Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 11

There was a time or two that Greyson made sure to lean over and lightly rest his head on my shoulder, or give me a gentle kiss on the lips. But I knew that he was just doing it to make sure that I knew he was still infatuated with me and me alone...even while watching what was going on through that trailer window. And that must have been a hard collection of emotions to balance, because Asa and Chandler were giving us a show that we were sure to remember for a LONG time to come!

The strange thing is, I wasn't really jealous of Greyson's interest. Like...not at all. Maybe it was the fact that he still kept me so close to his heart the whole time. That he was soooo aroused, but chose to share it with me instead of wishing he was with someone else. The whole experience just gave me a shiver of warm joy and excitement that caused me to hold him even tighter against me. He really wanted me. Two boys, two hot boys...two hot CELEBRITY boys...are naked and ready to have sex right there in front of our very eyes...and Greyson still kept his desires focused on me. There are no words to describe how awesome that felt. Hehehe, I gave him a long, lingering, kiss on his cheek while he watched quietly. My silent thanks for having him be such an amazing boyfriend.

Wow...boyfriend. Still feels weird even thinking that to myself. Greyson Chance is my boyfriend. Wow...


I have to be honest when I say that I was really turned on, seeing Asa so eager, so ANXIOUS, to totally smother Chandler's soft young body with sexual ecstasy. He kissed him with such breathless desperation that I was surprised that the rapid loss of oxygen didn't make him dizzy. I could actually see his arm muscles flexing as he held onto Chandler's body and crushed his hardness against him. Chandler's breath would be pushed right out of his slim frame, and he would whimper involuntarily as Asa smiled at him, proud of being able to elicit such a grateful response.

They spent a minute or two just humping and grinding on one another, a passionate exchange of kisses shared. But seeing as they wouldn't have much time together, and they were too far into the heat of the moment to stop before they were finished, Asa pressed Chandler's shoulders to the mattress and pushed his thin legs up to rest on his shoulders while he positioned himself for what was certain to be a rather aggressive assault on Chandler's constricted hole.

Both Greyson and I covered our mouths and cringed slightly as the 'less-than-romantic' penetration caused young Chandler to bite his bottom lip and yelp out with a brief moment of discomfort. I don't think Asa was trying to deliberately hurt him or anything, but he was definitely lost in a lustful daze where an urgency for release had overpowered his need to be careful. Luckily...from Chandler's reaction...we could tell that this wasn't a 'first' for the two of them. I would assume that Asa just gets an intense craving for his special boy on occasion, and Chandler's gotten himself used to the extra enthusiasm. From the way he moaned Asa's name, I'd say that he even liked the added attention. How hot is that?

I could see Chandler's body relax a bit after the ache went away, and his little sock feet rested on Asa's tight bottom as he pushed himself the rest of the way into Chandler's snug tunnel. The lubrication made the boy's resistance of its invader almost useless. His long, hard, shaft just slid past the narrowing inner walls, the vice-like grip of his tightening ring only increasing Asa's pleasure, tenfold, as it tried to instinctively keep him from sinking any further into Chandler's heated muscle. It might just be one of the hottest things that I have ever witnessed in my life. Which, you know...isn't saying much. But still...I doubt I'd be able to handle anything hotter in the future.

Asa kissed Chandler deeply on the lips, their tongues tangling up as they moaned from the bliss inspired by the most intimate of connections. And when Asa slowly pulled a few inches out of his lover...Chandler's eyes rolled back, his sweet lips smiling as the gentle relief of fullness he was experiencing was relaxed for a tender moment. And yet, it was only a second or two before he opened his eyes, and kissed Asa again, egging him on and eager to be filled up again.

As the sensual movements began, Greyson gripped my hand tighter, and I gave him another kiss on the cheek. I was soooo hard at that moment, but I didn't interrupt his private peepshow. I let him keep watching, and scooted myself close enough behind him on the branch to let him feel my stiff inches through the material of our clothes. Just to let him know that...you know...hehehe, I was right there. Just in case he was feeling the urge.

Asa began to move himself in and out of Chandler with a steady rhythm now, and he was only a few sexy pumps into the act before Asa grunted, "Ugh! Bollocks! You're so TIGHT!" He began to thrust faster. Harder. Almost as if he wasn't in control at all.

Chandler's eyes were scrunched up tight as he wrapped his arms around Asa's back and held on for dear life. He tried to bite his bottom lip again, but his mouth kept opening up wide on its own, hoping to snatch enough breath to keep him panting and whimpering as Asa battered the blushed, puckered, entrance without mercy. A few times, Chandler grimaced with a flinch of sexual 'suffering', but he didn't want Asa to stop. The pleasure FAR outweighed the pain, and his rock hard erection was proof of that.

Asa's pounding got a bit more violent, and finally, Chandler had to gasp and tell him, "Ackk! WAIT! Mmmm, be nice...be nice..."

