Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 10

I was thankful for a bit of a cool breeze that day on the set, considering the heat radiating from these lights. They seemed even hotter than normal today, or maybe it was the constant fantasizing about the heated and passionate things that are sure to happen between Asa and Chandler today before lunch that kept me so feverish.

I couldn't take my eyes off of either one of them. Not once for the whole morning. If Asa disappeared from view, I immediately checked to see if Chandler had vanished too. And if Chandler was out of sight, I thought for sure I'd see Asa sneaking off set to join him. I don't know why it excited me so much, but I think I was actually more eager for them to get together than they were. I was feeling anxious all morning long. Waiting. Wondering. Wishing I could watch.

Maybe...if I'm lucky like last time...I can.

Chandler, of course was the busiest teen actor on the set. Him being a major part of the cast and all. So he had hair and make-up people around him all the time. Directors and writers and people bringing him water and stuff. But as I was sort of waiting to be called to set, I noticed Asa walking over to me out of the corner of my eye. He smiled, and those giant blue pools of beauty seemed to get even bigger and brighter as his eyes focused their gaze on me. Something about the very look of him just made you nervous. There's no real reason for me to be nervous...at least, not that I know of...but it didn't keep me from trembling anyway.

"S'up, Evan?" He said. Wow...everything really does sound better with an English accent.

"Hi...Asa..." It gave me chills, calling him by his first name. I probably wouldn't have done it if he wasn't being so friendly all of a sudden.

I didn't know if he was trying to start a conversation or just giving me a cheerful 'hello'. But he answered that question when he said, "So, I heard you were getting some extra screen time today. That's cool. It means the director likes your work. Always a plus."

"Oh...yeah? That's...you know...that's cool." I said softly.

I felt like Asa was 'scanning' me with his eyes. Analyzing my every reaction to him. And that only worked to make me more nervous as he walked behind me. "Definitely. That's really saying a lot. Chandler tells me that this is your first time out. With a big acting job, I mean."

I said, "He did? He told you that?"

"Sure. Chandler talks about you from time to time." Asa smiled, and I felt almost 'bullied' into falling for the two of them right then and there. "He really likes working with you. He hasn't mentioned that to you yet?"

I looked over at Chandler from a distance, and saw him goofing around with a few of the cast members before the cameras started rolling. Does he really talk about me? Does he...think about me? Feeling severely distracted by the whole situation, I mumbled, "No. I don't...think so."

"Oh yeah. He mentions you quite a bit actually." Asa said, and then he walked behind me again to get to the other side of me. I felt his arm on my shoulder, and he said, "You seem to be really passionate about your acting. I've learned that the passion is the most important part. If you don't love this job, it can get really frustrating, really fast. The judgements and the rejection and the celebrity of it all...it's for the birds." He said, his hand now giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze. "I don't think anybody would actually want to be an actor if they knew what it all entails. Most people quit once they find out that it's not as glamorous as they think it'll be."

I said, "I don't think it's so bad. A little slow and repetitive sometimes, but...I get it. You know? I like being here."

Asa smiled at me, and he said, "Cheers. That's the spirit." Then I felt his arm bend slightly at the elbow as his fingers moved up to briefly slide their way through my hair. He made it seem so...'normal' for him to do something like that. I barely noticed the motion at all. He said, "Your hair is really soft, you know that? You're a natural blond?"

Now feeling a series of chills running through me, I stuttered for a moment before saying, "...Yeah. I...it's not...I mean, it's mine. My hair, I mean. I mean..."

"It's nice. I like it." He said. And as I looked off into space to hide my eyes from him, I felt him give my hair a gentle tug. Nothing painful...but I felt it. And I could tell that he liked it. "Have you got a girlfriend, Evan?" He asked.

"I uhh...no. No girlfriend." I probably should have said yes. Greyson's definitely not a girl, but he's a commitment. One I plan on sticking to.

