Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 5

It took a few minutes for me to shake off the nervous jitters that I had from coming back to the set so late. They were already setting up the next scene and I was trying to get my brain back in tune with what I was supposed to be doing here. Did I remember my lines? Did I remember the blocking? Did I have my hair and make up right? Shake it off, Evan. Get your head in the game. Come on.

I tried to focus. I tried to get back to a somewhat normal reality.

But then it would hit me....

I was just kissing and dry humping Greyson Chance in the middle of the woods! And he loved every erotic minute of it! I'd think about it, and my mind would go totally blank. I mean...wow...it's like I can still taste him. I can still feel the slow twisting of his warm, wet, tongue in my mouth. I can still feel his fingertips clutching tightly to my back. I can still feel the hard lump in his pants grinding against me as my hips pushed him down into the ground beneath us. I swear, I could still smell the scent of him on my clothes. Every few seconds, I could feel myself swelling to almost full hardness, and I'd have to distract my thoughts in order to stop it from obscenely poking out in front of me for everybody on set to see. God, I hope they don't catch it on camera. I can just see it now...'The Walking Dead', Episode #307...Evan Elliot gets a big BONER! That'll be a great career move for me, I'm sure.

Still...I couldn't stop thinking about him. I kept actually reaching up to touch my lips. Just...because I knew that he was kissing me. Just because I wanted to feel it again. And I just might, once we finish filming for the day. I sighed out loud as thoughts of being all tangled up in Greyson's arms and legs again ran through my mind.

Ugh, I need some water. Yeah...I've gotta walk over to the catering truck and get some water.

Was he really going to...um...put his mouth on my.....?

"Hey, Evan..." Came a voice over my shoulder. I turned my head to see Chandler standing there with a bit of a smirk. I didn't even realize that I had walked past him until he called out my name. Wow...I MUST be dizzy in the head to not see someone as dreamy as Chandler strolling by.

"Hey..." I said softly. I kinda gave him a bit of a wave, and then started walking again to get some bottled water.

Much to my surprise...Chandler said, "Hey. I mean...what's up? Where are you going?"

I think it just kinda shocked me. Because...well...I mean...Chandler never really talked to me before. I mean, he was always nice to me. 'Polite' is more like it. But he actually seemed to want to talk to me this time. So I stopped and said, "Oh...I was...well...I was thirsty." Yikes...is that the best I can come up with? This is Chandler Riggs here, dammit!

"Me too." He said. "Wait up. I'll come with you."

He's coming with me? He's...I mean he's like...ok. Yeah. He's coming with me. That's...um...normal. Totally normal.

Breathe, Evan. Breathe.

"So, you went out for lunch, huh?" He asked me as we were walking.

I was SO not used to this. I mean...I had this nervous wiggle in the center of my stomach that wouldn't let me speak normally. I was like, "Y-y-yeah. I just...I think I wanted to get away for a while. So...." I trailed off, peeking at Chandler out of the corner of my eye. Jesus, does he know how cute he is? Seriously. Does he just look at himself in the mirror naked and just appreciate every sexy inch of himself, or what? Because that's what I would do if I was him for a day. And I'd take pictures. LOTS of pictures!

"So....you know Greyson Chance, huh? That's gotta be pretty cool." He said. Chandler has a cute voice, you know that? I don't know...something about it is just...'cuddly'.

"Umm....yeah. It's....fun." What do I say? What do I NOT say? Does he know? Does he not know? This is weird.

"So where'd you guys meet?"

"Just last week. He was watching us filming and I just...said hello...and stuff."

"Oh. Ok." Chandler said. We got to the catering truck and he leaned over to get two bottled waters from the cooler. "Water, right? Or did you want a soda or something?"

"No...water is fine." Did he see me staring at his butt? PLEASE tell me he didn't catch me staring at his butt.

He took a few swallows of the ice cold water, and I found myself just watching his neck pulse and throb as he gulped the liquid down...envious of the bottle for getting to touch those lips in a way that I never would.