Asa stopped for a moment and let Chandler recover for a few seconds. He whispered, "You ok...?"

"Yeah. Just...give me some circles. K?" Chandler pleaded.

At his request, Asa began to slowly swivel his hips in a much more tender, much more erotic, circular motion. You can't imagine how amazing Asa's ass looks when he's doing that. It must have been doing wonders for Chandler too, because his eyes opened up and looked at the ceiling with a giant grin as Asa slid all over that special little spot inside of him. Sucking gently on the side of Chandler's neck, his body suckling at his length as it prepared for round two. Just seeing Asa move his slender body like that...GOD, was it hot! I could honestly watch that all day!

I think from the increase in Greyson's breathing...he could too.

"You good?" Asa whispered.

Chandler hesitated for a moment, but once Asa's lips touched his, he smiled and nodded. "Ummm...yeah. I'm good...."

And without another word, Asa put his chin on Chandler's shoulder, hooked his elbows even tighter around the back of the boy's knees, and with growing intensity, Asa started going crazy again with a series of hip thrusts that caused the twin mattress to squeak and squeal and bang against the wall of the trailer.

Chandler gasped and panted, trying to minimize his helpless whimpers as Asa completely owned him with his reckless pumping and repeated pushing into the hole that Chandler had given him so willingly a moment ago. His shapely bottom raised even higher in the air, his legs pushed back until his knees almost touched his shoulders...he couldn't have been in a more vulnerable position. And yet, his whole body came alive with a fever that only begged for more. Wow! They really were horny today, weren't they?

A few times, Chandler cried out from the pummeling he was taking, but Asa simply got around his pleas for tenderness by kissing him, hard, on the lips. Breathless. Heated. Primal. I was surprised at how the slapping of Asa's thighs against Chandler's supple ass turned me on. It made me wrap my arms around Greyson's soft middle and pull him against me on the tree branch as we saw things get absolutely wild in that trailer.

Asa began to moan and speed up even more as the feelings of resistance from Chandler's gripping sheath elevated his need for further punishment. "Ahh! Wait! CIRCLES! Asa! Circles...." Chandler squealed.

"Ok...sorry, babe." Asa said wearily, and began to soothe the agony of the 'bang weary' hole with another slow roll of his hips. He didn't mind giving the poor boy a break from his overzealous attack, but Asa was definitely enjoying himself. "Mmmmm, you know I absolutely adore you, right?" He said. "I just took one look at you today and I was all turned over by how lucky I was."

Chandler grinned. "You have to be nice. You promised."

Asa took one long push forward, plunging extra deep into Chandler's body and causing him to tense up with a sudden, sharp, inhalation of breath! "I said no such thing..." Asa giggled, and kissed Chandler on the lips before starting to slowly hump himself in and out of him again...picking up the pace with every push.

Chandler hadn't told him that it was ok to start again, but just tried his best to relax and cling tightly to the slim teen body above him. His whimpers got louder, more involuntary. I might have thought that chandler was going to ask Asa to stop any second now...but looking up into those big blue eyes of his, Chandler gave up his comfort and surrendered his body to him completely. He just reached up with both hands, grabbed Asa lightly by the ears, and pulled him in for another passionate tongue kiss while attempting to ignore the pleasureable pain of being repeatedly speared with such selfish yearning.

Greyson crushed my hand in his as Asa neared his climax. We could see it in his motions. He was totally SLAMMING that boy's ass at this point, and I could see Chandler's mouth open up in a silent cry as Asa suddenly grabbed a hold of his long hair and roughly pull his head to the side, leaning forward to ravenously chew at the side of the boy's neck.

"Unnh unnh unnh....ah...FUCK!!!!" Asa shouted out, as the smooth, round, globes of his hammering ass dimpled up on both sides, and he bear hugged Chandler's against him while emptying what must have been an epic load of seed deep into Chandler's spasming hole. Asa was sooooo out of breath. He must have been saving that load for quite a long time to have his orgasm totally wreck him like that! Greyson and I watched as Asa just collapsed on top of him, and Chandler's legs relaxed as they began to kiss deeply once again.

Did Chandler even cum yet? I didn't see it. Did he?

It wasn't until Asa rolled over on his side that I saw the sticky remains of Chandler's secret explosion on his stomach. I almost cursed myself for missing it. I was kind of waiting for it. I was so aroused that I felt like I had erupted right along with them.

They were quiet for a moment, Asa using a corner of the bed sheet to wipe some of the sweat from his brow. His chest was still heaving. It should be. He had just put a lot of vigorous work into this little secret rendezvous of theirs.

Chandler wasn't breathing as hard, but I did notice his hand traveling down to lightly rub the puffy and slightly irritated area as he came down from his orgasmic high.

Asa gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Are you sore?"

