Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 4

My whole body was on fire. You can't imagine the sensation. Thank God that I was able to keep my eyes closed while I was kissing him because if I looked down and reminded myself that this was actually Greyson underneath me, I would have lost it for sure.

Was I really trembling this much? Was I really breathing this hard? Heck, I didn't even know if I was doing this right. All I know is that my hips seemed to have a mind of their own all of a sudden, and I found myself grinding into him over and over again. Before today, the only thing I had ever humped was my mattress...and maybe a couple of pillows. Erm...and once my teddy bear. But I was just LEARNING then, it was years ago! Don't judge me!

But now, Greyson Chance had his arms wrapped around me, and his legs splayed wide open, urging me to keep going...and I said to myself, "This is MUCH better than screwing a teddy bear"! Is this what Asa and Chandler were doing every day? My God, I'd be sneaking off for more every chance I got TOO if I had known that it would feel this good!

The sensual friction caused my whole body to tingle with excitement. And his sweet lips were so soft and awesome that I became faint with the taste of them. My mind kept racing the entire time. Wondering if I was heavy on him. Wonder if I was going to start sweating on him or something. Wondering what he was thinking right now. If anything. Maybe I shouldn't think about anything. May I should just kiss, and hump, and not worry so much.

Great. Now I'm thinking about not thinking.

Am I really talking to myself right now? I'm on top of a hot boy, making out, and rubbing our goodies together...and I'm talking to myself. Ugh!

I gasped a little as I felt something hard digging into me. I couldn't help but to scream inside my head, "I made Greyson Chance HARD!!!! He's hard for me!!! OMIGOD!!!" I was right on top of it, and when I pushed my hips in, I could feel it slide up against my own erection. An electric surge ran through, causing me to shiver, and I pushed myself against it eve harder. I just felt like I wanted more contact. I needed...ugh...I just wanted to...

I wish I could take these damn clothes off! They feel like they're getting in the way! SO uncomfortable!

Wait, I can't take my clothes off. Somebody might see us.

WAIT...CAN somebody see us?

I mean, anybody walking by this particular spot could probably catch sight of us! Two boys making out while laying on top of one another would be just as much of a shock whether we had clothes on or not.

I didn't want to stop. Greyson felt too good to me. At one point, he made this light little whimper noise...and I felt like I wanted to cry. Oh GOD, it was the cutest thing ever! And yet, while I found myself making little-moaning noises of my own...the threat of getting caught here in such a compromising position was beginning to bug me. So...while I was still enjoying the feel of Greyson slowly sucking on my tongue...I opened my eyes and tried to take a peek.

I couldn't see anything from this angle. Nothing except for Greyson's smooth cheek and one of his ears. He has cute ears. Can someone have cute ears? I don't know. But he does. I tried to use as much of my peripheral vision as I could, but it was no use.

I broke the kiss for a moment so I could lift my head a bit. Looking down though, I saw the sexiest look on Greyson's face. His eyes were half closed, and the tiniest little flirtatious smile crossed those tender lips. I was so breathless. And not just from the kissing. Something about his innocent beauty just seemed to sucker punch me right in the stomach and leave me physically breathless. It was like I could still taste him.

Nervously, I took a quick peek around us, and luckily there wasn't anybody around to gawk at us. Or even worse, take pictures. That's when Greyson reached up to run his fingers through my blond hair, his smile broadening in the most adorable way. "I don't think there's anybody else out here with us." He said with a boyish giggle.

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure." He pulled my head down for a moment and delivered a lingering kiss on my lips before letting out another soft chuckle. My face felt hot. I must have been blushing something awful at that moment. I was glad for a short break in the action, as this would have been overall too quick if I hadn't. But even though my body had found a way to calm down for a few seconds, my engine went into turbo mode when Greyson craned his neck up and began to lovingly kiss and suck at the nape of my neck. Ohhhhhhh wow...THAT...felt awesome! He made these little licks with his tongue, almost like a kitten would. And I just felt my eyes almost roll back in my head from the overwhelming sensation.

