It's a feeling like no other…the tingles you experience after a hot after school session of boy sex...

Hehehe! I try not to smile, lips keep curling up into an infatuated grin regardless. I can't help it. My body feels sooooo GOOD right now!

My legs are still a bit weak and shaky, straightening themselves out on the bed as they recover from being stretched wide for an extended period of time. My ankles, still a little sore from resting on Hunter's shoulders. My groin and hamstrings had quite the workout this afternoon. But it was totally worth it. It's always worth it. Hunter could sink so deep into my quivering hole when I was on my back like that. Plus, I think that's my favorite sexual position. It, like...allows me to look up into his eyes. I get to see the ultimate pleasure on his face as he humps himself into me again and again. Sometimes, the unrestricted, blissful, grin on his pretty face is SO cute that I have to let go of his supple ass cheeks and reach up to wrap my arms around the back of his neck to pull him down on top of me, tongue kissing him with a hunger as his rhythmic pounding continues. It so good! Oh GOD, it's always so good!!!

It's like I can still feel him inside me. My inner sex muscles haven't quite closed back up yet. They're trembling from the invasion, but silently yearning for more. My hole feels warm. The friction of having him thrust into me with a passion has left my pink orifice blushed a deep shade of red, and I almost crave another go at it as I remained hard through it all. Even after an orgasm that shook me to my very core. I swear...if only I could have Hunter all to myself...and a private place for us to get together whenever we were feeling frisky...we'd never stop making love. Not ever. I'd suck him off and let him fuck me as many times as he wanted to. I honestly think that I'm falling in love with him. BIG time!

I know that this started off as a bit of boyish know...horny feelings that needed a healthy outlet before our balls exploded from the frustration of a previously sexless life. But things escalated so quickly from a few virgin touches and snuggles under a blanket during a sleepover. From a few handjobs, to a few awkward kisses, to actually sliding my lips down the shaft of his pulsating shaft and swallowing his sweet offerings on a daily basis during Spring Break. Now? Now we make love. We share an intimate connection that can never be denied or taken back. Not for any reason.

I've been afraid to say it out loud...and I think Hunter has been too worried about it sounding weird on his end too...but I think we're boyfriends now. I mean...right? I feel like we're boyfriends. We did it, like, twenty times now! And we always want more. We look at each other, and the urge to jump each other's bones is sointense that it's hard to wait until school is over for the day. We never rode our bikes so fast. Hehehe!

I know that I'm only fourteen years old...and my parents would most certainly KILL me if they knew that I was doing naughty things when they weren't around. Even more so if they knew it was with another BOY! But...I think its kind of sweet to be able to say that I have an actual ‘sex life', you know? It feels so grown up. And I kind of like the secrets that come with it too. It turns me on.

Hunter sits up in my bed, and I can already feel the absence of his body heat as we disconnect. I sigh to myself, watching him stand up and walk over to where his clothes are puddled on my bedroom carpet. Hunter has the hottest butt that I've ever seen on a boy. It's so shapely and perfect...round and smooth...the slightest flex of his swimmer's muscles cause both cheeks to dimple on the sides...and it drives me WILD every time I see it. I wish I could, like, smash my face against it every time I catch myself staring at it. So hot!

Hunter looked at me over his shoulder as he bent down to pick his navy blue, button down, shirt up off of the floor. With a grin, he said, "You should be getting dressed too, Keegan. Hehehe, your parents are gonna be home soon."

Sighing again, I said, "Do I really HAVE to? I'd much rather just have you climb back into bed with me for a while. Just snuggle with me for a little bit longer."

But he said, "Unh unh. Not gonna happen." He was sweet about it, but I was highly disappointed, nonetheless. Still, who could resist that smile? It makes those deep brown eyes of his just...warm your heart all over.

I just gazed at him for a moment, swooning over how beautiful he looked with nothing but a shirt on, naked from the waist down, still feeling the rush of joyful endorphins as they raced through my whole body, head to toe. And when he bent over again...those succulent globes pointed in my direction as he reached for his black boxer briefs...I got hard all over again. He lifted a leg to step into his briefs, and I was quick to swivel around and hop off of my bed. "Wait...hold on..." I moaned, and hurried over to kneel down in front of him before he could cover up his treasures from my selfish stare.

I didn't want it to be over yet. I didn't ever want it to be over.

I leaned in to gently lick his tender sack a few times, before kissing my way back up to his tip, and allowing it to slide back in between my lips again as the length hardened and reached towards the back of my throat again. The sultry flavor of him was so intoxicating. I moaned as my tongue squirmed all around him, causing his knees to dip slightly as the pleasure of my desperate attention shot through him like a bolt of lightning. He was so warm. I'll never forget how warm he is down here.

