On The Outside

Chapter 19

Every time Drew and I made love, it got soooo much better. We became more in tune, more sensitive, more intense, more connected. With building confidence, our soft moans and orgasmic whimpers got louder and more sexually expressive. Drew's hands held on to me as I rhythmically pushed myself into his snug opening, the slippery walls of his warmth squeezing and releasing my hardness from all sides as our tongues coiled around one another...or lungs fighting for breath...our bodies quivering as the surface of our goosebump covered flesh slid back and forth in a sensual union that stopped time from moving forward completely. Or at least slowed it down to a degree where it didn't even remotely resemble its regular pace.

It was already our third time doing it this morning, and I gave Drew a slow and passionate grind this time...a change up from the hard and fast flurry of hip thrusts that brought him so much pleasure during the first two rounds.

I push into him as far as I can go...waiting for Drew to softly gasp as his hands tightly grip my ass, and his insides clench up around the spear tip until the sexy squeeze of it keeps me from reaching orgasm. So tight. So hot. So wet.

Then I feel the clutching walls collapsing behind my steady withdrawal, aching for me to fill him up again. Even with us kissing like mad, nothing could distract me from the pleasure of driving root deep into his sucking hole and having his body swirl up to offer me as much pleasure as humanly possible.

It isn't long before I feel my instincts switching into a different gear. Another frame of mind. I was now facing the conflict of speeding up or slowing down. It felt sooooo good that I didn't ever want it to end. But the sensation was so overpowering that I needed a powerful release to finish things before it drove me insane. I was struggling with the discipline of maybe holding off for just a bit longer when Drew made the CUTEST little yelp of desperation as his warm lips touched my ear, his legs wrapping around me and urging me to continue hitting that one particular spot inside of him. His breathing became erratic, and I involuntarily started to push and pull harder, my arms now getting tired from holding me up, suspended above his upturned cheeks, for so long. My toes dug into the floor, my straining thighs slamming up against the gelatin smoosh of his young, rippling, globes. His submissive whimpers getting higher in pitch as I felt the familiar swelling of my rigid inches, preparing to fire yet another load into the gripping tunnel of my beloved boyfriend. I feel my body tense up, my eyes springing open as I detach my sucking lips from Drew's kiss and hammer home a few more pumps before I'm forced to plunge deep and hold still...the throbbing pulse of muscles tossing me into a state of euphoria as I squirm and twitch my way through an eagerly anticipated explosion.

Drew's hole milks me for every sticky drop that his body can take, both of us locked in to the experience, our loving embrace held firmly as we both rode it all out to completion. It was then that I breathlessly whispered, “God, I love you!” and lay on top of him, waiting for my body and brain to come back down from the ultimate sexual high. Still shaking as Drew's mini-opening nursed at my sensitive organ until I was overtaken with little shocks of pleasure and pain. And to think...we still have the rest of the day to do this as many times as we want. Who knew sex could be so fucking AMAZING?!?!?

Drew gave me a lingering kiss as he happily purred beneath me. I had to catch my breath before carefully dislodging myself from his clenching, rose red, orifice...and rolling over again to stare up at his ceiling fan and grin with giddy delight. My heart was pounding out of control. My emotions were turning cartwheels. When Drew rolled next to me and put his head on my shoulder, a soft kiss planted on the side of my neck, I just kissed the top of his soft brown curls and tried to keep from losing consciousness. I just felt like I was floating. Literally floating.

As we lay there in each other's arms, stretched out on Drew's playfully crafted palette of blankets on the basement floor, I heard my sweetie relax with the most adorable sigh of satisfaction while sliding his arm over me and giving me a tender squeeze.

You know, as much as I LOVED being so overjoyed to have this kind of love in my life, I think the bigger thrill came from knowing that I was making him so blissfully happy at the same time. And I did it just by being there. Just by letting him hold me close, almost afraid to let me go for fear that this wondrous wet dream of ours would suddenly come to an end if he did.

Sometimes, I could have sworn that I heard a tell-tale sniffle or two while he tried to choke back tears of joy...but I never called him on it. Instead, I just gave him a few more kiss on the top of his head and on his cheeks, constricting my protective caress around his waifish frame. Hehehe, he melts like butter whenever I do that. Every time.

I honestly lost out on a few minutes there. I thought that I was just relaxing with my eyes closed, but I think I might have accidentally dozed off somewhere along the way. When my awareness returned to me, I turned my head to see Drew looking at me with a giant smirk on his face. I raised an eyebrow for a moment, and Drew giggled sweetly beside me. We weren't cuddled up as closely as before, but as I looked into his big bright brown eyes, his naked body sprawled out on the blanket as he lay on his tummy, his cheek rested on his folded arms as he smiled at me...his well padded bottom curving erotically upwards from the small of his back in full display for my hungry eyes to devour every detail...I doubt that I could have felt closer to him, or possibly be more in love.