I hope Greyson doesn't, like...give me a hickey or anything...but I REALLY didn't want him to stop!

Instinctively, my hips began to move again, feeling that hardness against me, having Greyson sigh as he held my back tighter. Mmmm...I had to break him away from the side of my neck. I just had to. It was too much pleasure for me to handle at one time. Besides, I found myself desperate to kiss those lips again. Greyson moved both of his hands up into my hair now, making small circles and transforming it into, what I knew would be, a chaotic mess by the time I got back to the set. But that felt good too. It made my head get this numb and tingly feeling along with the rest of me. It actually kinda made me dizzy after a few minutes. Hehehe, good thing we were laying down.

And then...it happened...

It was body...'readying' itself. Muscles began to contract, my toes began to curl, and deep down in the very center of me I could feel the swift build up to a massive explosion. I tried to take my mind away for just a FEW more minutes, but you have NO idea how passionate a kisser Greyson is. It's a lot like his music. You just know that he's putting his whole heart into it every single time. And his body felt like it was practically 'vibrating' beneath me. It was so hot the way I just seemed to melt into the soft cradle he made with his spread-eagled legs. And he could match my grinding motions to a tee with hardly any effort at all. I wondered if he was as close to orgasm as I was. Like...if we were somehow playing this weird game of chicken to see who would stop first. But there's a moment, just seconds before any male orgasm, where you know that you won't be able to take more than another stroke or two before it's too late to turn back. And as Greyson moaned and lightly tickled me behind my right ear...I knew that moment had come for me. I just couldn't help myself anymore.

I stopped kissing him and tried to steady myself on shaky elbows.

Embarrassed beyond belief, I attempted to find the words to take another breather that didn't make me look like a total geek in front of the cutest boy on the planet. NOT easy.

With a blush, I looked away from Greyson's questioning eyes. "I...uhh...I think I should tell you that...ummm..."

"What's wrong?" He asked. Ugh! I feel like such a jackass!

"I...don't have an extra set of...um...clothes on me right now." Was he supposed to actually make sense out of that statement, or was that just wishful thinking on my part? "I mean...well...if this was all a super fantastic dream and all...this might be a good time for me to wake up. You know, before I end up on laundry duty...." Ok, I could probably just be honest and tell him, 'Hey sweetie, you're so sexy that I'm about to cum all over both of us.' But that seemed kind of crass to me.

Thankfully, Greyson got the hint.

"Ohhhh....hehehe, Omigod..." He laughed. Awwww, don't laugh at me. I pouted, and he rubbed my cheek with his fingers and gave me another little peck on the lips. "It's ok. Really. I was getting a little worked up myself."

"You were?" Why the hell did I ask him THAT? Stupid!

"Of course, I was! Come to think of it...I don't have any other clothes either. Hehehe!"

There was an awkwardness that took over the moment, and a bashful smile spread out on my face as I tried to break the silence. "It's just...um...well, these clothes aren't really mine. They belong to set wardrobe. I've got clothes back there, but...I don't think I'd be able to explain...um....you know. Any 'boy stains'." Greyson smiled at me with a raised eyebrow, and it made me giggle out loud. "Can we just...lay here for a few minutes? Is that ok? Just for now?"

"Dude, come here..." He said and hugged me around the neck as I sort of slid off to one side of him and just laid my head on his chest. He kissed my forehead and just closed his eyes with a grin as one of his hands began to play with my hair again. Does he have any idea how awesome that feels? He's driving me into a full-blown frenzy here, and he's not even trying. Not to mention that when I looked down past his flat tummy....I could see an obvious bulge in his pants. It was sticking up, almost pointing at me, pressed to his midsection by the restrictive material of his jeans. But I could make out most of the shape. It was maybe six inches, give or take, and it jumped when I rubbed my hand across his stomach.

