Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 19

I don't know if it was the fact that I was lost in a dreamlike state of mind over the conversation that I just had with my sweetie, Greyson, on the phone...or the fact that I was sporting one of the biggest, hardest, BONERS ever...and was afraid to get out of the car before I adjusted that bad boy and hid it from the watchful eye of the public...but I refused to get out of that car until I felt like I was ready. I just wanted to relax for a few minutes. Take in this cherished moment and enjoy it for all it was worth.

I leaned my head back and just sighed out loud, my eyes closed as I tried to absorb it all. What the hell did I do in my life to deserve something like this? Who do I owe? I've got to be seriously in debt to somebody for bringing Greyson into my life and opening his heart to me. Things like this don't just 'happen', do they? Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Who knows?

When I heard a gentle tap on the car window beside me, I half expected it to be my mom coming to see what was taking me so long. But when I opened my eyes...Chandler Riggs' bright blue specs were staring back at me. His long hair gracefully cascading down to the corners of his adorable smile. It caught me off guard, and I immediately sat up straight in my seat, trying to get control of my senses.

Chandler giggled at my fidgety reaction to his presence, and he had to make a few hand gestures to remind me to roll down the car window so he could actually talk to me. "Oh! Ummm, right! Hold on!" I pressed the button, and the window didn't move. Then I thought about it, and the car wasn't on. Damn electronic window! I told him to hang on, but I don't know if he heard me or not. I dug around in my pants pockets for my mom's car keys. Where did I put them? Shit! "Just...gimmee a second! I think I...ummm...just hold on..." I heard a rattle in my left pocket and quickly shoved my hand as deep into my pocket as I could. It wasn't until the fabric of my jeans stretched and pressed down on my throbbing erection that I realized that Chandler was standing RIGHT THERE, and could clearly see the obscene lump in my crotch through the clear, glass, window! Why am I so BAD at everything I do???

I attempted to slightly turn my hips away from him so the outline of my excited shaft wouldn't be so obvious, but who knows if it worked or not. I just fished my keys out of my pocket and nervously jammed them into the ignition, turning the car battery on so I could finally get the window down.

"Hehehe, having a little trouble there, Evan?" Chandler giggled.

"No. Not at all. I'm cool." I replied, but I couldn't have been more unconvincing. Especially considering that I was panting and out of breath.

He looked away from me, trying to conceal his snickers as well as a visible blush. Then he was like, "Well...whatever. Look, the director found a couple of unwanted shadows in the dailies that he didn't catch the first time around. He wants us to come back and do a few reshoots. Just in case they can't fix them in post. He's a stickler for natural filmmaking...sunlight and all. So me and Asa are going back in a few minutes. We need ya, bud. Cool?"

Why are his eyes so blue? Are they SUPPOSED to be like that? Has he been to the special effects trailer for contact lenses, or what? "Ok. I'll ummmm...I'll be there in a few seconds." I said.

He nodded with a smirk. "Alright. Just thought I'd let you know." Then he looked at my bare chest, my shirt still wrapped around my head, and he reached through the window to feel the moist smoothness of my sun-heated skin...saying, "I'm glad you went shirtless with us, dude. It's...you know...hot." Arrrgh! Don't DO that, Chandler!!! Why does he insist on driving me so goddamn CRAZY all the time! "See you on set." He brought two of his fingertips to his lips to kiss them in the cutest way. Then he quickly reached into the car again to press those fingertips to my cheek before giggling and walking away.

You know...if I didn't have a boyfriend already NONE of this would be happening right now!

That is just SO unfair!

I don't know if my performance was as good as it was the first few times around, but I had to give the reshoots my best shot anyway. Asa and Chandler had both been doing this for a lot longer than I have, so they don't seem to rattle easy. But me? I had to use half of my brain power to stop trembling. Between having the two hottest teen stars on the set now openly flirting with me, and the anxiety I was experiencing just trying back to Greyson for some more quality time alone...I'm surprised the nervous tremors didn't cause my bones to crack. I hope it doesn't show on my face. It'll be on camera forever if it does. People all over the world will get this season of 'The Walking Dead' on DVD, take one look at my face, and think, "What the hell was that kid's problem?"

Come on. Get me out of here. I REALLY just need to get out of here!

