Picture Me And You

Chapter 17

“Whoah...” Rory said, breaking our kiss to allow himself a moment to catch his breath. From the moment his lips parted from mine, his face began to turn a deep shade of red. His blush was so red that I began to giggle uncontrollably at the adorability factor of it. “Don’t make fun of me!” He smiled.

“I’m not! I promise.” I said.

“You totally are. It’s not fair.” He said, and he brushed his blond hair back out of his eyes. “It’s ok. I’m sure that I look pretty silly right now.”

I lightly shook my head. “Nope. At least I don’t think so.” I said. “I think you’re beautiful.”

“Mkay...I guess that’s alright then.” He said. We were both stuck for a moment, wondering what to say, what not to say...whether we should just pick up where we left off and start kissing again, or if we should take a short break. I mean, you already know what I wanted. I’m pretty sure that Rory knew it too. But I’ve already had two strikes in this game so far, and I’ve learned my lesson concerning pouncing on him the way I was trying to do before. I’ve worked too hard, been too patient, and fell too far into a downward spiral of love and affection, to screw everything up now.

There’s still a part of me that wishes that I had the kind of casual confidence that Kyle and Jason had when it came to being intimate with other boys...that could just have fun and stop putting the kind of dire importance of having sex on the same level as the decision of sending in the nuclear launch codes and possibly starting World War III. But, what can I say? That’s just not me. Being intimate with another boy, especially if it’s for the very first time in my life...it carries a certain amount of weight. But it should, right? Everything can’t be a random internet porn story all the time. Sometimes...the true eroticism comes from the things that the sexy parts skip over. The parts that Rory and I have already learned to really enjoy when we’re together.

Still...I’d feel a bit ‘cheated’ if I didn’t get to have a LITTLE bit of fun every now and then! Hehehe! Just saying...

“So….like, what do you wanna do?” Rory asked me nervously.

“Ummm, we can go to my room. Just to get comfortable, I mean. NOT that we have to or anything.” I replied, shaking to the point where I couldn’t really hold myself still.

“No. That sounds cool.” He said. “Ok, let’s...let’s go.”

“Just to hang out and stuff.” I said, hoping that I didn’t seem like I was putting any additional pressure on him.

“Just to get comfortable. Yeah, I get it.” He said, and we both sort of just wandered towards my bedroom, feeling lightheaded and awkward as we attempted to walk straight. I was already getting hard and did everything that I could to fight it off as we walked in and I swiftly moved over to the bed to sit down and hopefully hide my arousal from him for a little bit longer.

Surprisingly, Rory came in and sat right next to me on the foot of my bed. Close enough to where our legs were touching in fact. Plus, I could feel the silky softness of his shiny soccer shirt on my arm, giving me the sweetest jolt of joy in my heart. Rory was staring straight ahead instead of turning to look in my direction, doing his best to steady his breathing. I can’t lie and say that I had any idea, whatsoever, of what to do next. I was just as clumsy as he was when it came to this sort of thing, but I was secretly hoping and praying that I was hiding it a little bit better than he was. Because he really looked like he was scared of even being there alone with me. It sort of began to crush my spirit after this long extended pause between us lasted a bit longer than I ever could have expected it to. It made me feel like I had made another mistake, thinking that today would be the day that we took things a bit further than we had been taking it so far. I mean, I really wasn’t trying to push him. I swear. It’s just...omigod, he’s so fucking HOT that it’s extremely hard to look him in the face and not want him more and more with every breath that I took in his presence. I wanted to reach out and touch him, hold him, kiss him. All the time. That doesn’t make me a total creep, does it? Just wanting to be with him in ways that nobody else has access to? To entertain the fantasy that a boy this unbelievably cute could possibly want to be with me? To have him say that he loved me and really mean it? Every second that I spend with him was a tease that was wearing my already chaotic hormones down to the point where I found myself emotionally exhausted just talking to him sometimes. It’s not fair to judge me for that. Look at him. He’s the sexiest boy that I’ve ever SEEN! Who wouldn’t drool all over themselves trying to be this close to him right now.

Even with all of their ‘ten score’ conquests online, even Kyle and Jason dropped their jaws at the very sight of him. And they’ve been with boys who look like full blown celebrities most of the time. Like I said...it’s just not fair. It might be worth it...but it’s not fair.

“I’m sorry.” I sighed.

“Huh? What?” Rory seemed confused, finally looking at me, even if I was too scared to look back.

“I should have told you that my mom wasn’t here. I wasn’t trying to ‘trap’ you or anything. If this feels weird, we can just...”

