Summer Love

Summer Love

I often catch myself watching him in the cafeteria, and I have to mentally smack my mind back into focus. It had been a great first week at summer camp and I was getting the hang of serving food in the mess hall. Even at the young age of fourteen, I had a good business sense. So I knew that if I sacrificed the first couple of weeks of summer to work at camp, then I'd have enough money to enjoy the rest of the break to its fullest! But I didn't count on one major distraction this year. I didn't count on Cody.

My name is Chris, and I'm a homosexual. At least I think am...I'd have to actually lose my virginity to somebody before I know for sure. But I think about other boys all the time. It really scared me at first, still does sometimes, and I tried my best to drive those unpleasant thoughts from my head. I wanted to be like the other kids, I just wanted to be "normal". I tried to convert myself into liking girls, I tried praying for help, I tried watching lesbian pornos, I tried watching non-stop sports, I tried self hypnotism...I even took karate! But when the dust cleared and that cute boy from school asked me for a pencil...I was hard as a rock again! To say that it was frustrating was an understatement! It was a good thing that I didn't act gay. Even though I could have sworn that I caught a few guys in school glancing at my slim figure a few times in the shower, I'm sure they didn't suspect anything. I'm about 5' 3" and a bit flimsy in the arms and legs. I've got long brown hair that hangs almost to shoulders, but not quite. I've got hazel eyes and I look a lot better now that I don't have to wear my braces anymore. I'd say that I was a total babe magnet...if I wasn't so modest, that is.

But back to my little problem. When I got hired for this job, a junior server at Camp Somethingerother, I had to get trained by a fifteen year old server who had a previous year's experience. His name was Cody, and for the first time in my short life, I was HAPPY to be a homosexual! Cody was absolutely delicious...a feast for the eyes, ears, nose....and I'm guessing the mouth too!!! When the councilor introduced us for the first time, I could feel my whole body go limp. I felt my eyes soften as I gazed at a vision so beautiful that it made me feel extreme happiness and gut twisting terror at the same time! He was only a few inches taller than me, placing my lips about even with his slender neck. He had a healthy mass of golden hair that was cut in a short preppy fashion. He had hazel eyes that made my baby browns look dim in comparison! He had one dimple on the left cheek that appeared every time he smiled, which was often, because he was such a happy guy. His teeth were gleaming white and they were covered by two kissable pink lips that seemed to move in a seductive slow motion when he spoke. His voice had this sexy rasp to it, an alluring pitch that awakened the senses and made you want to hear more. If I wasn't gay before, I was now! His slim, but athletic, body had lean swimmer's muscles and a tight round bottom that just made my cock tingle every time it came near me! And I haven't even gotten to the best part yet!

It wasn't until the third or fourth day of training (and falling for him hard!) that I heard some of the other kids teasing him. He took it all in stride, and it was just a couple of non-insulting, good natured jokes...but I got the message right away! Cody was gay! Not only that, but he was out of the closet and proud of it. I had never met another gay person before, especially someone so young...and gorgeous! Cody was really cool about it, he even made fun of himself when he was around the other guys. He was just an all around good person with a heart of gold. Who could want anything more?

I didn't know what it was at the time, but I felt something for him that could only be love. Not 'puppy love' or a 'summer crush' or an 'infatuation'...but a combination of the three and then some. Not a minute went by that I didn't think of him. Whenever I said his name, a shiver went through my body. It got worse whenever he answered me. It had only been a week, and I was either deeply in love, or heavily confused. Which ever one it felt great.

Cody and I would spend most of the day together in the kitchen, and then we'd play some games and stuff afterwards. He kind of took me under his wing and treated me like a big brother most of the time. He was also a great prankster! He'd put grasshoppers in people's mashed potatoes, or hair nets in the soup! He'd always point it out before anyone ate it of course, not because he was concerned about health or anything, but because he wanted to see the looks on their faces when they saw it! He was awesome. A couple of times he'd say, "Watch this!" and he'd walk up to the most straight, macho, girl chasing guy in the kitchen and pretend to make a pass at him. The guy would usually blush and get all nervous, and then we'd fall to the floor and laugh as hard as our teen bodies would allow. There were times that I honestly forgot how much I loved him.