I've gotten to be really good at sucking him now. I mean, I've had quite a bit of practice at this point, but...I think I've gotten the hang of it. He tastes divine. He really does. An erotic flavor, enhanced by the sexual tang of dribbled leakings as he becomes more aroused by the suction of my young lips. Hunter grunts softly above me, and I close my eyes as he begins to run his long fingers through the strawberry blond locks of my hair. I reach around to run my hands over the squeezable mounds of flesh behind him, and he begins to push himself into my vacuum. I was almost convinced that he was going to let me gobble up another tasty load from him right then and there, but...thankfully, Hunter wasn't too keen on being that reckless. My parents really were going to be home within the next ten to fifteen minutes, and God forbid if one of them came home early. Plus, Hunter always cums really really hard whenever he's with me. takes a lot out of him. The thrashing and the whimpering and full body tremors that rattle him to the bone like a man possessed. It always takes him some time to recover afterward. But I liked that. It makes me feel sexy and wanted, you know?

"Ok, ok...hold on..." He whispered breathlessly, "Slow down. Hehehe...I should really get going. Seriously."

I took my mouth off of him, still holding his sensitive erection in my hand and jacking it a few times. "Really? You sure?" I smiled up at him, and put it back in my mouth for another few sucks before he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled his hips back to free himself from my lewd proposition.

"Hehehe, get dressed. Come on, don't make this any harder than it has to be." He giggled.

"You mean it gets harder?" I smirked, seeing his hardness bounce eagerly in front of him with every pounding beat of his excited heart. But, as he backed further away and put his other foot through the leg of his briefs, pulling them up those, long, slender, legs to cover his throbbing inches and snugly grip the buns of that well sculpted ass of his...I knew that our romantic afternoon had officially come to an end. All for safety's sake, I guess.

I stood up, and we kissed briefly before he let me go to look for my own clothes on the other side of the bed. We were usually so worked up by the time we got to the house and into my bedroom that clothes just kind of came off and got scattered everywhere without really thinking about whether or not we'd be able to find them in the event of an emergency parent sighting. Hehehe, but whenever Hunter was with me...all I could think about was having his tongue curled up around mine. I'd think about the feel of his smooth skin, and the tangled mess of our intertwined arms and legs, and then...the blissful pain of his intimate penetration. It didn't hurt in the way some people might think it hurts. It was more like...massaging a cramp out of your leg. You know? might wince a bit, shut your eyes, react to the ache of it initially...but once it works the kinks out of your muscles...nothing feels better. Things loosen up, and you begin to the feel the ultimate pleasure of having your every sexual craving fulfilled, your every need tended to. And when the massage is done, your whole body just feels like it's going to melt. The pushing, and the thrusting, and the feel of his warm breath on my face, and the marshmallow soft grip of his beautiful ass as my hands knead them and urge him to go's all so mind-blowing to me. Every minute of it.

I pulled my boxer shorts up and then put my jeans on, still peeking over at Hunter as he covered that beautiful body of his with more and more fabric. Such a waste.

"So...are we still on for tomorrow?" He asked.

Already getting horny again, I said, "Yep! They'll be gone for most of the afternoon. So I'll let you know the second they leave."

"Sweet!" he said, now buttoning up his shirt. "Your parents are awesome, you know that?"

"Hehehe, because they're not here?"

"Exactly!" He grinned. "I would practically have to set the friggin' house on fire to get my mom or dad off of that living room couch!"

"I'd miss you while you were in prison. Hehehe!"

He smiled, "I'd miss you too."

Hunter really is stunningly gorgeous when you look him over. Every genetically enhanced molecule of beauty put his face in just the right shape. His eyes, and his nose, his awesome hair, his soft cheeks, his delicious lips. Still buzzing from having him on top of me all afternoon added this extra level of ‘cute' to his undeniable sex appeal. It's still so hard to believe that he's mine, you know? How did I get lucky enough to bag a sweetheart this amazing? Must have been something I did in a past life or something. In which case...way to GO, ‘past me'!

Hunter started to look in my bedroom mirror, teasing his hair back to perfection as I tried to stop gawking at him and sat up to put my socks back on. Thinking a bit to myself, I said, "You know, I saw you in the hall yesterday before gym class. I waved and called out to you, but I guess you didn't hear me."

"Oh really?" He said. "I'm sorry. My head was probably wrapped around something else. Sometimes I just get really focused, you know?"

"Yeah. I know what you mean." I said. God...I cant believe tha my hole is still vibrating with the tingle of having him inside of me. It almost feels like hes still grinding himself into me. God, I LOVE this feeling! "It's kinda like last weekend...when I saw you at the grocery store."

" saw me at the store?"

"Yeah. But I didn't say anything. I mean...I remember what you said...about approaching you when you were with your mom or your little brother." I said. "I figured that I should just...stay away."

"Cool. I mean, I wouldn't have known what to tell them anyway. Heh..."