“Who said anything about this feeling weird?” Rory asked. Then, putting his hand on my knee, he said, “Kevin...I don’t want you to think that I’m backing away from you. I’m not, ok? I just...I don’t know what to do right now. You know?” I turned my head, and our eyes met as my heart began to race all over again. “Does that make me sound lame?”

“No!” I said with a grin. “I wasn’t really sure what to do either. I just thought I was messing up again.”

“It’s ok. You weren’t messing up anything at all. Just...can I ask you something?”

“Of course. Sure.” I replied, now turning my body a bit more to give him my full attention.

“I know that you’re a good guy, Kevin. I mean, you’re AWESOME! And I love that about you. It’s just...” He paused briefly, sort of wincing as if it pained him to continue, “...If we got a chance to enjoy some alone time together, like...that’s not going to be something that you think about all the time, is it? Maybe even the only thing?”

A bit confused, I asked him, “What do you mean? I think you lost me here somewhere.”

Blushing again, but not in the cute way that he did it before, he said, “Maybe it’s just me and some of my past experiences with trying to find somebody...you know...not awful. But the reason I try to hide so much is because...sometimes people see the way that I look, and then it’s like they can’t see anything else about me. Not anything that counts, anyway. I guess I just worry that...I might end up turning you into one of those people, Kevin. And I know that it’s wrong for me to feel that way, and you’ve proven yourself to be better than that, but...I worry, you know? I worry that you’ll start to look at me the same way, and I will have lost what we had for the sake of instant gratification. I don’t want that. I want to keep you, Kevin. Just like you are.”

Taking a hold of Rory’s hand, I looked into his pretty eyes and said, “Dude...you’re beautiful. You’re one of the most beautiful people walking the face of the Earth, and I’m not going to lie and tell you that I don’t notice. Because I do. And I’m not going to sit here and say that I don’t think about ripping every last strip of clothing off of you and having hot, sweaty, sex until we’re too tired to remain conscious any longer. And even then, I wanna wake up to your naked body laying next to me so I can take advantage of you while you sleep! Hehehe, especially after hearing one of your super hot erotic stories whispered in my ear again!”

“Omigod, hehehe, Kevin! Don’t.” He said sweetly.

I gave Rory a little kiss on the cheek, and I told him, “But that’s not everything. K? You mean so much more to me than that. You always have, even before we met for the very first time in that sandwich shop thingy.” Once the words left my mouth, Rory found the courage to give my hand a squeeze and he gave me a smile. “I know that I gave you the wrong impression in the park by the lake when I said...you know...what I said. And I can’t apologize enough for letting my darkest thoughts come out to assault you the way that they did. I was just going off of some bad advice, and I was worried about losing you for good. But it wasn’t just the cute ‘you’, or the sexy ‘you’...it was the boy that I talk to and laugh with all the time. The boy who brightens up my entire day just by sending me a text to say ‘hi’ with a little smile face. That’s the one I love and care about the most. And that’s the one that I want to keep, Rory. Honest.”

Rory sniffled a bit, now relaxing into his normal self a bit more as he let go of his previous hangups. “You’re just saying that so you can see me naked.”

“Did it work???” I teased back, causing him to laugh. “I’m just saying...I wouldn’t mind, cutie. Hehehe!”

“I don’t know. What do you think?” He said, and his grin took on a more mischievous tilt as he leaned in to give me a lingering kiss on my lips. “You know...I want you too. Right?”

“Well, I’m right here.” It gave me a bad case of the jitters, trying to flirt with my own boyfriend. But at least I hadn’t started tripping over my own words yet. “Say the word and I’m all yours. Promise.”

“I like that...” He said softly, and leaned in to kiss my lips again. This time, he held them there, applying just the right amount of sensual pressure as I began to feel a wave of excited tremors rumble through me without restriction. My body was so weak inside. As stunningly beautiful as Rory was, I didn’t want to open my eyes. I mean, you’re supposed to close your eyes while your tongue kissing, right? I’m pretty sure that’s the rule. I don’t know, I’ll look it up on the internet later. Right now, I’m just trying to make out with my boyfriend without any stupid interruptions or potential humiliation for getting caught or stared at by people who might not understand. What could be more important than that?

Then again, a clear vision of Rory’s cute FACE was right there in my mind, and even though I couldn’t see him, I could still see him. Hehehe, if that makes any sense!

