Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For

I've been looking back on my life lately, all 14 years of it, and I realized something...I'm never going to be free of him. His name was Dylan, and he's been the apple in my eye for a long, long time. I've loved him my whole life! I can't even remember not being madly in love with him! Every word I've ever spoken was secretly laced with his name. Every dream I've ever had was blessed with his gorgeous face. Every minute of every hour, of every day of my life has been devoted completely to loving him! Sigh....if only he felt the same.

My name is Jack, and I'm in high school now. I do pretty good for myself in the friend department. The lady department is no problem either, but I don't want them anymore. It's strange, but even though I've had little crushes here and there, I always came back to Dylan. I might have wandered for a week, one time for three weeks...but it wasn't long before Dylan crept back into my life. My parents must think that it's strange that I don't date. A nice looking slim boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes who doesn't have a girlfriend...something must be out of whack! But after Dylan, I just couldn't love anything else. After seeing his golden sandy blond hair and glimmering blue eyes, I just didn't have any love left to give to anyone else. He was so beautiful, from his adorable face, to his smooth chest, to his perky ass, to his well toned legs, to the arches in his feet. I could stare at him all day, my heart feeling as though it weighed a ton. I couldn't seem to keep my eyes off of him! I loved him so much that sometimes I would cry for no reason. I can remember being so close to him that I could touch him, but I'd be forced to keep myself at a distance, and nothing hurt me more.

I wouldn't be so hopeless if fate would just leave me alone! But every time I thought I had almost gotten Dylan out of my system, something major would happen and I'd be deep in love with him again. Even in a picture from day camp when we were 6 years old, while everyone else was looking at the camera...I was looking directly at Dylan. Like I said, I've loved him my whole life, even if I didn't know it. I remember the first words he ever said..."Got any gum?" For some reason, that moment was by far the greatest milestone in my life! That was on the playground in second grade, and I think that's where it started. Then in the fourth grade, just when I was ready to give up, he picks me to be on his team for kick ball at recess! He picked ME before anyone else! Playing side by side with him was awesome, and that was before sex ever even entered my mind! That's how I knew it was love. Then in the seventh grade, when my hormones started going into hyper drive, we get paired up in gym class for the sit up exercises! In case you didn't know, for a gay kid...sit up exercises in gym are a painful torture that no child should ever have to go through! I can still remember the whole experience, in slow motion! Me getting down on my knees in front of my life long desire, gently wrapping my fingers around his ankles and applying a slight pressure to hold his feet down. His knees were up and he had his arms behind his head, eyes closed, the vision of many a wet dream I assure you! Then, as he did his sit ups, I watched his tight stomach muscles contract and expand, his warm breath blowing into my face and through my soft hair. I looked down at his tender thighs, and further up the leg of his shorts. Every third or fourth sit up, a little gap would form, and I could see one of his balls peeking out from the side! Looking down further, I could see his scrumptious ass lifted off of the ground, the soft flesh of his cheeks jiggling as he slammed it back down to the floor again! Sigh...he was so hot. Then came that time when we had to work on that biology project together, and he kept staring at me. I told him it made me nervous, which it did, so he decided to play some game with me to freak me out. So he would stare and make faces at me while I was reading the book on working on the project. Then he got really close and pressed his forehead against mine, staring right into my eyes and laughing!!! Just a few more inches! Just a few more inches and I could have kissed him on the lips! Even if he beat me to death right then and there, I could at least say I died a happy man! Dylan was so cute that it nearly suffocated me! It hurt me deeply to see him, but when he was around me I couldn't look at anything else! Is it possible to love someone for an entire lifetime? For my sake, I hope not! This hurts too much!

I promised myself I'd stop obsessing over him a million times, and once I actually made it through an entire class without staring at him. But I made up for it at lunch! We were standing in line together to get whatever slop the cafeteria was dishing out that day, and for some reason he just started talking to me!

"You know, Jack, I saw a picture of us when we were like FOUR years old! I never noticed it before, but I've known you like forever. How come we've never really hung out?" Dylan said, his killer grin burning my insides with an unexplainable, unbelievable, passion.