"Say Chris!" Cody called out to me one day after a particularly trying shift. "You feel like playing a few games of frisbee?"

I turned to the window and saw rain coming down in buckets. I looked back at Cody and said, "Yeah, right."

"What? I'm serious!"

"Cody, it's raining outside."

"So...a little water never hurt anybody." Cody said with a smile. He was definitely a free spirit, but this was a new thing for me. I had spent an entire week with this kid and thought I knew what to expect from him. Cody took every opportunity to prove me wrong.

", what the hell! Let me get my coat!"

We ran out into the rain, and he was right. After the initial shock of being out in the freezing rain was gone, it really wasn't all that bad. We tossed the frisbee back and forth for about ten minutes before my mind started to wander into that "dangerous territory" again. There was Cody, soaking wet, diving and jumping for the frisbee, smiling from ear to ear with that cute little dimple winking at me. Suddenly I couldn't concentrate and I got really clumsy. I started tripping over myself, and then I got really shy around him. He kept telling me to throw it higher and further, calling me wussy and mama's boy while we both laughed and giggled in the pouring rain. Then he did something that threw me off guard....he "mooned" me!!! I looked up and there were two ripe cheeks stuck out at me, shaking back and forth, with droplets of water streaming right down the middle in the crack! My heart jumped up into my throat and my dick sprang to attention immediately! I looked closer and saw his balls hanging low between his hairless thighs. They looked so scrumptious that any hope of wiping the image out of my mind was gone! He pulled his pants up and turned to me with a big grin on his face. My mouth was wide open. I was mesmerized and couldn't move.

"Chris? Helloooo....? Throw the frisbee dude! And give me a good one this time!" He shouted, completely oblivious of what he was doing to me.

I wanted to rush over there and plant a big wet kiss on his lips! I wanted to hold those tender ass cheeks in my hands and have his arms wrap around me! I had been teased and taunted by this adorable teen sex god for an entire week, never once making my feelings known. But now, I felt that I'd die if I didn't say something! I HAD to say SOMETHING! I couldn't wait another minute! I'd go mad if I didn't!!! I took a few shaky steps closer, but my legs froze up on me and refused to go further! My voice left me an my breath followed it! My mind, my body, my heart, and my hormones were pulling me in four different directions and I didn't know which one to listen to! Why couldn't I do it? I knew he was gay, I knew that we got along great, and I knew that he'd at least be flattered by my love for him even if he didn't feel the same. So what was the problem? I felt weak in the knees and my stomach almost shook itself loose as I stood in the rain holding that frisbee! For me, this was the moment of truth!

"Chris!!!" He shouted, trying to get my attention. And I threw that frisbee with every bit of teenaged muscle I had and it soared over his head by at least six feet and it fell over the side of the road in a ditch! Oooops...did I do that?

Cody ran over and down into the ditch and I went over to see if he could get it. Cody picked the frisbee up out of a giant mud puddle and no sooner did he hand it to me did he slip and fall flat on his back! The mud washed over his stomach and it splashed up into his face! As a part of the teen boy was my duty to laugh hysterically at the sight! Cody was laughing too and gave me his hand to help him up. Big mistake, because the next thing I knew, Cody had pulled me into the slop with him! He used his hands to rub mud all over my chest and face! Soon we were splashing and wrestling like a couple of two year olds! It was the most fun I'd ever had in my life! I'd never laughed so hard, played so much, felt!

Cody was wrestling me and he seemed to be getting closer and closer to me, rubbing his wet body against mine and causing a sensual friction between us. The laughing had quieted down a bit, and soon things got a little more intimate. Then he grabbed me and pinned me on my back in the center of the pit where the mud was deepest. He just looked down at me and his smile faded away, turning into something sexier than anything that I could have ever imagined. He bit his lip gently as he held me in his arms, my heart racing, my body numb with anticipation. I prepared myself to taste his sweet kiss, to feel his delicious lips pressed firmly against mine. He looked like he was trying to fight it, like he was wrestling with himself the same way I was earlier. Then he started to lean into me and I closed my eyes. I parted my mouth slightly and leaned my head back, waiting impatiently for our lips to touch. This was it! This is what I had been waiting for! Then I heard snickering. I opened my eyes to see Cody grinning at me.

"What?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"You want me don't you?"