“You snore in the cutest way when you sleep.” Drew giggled.

“I don't snore.” I said.

“Yeah...you do. Hehehe, just a little bit though. I had to listen close to make sure that's what it was. It's so adorable.”

“I was NOT snoring, because I wasn't asleep!” I snickered.

“Yeah, you kinda were.” He said. I protested, but it only made him giggle even harder. “It's not like I was complaining, Ethan. Just...I thought it was sweet. I like watching you sleep. Even if it's only for ten minutes or so.”

“Jesus, I was asleep for ten minutes???” I said, forcing myself to prop myself up on my elbows to shake the fatigue from behind my tired eyes.

“Hahaha! Relax!” Drew said. “You definitely have every reason to be a little worn out.” With a blush, he said, “You are REALLY good at sex. You know that? Like...wow...”

“Shut up.” I said, grinning to myself from the compliment.

I looked Drew in the eye, and without a single touch, he started squirming. “Hehehe, QUIT it!” He said.

“Quit it? Quit what?”

“Look over there or something. You're too cute! You're gonna get me all hot and bothered again.”

“So, I can't even look at you now?” I giggled.

“NO! Not for, like...five minutes or something. Look that way.” He said.

“But you're CUTE! I like looking at you!” I teased, and he nearly wiggled right out of his own skin when he heard that.

STOP!!! You're not playing fair!” He whined. I started to ask why, but he told me to shut up. Hehehe! So we both just laid on our stomachs and gazed into each other's eyes. I think I must have broken another 'law' in his mind, because he writhed on the blanket and whimpered under his breath. “You're still cute, Ethan. Stop it.”

“Hahaha, WHAT??? I'm just laying here!” I said.

“Yeah but...you're still making me feel all quivery inside. So...” He stopped himself, and I smiled at him. “DON'T SMILE!!! Omigod! You're too cute! It tickles! Hehehe!”

“I can't SMILE either???” I grinned, and Drew instantly reached forward to cover my lips with the palm of his hand.

“Nope! I'm trying to get my heart to beat normally again, and I can't do that when the prettiest boy in the world is smiling at me.”

Playfully, I licked his palm, and he snatched his hand back with a really high pitched squeal that surprised us both!

“What was that?” I laughed.

“Why won't you behave?” He said.

Our eyes connected again, and as exhausted as I was...that tingle of emotion, that growing pressure, began to get me hard all over again. Drew looked down, and he bit his bottom lip with a bashful grin as his face turned red. Supremely flattered by the involuntary gesture. “Are you ready? Because I'm gonna say it.” I told him.

“Hehehe, Ethan...”

“I'm gonna say it.”

“Don't. I'm tired.” He giggled.

“Ready?” He didn't answer me, so I said it anyway. “I love you, Drew.”

He sighed and pretended to faint in front of me. Then, after wiping his eyes, he rolled over to kiss me on the lips and snuggle up in my arms. “I love you too, Ethan.”

But after a few endearing moments of us cuddling so closely, sharing a few more kisses, running our hands over each other's bare bodies...Drew disconnected himself from me and got up on his feet. I reached out and held on to his wrist, playfully begging him to stay with me. “Where are you going?”

“Hehehe, lemme go.”

“Come back.” I said. “It's cold down here all by myself.”

Somehow, Drew managed to yank his hand away from me and take a step a two out of my grabbing range. “I'm all sticky. I'm going to go clean up a little bit, and then I'll be right back, ok? I promise.”

Seeing him standing there, naked from head to toe, those pout lips spread in the sweetest of boyish smiles...I couldn't help but to swoon until I was dizzy from it. I think his smile alone was almost making me hard again.

“Whatever. Just don't get dressed or anything. K?”

“I wouldn't dream of it.” He said, turning to walk away towards the bathroom.

“I mean it, Drew. No undies, no robe, no bath towel...nothing. I wanna gawk at you for the rest of the day, like the perverted CREEP that I am!” I laughed.

“M'kay!” He said.

“I love you.”

“I love you TOO!” He called out, just before closing the door behind him.