I quaked with fear once I realized that he was talking to me! ME! I wanted so badly to just be normal around him and not act like some lovestruck geek. I just couldn't compose myself! I looked into his eyes to answer him, but once the spellbinding pools of blue magnificence met my baby browns, I chickened out and looked down to the floor! I then mumbled out, "I dunno."

The next thing I know, Dylan's sitting with me at the lunch table and were chatting like brothers! The nervousness never left me, and even though I was completely involved in what he was saying, I was still mesmerized by his beauty! His thin ruby lips moved so seductively when he spoke, it forced me to lean closer to him. I just had to catch a whiff of his breath, or get a close look at the way his hair would move ever so gently when he turned his head. Could anyone be more in love? If so, I pity him!

After we went our separate ways at lunch, I just figured the whole experience as fates way of teasing me again. But this was different. This time it wasn't some indirect contact, or some chance meeting, or overanalyzed encounter...this time he actually came to ME and made small talk! This time he was actually a participating member in the whole thing! So, thinking about that, I spent the rest of the day in a dreamy haze, replaying the entire lunchroom conversation over and over in my head word for word! There were times that I remembered a certain look from him, or the way he smiled during one of his jokes, and I'd become faint. It was a pleasurable pain that burned within me! I wanted to cry all day, but I couldn't! I wanted to smile all day, but I couldn't do that either! It was some odd neutral zone between the two that held me captive...and the feeling was wonderful!

After school I ran home to do what most teenage boys in my situation would have done...stroke myself silly!!! As soon as I burst through the door, I locked it behind me, ran to my room and dropped my bag on the floor! I usually just pull my pants down to the knee, but this time I stripped off every piece of clothing I had! Everything from my pants, to my shirt, to my socks, to my watch! Then I laid back on my bed, took a short moment to remember the events of the day, and then I began to pleasure myself slowly...thoughts of Dylan's gorgeous body dancing through my mind. As the awesome sensations ran through me, I pictured Dylan and me kissing softly on the couch. It seemed so real that I could almost hear him breathing! I imagined his hands working my stiff cock and his moist lips pressed against mine as he moaned loudly into me. My whole body tingled with joy as I dreamed of the two of us wrapped in a loving embrace, writhing around like two serpents. There were even times that I forgot to keep jacking myself! I would stop to revel in the vivid images before me and they took over my every sense! I could almost taste him!

I was coming real close to the moment of truth when I heard the doorbell ring! Dammit! Just a little longer! I sped up the pace and I could feel my body tensing up! The thought of me swallowing his whole cock while he madly humped my face was bringing me even closer! The doorbell rang again, the annoying sound echoing through my house! Shit! That's when I heard Dylan's voice call out to me!

"Hey Jack! You home?"

It was him! He was here! The activities stopped right away and I scrambled around to find my clothes! I ran downstairs top speed and jerked the door open, catching Dylan by surprise! "Hey Dylan! What's up?"

"Just wondering if you wanted to hang out or something today. Like I said, we should do stuff more often." God he was soooo cute. I invited him in, but my heart just wasn't ready and I suddenly found myself unable to breathe properly. I couldn't swallow, or see clearly, or concentrate...I'd never been so terrified in my life! It was like having Michael Jackson in my house!

We talked for a good hour or so about the good old days! It was a mind blowing experience having him in my bedroom. Looking at him made every second last an eternity. I saw a beauty in him that even I hadn't noticed before! We talked about days at camp, then Christmas shopping with our parents, then school, then the time Johnny got his pants pulled down in gym class. This opened up a whole new area of conversation!

The topic changed so quickly that I didn't know what had happened until it was too late. We were talking about kissing and sex and he was being surprisingly open about it. I got so nervous that I couldn't even move!

"Have you ever kissed anyone?" He asked innocently. Why was this happening to me? WHY??? How much was I going to have to take?

"...Um...no....have...have you?" I asked, my palms sweating and my hands shaking.