See...Chandler has this really 'visible' trench that travels down from his little button nose down to his tasty lips. And then he has this really subtle cleft in his chin that lines up with it perfectly. And that just makes his sweet little pink mouth all the more kissable to me! He's driving me CRAZY right now!

I almost forgot to take a drink myself. I just stood there gawking at Chandler like some kind of idiot. He asked, "I thought you were thirsty?"

I stammered for a moment, then said, "Yeah. I was. I mean, I am. I have...that is...well...water, yummy. Yay..." What the hell am I talking about??? Shut up already! I sound like a total geek right now!

"So where did you guys go?" Chandler asked me. I'm still swooning over the fact that he was actually talking to me. It was just...so unexpected.

"We uhhh...well, we went in the woods somewhere. Just...we had...food. And stuff."

Chandler giggled sweetly, and said, "You had food? Hehehe..."

"Um...yeah. Sandwiches. We had...we ate ummm...sandwiches...." I sighed. "...And stuff...."

You know, Chandler's eyes sparkle in the cutest way when he smiles. I don't think I noticed it until now.

He paused for a few awkward seconds while I tried to come up with something else to say to him. Then, he blows me away by saying, "Well...you know, sometimes Asa and I get together on the weekends. Maybe you guys can come and join us some time? We can play some Minecraft, watch some movies...it'll be fun."

Oh God....

Did Chandler Riggs invite me to his house? To spend time with him...and Asa Butterfield? Two cute boys that I KNOW are having sex with each other regularly! I think I started to hyperventilate, and it was hard to hide my wheezing, so I took a few more sips of water to conceal my overwhelming excitement.

"Ahem...ummm...Yeah. Sure. That sounds cool..." I said, my voice cracking and going all high on me. Geez, I must have sounded like a squeaky 4-year-old girl at that moment. But, luckily, they called me to take my mark on set shortly after that. It was a quick escape. One that I was thankful for. "I've gotta go. So...I'll see ya...Chandler..."

"Ok. Bye. We'll talk when you're done."

"We will?" I blurted out. "OH! I mean...yeah. We will. Ok...." Stupid!

I was walking back to set, but I felt like I was lost in a daze. I didn't understand what was happening here. I mean...what does hanging out with Chandler and Asa mean? To them, I mean. I'm using the word 'mean' too much. But...what does it mean? Wait...aren't Greyson and I like...dating? Are we working towards being boyfriends with each other or something? I can't just randomly go over and...and...spend a weekend sucking off not ONE...but TWO, sexy boys over and over again while licking their sensually naked bodies from head to toe and back again. I almost had to ask myself if it was cheating if I could just...put a finger in him or something. Why am I so super horny? Greyson made me horny! It's his fault!

Ok, so now I had this twisted vision of being in some kind of three-way situation with Asa and Chandler...and that REALLY didn't help my arousal defense in any way. Now I was getting even harder than before, and I had to keep finding places to sit down or lean against on my way back to the set. Every humiliating step seemed to just sport my shame with increasing visibility. Go DOWN, dammit!!! Go DOWN!!! How do Asa and Chandler pull this off every day? Oh wait...I know...they actually get a sexual release from grinding on each other for an extended period of time. That's how.

"Evan? There are just a few changes to the script here. So take a few minutes to study your sides and we'll be ready to roll. Got it?" One of the set hands told me, handing me a short daily script with a different colored top sheet on it. There weren't that many changes to it, nothing major, but I had a bit more dialogue than I did before. Learning it wasn't difficult at all in the amount of time that they gave me. But I did notice one addition that wasn't there before.

Evidently, Asa Butterfield's character walks up to hug me from behind in this scene. Just a friendly hug while delivering a few lines of his own...but I guess he's supposed to...like...'hold' me like that for a few seconds. I just thought that was...well...kinda neat.