I spent the next few minutes feeling my body buzz with this romantic series of jitters that made me almost numb from the inside. I had to feel my face with both hands before I realized that I was laying in the middle of the floor smiling like some kind of lunatic. So strange. So wonderful. Why was I so afraid of this feeling? The blasphemy committed by me, wanting it to go away. Trying to convince myself that it was abnormal. There's nothing more normal, more natural, more inspiring, than truly loving someone this way. I could have lost out. I could have been stubborn and spent the rest of my life miserable trying to make strangers happy. Because that's what society does, isn't it? They make you believe that you'll be rewarded with happiness of your own if you work to make them happy first. Joy by association. But life doesn't work that way. I think I understand that now. I'll take my own happiness over the approval of strangers any day.

If they knew love like I did...they'd understand.

I heard the bathroom door open and Drew's pale naked body came gracefully gliding back out into view. I wanted him all over again. I was salivating at the thought that I'd soon get my wish. Such a feast for the eyes, so responsive to the touch, with his lighthearted giggles and gentle nature acting as the perfect aphrodisiac to blend it all together. And I can have a taste of him any time I wanted it. How awesome is that.

Drew's pretty little ass bounced with every step as he went behind the basement counter and started opening cabinets and rummaging around back there. “What are you doing?”

“I got a sweet tooth.” He said. “What do you want? You like jelly beans, or do you prefer gummy bears.”

“Gummy bears. Definitely.” I said.

He sighed, “You're so damn awesome. I was thinking the same thing. M'kay!” He grabbed a bag of gummy bears and then came back to sit next to me on the blanket. He was close, but not close enough for my tastes. I scooted and wiggled and shifted around until Drew started laughing at me. “What are you doing?”

“Hold on...” I finally got behind him, and spread my legs to hug him from behind, having him lean back against my chest as I folded my arms around his stomach. “...There we go. That's better.” He held the back of treats in his lap, and I reached in to get some. We just took a break to munch on candy and enjoy each other's warmth for a while. Moments like these were just as satisfying as every sexual act that we had performed so far. In fact, it might have been even more so.

Then...out of the blue, Drew asked me a rather odd question. He craned his neck to look at me, first giving me a sweetened, gunny candy, kiss on the lips, and he asked, "Ethan...if, like...you and I weren't all nice and cozy like this right now...do you think you would go chasing after some other boy?"

I'm like, "Chase another...wait, what? What do you mean?"

"I mean, like...if you could just go out there and be with anybody in the world that you wanted to be with...who would it be? Besides me, I mean?" He asked.

I gave him a squeeze and kissed the nape of his neck. "I don't want anybody else, Drew. You know that."

"Yeah, I know, but...if you HAD to be with someone else...who would it be?"

“Hehehe, why?”

“Because! I wanna know. Tell me.” He said.

I figured I'd play along. So I said, "Hmmmm...Ethan Karpathy. Definitely."

Suddenly, Drew sat up straight and turned around to give me the most pathetic look ever! Hahaha! With the saddest whimper I've ever heard from another boy, he asked, "Ethan who??? Who the hell is THAT?"

Was he really that surprised? He pushed out his bottom lip in the cutest little pout, giving me a serious case of puppy dog eyes. I could have sworn that I actually heard Sarah McLachlan's, 'Angel', playing in the background.

"Hehehe, what?"

"Who is Ethan 'whatshisname'? Where did HE come from?" Drew sulked.

"Where did he come from? You ASKED me who I would go chasing after!"

"It was a hypothetical question, Ethan! You weren't supposed to havea name already in mind and just...BLURT OUT some other boy's name like that!"

"I didn't blurt it out! You asked me a question and I gave you an answer..." I said.

"A very QUICK answer!" Drew said. "Who is Ethan...? What the...?"

"He's a pop singer." I giggled. "Haven't you heard of the group, In Stereo, before? That video for 'Honest'? He's got the softest, pinkest, most kissable lips ever. Hehehe!" I was just teasing him. Really, it was a joke. But Drew seemed to squirm over the whole thing. Suddenly, he popped up from where we were sitting and crawled over to where his pants were bundled up on the floor. His bubbly little butt poked out at me as he dug through his pants pockets. "Hehehe, what are you doing?"

"Nothing..." He lied. Then I saw him take his cell phone out and come back over to sit between my legs again.

"What is this?" I grinned.

"QUIET, you!" He said, and started to look through his phone to get on Google. I reached for his phone, but he yanked it away from me.

"Are you seriously about to look him up right now? Hehehe!"

"I wanna see who you're talking about!" He said. "Is his last name spelled with a 'C' or a 'K'?"

"You're not really doing this, are you?"

"A HA! With a 'K'! It came up. Found him! Hold on." He made sure to keep his phone at a distance where I couldn't take it away from him, using his shoulder to block my reaching arm. "Ethan Karpathy...In Stereo..." Then Drew saw a series of images and let out aloud gasp! "Omigod! Nooooooo!" He whined, and turned his pouty lips towards me again. "He's so much CUTER than me! No fair!"