"No? Oh, that'll change. You'll see soon enough." Asa said, now lightly rubbing the back of my neck. "Like Chandler out there? They won't leave him alone. They adore that boy. It's fun to watch them squeal when he walks by. Just think, he's the very first celebrity crush for a lot of girls watching the show." Asa's hand moved down to my shoulder blades. Slowly. In such a 'familiar' way. Then he looked at me in the eye and moaned, "For some boys too, I'm sure."

As I felt Asa's hand slide lower to the small of my back, I found myself completely unprepared to deal with what was going on here. And that's when one of the PA's came over and told me, "Evan, we're going to need you in about five minutes. Cool? Asa? The director's changing some of your blocking for the next scene to make up for a few shadows that keep fluttering by on the lens. They're minor changes, but he wanted to touch base with you ahead of time."

"Sure thing." Asa said, and I felt his hand leave my backside as he gave me another charming grin and began to walk off to see the director for his updated notes. "Come and talk to me later, Evan. The offer still stands if you want to come over to the hotel this weekend. You won't want to miss out. Trust me." The hotel? With the pool and the...and with Chandler and Asa half naked...and wet...and horny for each other? Oh geez...I wish he hadn't said that. I felt myself starting to swell and tighten up in the pants, and I had to hurry up and find a spot on the ground to sit down and put my knees up in a way that would hide my excitement. I was trying not to think about it. I really was. But I saw Asa finish talking to the director, and he walked over to trade a few winks and giggles with Chandler as they waited for their first opportunity to sneak away and do the kind of things that I only dream about with each other. How is nobody else noticing this? Or...do they know already? Maybe they don't care. As long as they get the shots they need for the show, why would they?

It's the film and TV industry. I doubt there's much freaky stuff left in the world to really shock them anymore.

"Alright. You good to go, Evan?" The same PA came over to retrieve me, and I was still so stiff and so erect that I'm sure I would have poked him right in the eye if I had gotten up from my seated position in the grass.

I made a fake face, pretending to wince in pain as I rubbed my leg. I said, "Can you give me just a minute? I got...a bad leg cramp. It'll just take a minute."

"You want some water or something?" He asked me, and I nodded, still pretending to massage my leg. So he trotted off to get me some, and I spent every second of his absence trying to get my mind off of Asa and Chandler anxiously waiting to get somewhere so they could be alone and get naked again. Asa's hands in my hair felt so good. His deep voice and accent in my ear. His hand almost travelling low enough to rest on my ass. Chandler looking all cute from a distance. His smile could be so intoxicating sometimes.

Ugh! STOP! Stop thinking about it! Calm down. Way down. Breathe. Let it go. I think the worry of being caught with a giant boner on set was the only thing keeping me from being at full 'salute'. I can just see it now...'Actor, Evan Elliott can't control his erections on the Walking Dead set!' Thanks a LOT, TMZ! Ugh!

It took everything I had to get myself decent again, and even then I felt like I was still halfway to a repeat performance. You don't really have much control over these things at my age. God, I hope it doesn't show up on camera.

The few scenes I started out with today were mostly dialogue and not much else. And most of the dialogue was casual, so it's not like I had to pour a lot of raw emotion into it or anything. I considered myself lucky for that this time around. Because every once in a while, I'd hear a familiar giggle between takes, and I'd see Chandler and Asa still searching for a convenient break in filming so they could run off together. I don't know why, but I felt this jealous anxiety vibrating in the center of my chest...and it wouldn't go away. Partially because the ideas it put in my head were so blazing hot that I nearly felt faint from thinking about it. But also...maybe even more than that...it really made me miss my Greyson. I swear, it's like I could still see his smile in my head. I could almost taste his lingering kiss on my lips. Still feel the flutter in his tummy whenever he giggled while lying on top of me. It was just a scattered selection of short term memories, but they made me blush, just the same. In fact, I spoiled a take or two just from thinking about Greyson's little Aladdin monkey dance. How can you NOT smile thinking about it? One time I actually broke out into a few uncontrollable snickers while filming...which, you know...is not something my character would do during the zombie apocalypse, I'm sure.

Yeah...the Asa and Chandler things was crazy hot and it made me horny as hell...but I think it was missing something as cute as having Greyson playfully rub his nose back and forth against mine with a grin that I found most distracting. I wish he was filming with us right now. He seems so far away sometimes.