"Cut! Alright, you guys. You're off the hook for the day. Rest up for tomorrow." The director said, and I swear, I nearly bolted off set fast enough to leave a rising cloud of dust behind me. I almost forgot to get my clothes back to wardrobe. I cleaned up as quickly as I could, happy to have a shirt back on in front of everybody. Then I almost ran right into Chandler and Asa on my way out of the trailer.

"Much of a hurry?" Asa asked with a grin.

"Yeah. I need to go."

"You sure? We were just about to go ask Mingus if he wanted to join us for milkshakes. His dad's still got a few hours left on the clock before he can leave. So..."

"Sorry. Can't do it. I've got plans." I said, picking up the pace as I continued to walk away. "Maybe next time." I didn't want to be rude,but I've had enough temptation to stop a horse's heart at this point. I'm horny enough to split in two and start screwing myself! All that sexy frustration is best directed at my favorite boy. Believe me...I'm so ready for this.

"Alright, hon. You want a sit down dinner, or do you just want to grab some takeout?" My mom asked, a few steps behind me as I blazed a trail back to the car.

"Do I wanna what?"

"Food? Dinner? Popcorn? Movie? Remember?" She said. "I heard there was this creepy thriller about a stalker who's hunting this family during a thunderstorm. It sounds like it might be a..."

I instantly cut her off. "Oh! Oh, Mom...you know...I sort of made plans for tonight."

She wrinkled her brow slightly. "Plans? Well...what kind of plans?"

"I was actually going to ask if you could maybe drive me back to the hotel. You remember? I was going to hang out over there for a few hours."

"With your friends?" She asked.

"Yeah." I mumbled, wishing that she would a little bit faster so we could get in the car.

"Are your friends Asa and Chandler going to be going too?"

"What? No. No way." I said, making her slightly suspicious now.

"Well, then who are you hanging out with tonight?"

"Nobody. Just a friend." I said with a whine.

"What friend? Where did you meet him?"

"I met him here on the set. Mom, can we just go?"

She looked around, "Where is he? Point him out to me."

Ok, now she's starting to aggravate me. "He doesn't work on the set, Mom. He just...he stopped by. And we met. And we're friends. Is that ok?" I was trying to keep her from thinking about it to much, but that almost never works. Not with my mom. That woman's brain is constantly analyzing everything at all hours of the day or night. I don't know how she's able to sleep at night. Even THEN she's thinking about stuff she shouldn't.

"I don't know, Evan. I don't like you carrying on like this with people I don't know..." What is she TALKING about??? Nooooo! Set me FREE, woman! If you don't let me see my Greyson tonight I'm going to throw a tantrum that can be seen from SPACE, dammit!

"He's not a stranger, Mom! I told you, he's my friend!" I tied not to seem too excited, but I could already feel my heart breaking in my chest for even having to get into this conversation. It's not like I could just tell her that I was super horny and I wanted to suck my favorite popstar off a few hundred times before bed! Awww, why is she making this difficult? "Can I just go? PLEASE???"

My mom looked me right in the eye, and held that contact for an extended moment, before finally saying, "I want to meet this 'friend' of yours, Evan. No more hanging out between you two until I get to know him. Understood?"

"Fine. That's totally fine. I'll tell him tonight, ok?" I'd say anything to get her into that car and driving in the right direction. "Can we go? He's sort of waiting on me. I told him I'd be there as soon as I wrapped for the day." Hold steady, Evan. Don't look too anxious. Just keep her brain busy for a few more seconds and then change the subject to something else entirely.

"I'm serious about what I said, Evan." She said in a stern tone of voice.

"Ok. That's fine. I'll tell him to come to the set or something this week. Just...for the love of God, can you PLEASE just..."

"Hey!" She stated firmly. "Tone, young man."

"I'm sorry." I tried to lower my voice and contain myself, but every minute that I spent trying to convince her that it was alright, was another minute spent away from my sweetheart. If only she knew how utterly LOST in love I was when it came to this boy. If only she could feel the excitement pulsing in the very center of me, yearning for his contact, craving his kiss, until it was beginning to physically hurt trying to breathe without it. If I could only get her to experience that insane feeling of pressurized chaos in my heart...she'd understand. And she wouldn't be torturing me like this.

I lowered my eyes slightly, hoping not to challenge her any further on the subject, while simultaneously hiding my true intentions...which were show to be glowing from behind my eyes in some way.

She hesitated...but then I heard the rattle of her car keys as she took them out of her purse. "You've got until ten O'clock, Mister. And if you give me any trouble like you did last time...you and I are going to have issues. Got it?"