His voice was so awesome! "Huh? Not really..."

"Yes you do. You've got a little freaky-freaky in you boy. Who knew? I never would have figured you for gay."

"Who says I'm gay?" I said, trying to play the whole thing off. But he didn't answer, he just leaned in for another kiss. I leaned in to finally taste him, but he pulled back again, grinning widely. "Knock it off blockhead!"

"You're too ready for it. I want it to be spontaneous." He said. This was too much! I had a six inch hard on that hurt from lack of attention, and the fact that I was laying in a giant puddle of mud didn't help. Then Cody said, "Maybe tomorrow, slugger. For right now, why don't we get cleaned up? Then we'll talk."

Great! Now I was going to have to jack off (probably 3 or 4 times!) before I got so much as a kiss from him! I started to get up, but all of the sudden, Cody pushed me back down into the mud again! The water splashed up over my face and it seemed to be twenty degrees colder this time around! Before I could come to my senses and wipe the water out of my eyes, I felt Cody roll over on top of me and kiss me passionately on the lips! It took me completely by surprise and it took a second or two to figure out what the hell was going on! It was a hundred times better than I could have ever dreamed! I suddenly lost track of myself, of time, of life in general. I could feel the grit of dirt on his lips and mine, and our bodies were slick and wet from our horseplay. Cody ground into me slightly and I felt a moan escape my throat. I don't know where it came from, it just sort of happened. Then Cody broke our heartfelt lip lock and looked down at me lovingly.

" that's how a kiss should be." He said. He reached down and rubbed my cock through the soaked fabric and it jumped with delight. "Somebody might see us out here, but I've got keys to the guest cabin up the road. Let's go for it."

I needed no further invitation, and we quickly ran uphill to the abandoned cabin, our stiff cocks swinging back and forth noticeably! The second he got that door open, we started kissing again. I loved him so much it hurt, and the pain was turning into raw lust as I saw him start to unbutton his pants! I began doing the same as fast as I could! My hand found his way to his cock as he fumbled to get his underwear off. I think my hand was in the way and making it harder for him to pull them off, but once my hand felt the warm aura around his genitals, there was no force on Earth that could make me let go! We both managed to get completely naked with the exception of our socks and we moved over to the couch where Cody dropped down to his knees in front of me. I tried to sit still, but my eager body needed his skillful touch and it squirmed out of my control. Cody took a quick second to tell me how long he had waited for this moment, and how I was by far the cutest boy he'd ever taught at Camp Somethingerother. It made me feel like such a prince! He choked me up with his compliments, and I had to kiss him on the lips once more before he drew his attention to my aching cock. He grabbed it with one soft hand and I almost came! He stroked it one time, very slowly. Taking his hand to the very tip of my cock head and then slowly moving it down to the base at a snail's pace! I had to hold on to his shoulders to keep still, but it wasn't long before I was bucking my hips up into his face. He kissed both of my thighs tenderly before licking my shaft from the bottom to the top! I trembled with inexperience, but that's when my body's instincts took over and guided me into the slippery heat of his waiting mouth. He engulfed my entire length and began bobbing rhythmically as I stared at the ceiling. All I could think of was "So this is what sex feels like! COOL! Mental note: MUST HAVE MORE!!!"

Cody was tickling and tugging at my testicles and I started to slide off of the couch! I couldn't sit still! My ass tightened up, my thighs became rock hard muscular blocks, and my stomach tensed up! I felt a sharp tingling in the very tip of my cock and I knew that my orgasm was coming! Cody must have known too, because he dragged me off of the couch and onto the floor, repositioning himself to get a better vacuum grip on my swollen member with his tightened lips! He started sucking really good and I winced as the cum shot out of my cock like a bullet! Cody drank every last drop as I kicked and twitched wildly beneath him! I sat up on the floor with my head on the cushion of the couch, and Cody climbed up onto my face! He put his knees on the couch, straddling my head, and I leaned back to suck and lick at his nutsack! It was so hot and soft, with a slight taste of salt! The scent was indescribably sweet, and his long hard cock rubbed back and forth, up and down, on my face as he ground his scrotum into my mouth! He was making these little puppy dog whimpers and I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands! His softened globes melted between my fingertips and it caused him to start humping my face hard! I reached up with one of my hands and started jacking him off furiously and he had to hold the back of the couch to keep from falling off! I could feel his climax approaching! I don't know how I knew, but I could sense it, and I wanted it to be his best ever! I sped up my pace on his cock with my right hand, crushed his ass cheek with my left, and my tongue went ballistic on his sweetened testicles! I could tell he was trying to hold back, but I wanted it! I needed it! NOW! He screamed a sexy "Here it comes!!!" and creamed over my head and into my hair! He never stopped moving while he was cumming and it only made me want it more! Cody climbed down to the floor with me and tongue kissed me for what seemed like another hour while we stroked each other! We both came two more times in that one sitting before collapsing from exhaustion! Nothing could have been better!