Having his tongue in my mouth was such an incredible experience. So wet and wriggly. And sealed through the connection of his marshmallow soft lips, his warm breath blowing on my cheek as he moaned tenderly from the contact. I could feel the wisps of his blond hair sweeping across my forehead, and it wasn’t long before my hands almost involuntarily began to wander over his slim and trim body, feeling him all over as he shivered gleefully in response. I just loved the feel of him, you know. Especially when I ran my palm over his abs, which were actually more developed and hardened than I ever could have expected them to be. I had touched them before, but...wow. Just the tiniest of flexes caused these rippled abdominal treasures to expose themselves in ways that I had never felt before. Not ‘rock hard’, as they were still sort of soft and spongy...and tet, well defined. As if they had been sculpted out of gummy bears. Hehehe, I loved it.

It was then that Rory leaned back a bit, and he looked into my eyes. As if he was silently asking a question that I didn’t quite understand how to answer yet, but was super curious just the same. We looked at one another for a moment, and he whispered, “I love you, Kevin.”

The butterflies in my stomach went wild, hearing that. And I said, “Love you too.”

We kissed again, but this time...Rory slid his hand into my lap. It was slow and steady, so as to not overstep any bounds as far as him touching me went...but once he felt how unbelievably hard I was in my pants, his courage increased, and he groped me a little bit to make sure that I knew what was going on here. I swear, my eyes nearly rolled back once I felt the relief of having him grip and stroke me through the denim fabric while a whimpered slightly...my lips vibrating against his.

Not willing to be outdone, I took this as a green light and was just hoping that he wouldn’t reject me this time. I wanted him soooo badly! He really had no idea how much I was willing to worship every last inch of him, you know? So I moved a timid hand onto his thigh...and as we continued to let our tongues mingle with a growing intensity of passion, I slid it further up his leg until my fingers were far enough to fondle his tender sack through his pants. I just left it there at first, but then began to knead and grab at it with a craving once I realized that it only made him kiss me with more passion than he had before. For the first time, Rory was truly giving himself to me...surrendering his wanton sexuality to me as his loving boyfriend, without being controlled by the fear of me seeing him as any differently once we had really gotten into it. So I just kept going, and so did he. It was better than any fantasy that I ever could have entertained before now, and that’s saying a lot...considering that entertaining fantasies about me and Rory being together alone had taken up a decent percentage of my ever waking moment since we met.

“How long until your mom comes home?” He asked me.

“At least an hour...”

“Oh my God!” And with that said, he leaned back in to kiss me gain, but he pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me, thrusting his hips into me, his hardness grinding up against mine, as we moaned lustfully and scooted back to get even closer to one another. As if getting closer was even possible at this point.

Wait...or is it? Can we get even closer?

I couldn’t believ that Rory was humping me so shamelessly right now. And I let my hands wander down until they were tightly clutching onto the perfectly shaped globes of his tight and taut little ass, pulling him even closer to me as I felt his solid mounds flex beneath my fingertips. We rolled over for a moment, and he let me grind on him for a little while, the friction of our excited erections making us tremble with an overwhelming feeling of delight as we tried to hold it together and enjoy our sensual tongue kissing for as long as we could. Although, even fully dressed, I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to last for much longer.

Wow, the naughty little sounds that Rory made were driving me crazy. High pitched, almost causing his teenage voice to crack and squeak, despite its daily practice of trying to lower itself. Having his long and lanky legs wrap themselves around me...it was a thrill that I had never really known before. And when I lowered my kisses down from his sweet lips to suck gently on the smooth skin of his neck...the way he writhed and wiggled beneath me was just about the sexiest thing that I’ve ever experienced. You have no idea how much it excited me to know that I was exciting him, you know? He was really into it! And he kept kissing me as though it was the best thing that he had ever felt before in his whole life.

Was that because of ME? I didn’t even know that I could have that kind of affect on another boy! Now I do! I guess that’s good to know. Hehehe!


“Hold on a sec, Kevin. Wait...k?” He said, breathlessly. “Give me a minute.”

“Are...are you ok?” I asked, genuinely worried.

“Yeah...” Rory was panting at this point, and he was staring away from me to keep from looking me in the eye. “I’m a little too ok, if you know what I mean.” He said. “I’m gonna make a mess if I’m not careful.”

“Oh...” I said, and I almost left it at that, but...who knows when Rory and I are going to be able to be together in the house all alone like this again? So, feeling really awkward and all about it, I decided that I had nothing to lose by just going for it. I mean, we’ve already come this far, you know? “You don’t have to. Make a mess, I mean.”

“No, seriously, Kevin. I’m gonna explode if I keep going like this.”

“That’s cool.” I said. “But that doesn’t mean you have to get your shorts and stuff all sticky.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, and then his eyes opened wide as I reached for the button on his shorts...and I began to lower his zipper...