I could still feel my body trembling with untold joy over even being a part of this miraculous event. I could still feel the random pulses of a 'close call' climax still twitching within me. I was so far on the edge that I was worried that any sudden movements would still set me off if I wasn't careful. Still, it felt good to just listen to Greyson breathe for a few minutes. The warm Summer sun shining down on us. The gentle ripples of water in the lake, a subtle breeze cooling off our heated skin as the rustling of leaves overhead helped to complete the afternoon's natural symphony. I honestly could have fallen asleep right then and there if it weren't for the fact that I didn't want to miss a single single of this magic moment between us.

I kept hearing myself sigh out loud, and tried to tell myself to stop it. But after the third or fourth time, Greyson kissed my forehead again and played with my hair some more. It made me smile. I looked up at him and said, "Hehehe, what are you doing?"

"What? What'd I do?" He smiled.

"You keep playing with my hair." I grinned.

"Hehehe, I like your hair. It's really soft. Like silky baby hair or something." He smiled. "It's like...not curly, but not straight, and a little long. I think it's cute."

I said, "Now you're just plain lying through your teeth. Hehehe!"

"Nuh unh..." He smirked, then said...just barely above a whisper, "I think you're beautiful, Evan. Like...insanely beautiful. I just wanna lie here with you until the sun goes down."

"And then what?"

"And then we can get out of these pesky clothes and not worry about who might see us." He giggled.

"Omigod! That's exactly what I was thinking! I mean, that somebody might come along and catch us doing stuff. It was...weird, you know?"

Our eyes connected for a moment, and Greyson started to say something but I had already moved in for the kiss. Hehehe, he barely got out a few letters of his first word to me before I was mashing my lips against his again. He giggled and said, "Hey! You have to warn me before you do that."

"No, I don't. Hehehe!" I said. "Besides, I don't think my brain gave me any warning either. You're just...." I sighed. "...Too cute, I guess."

Omigod, is he blushing??? YES! He's blushing! I can see it. Little traces of pink. Awwww...

Greyson turned his head away from me for a second while he regained his composure, but that just made me smash the side of my face into his chest and squeeze him harder. Hehehe! It made him laugh, but it was cute. I was glad to have him enjoy himself the same way that I was.

Then I heard him humming a little something under his breath. I didn't recognize it at first, but he was smiling so wide that I had to ask, "What is that?"

"What is what?"

"That song? It sounds cool."

He smiled, like, "You really don't know? It's The Spinners'!"

I'm like, "The who?"

He says, "The Spinners. Hehehe, it goes like this....you ready?" I looked up into his eyes and nodded. So he actually starts singing to me, with my ear placed right there over his heart. He sings....

"Could it be, I'm falling in love? Could it be, I'm falling in love? Could it be, I'm falling in LOVE? With youuuuuuuuuu....with youuuuuuuuu...with youuuuuuuuuuuu..." The high notes sounded SO sweet coming from him! And with an uncontrollable burst of affection, I rolled into him and buried my face into his neck, kissing him while I tried to control the frantic flutter of butterflies in my turbulent stomach. Hehehe, oh WOW....Greyson just sang to me!!! I mean, did this really just happen? He's the most perfect boy EVER! Oh wow! Oh *WOW*!!!!

Greyson giggled as my ticklish kisses dug in even deeper, and he was forced to push me away before it became too much. Instead, he rolled over on top of me and gave me an angelic little peck on the lips. Then he sat upright, straddling my waist and smiling down upon me. It was just one of those perfect moments when the sun is just in the right position, the wind is blowing just at just the right speed, and you're spending time with someone that makes you feel...lighter than air.

He did lean down to deliver another kiss or two on my cheeks but just grinned quietly to himself. His smile was too addictive to resist. I'm surprised that my body hadn't run out of endorphins at this point. If not, I was certainly giving them a hell of a workout today.

That's when I noticed a bashful little blush filling Greyson's cheeks, and he giggled nervously for a moment, causing me to question, "What? What is it?"

"Hehehe...it's nothing." He said, and he looked away from me, and started giggling again.

"You're laughing at me. Hehehe!"

"Awww, no, Evan. I'm not laughing at you. I swear."

"Well, you're laughing at something." I reached up with both hands and gave his sides a little tickle.

"Ahhh! No! Don't!" He squealed.