"Totally!" I said, but I was unable to hold back the biggest grin EVER when I heard her say it. I practically skipped the rest of the way to the car in the lot. Hehehe! She's letting me go! YES! Hold on, Greyson! Stay sexy, sweetie! I'm on my way!

It took everything I had to not bounce around in my seat as she drove me over to the hotel. I was constantly patting my thighs with the palms of my hands, trying to push anything worthy of arousal out of my mind for fear that I'd get a raging boner in the car and she'd immediately turn around and rush me to the nearest CHURCH or something for counseling. I had to keep looking out the window to keep her from seeing my 'ear-to-ear' grin. Hehehe, and even then I had to hold my breath to keep a flurry of nonsensical giggles from bursting out of me without warning. I swear, we couldn't get to that hotel fast enough.

My heart started to spasm like crazy as I saw Greyson's hotel in the background, and nearly had a joy induced panic attack as we got caught at a red light just a block away. The wait for that one friggin' traffic light was maddening. If it had remained red for just a few more seconds, I would have hopped right out of the driver's side, told my mom goodnight, and just SPRINTED the rest of the way!

Come *ON*, already! Jesus! Change, dammit! CHANGE!!!

"Light's green!" I told my mom the second I saw the bulbs change, and she gave me the weirdest look. Come on, come on, come on...

She pulled into the driveway for drop offs, and I quickly yanked my seatbelt off before the car even came to a complete stop. "THANKS, Mom! Love you! I'll see you later!" I said, opening the car door.

"Ten O'clock, Evan. No questions asked. You pick up that phone when I call you." She called out.

"I will. Bye!" I shut the door behind me, just in case she came up with any other conditions to our very simple agreement about tonight. I just wanted to hurry inside and wrap my arms around my boyfriend for the first time in what seemed like forever!

I rushed to the front desk, I gave the fake name, I got the escort, took the elevator up to the right floor...and now, it's showtime.

As soon as I knocked on the door, I heard Greyson running over to open it wide for me. He was just wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a glaring white t-shirt, loosely fitted. Hair still a darker shade as the dampness from his shower faded away. I can't put into words what it was like to be greeted by that uniquely boyish smile of his again. It set off a series of tiny explosions in my heart, each detonation taking more of my breath away. "Hey, Cutie!!!" He grinned, but then his eyes widened and he put his hand over his mouth. "Oops! I'm sorry, are you alone?"

"Yeah. I'm alone." I smiled.

"Whew! Good." He said. "I can't just go around calling you 'cutie' in front of every eavesdropper who happens to be standing around the corner. Hehehe! Come in!"

Maybe I came off as a little 'intense' at first, but I was having way too much trouble controlling myself. Greyson was finally within arm's reach...he looked so cute and smelled so good...he'll just have to fight me off for the next few minutes. That's all there is to it.

I practically lunged forward, leaving the hotel room door wide open, and I snaked my arms around his slim hips and gave him a surprise kiss on his lips. Oh wow...that sweet, sweet, touch of his lips to mine was the greatest relief in the world to me. My whole body seemed to relax when we kissed. My spirit felt instantly recharged, my emotions electrified, my entire outlook on life now painted with bright rainbow colors and given an endless source of love-made energy. Oh God...even after waiting this long, his kiss still catches me by surprise.

"Hehehe, well, hello there." He giggled. He reached up to rest his arms on my shoulders as I pulled him even closer to me. He felt so good in my arms. Soft. Warm. How they haven't invented a life like Greyson Chance teddy bear yet is a mystery to me. Greyson gave me another peck on the lips, and then he playfully rubbed noses with me as his smile brought an impulsive wave of infatuated chills to the surface of my skin. "You're certainly in a good mood tonight. Hehehe!"

"You have no idea, how badly I needed to see you today. Don't ever stop kissing me. I always want more." I said, and smashed my lips against his again, moaning softly as the thrill of it all overwhelmed me. "Mwah! You taste like...candy. Hehehe! What's that about?"

"Oh, yeah! Check it out!" Greyson beamed, trying to wiggle out of my embrace.

I held him tight and asked, "Wait! Were are you going?"

But after playfully swatting at my hands, he turned around and directed my attention to this big tray of 'stuff' on the dresser by the TV, in front of the mirror. "I had them bring up a bunch of pastries! I didn't know what I wanted, and I wasn't sure what you wanted...so I decided to just get four of everything. You've got to try some of these, Evan! They're so tasty!”