Later that night, Cody and I built a fire in the cabin and raided some snacks from the cafeteria. We sat in front of the fire and just held each other, no talking, no sex, just the tranquility and love that only we could share. The first week at camp was great...but it was the week following that night that changed my life forever. I love him, more than words can ever say. And to know that he feels the same, makes life wonderful.

When I had first arrived at camp, I was worried, anxious, unsure of what was going to happen. I was terrified that it would end up being a lonely two weeks without a friend in site. But after my wonderful day with Cody the day before...I was completely put at ease. I had fallen so far in love in a single day, and it was wonderful! I had been swept off of my feet by this young, tempting individual, and my heart soared high above every other hormone crazy teenager's ever could! It was kind of hard to hide my emotions from the other kids at camp, and I think that they were a little freaked out by the way I was acting. Humming songs to myself, smiling, grinning, giggling, and gliding across the floor when I walked. I was downright giddy! It was almost as if I could see myself acting all goofy from outside of my body, and I would try to stop it, but my emotions wouldn't listen to me anymore! They belonged to Cody.

That afternoon in the kitchen, Cody and I kept trading glances and shy smiles. Occasionally he would wink at me when no one was looking and I would have to busy myself to keep from running across the room and planting one on his sexy lips! He just aroused me in every possible way! Why couldn't I stop smiling damnit!!! Do all newly 'deflowered virgins' act this way? I was becoming a major goofball here!

After serving the masses our camp food, or as we liked to call it..."the slop"...Cody tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey Chris, I'm going out to find my scout knife, can you help me look for it?"

"What? You don't have a scout knife." I said.

"Sure I do, remember? You saw it yesterday...out by the old shed? Remember?" Cody said, making his point. I caught on and suddenly got all jittery inside! We were going to do it again! We were going to do it again! I practically ran out of the door past Cody and raced him up the hill! I couldn't' wait! I was like a kid at Christmas!

Cody laughed at my eagerness and rubbed my back tenderly as he opened the door. It felt so awesome to be loved by someone! Cody was so intrigued with me. He started asking me all kinds of questions and said he wanted to know everything about me. I was so hot for him, I kept my answers short and to the point! My 14 year old cock was soooo hard! It hurt with every beat of my heart! Cody had a small tent in his pants as well, but he continued to ask me questions about my family, and my hometown, and my school. How could he not be as hot as I was! I was literally twitching in anticipation. He smiled at me and he must have known how incredibly horny I was, but he continued to tease me anyway! He asked more questions, and tried to get deeper and deeper into my life. I really wanted to know everything about him too...just not right now! Cody's smile and sexy teenaged voice was an irresistible turn on for me and I was leaking pre-cum like crazy! I must have looked like a puppy waiting to go out into the back yard!

I thought that maybe if I started taking off my clothes, Cody would get the idea and jump my bones. So I started taking off my shirt. But he rambled on and on, pretending not to notice. Then I took off my shoes, then my socks, then my pants! Soon I was sitting next to him on the couch butt naked, trying to get some loving out of him! But he only grinned at me and continued his chit chat. He reached a soft hand up to my head and ran his fingers through my hair, making me shiver and quake as ice cold chills ran down my spine. My cock spasmed and jumped and my pre-cum was dripping down the sides! I leaned my head back as Cody ran his slender fingertips seductively through my brown locks and whispered in my ear. I couldn't take this teasing for much longer! He just kept talking and my mind went blank. He pet me lovingly, my naked body sliding ever closer to my lover's warm embrace. Then, he became silent, and blew his warm breath onto the nape of my neck. He leaned in and chewed the soft flesh there for a few seconds before rising to look me in the eyes. I gazed at him as he gave me the sexiest look I had ever seen and then he leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips! He surprised me with his sudden animal passion and his hard breathing and moaning brought me to the brink of orgasm...and over!!! I shuddered and was suddenly overcome by a powerful orgasm that drained the strength from my entire body! I came all over myself without even touching it! Dammit!!!!!