I laughed out loud! "He's NOT cuter than you, Drew!"

"Yes he is! LOOK at him! Oh GOD, look at THIS picture! Oh no, there's more pics?!?! Who IS he? Ethan...ugh, what are you looking at him for?" Drew actually sounded SAD. Hahaha! What the...?

"WHAT??? What'd I do??? I thought you were just asking a 'fantasy scenario' type of question." I said.

"Well, YEAH! But you weren't supposed to be fantasizing about him!" He whined. "Oh God...look at THIS picture! Awww, you suck..."

"I do NOT suck!" I giggled, trying to hug him again. "I thought it didn't matter. When you were talking about Patrick and how much you had a crush on him, you told me that I was being SILLY for being selfish!"

"That was different!" He smiled.

"How is that different?"

Pouting even more than before, Drew groaned, "Patrick was just some cute boy that I happened to accidentally meet at school! He's not some abnormally gorgeous teen popstar that you get online and drool over every time you feel like thinking about him! That's totally not the same thing! No fair!" Despite Drew's concerns, he kept looking through the rest of his pictures online, getting more and more insecure by the moment. "Where's the video?" He asked, heading over to YouTube.

"Hehehe, you're gonna watch the video now?"

"What's the name of his group? You said 'Stereo' something right?"

"Why do you want to see the video?" I grinned.

"Why don't you want me to see the video? That's the real question." He asked, still searching. I tried, once again, to grab his phone, but he was quick to keep it out of my reach. "NO! Hehehe, what was it? 'In Stereo', right? 'Honest'. Ok...I got it. Is he the first one singing?"

"I seriously can't believe you're gonna play the video right now. Turn that off." I smirked.

"Why? Is he NAKED in it or something?"

"Hahaha! I WISH!" The moment I said it, Drew's jaw dropped and he elbowed me in the stomach. "I'm KIDDING! Geez! Envy much?"

The video started, and Drew gasped again. “He's the first one singing? Awwww, NO! You're not allowed to look at him anymore. I forbid it. No more Ethan Karpathy for you.” He looked at some more videos while I giggled helplessly at his boyish jealousy. “Jesus, he's got an accent too? Why? Where did you...unh unh...no more for you! Wait, what is 'Get Stupid'? This is not cool. You have to promise me that you'll stop looking at these videos. Pictures too.” With a grin, I kissed Drew on the cheek, but he jerked away from me and turned to look me in the eye. “Promise me!”

“Hehehe, really?” I asked.

I looked at his phone, but Drew covered up the screen with his hand. “No! No more! Say it!”

“Fine.” I snickered.

“Nooooo, you have to say the whole thing. Say, 'I won't look at Ethan Karpathy ever ever again!' Because I have a boyfriend now, and I don't wanna be a cheat.”

“I'm NOT cheating!” I laughed.


His eyes met mine, those innocent, quivering, lips waiting for an answer. And I said, “I promise that I won't look at Ethan Karpathy.”

“Ever ever again!” Drew demanded.

“Ever ever again. No more. Promise. Ok?”

Drew gave me a sideways look, and then leaned in to give me a brief kiss on the lips. “Ok then. I'm going to erase this boy off of my phone now. Remember...you promised! So...so there.”

“Yes, dear.” I replied, and sighed as Drew relaxed some and snuggled his way back into my loving embrace. "You know I love you, right?" I said.

Drew blushed. "Ethan! I thought you were gonna...like...warn me."

"Hehehe, sorry. Are you ready?"

"Well, it's too LATE now! Spoiler, much?"

I used my finger to poke him in his soft middle, causing him to giggle out loud. "I'm super happy right where I am. Right now. Here with you. Ok?"

"Sure. Until this Ethan Karpathy boy shows up to take you away from me." He whimpered.

"No comparison." I told him. "All I want is you. All I EVER wanted was you. K?" It took a stubborn moment from Drew to let it go, but it was a slightly sadistic teen impulse that made me say, "But if you screw up, I'm going STRAIGHT to his house to get some sexual healing! So you'd better be good to me from now on!"

Drew did grin and gave me a pinch on the arm, making me wince from the sting. But then he said, "I'll always treat you like gold, Ethan. Promise. K?"

He leaned his head back on my chest again and we just took a second to breathe. I said, "I know you will. I'll treat you the same way, cool?" And I kissed him briefly while our naked bodies got all tangled up again. If this isn't Heaven, how could Heaven possibly be any better? You know?