"No. I wish. I don't even know how really. I guess I've just gotta practice with somebody."

Okay, this is something right out of the Twilight Zone! That's it! I'm moving to Siberia! This kind of thing just doesn't happen! It was so unbelievable that I actually figured this whole thing for a joke or a wet dream! So I figured what the hell! "You know, I won't tell anybody. Just plant one on me big boy!" It was silly, goofy, but what did I have to lose by joking about it. Imagine my shock when I looked over and saw that his face was totally serious! Nervous even! Then he looked up at me with a shy grin that was almost invisible and he said....he said..."okay"...

I didn't say anything! I didn't even look at him! I just got up and ran to the bathroom! I nervously started brushing my teeth and gargling, not even realizing what I was doing! I ran back to the bedroom and Dylan looked really confused.

"You...uh...you seem really excited about this!" He said. I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't even control myself and my heart was beating so hard that it threatened to shake me to pieces!

"Okay, are you ready?" I said anxiously, practically bouncing on the bed with anticipation. He looked at me sideways for a second, then leaned in slowly. I closed my eyes and waited for my miracle!

"You know...you better not tell anybody I did this!" He said. I opened my eyes and swore up and down to keep this a secret. He leaned in again, but stopped to say, "You know...I'm just doing this for practice. It doesn't really mean I'm a homo or anything." I looked into his gorgeous face and realized that he was just as scared as I was. He was stalling for as long as he could and it drove me insane! I waited 14 years for this, don't make me beg for it!!! I assured him anything and everything he asked for! I would do anything for just one simple kiss!

Finally, he stopped stalling and he put his hands on my shoulders. I shivered from his gentle touch as his face came close to mine. Then...he did it! He kissed me! His soft tender lips met mine and I nearly dropped my heart on the floor! My knees were weak and my head was swimming with the ultimate feeling of love! All the sexual encounters in the world paled in comparison to this one kiss! I was in heaven!

Then, all too soon, it was over. He looked at me and I was still locked into that position! My mouth open slightly and my head cocked to the side. I opened my eyes to see him giggling nervously. "Well, what did you think?" He asked.

I didn't even know how to answer! My mind tried to come up with words to describe it, but none of them seemed to do it justice! "Um...it was great. You've...you've really got your technique down and everything." I tried to sound scientific about it, but it was hard to hide the fact that I was swooning over this kid!

"Thanks. I've never actually tried it before. You'd be my first." Dylan said with a grin. He looked down and he had a huge six inch boner tenting his pants, I followed his eyes and was so overwhelmed with passion that I nearly choked on it! "Do you mind if I use your bathroom? I've, uh, got to get rid of this." He had a hard on...from kissing ME!!! Ohhhhh I loved him so much!

I couldn't stop now, I was so close! So close! I refused to let this go on! I refused! So I swallowed all of my pride (along with most of common sense!) and said, "Well...you know...we could experiment with that too."

Dylan looked at me suspiciously and then looked back at his pulsating member. He told me that no one had ever touched it before and he wasn't sure that this felt right. I assured him that it would feel good but if he didn't want to, he didn't have to. Please say you want to! Please please please! And sure enough, after a little more coaxing, he said "okay."

I saw him undo the top button on his pants and I almost fainted! This was it! I was going to see the most private places on Dylan's lithe body! He pulled his pants down and I stood face to face with the most awe inspiring cut cock that ever existed! He had the faintest tan line, and his smooth legs were completely hairless. His cock had a small tuft of silky blond hair at the base and his testicles hung low beneath them! Right then I knew that touching him and having him touch me would be delicious!