Cody snickered at me and said, "Just wanted to see if it was possible to cum without touching it. Guess it was!" He laughed at me, and I couldn't help but giggle myself!

"So glad I can be here to amuse you, ya bastard!" I said, playfully pushing him back on the couch! He apologized between giggles and once I climbed on top of him we kissed again. His laughter died down and soon he became sensually serious again. I humped myself into him and realized that I had never gotten soft. I was still shaking from my last orgasm, is it possible to have two at once? Cody grabbed my ass and kneaded the soft cheeks, pulling me into him. His hands squeezed and pulled the tender flesh, making me moan out loud. I got off of Cody long enough to pull his pants down. I lifted his legs over my shoulders and licked erotically at his balls, occasionally nibbling at his tastey thighs. He grabbed me tenderly by the ears and guided me to his stiff cock as it waved slightly in front of me. I licked at it and ran the top of my head against the shaft, letting my hair tickle the tip as Cody spasmed from the feeling. Finally, I took him in all the way down and his awesome flavor filled my hungry mouth! He was still holding onto my ears and was gently face fucking me with a steady rhythm. He was getting close and hearing his whimpers get closer and closer together turned me on to the point where I started to grind myself into the cushion! Cody's legs squeezed my head with a slight pressure, and his silken hairless thighs pressed themselves against my cheeks. The coolness of his naked flesh on my face forced me into a sexual frenzy and I went crazy on his cock, tugging gently at his testicles! My grinding got harder and I felt another orgasm getting ready to take me into oblivion again! Cody couldn't hold out anymore, and his legs tensed up as he shot a fresh warm load of nectar into my mouth! I swallowed as he continued to push up into my face. Feeling his soft pubic hairs tickling my nose sent me over the edge and I pushed my hips into the cushion hard as I came again! The second orgasm was almost dry, but the spasming muscles contracted anyway, and threatened to knock me unconscious from the pleasure overload!

Cody and I purred and cooed in each other's arms for another 20 minutes or so before figuring out that someone might come looking for us soon if we didn't get back. Not since I was a small child in my mother's arms had I felt so comfortable having someone hold me. When he said we had to get up, it almost hurt me to move. I wanted to lay there with him for the rest of the day...maybe even the rest of the summer! After getting dressed and cleaning up any evidence of our activities, we went out to take a hike in the woods. About 2 miles outside of camp, I started feeling safer about feeling the way I did about Cody. Out here, with just the two of us, there were no judging eyes to tell us who we should and should not love. And while watching his blond hair sweep back and forth across his angelic face, I never wanted to return.

We were talking about this and that, when curiosity got the best of me. I asked him, "What is it like?"

"What is what like?"

"Having other people know you're gay. Doesn't it bother you?"

"Well...not really. It did at first, it felt like I didn't have a friend in the world. But you know, after the initial shock is gone, the only people left are your true friends and family. They learn to accept it as a part of life and soon everything goes back to normal. Then everything gets better!"

"Better how?" I asked, admiring the strength of my newfound love.

"Suddenly, you realize that you don't have to hide anymore. The secrets that held you down for so long are suddenly lifted, and you feel free. Now I can date, speak openly about myself, and even joke about it, like I do back in the kitchen."

"I wish I could tell people. But I don't think my friends would understand like yours did. They'd tease me and beat the shit out me. Then there's my parents..." Cody put his arm over my shoulder and told me that if they did that, they weren't friends in the first place, and I'd be better off finding out now than later when I really needed them.