It took a few tries, but I was lucky to struggle through my scenes and was done within the first hour or two. The director told me to stick around and not get 'lost' anywhere, but I figured that I might be able to go back to the catering tent and at least get some cool air blowing on me. I don't think my next scene is until the sun goes down a bit more. Should give me a few hours at least.

"Hey, you..." I knew that voice. I looked over to see Greyson waving at me from behind the scenes, and my heart inflated to the point of bursting wide open in front of everybody. I don't think I even tried to hide the fact that it totally made my day to see my favorite boy again after last night. I hurried over to him and gave him a great big hug around the neck. I hope Asa is watching! I really do. I've got a sweetheart too!

"You came! Awesome!" I squealed.

"I told you I would come see you. I just got here though. Did I miss you acting?"

"Yeah, we're done with my morning sides, but I'll probably be back for some more stuff later on in the day."

Greyson's smile had such a way of filling you with this divine sense of joy. I melted each and every time. I felt compelled to just lean forward and kiss those graceful lips of his. I didn't care who saw us, I just...I needed it. He was so close now. He was here. Right here in front of me. I could do it, you know? I could do it. I think Greyson could see the fading restraint in my eyes, because he turned away and giggled sweetly to himself for a moment, his cheeks darkening with a heavy blush. He tried to collect himself, but as soon as he stopped smiling, I would start smiling, and vice versa. And then we'd be on the verge of cracking up all over again. God...I truly loved this boy. He had so much 'magic' inside of him. It infected everything he touched. Me included.

"Ahem...soooo...hehehe..." Greyson looked down at his shoes for a moment, attempting to stabilize our emotions in public. "...I saw a bunch of the extras out by the parking lot. They gave me a pass so I could walk around and see all the zombies with the make-up and stuff. They are SO creepy looking! I think I freaked out a couple of times. It's like...whoah..."

"I know, right??? They had this one lady yesterday, and she had an eye hanging down on her cheek from out of the socket, and they made it look like she was dragging her intestines behind her! It was awesome."

"Ewww!" Greyson smirked. "How can you be around this stuff all day?"

"You get desensitized rather quickly, actually. Especially because they're all just normal people. You might just see somebody with a half eaten face and a knife sticking out of their heart just sitting under the tent, eating a taco and talking on his cell phone. Kind of takes the whole 'horror' element out of it, you know?"

"I could see that, I guess..." He said. "So are you behaving yourself, or what?"

"Behaving myself? Hehehe, like how?"

"Well...you know, if you and me are going to try being...'together', I don't want you developing a wandering eye on me. Not with all these cute boys running around all day."

I hadn't even realized that I had stopped talking until Greyson's forehead wrinkled up a bit to see if something was wrong with me. I said, "I'm sorry...did you say...'together'?"

Just as his blush was beginning to go away, it came back with a vengeance. "Well...yeah. Maybe. I thought it might be worth a shot. Don't you?"

I paused again. I think my brain had to shut down and reboot in order to find an effective way of processing this. Greyson Chance wanted to be with me. Like...not for a while in his hotel room. But he wanted to be, like...an item. Maybe even his boyfriend. I thought I might have screwed up by being so overwhelmed that I told him I loved him so quickly after we were still getting to know each other. But...maybe I didn't. Maybe all this gooey weirdness I'm feeling inside...maybe he's feeling it too.

"Yeah..." I whispered, and had to clear my throat in order to get my voice working again. "Yes. I mean...that would be, you know...cool."

"Cool." He said.

"Cool..." I said...again. UGH! I'm an actor for crying out loud! Can I 'act' like I'm not the most hopelessly love struck teenager on the planet?

"So where's the dynamic duo today?" He asked me.

"The who?"

"Asa Butterfield and Chandler Riggs? Are they on set somewhere? I wanna see some zombies get shot or something."

I couldn't pull my gaze away from the shiny chestnut shimmer of Greyson's beautiful brown eyes. I just pointed a thumb over my shoulder and said, "I think they're...doing something. Who knows? I forget. They're over there somewhere."