There was a brief pause between us, and I put my pullover shirt back on. "I talked to Kelly yesterday. She said that she saw you and some of your friends at the movies on Thursday."

"Oh yeah?" He replied.

"Yeah. She said you went to go see the new horror flick at the cineplex."

"Oh right. Yeah. It was killer. I liked it." Hunter said, still fixing himself up in the mirror.

"It's know...I thought you and I were gonna go see that one. You know...together." I said.

"Oh..." He replied. "I mean, it was just a last minute sorta thing. I wasn't planning on going, but they called me up, and a lot of people we know from school were going to be I was just like ‘sure, whatever'. And we went. That's all it was."

"Oh. Ok." I said. God, I can still taste him. He has such a sexy flavor to him. It made me smile. "So….would you want to see it again this weekend? I'd still love to go."

Hunter looked at me, and he said, "Well...I mean, I've kinda spent all of my money now. I'm broke as a joke. Hehehe!" Then he added, "Maybe next time, ok? The next big movie to come out, it'll just be me and you. Promise."

That was enough to make me smile. See? He promised. He's good for it, I'm sure. Ugh...I wish he was still naked. I want to grab his bare ass and suck him some more. I'm getting hard again just thinking about it.

Hunter slipped his shoes on, and I watched him kneel down to tie up his laces. I grinned and said, "You know...I think you're, like, the only teenager alive who still ties and unties his sneakers when he takes them off. That's just weird."

"Hehehe, what's weird about it?"

"Why don't you just kick them off?" I said. "I doubt I even remember HOW to tie my shoes anymore, to be honest."

"Yeah, well I like my shoes. I've gotta keep them in good shape. I can't do that smashing my feet into them without untying them first, now can I?" He said. Hunter can be so CUTE sometimes!

I stood up and started to pull the sheets off of my bed. There were a few wet spots on them, and they definitely smelled like intense afternoon boy sex. Hehehe! It would be a good idea to keep my mom and dad from finding them like that. Meanwhile, I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and I asked Hunter, "Have you thought anymore about maybe going out to that park by the lake that I told you about? You know, the one with the awesome, fresh baked, pretzels? I really think you'd love it. They're soooo good!"

Hunter was tying up his second shoe, and he was like, "Sure."

I said, "Cool! Maybe this Sunday?"

He paused, and he said, "This Sunday? Oh...well, I mean...I might be busy. My friends and I kinda made plans to hang out at the mall, so..."

My heart sank a little bit, but not much. I don't want to be selfish, I just...I want to spend more time with my new ‘boyfriend'. Wow...I can still taste his tongue in my mouth. So hot! "Ok. Hey, do you think that maybe I can come along with you? Meet your friends and stuff?"

" wouldn't know anybody, Keegan. It would be a little awkward, don't you think?" He said.

Softly, I replied, "Yeah. I guess."

Hunter heard the disappointment in my voice, and he turned to say, "Hey...don't look so sad. You won't be missing out on much. Just some random shopping and maybe some lunch. That's all it is."

"I thought you said you were ‘broke as a joke'..." I said, faking a grin.

"I am. You know...except for the little bit of money that I set aside for Sunday. Just for them, you know?"

"You couldn't set some aside for me?" I asked.

Looking concerned, Hunter walked over to give me a kiss on the lips. "Hey hey...c'mon, Keegan. Dude...what are we doing here?" I hate feeling like I'm botheringhim or being childish...but sometimes I wish that we could hang out together for more than just the mind-blowing sex we have in the confined space of my bedroom. "We'll hang out soon, ok? I mean...we're hanging out tomorrow, right?"

I mumbled, "We're ‘hooking up' tomorrow."

He lifted my chin and looked me in the eye. "That's NOT what I meant, ok? I just...I..."

I waited for him to explain, but I don't think he knew how.

"That's just...not what I meant. Ok?" He said.

He's so cute. He really is. I just wish I had more of him. I always want more. "Ok..." I said.

"Look, I've gotta run. But I'll see you tomorrow."


He kissed me on the lips, and lightly rubbed his nose against mine. "Take care."

"You too." I said. And I watched him leave my house, grabbing his bike and sitting his pretty little ass on the seat. Then he went to the gate in my backyard, and was super careful to look both ways to make sure nobody could see him leaving my house. He was always so scared of us being seen together. I don't know why he worried about it so much,'s a small thing to deal with when it comes to having the hottest boy on the block as my boyfriend, I guess.

My heart is so hopelessly tangled up in that boy. I don't know what I'd do without him. And I really REALLY hope that it's love that we're feeling for one another. Because my body is recovering from the sexual tingles that it was experiencing earlier. Its returning to its normal function. Its natural default setting. And sometimes...that worries me.

Because as amazing as my infatuation is, as much as the sexual afterglow causes me to drift off into a world of total bliss and fades.

All too fades.