Cody leaned me up against a tree and said, "Don't worry about it Chris. You'll come out when you're good and ready. You'll do it in your own special way, and when you'll be beautiful." Then he leaned in and kissed me. We made out against that tree for a few minutes, his wet tongue and mine intertwining between our young lips. Just then a big lump fell on Cody and he jumped back and screamed! I opened my eyes and saw him fling the dark lump to the ground and run back towards me! It was a big fat raccoon! The animal sneered at both of us and went on about his business as though nothing had happened. We both looked at each other in horror for a few seconds, then we fell to our knees laughing! We laughed until tears welled up in our eyes and our bellies ached! It was a moment that I'd remember for the rest of my life.

Cody and I spent the rest of the day either serving food in the kitchen, or standing out behind the mess hall, cracking jokes with the other guys working with us. We just enjoyed the afternoon until the sun set and the sky was illuminated with bright stars. I saw a silver streak fly across the sky and Cody told me it was a falling star. My first falling star! I thought that kind of thing only happened in movies! I remember searching the sky for another one, and when I looked back down, Cody was looking at me. Shortly after, we broke off from the rest of the group and retreated to the shack again. But this time, instead of staying inside, Cody grabbed some matches, a tent, and a few sleeping bags and we went out into a clearing in the woods to sleep under the bright starry sky.

We fixed a small fire and set up our tent in a matter of minutes. We sat in silence, admiring the sights ad sounds of Mother Nature as we huddled around the fire. I looked over at him and was so overwhelmed by the mere sight of him that I got choked up. He had his knees pulled up to his chest while he sat on the ground and it showed off the sexy curves of his tight ass! The flames of our campfire flickered across his smooth face and his hair had flopped into his eyes, making him look soooo cute! I leaned over quickly and placed the sweetest angel kiss on his cheek, and he returned the favor by kissing me on the lips. We laid back on our sleeping bags to make love under the stars, and my soul was once again lifted into the clouds. We stripped down slowly and the crackle of the fire made the moment all the more romantic. I never expected to find such a good friend in Cody, and I certainly never expected to fall in love.



"How will I know when I'm ready to, you know, tell people about me?"

Cody kissed me again and said, "You just will. Like I said, when the time comes, you'll know it. Then you'll find your own way to express it. Don't trust yourself."

"I love you Cody."

"I love you too." And no other words were necessary. Cody wrapped his arms around me and our bare chests rubbed against each other. Our nipples touched and we ground them together, making them tingle and ache as the hardened and became erect. I switched myself around and took his hard cock into my mouth. He licked at my stomach for a few seconds and then did the same. We laid in a 69 position and became one, our moaning and heavy breathing drowned out by the sounds of the campgrounds 'nightlife'. I grabbed his luscious ass with both hands and squeezed as I guided him deeper into my mouth! The ridge of his circumcised cock danced playfully over my tongue as it went in and out of my lips. Cody's fingers massaged my balls and one finger ran small circles around my puckered hole. I moaned out loud and felt the inevitable build up in my loins. My whole body and mind became slaves to the impending climax and Cody's body was becoming just as stiff. I began pumping in and out of Cody's mouth instinctively and he mirrored my motions with his own rock hard member. We were now groaning over the sounds of the forest and our once liquid movement became jerky and rigid. We came simultaneously, swallowing and squirming, neither one of us knowing whether to enjoy the other boy's orgasm or our own! We relaxed, and even though both of our penises were limp, we continued to suck and nurse at them anyway. Later that night, we slept in the same sleeping bag, cuddling together as close as we possibly could. There were a few times that I would wake up in the night, and feel Cody stroking my hair affectionately. I never felt so safe.

The next day was the last day of camp for us, and we spent the morning packing up our gear. Cody and I had already swapped addresses and phone numbers. There was no way in hell that we were going to lose touch...EVER! Just before we left, the councilors gathered us together with the rest of the camp workers for a group photo. Cody and I stood together in the back and I waited until it was almost time to snap the picture before I tod him.

"Hey Cody? You remember when you said that I'd know when I was ready to come out and would find my own way to do it?"


The photographer raised his hand and told us to say cheese. Then I turned to Cody and said, "Well...this is it!" And I pulled him to me, kissing him on the lips passionately just as the camera snapped! For once, I had caught HIM by surprise, and the silence that fell around us was enough to let me know that my message had been delivered...loud and clear! The picture was of the two of us kissing with everyone else turning around to stare in shock! It was great! Cody and I never stop laughing about it...not even when he comes to visit every other week.