Greyson peeked. "Hehehe, over where. I don't see either one of them."

I turned around to point him in the right direction. But....he was right. Chandler wasn't on set anymore. And Asa wasn't watching from the sidelines. One was missing...the other was missing. Ohhhhhhh my God! They snuck off, didn't they?

I scanned the whole area, and they were nowhere to be found. Nowhere. I heard the director saying, "Get things set up for the next shot, I'm going to check some of those last dailies. Someone get a 20 on Norman and Danai for me. I need them ready for the next three scenes. And we'll bring Chandler back a bit later..."

They're gone! They took off!

"Those little sneaks..." I mumbled to myself.

"Sneaks? What do you mean?"

It was going to be hard to really explain. Not in the amount of time that I might have to catch them in the act. Instead, I gave Greyson a wink, and with a tilted grin, I asked him, "Say...do you wanna see something really...REALLY...hot?"

"I swear, if you expose yourself to me, Evan..." He laughed, and I gave him a little shove.

"Come on. Follow me. But we've gotta be quiet!" I told him. "I'm pretty sure I know where they went."

"Where who went...?"

"Shhhh! Come on. This way." And with just a gentle tug on his incredibly soft hand...Greyson looked around briefly before following me off set.

I was hoping that I remembered the way. Across the field, away from the set, past the lighting equipment stash...

Edge of the woods. Empty trailer. Practically just an empty space to use if needed for extra stuff. Pretty secluded. Greyson seemed a bit confused as to what we were doing there or why we came out to an empty trailer, but I was quick to hush him up once I saw Chandler approaching the trailer. He must have stopped off somewhere for us to beat him there. He knocked three times, and I saw Asa open the door with a smile and practically yank the smaller boy inside.

Oh yeah, this is it. It's definitely on.

I gave Greyson the signal, and we hurried across the short opening that might allow us to be seen. Then, around back...and a quick dash to the tree that I used to watch them the last time. I certainly hope that this branch is sturdy enough for us both. Greyson doesn't weight that much, and neither do I...but combined, we might cause a level of strain that the tree can't handle. If I had enough time to think of a better option, I might have looked for another way. But as soon as I hoisted myself up to the first branch, I could already hear Asa kissing Chandler hungrily through the open window of the trailer. He certainly didn't waste any time today. The second that I was high enough to see in through the window, Asa had both of his hands on Chandler's ass, squeezing and kneading it roughly while moaning and sticking his tongue down his throat. They were really horny today. I saw Asa press Chandler's back against the wall and basically take total control over him while Chandler just made himself as comfortable as he could to go along for the ride.

"What's going on?" Greyson whispered up to me from the ground. How is he NOT up in this tree already? I gave him a signal to tell him to hurry up and join me in the tree, but he looked like he was having some trouble figuring out the logistics of the climb.

I couldn't help but to giggle at him and I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep quiet. I whispered, "Haven't you ever climbed a tree before?"

He's like, "YES! I've climbed a tree before. Just...not this particular tree." So I gave him my hand and showed him where to put his feet so he could get up to the branch I was balanced on. Asa and Chandler were seriously going at it in there. I saw clothes coming off and being thrown across the trailer, and grunts and whimpers being released between passionate huffs of panted breath. I tried to get Greyson to hurry up, and even though the branch bent a little bit further than when I was up there by myself, it looked like it was going to hold us both just fine. In fact, the altered angle let me see more of the sexy scene in front of me than ever before.

I heard Chandler say, "Remember...be nice. Not too hard, k?"

And Asa just smashed his lips against his breathlessly as an answer. I don't know if that was a positive or a negative answer from Asa, but he didn't give Chandler much of a chance to protest. His boxers were yanked down to the floor, and he only had a second or two to step out of them before they both fell back on the mattress together, with Asa grinding into him as though he had been waiting an entire prison sentence to get a taste of him again.

It was at this point that I noticed Greyson's mouth hanging WIDE open at the sight before him. It almost looked like he was trying to smile, but his jaw had dropped so far that it didn't leave much room left for one. He could NOT believe what was happening! I don't blame him. The first time was a total shock to me too. Seeing Chandler naked with anybody was awesome. Seeing Asa naked with anybody was awesome too. But seeing them naked together like this...that was downright legendary.

