asked, "Are they gone yet?"

I rolled my eyes but didn't let him see it. "I don't know. Just...stay still for a few seconds, ok?" He nodded, and we spent the next three to five minutes in silence, just searching that dark stretch of road to make sure that it stayed clear.

Normally, Stephen would start yapping away about whatever random things came to mind after he finished servicing me. I wasn't annoyed by the fact that he was talking so much. What annoyedme was his constant need for me to respond to him. It would be ok if he just blathered away and left me out of it, but he kept asking me questions and telling me jokes, looking for a reaction. I just busted a CRAZY nut in his cute little mouth! Can't he just let me enjoy the few lazily euphoric moments to follow? Ugh!

I looked at the mess on the wheel, with more rapidly drying stains on the dashboard. I needed to hurry up and start cleaning this shit up before I miss something and my dad or Brett discover a few lost spots during what ever white trash investigation they decided to charge into. Still, just...I needed a minute to catch my breath. I felt so drained. That boy's mouth is absolute magic. I'm exhausted, I'm still trembling a bit, my boxers are full of 'yuck'...and I've got a Froshman sitting next to me who won't shut up about 'Call of Duty' when all I want to do is roll over and go to sleep.

I sort of turn my shoulders to him a little bit, leaning my head against the window...hoping he'll get the hint.

But even through my half open eyes, I managed to look out at the park across the street from where I was parked. It was just a long road, surrounded by trees and small parks. It would have been pitch black if not for a few, strategically, placed street lights every few hundred feet. Spaced far enough apart that just as the light from one lamp was abandoning you for could see through the dark patch of road ahead to the next lamp.

Still, it left heavy shadows in between. Heavy.

I know, because that's the very reason that I chose to park there.

I wouldn't have noticed anything at all were it not for the shaking of a few branches in the distance. It wasn't out of the ordinary for a forest preserve. Squirrels, raccoons, rabbits...not to mention the occasional deer or two that come wandering by. A few shaken branches were never anything to be overly concerned about. And yet...there was something about the stillness in the air tonight that caused me to pay closer attention.

I can't really explain it...but something just...'felt' wrong, you know?

Obviously, my senses weren't really a trustworthy source at the moment, me having just blown a load and still trying to recover. But...there's a natural instinct within me somewhere that's telling me we're missing something out there in darkness.

I look closer, and see more branches waving back and forth. Bushes being rattled. Twigs broken from the weight of lumbering footsteps.

Stephen was still talking and rambling too much to notice. But I did. I noticed.

I rolled down the window to get a better look, unhindered by the cheap glass. A strange odor entered the car. Foul. Like...muddy boots and garlic. I could hear...breathing, in the distance. But not like regular breathing. It was more like this hazy rattle of a smoker's cough in the making. Groans. Accompanied with the sound of gurgled mucous in the back of their throats.

Yes. I referred to them as 'they'. There was definitely more than one. In fact, as the first few silhouettes became visible through the trees...I heard many MORE footsteps following them.

In the background...the 'chop-chop-chop-chop' sound of helicopters doing one flyby after another could clearly be heard. But not just one or two. I don't think I've ever heard so many helicopters at one time before. It was...eerie.

I saw more figures pushing their way through the preserve...headed towards the road. Heading towards us.

"We should get out of here." I said.

"Oh yeah. Right. Hold on, I'll try to get the truck cleaned up some more. Sorry I spit and stuff. You caught me off guard."

The figures in the shadows took their first steps on the road. First just one or two. Then three or four. With what looked like another five or six people behind them.

They were staring right at me. Like something out of a horror movie or something. And the moment I started up the car, they seemed to be more determined to get to me. I could feel Stephen using his shirt to wipe off the steering wheel, and I said, "Sit back. We're out of here."

"But...I thought you said..."

"We'll clean up the truck later! Sit back!" I don't know why my heart started beating so fast, but I didn't like the looks of these random people at all. If nothing else, I didn't want to get fag bashed by a bunch of doped up lunatics in the woods.

I put the truck in gear and peeled away from the curve, kicking up rocks and gravel behind me. I was looking in the rearview mirror as I watched the sluggishly moving bodies sweep across the road and continue to follow us. Even though they had absolutely NO chance of catching up to a moving truck. What the fuck were they on? Just ONCE, I wish Sheriff Rainey was around to see shit like THIS going on so he could harass these assholes instead of pushing me around all the time. Fucking absent cops, man.

The ride home was just as strange. The streets were empty. More helicopters kept flying overhead. And every now and then, a string of hurried police cars and ambulances would streak by us...not stopping for a single stoplight. Obviously, I missed out on some kind of party tonight.

Dropping Stephen off at his house, I was looking forward to just driving home and getting off the street so I could lock myself up in my room and wait for daylight to come. Things are getting a bit freaky out here for my tastes.


Even though Stephen had his hand on the door handle, he stopped himself. Timidly...boyishly...he said, "I had a good time tonight, Donovan." A good time? We parked on the side of the road and he sucked a horny load out of my dick. It's not like I treated him to dinner and a movie.

Still...those eyes. They're like several shots of alcohol, you know? They make you do things you normally wouldn't do. Say things you normally wouldn't say. "I'm glad. I did too."

Why was he still hesitating? Why won't he just get out of the truck and let me drive home already?

" know...if you ever wanted to just...'hang out' or something..." His voice was trembling.

"I thought we just did." I said.

"Yeah. I know. And I TOTALLY know, being with you tonight. I'm not turing 'sissy' on you or anything. Just...I thought maybe..."

"You should get inside, Stephen. It's getting late. Your parents are going to start peeking out of windows soon." I told him.

There was a slight expression of disappointment in his sweet face at first. Then he smiled. "Listen...I just wanted you to know that I think you're really cool. Ok? I'm not really good at this sort of thing, but...I wanted you to know that I like you a lot. And...that's all I wanna say. K?" There it is. That tug on my heartstrings. That's not supposed to happen. It's a trick, it's a trap, it's a lie.

So I turned away to look out my driver's side window, and I said, "G'night, Stephen. I'll see ya 'round."

I don't think the kid had enough good sense to be hurt. He just grinned at me and touched my arm briefly before opening the door and finally allowing me to return to my peace and solitude.

He looked over his shoulder at me as I waited for him to get back into his house. I felt a strange flutter in the center of my stomach and tried my best to dismiss it as I put the truck in gear again and took off again.

Strange thing...

All of those shadowy figures on the road near the forest preserve...and I think watching Stephen walk his pretty little ass back into that house in the dark scared me more.

Now comes the hard part.

Now...I go home...