Chandler was watching from just behind the cameras, and I noticed Asa walking over to his mark, the lights causing his deep blue eyes to glow all bright and pretty like. It could be intimidating to stare at, you know? I think that boy is secretly possessed by a magical elf or some kind of blue-eyed nymph from ancient folklore or something. "Hey, Evan...", he said to me with a subtle grin. You know...I don't think Asa has ever called me by my name before. Not once the whole time that we've been filming on set together. Granted, he's been working and stuff...and he has a lot of dialogue and other scenes that I'm not in...but, except for the occasional nod of his head or a quick random glance during one of our breaks by the catering truck, we haven't spoken to each other much at all over the past few weeks of filming. It was kind of a surprise to hear.

You wanna know something? My name sounds kinda cool with an accent....

"Ok, places, everybody. We're running a bit late here, so let's get focused." The director said. Gee...thanks. As if he didn't make me feel bad enough when I got back to set in the first place. Whatever. I was making out with a perfect TEN! I can take all the flak he can give out and a lot more for another shot at smooching with my brown eyed angel. Believe me.

I took a moment to shake off 'real life' for a bit and get into character. There were a few sprays of water on my face for a perspired look, and I had my hair tossed a bit before everyone backed out of sight from the cameras. I had my back turned to Asa, so I couldn't see what he was doing. But I did notice Chandler giggle bashfully as he took a peek over my shoulder. What the heck are those two doing now? I'm not going to let it break my concentration. I'll just...I'll imagine it later. While I'm all cuddled up with Greyson Chance in a hotel room. Yeah. That's what I'll do.

"Alright, we're rolling." The director said. "Background. And...action..."

One of the soldiers in front of me and the other refugee students from the series stepped forward and said, "We don't run wild around here. You understand? We don't wander off from the group. We don't travel solo. Stick to groups of two or three at all time. We did everything that we could to secure the perimeter in this place, but we never know when a cluster of 'walkers' might find a weakness in the gates or another way in. If any of you get caught out by yourselves...you get bitten....infected...we WILL put you down. There are no 'accidents' here. And there is not a single one of you with enough sentimental value to risk the safety of everyone else in this compound." He narrowed his eyes as he looked directly at me. "Are we clear?"

"It's nothing that we haven't heard before. From other people who didn't make it as far and for as long as we did." I replied. Yeah...I think I like that line better than the one they had me learn yesterday.

Then it was Asa's turn to walk up behind me...

Did I make a face? I'm sure I did. Because the director called 'CUT' almost immediately and told us to do it again.

I mean, um...I don't know if he did it on purpose or anything...but when Asa walked up behind me, he put his arms over my shoulders...and I distinctly felt him bump my booty with the front of his pants. I mean...like...he practically pushed me forward with this unexpected hip thrust. And as soon as the director called cut, I saw Chandler snickering to himself while covering his mouth with his hand.

I turned around briefly, and Asa just smiled at me as he went back to his mark.

Am I blushing? I'm blushing. I know it. That's gonna show on camera. STOP IT!!! I started fanning my face with both hands and tried to regain my composure. Ok...so, I just wasn't expecting that. It was probably just a mistake, right? I mean...well...whatever. I need to focus. Ok. I can do this. Just...forget about that. The faster I get through the rest of my scenes today, the faster I can get back to Greyson. So...yeah. STOP blushing, and get your head in the game! Geez!

The lines were delivered again. "Are we clear?"

"It's nothing that we haven't heard before. From other people who didn't make it as far and for as long as we did." I said.

This time I think I was ready for Asa to put his arms over my shoulders...but this time, not only did he press himself up against me from behind, but I could almost feel him humping himself into me multiple times. Is everybody SEEING this??? I mean, it wasn't really all that blatant, but I was sure that somebody could see what was going on below the waist, even if the camera couldn't.

Asa delivered his lines without any effort at all, being way more practiced than me in the industry. "I don't think you have anything to worry about, Sergeant. What my friend here is trying to say is...we've lived a lot longer without you than we have with you. So chill out." I know that we were supposed to be this small but bratty troop of high school kids on the series that just sort of fell in with the show's regulars...but I could still feel Asa pressing himself right up against my ass....and, I might have been mistaken, but there seemed to be a bit more of a 'stiffness' present that wasn't there the first time he did it.