Greyson whispered, "Oh geez...is this REAL???"

Realizing that we were alone, I finally leaned over and kissed Greyson softly on the cheek. And I said, "I told you it'd be hot."

He didn't say anything, as his peeping tom stare was fixated on the two celebrity boys in the trailer, but I noticed that his breathing had increased slightly, and I felt him reaching for my hand, his long fingers tenderly taking a hold of my own as he silently let me know that this was a lucky break that we could enjoy together. You know...as boyfriends.

"I need you..." Asa said breathlessly, now burrowing his face in the side of Chandler's neck and gently chewing on the soft flesh that he found there. I saw Chandler close his eyes and wrap his arms around Asa's neck, spreading his legs even wider to give his determined humping a cradle that would stimulate them both to the max. I could hear Chandler breathing so hard. A few times, the passionate rolling of Asa's hips rubbed his sensitive shaft in a way that would cause Chandler's eyes to pop open with a sudden burst of surprise. Then a little smile would appear on his soft lips as his eyes closed again and he surrendered to the pleasure of it all again.

"Wait...don't give me a hickey. I've got to go back to set. Do the other side..." Chandler moaned breathlessly, and Asa was quick to oblige him. Their bodies intertwined in the most intimate way, Chandler's legs moved up to lock around Asa's waist, and they kissed again...their tongues sliding against one another as they became dizzy with the lust taking control of their young bodies at the moment. I used my hand to rub Greyson's back slowly as he watched on in amazement. And even though he was totally into the wet dream fantasy of both boys happening right in front of his very eyes, he broke away for a quick moment to give me a smile and a little kiddie kiss on the lips. Hehehe, it was brief, but it was cute and I loved it. I was squirming so much that I thought I might fall out of that damn tree if I didn't get a handle on my infatuations and quick.

Chandler picked up his cell phone to look at the time as Asa moved his kisses down his chest and flat stomach to begin teasing his throbbing shaft with long licks and sensual, slow motion, sucks.

Chandler said, "Mmmm...ok, we've only got ten more minutes. They'll be looking for me. Stick it in me..."

"Yes, sir..." Asa grinned, taking a few more long sucks off of his excited length before positioning himself on top of him. I was almost sorry to hear that time was of the essence this time around, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't try to come back here another two or three times before filming wrapped for the day.

Greyson was really getting into this, but I couldn't look to see if he was as hard as I was. He was straddling the branch at the time, but I could feel him squeezing my hand whenever the got more intimate with one another. I could tell he was turned on. REALLY turned on. And I thought that was...you know...sexy. Hehehe!

We watched Asa reach for a tube of lubrication and quickly apply it to an erection that was a bit bigger than I expected it to be, considering how skinny he was. I never really got a close look at it before. It was awesome! And he only took a few seconds to finger some of the slick liquid into Chandler before he was ready to go. Even with Chandler grimacing from the desperation of Asa's approach, he gritted his teeth and took the rapid fingering and stretching as best as he could before Asa was ready for the main event.

"I've got to fuck you. Christ, you look good today..." Asa told him.

"Careful, ok?" Chandler whimpered.

"I'll be good. Just...ugh!" Asa pressed forward, and was obviously meeting some resistance as he couldn't really plunge in at the speed he was hoping to. "Fuck...you're tight, baby. Relax a little bit."

"Ungh, I'm trying...go slow..." Chandler said under his breath.

"You want 'circles' then?" Asa asked.

"Yeah...definitely. Circles. I'll tell you when, ok?" He answered, and then gasped and let out a low moan as Asa pushed another few inches into his clutching hole.

This was obviously going to be a whole new level of love making this time around, and as Greyson shuffled over to lean his head on my shoulder...I knew that we were seriously in for a treat. Because Asa looked like a man possessed, and even though Chandler wanted a much more gentle session, he clearly knew what he was in for...and braced himself for it.

Thank you, God!!! Being an actor is the best job EVER!!!!

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