As badly as I just wanted to get back to kissing him again, I couldn't help but to be tickled at his reaction to his tray of snack treats. “Greyson, hehehe...what are you doing?” I asked, trying to get his attention back on ME!

“Seriously, they're yummy! Try this one! No wait...the cupcakes are my favorite. The creamy frosting on the top? Sooooo good.” Walking up behind him, I wrapped my arms around his soft middle and gave him a squeeze, tenderly kissing the side of his neck. He took a half bite of some sort of small wafer sandwich or something, and when I rested my chin on his shoulder, he reached up to feed me the other half. I opened up and let his long, thin, fingers push the treat into my mouth. “It's GOOD, right? Tell me it's good!”

I nodded. “That's actually really amazing.” I said, chewing and swallowing so I could give him another kiss on his cheek.

“Everything here has been delicious so far. I've got cookies, and brownies, and...I don't know what this is. It kinda tastes like apple, though. There's so much. You're not allergic to anything, are you? Peanuts or chocolate or whatever?” I just giggled and kept giving him soft kisses on his face and neck. I knew he was just as hard as I was. He wouldn't be able to stall forever. “I wish we had ice cream too. You want me to call for ice cream? Sky's the limit, remember? It's the one thing 'celebrity status' is good for.”

“What I really want...is for you to stop munching and kiss me.” I grinned.

Greyson's gaze met mine in the mirror, and that lovely smile spread his cute little cheeks, causing me to quiver with desperation. “Here, just try this cupcake. Do that first.” He said.

“Unh unh! There's nothing on that tray that's going to be any tastier than you are.”

“Here, just try it!” He tried to feed it to me over his shoulder, but I moved over to rest my chin on his other shoulder instead. I gave him a kiss on his other cheek, and he switched hands to bring the cupcake up again. “Just ONE bit! Trust me, you'll love it!” But I shook my head in defiance, and went back over to his other shoulder. “Hehehe, what are you doing?”

“I want my kisses first.” I smiled.

“You just had kisses. Besides, you can pass up good frosting. Take a bite.” I dodged back and forth as best as I could, until our giggles turned the whole exchange into a stubborn game. And it was then that Greyson caught me off guard and ended up smashing the frosting covered cupcake into my face! “Hahaha!!! That's what you get!”

“Omigod! I can't believe you just did that!” I had the sugary cream all over my lips, nose, and smeared across my right cheek. I could feel Greyson's flat tummy tighten up and quiver as he laughed out loud at my expression. It only caused me to squeeze him tighter against me, my hips pushing forward to grind on the thinly covered bottom in front of me. Wow...he was enticingly 'soft' back there.

“It's your own fault! Hehehe! Serves you right!” He cackled.

“Oh, is that right?” I said, and I instantly moved my face forward to smear that same frosting all over the back of Greyson's neck!

“Ahhhh!!!! Noooooo! What are you doing? Hehehe! Quit it! That tickles!”

Like a greased piglet, Greyson twisted and turned and giggled his way right out of my arms, the both of us laughing until our bellies hurt. He got a napkin to wipe some of the mess off him, and gave me this adorable pouty face, his bottom lip stuck out, those big brown eyes faking the saddest look that he could give me with a grin still plastered on those plush lips of his. Still catching my breath from laughter, I said, “YOU started it!”

“I was just trying to keep you sweet. That's all.” He smiled. Then he got another napkin and stepped closer to clean my face off for me. “Hehehe, oh no, I got some in your hair. Wait, here, let me get it. Hold still...” But I couldn't. I just leaned forward and kissed him again. This time, our tongues wrapped around one another, and a long, loving, sigh escaped from the back of Greyson's throat.

I think I finally drained his last few rations of self restraint. I could tell by the passion of his kiss, and by the way his hardness pushed forward to grind slowly against my own. We definitely had fun together, fooling around and just sharing a few giggles between friends...but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't this special 'bonus' activity that I was truly looking forward to tonight. One game ends, and another one begins.

As I practically sucked the remaining sugar high off of his tongue, I lowered my hands to grab the firm, round, globes of his ass...pulling him even further into me. I think tonight is going to be something really special.

Something to make us official, once and for all.

Are we ready? It feels like we are. As nervous as I was before, I've never experienced a love that felt so right.

If Greyson feels the same way...then what's stopping us? You know?