I nervously moved over next to him and reached a shaky hand out to his stiff member! He leaned against my headboard and said breathlessly, "You swear you're not gonna tell anybody? I mean, I trust you and all, but I don't want anyone to think were fags." I reassured him again, anything to get my moment of glory! I grabbed a hold of his dick and he gasped, throwing his head back in ecstasy! I just held his warm meat in my hand for a minute or so, enjoying the gentle heartbeat pulsing through it! It felt so good to me that I almost cried! I was finally having my moment! I was finally getting to touch and hold Dylan...the boy that I've loved for my whole life! I started to slowly massage his cock and then made smooth strokes up and down as he pushed his sexy hips out. I looked at his face and his eyes were closed, his mouth open, and he was purring softly as I pleasured him! I looked down at his dick, then back to his face, his whole body was such a turn on to me! I heard a louder moan this time and he reached out to hold on to my shoulder, scooting down further in the bed. He spread his legs a little wider and gave me full access to his manhood! I leaned closer and kissed him fearfully on the lips...he surprisingly returned the kiss and this time our tongues mingled between us! He really was an awesome kisser! His warm breath passed into my mouth in short bursts as I sped up my rhythm on his beautiful cock! I kissed my way down to his neck and then stopped to suck on his erect nipple! The clean flesh of it tasted soooo good! He moaned louder and began a slow pump in and out of my skillful hand! I knew he was coming close, but I wasn't sure if I should try going any further. I wanted to, god did I want to! But I was already having the experience of a lifetime, I didn't want to ruin it by pushing it too far and having him run out on me! But as I lay my head on his tender belly and looked down to his cock...I couldn't help but chance it! His stomach muscles contracted under my soft cheeks and it almost seemed to be pushing me downward. So I finally took the plunge and absorbed the silked head of his gorgeous cock into my steamy mouth! He opened his eyes and cried out, "Ohhhh, dude! Ohhh yeah!" He was enjoying it! He really was enjoying it! That was all I needed! I suddenly started gobbling him up like it was my last day on Earth! He was moaning really loud and placed both of his hands on the back of my head, forcing himself deeper into my mouth! How did this happen? How did I luck out like this? Here I was sucking the dick of the hottest guy in school, and all the girls who were so infatuated with him didn't even get a kiss! My heart was beating even faster than before, and I was putting my very soul into that blow job! I felt as if I would float away if I didn't have his swollen member to anchor me to the ground! That's when I felt something else...he started undoing my zipper!!! He was taking my cock out through the hole and was jacking it ever so slowly! The sensations sent vibes up my spine and it made my legs kick and shake wildly! I sucked him even harder, his cock head turning a bright red! I began to fondle his balls and let my fingers slide down to circle his tight asshole! He whimpered and I could feel his legs tense up! Feeling his orgasm beginning from the inside was so erotic that I started my own journey to release! We both reached the moment of truth at the same time and came hard! Dylan pushed his hips up into my face, his smooth legs rubbing against my cheeks, and he pumped his hot semen into my waiting mouth! I had never tasted it before, but anything that came from Dylan was worth checking out! The sweet boy juice slid down my throat and I could feel his dick spasming as the pulse traveled through the tight clamp of my lips! I had come gobs of sperm on his neck and chest, and he was still pulling on my cock, until it was completely spent! We collapsed on the bed in orgasmic shock, and laid there for a few minutes without saying a word.

Finally, Dylan asked, "So....how was that? Good?"

"Sure...it was...you know...alright." I lied, trying to come back to Earth!

"Yeah...it was alright. Nothing to really do again though...it was just an experiment...right?" He replied. I looked at him and could somehow tell he was feeling the same thing that I was. He was so cute! If I thought he looked sexy before, I couldn't believe how enchanting he looked after an orgasm!!! His face was relaxed, his eyes were half closed, and his whole body was glistening with a thin sheen of sweat!

We really couldn't have a decent conversation for the rest of that afternoon. Who could after such an awesome encounter? So he got dressed and left. But I fell even deeper in love with him after that day! Not possible you say? Believe me...it is! He said that it was just an experiment and that it would never happen again...but judging from the shy smile and the resurfacing hard on in his pants when he left...I can only think that he'll be back! I have waited my entire existence for the day when Dylan and I would share a moment of true friendship and love...and now I have! I can't wait to make more 'secrets not to tell' with him! He was absolutely, most definitely, worth waiting for!