"Well, you'd better tell me something, then."

Greyson's blush deepened, and he was trying really hard not to smile, but I don't think he could help it. It was then that he scooted back a little bit, and I felt the extremely soft cushion of his pretty little bottom on my lap. I mean, like...as if I wasn't so hard that it hurt already, feeling the mounds of spongy flesh pressing against it made it almost unbearable. My hips pushed up into the well-padded cheeks all by themselves, nearly raising Greyson an inch or two off of his knees. He gave me a sexy smirk, and then slid back a little bit further, now resting on my thighs.

He said, "I was just thinking...I mean, I might have a way to keep your clothes from getting messy. That's all." He turned away from me the moment he said it, but with another soft giggle, his eyes met mine again.

"Wha....what do you mean?" I asked.

Greyson gently liked his tender lips, and then...I watched as his hands wandered down to my zipper...and slowly began to pull it down.

I didn't have enough breath in me to even make a decent gasp of shock. In fact, I was worried that if I even saw him lowering his head in that direction, I'd erupt before he even got down there and spray him in the face like a fire hose!

I didn't know what the hell happened to me, but suddenly I felt a strong vibration in my pants, and I thought...I don't know...I thought that maybe this was a whole new KIND of orgasm! I had never felt anything like it. Then it stopped. Then it vibrated again. Oh, wow....this was...I mean, this was like...

"Evan?" Greyson said, still sitting on my legs.


"Hehehe, I think that's your cell phone."

"My what...?" I was struggling to breathe, and then I had enough blood rush back to my brain to come to my senses. "OH! My phone. Yeah, my phone...of course." I reached into my pocket, embarrasses. I'm such a virgin sometimes. "I set it to...I mean...we all have to have our phones on vibrate on the set. Well, I mean...I guess you already know that...."

"You might want to answer that." He grinned.

"Oh yeah. Right." I looked at the number, and it was definitely coming from the set. That made me look at the time, and I was already 10 minutes late getting back! How long had we been out there! I thought I might be late, but only by a few minutes. Ugh...this isn't going to be good. I winced as I answered the call.

"Evan, where are you? You're needed on set. We're all waiting here. What's the deal?" Said one of the cast's 'handlers'.

"I'm SO sorry. I lost track of the time. I left for lunch and..."

"Ok, you know, this excuse is taking up even more valuable time. When can you get here?"

"Um, I'm sorry. I'll be there in the next ten minutes. Ok?" I said.

"You should have been here in the last ten minutes. Let's get it together. Time is money."

"I'll be there. I'm so so sor..." But he hung up before I could finish my sentence.

Greyson looked a bit concerned. He said, "Oh no...I didn't get you in trouble, did I?"

"Trouble? No. No trouble. Just...the director can get a bit cranky sometimes. That's all." I looked down for a second, and my zipper was still down. I hate to admit it, but I almost wanted Greyson to follow through with that last thought. "So...ahem....what were we talking about?" I said, with my voice cracking with a flustered squeak.

"Unh unh..." He smiled, and he zipped me back up. "...You're going back to "The Walking Dead" set so I have a reason to keep coming by to get you for lunch."

Rats!!! "Yeah. I know. You're right." I sighed really heavy as I felt Greyson's gentle weight lift off of me, and after brushing himself off a bit, he extended a hand to help me up as well. But as soon as we were eye to eye again, with only a few seconds of hesitation, our lips pressed themselves together again. I could really get used to this.

Greyson and were making our way back through the woods, and I asked him, "Does your mom know? That you like...you know?"

"Boys? Yeah. She knows. Hehehe, I think I came out to her right before that very first YouTube video got uploaded. I mean, I wasn't chasing girls, I wasn't playing much sports...by the time I was walking around the house singing Lady Gaga songs all day, I'm sure she had some suspicions. She took it well though. I think she was even glad that I was different. You know?"

I said, "That would be cool. I don't know if my mom would understand. I mean, I don't think she'd hate me or anything...I just think she'd be confused."