Keeping my calm wasn't easy. I could feel his breath on my cheek. I could feel his chest on the back of my shoulders. And all I could think about was...he was just doing this to Chandler Riggs less than an hour ago, I'll be. And what IS that??? It's, like...moving up and down in the cleft of my ass. Oh God....

Another take..."It's nothing that we haven't heard before. From other people who didn't make it as far and for as long as we did." And Asa bumped me again.

ANOTHER take..."It's nothing that we haven't heard before. From other people who didn't make it as far and for as long as we did." And, no matter how much I tried to prepare myself for it...Asa always came at a slightly different angle to keep me off balance and thrill me in a whole other way. This was obviously something that he was doing on purpose. But...WHY? Does he know about me? I mean...did the sight of Greyson and I sneaking off together clue the two of them in on what was going on between us? Could Asa smell Greyson's sweet fragrance on my skin from kissing and rolling around with him for so long? Does he...I mean...is it possible that he and Chandler might...?

"What my friend here is trying to say is...we've lived a lot longer without you than we have with you. So chill out." Asa said.

"And CUT! Alright, next scene. Take five." The director told us.

Still trembling slightly, I turned around and saw Asa approaching me to give me a gentle pat on the back. "Good scene, man. I liked it."

It took everything I had to not look down and see if he was even partially hard from basically impregnating me on camera. "Um...you too. Thanks." Why was my voice so shaky? I need to get out of here. I need more water. I need to sit down again. I'm stiffening up here....

"Hey!" Asa said as I started to walk away. "Listen, had Chandler talked to you yet?"

"T-T-Talked to me? Has he...? I mean...well...um...yah. He said....'hi' and stuff..."

"Well, listen...sometimes we hang out on the weekends. I've got a wicked spot in this hotel not far from here. It's got a swimming pool and everything." Asa said, those blue eyes practically burning a hole right through me. "Why don't you come over and hang for a while? It'll be a nice break from all the madness. Don't ya think?" Everything sounds cooler with an accent behind it.

"Well...I'd have to ask my mom and all, but..." Suddenly, thoughts of Chandler and Asa being completely naked and all wrapped around each other, spurting warm splashes of fresh semen against each other's bellies while I watched flashed through my mind. "...Maybe I could...I mean...yeah. I'm sure that would be...you know...cool." Did my voice crack? My voice is cracking! UGH! Isn't puberty over YET! Fuck!

"Alright. Cool. I'll let Chandler know. It'll be good to get to know you better, Evan. We'll set it all up, ok?" Why was I so paralyzed? I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. Was I even BREATHING??? This felt...weird. So very weird.

"Ok..." Did I say ok? Did I really just say ok? Do they just want to hang out? Or am I going to end up with those crystal blue eyes looking up at me as he sucks me deep in between those cherry lips while running his hands up and down my thighs? Wait...did he say US? So Chandler is going to be there too? I mean could I...can I get a taste? Just a taste? Maybe even a little bit more?

I shouldn't be thinking about this. No. I should just...get my dirty thoughts under control and think about Greyson. I mean...he's waiting on me right now! He's been so sweet to me this whole time. He seems like he really likes me. Like...he doesn't just think I'm hot, you know? He actually enjoys being around me. And I feel the same way around him. That's a total dream come true for me. And yet...I've been drooling over Chandler for so long...dreaming about Asa...that I just feel like...like...

Is this one of those once in a lifetime chances that people talk about? Is this the kind of thing that I'll be telling people about 50 YEARS from now??? "That's right, sonny...I had a sexy three-way ORGY with two hot teen actors in a hotel with a pool before I had even hit my 15th birthday! How you like them apples?" Or, you know...whatever fruit is popular in the year 2063!

I think I need time to think about this. Because...I'm really confused over how I feel about this right now. I don't know why, but give me some time to think it over. I'm NEW at this, after all! I can't say that I've ever been in this position before. Maybe in my fantasies, but that's about it.

Dammit....virginity sucks!