"Ah well, you'll know when it's time to tell her. Everyone knows. It'll just happen one day, and then it'll be over with. And you'll be wondering, like, 'That was it??? That's all I had to do?'

"Hehehe, I'll take your word on that for now," I told him. "Are you ever going to tell your fans and stuff? You're gonna break a lot of little girls' hearts."

Greyson smiled with a sigh. "Yeah. Eventually. I mean, I have an agent and a manager and a style and image coach...they all say that I can't officially come out to the public until after my 18th birthday. Apparently, people get really squeamish about minors talking about anything that has to do with sex. They think it would be a bad move for my career."

"I guess it would be if millions of screaming girls paid your salary," I said.

"Yeah. But I'm not gonna hide it forever. Who knows? Maybe I'll have a bunch of screaming boys paying my salary instead."

Giving him a pouty look, I said, "Hey! You better NOT let me catch any cute boys screaming for you!" He leaned over to kiss me on the cheek as he put an arm over my shoulder.

"It's all for show. Promise." Then we walked a few more steps before he suddenly said to me, "Say...why don't you come visit me tonight?"

"Visit you? Visit you where?"

"At my hotel. It's not far from where I'm shooting my video, it's not far from "The Walking Dead" set...it would be great."

I gave him a sideways look for a moment. I mean...was he kidding? Or maybe flirting or something? "Are you being serious right now?"

"Totally!" He had this eager and excited smile on his face, and his big brown eyes were sooooo hopeful. "When you get off, you can come over, I've got TV and video games and room service...you can hear some of my new music...we'll make a whole night of it."

If there is any doubt whatsoever in anybody's mind that I was going to say yes to the idea of being in a hotel room with Greyson Chance after spending the last hour rolling around in the grass with him...then they need to go back and repeat high school Sex Ed classes immediately!

"Um....ok. What...what do I do? I mean, can I just show up and ask for you at the desk, or...?"

"Nope. Don't ask for Greyson Chance or they won't let you in. I can't check in under that name. Ask for 'Chance LeGrey' instead." I snickered out loud. "What?"

"Hehehe, it's just...for a songwriter, that's not very creative."

Greyson playfully bumped me with his shoulder. "Hey now, I like it. I think it sounds classy. Like royalty." He grinned. "Besides, it doesn't have to be anything fancy schmancy. It just has to be enough to keep the crazy stalker fans away."

"Well, I'm a crazy stalker fan, aren't I?"

We were just far enough offset to have a bit of cover from the trees, and Greyson took a hold of my waist, and he said, "You're a lot more than that." And he kissed me deeply on the lips, causing me to practically float right out of my shoes. Then he leaned his forehead up against mine as we shared a breathless sigh, and got ready to say goodbye. At leas for now. "You should get going. I'll call you later and tell you how to get to the hotel. K?"

"K..." I whispered.

"I'd come with you, but if they think I'm causing you to lose focus then they won't let me come back." He said. "But...I hope you can make it. I really want to spend some more time...getting to know you."

"You too." We kissed again, and he told me to go. That was probably the saddest part of my day.

"Evan?" He called out. And when I turned around, he pointed to my hair. "Hehehe..."

Yikes! Yeah, it was a mess. But it almost got me hard again thinking about how it got that way.

The second I was spotted, everyone made a big fuss, and orders were being yelled into walkie-talkies and hair and makeup jumped on me like a couple of armed muggers! But I think they were more concerned with getting back to work than berating me for holding up production. I'm sure that part will come later.

But, as everyone began to take their places in the scene, I noticed that Asa and Chandler were staring at me. It was the most paranoid feeling in the world. I kept wondering...could they see it? Do they see the frazzled hair and the erotic glow and the half-cocked smile like I see it on them every time they come sneaking back from the woods? If they got close enough, would they smell Greyson's clean, sweet, fragrance on my shirt? Would they notice the overworked blush of my lips from making out with such passion? If anyone knew what to look for...it would be those two.

And as I saw Asa grin, leaning over to whisper something softly in Chandler Rigg's ear...I started thinking that... maaaaybe I should have been just a little bit more discreet...