"A little bit, yeah. Just give me a minute." Chandler brushed his hair out of his eyes, and sighed with a smile as he turned his head to look Asa in the eyes. "You're an animal, you know that?"

"Hehehe, what?" Asa chuckled. "I told you that you were looking super fancy today. I think you tease me on purpose."

"You're bad. Hehehe, I told you that I have more scenes today. I hope they don't call me to set for another couple of minutes. I'll be lucky if I can walk at all."

"Ah, you loved it. Didn't you?" Asa teased. Chandler didn't answer at first. Just held back a flurry of giggles. "Didn't you?"

"That's not the point! Hehehe!" He said, and Chandler rolled over on top of Asa, smiling down on him before giving him the sweetest kiss on the lips. "So, did you get that out of your system now? Or am I gonna have to come back here to take care of you after lunch?"

"After lunch? If the director doesn't call you in the next few minutes, I was pondering having another go at you right now."

"Unh unh! Hehehe, no more nookie for you until you calm down." Chandler said.

There was a brief pause, and as Asa stared into Chandler's eyes, he sighed and told him, "I don't want to calm down. I don't think I ever want to calm down. Not with you. You might just be the one worthy of staying fired up for."

"That's sweet. But if you think I'm going to let you breed me like that every day, you've got it all wrong, buster."

The two boys giggled, and kissed, and giggled some more. And for a moment, Greyson and I actually thought they might just start getting hot and heavy again. They were definitely starting getting lost in their intimacy again once their erections returned. But Chandler's phone began to vibrate on the table next to the bed, and he was quick to roll over and answer it.

"Hello? Yeah? Ok...um...I'm about five minutes. So I'll be there as soon as I can." Chandler hung up the phone, and rolled back over to give Asa a lingering kiss and a naughty grope. "I've got to get to props, babe. Get my special 'hat and pistol' together so I can do some zombie killin'.”

“Well, don't be so cute about it! Don't think I won't drag you back into this bed with me.” Asa reached out for him, but Chandler was quick enough to scurry off of that mattress before he could get a hold of him.

Standing up so quickly, Chandler stumbled for a moment and put his hand on the wall. “Jesus, Asa...I'm still kinda wobbly here. You need to take it easy and save your 'porno moves' for the weekends, buddy. Hehehe!”

“Yeah, it was good for me too, princess.” Asa snickered.

“Where are my undies. Ugh, I'm gonna be leaking for the next hour. You know how hard it is to concentrate when I've got...'that' going on?” Chandler began getting dressed, while Asa took another few moments to stretch out naked on top of the sheets and just enjoy the aftershocks of sexual bliss. Once Chandler had fixed his hair and straightened out his clothes, he said, “Alright. I've gotta run. See you on set. K?” Asa nodded, and Chandler grinned at him. “Come on, get up. Come here.”

“Hehehe, what? I'm resting here.”

“I don't care. Get up. Get up, get up.” Asa groaned lazily, but eventually swung his legs around to stand up in front of his favorite boy. Chandler draped his arms over Asa's shoulders. Asa's hands rested lovingly on Chandler's hips. And the leaned in to share a kiss that made them both weak in the knees.

They held it for as long as they could, but Chandler was on the clock. They'd be searching for him if he didn't pop up soon. Their lips parted, and Asa said, “You've got me all topsy turvy over you. You know that don't you?”

“Yeah. I think I do.” Chandler smiled, and they shared one last hug before Chandler began to head for the trailer door.

Suddenly, I remembered that Greyson and I might actually get caught spying on them! I mean, granted, we were in a tree on the other side of the trailer. But still, despite a little bit of 'cover', we were hardly in super military black ops camouflage out here. What if he sees us? What do we do then???

I gave Greyson a yank on his shirt, and I think his mind was processing the same level of instant panic that mine was. Unfortunately, but the time our brains were able to tell us to get down and HIDE...it was too late. Chandler was already stepping out of the trailer. Any commotion from us trying to climb our way back down would get us noticed for sure.

So, instead, we did the only thing we could do. We froze.

Yeah...great strategy, right?

Lucky for us, Chandler seemed to be looking at his phone as he exited the trailer, and just started walking back to set. Walking a bit 'awkward', I might add. I hope that he's able to get rid of some of that wobbly stride before the cameras start rolling.

As we watched Chandler get further off into the distance, we noticed that Asa was getting out of bed and had started looking for his clothes as well. Greyson and I figured that we'd better get down and high tail it out of there before we wear out our good fortune.

As soon as we hit the ground, we traveled around behind the outer rim of the film set. Sticking mostly to the wooded areas to keep from being seen. And we were almost back when I heard Greyson playfully snickering to himself. When I asked him what was so funny, it only caused the giggles to get worse. He says, “We seriously should have been caught. You know that right?”

“Hehehe, and that's funny?”

Greyson laughed out loud, holding his stomach. “What the heck were we thinking when Chandler came out of the trailer? We both did the same thing. Like...'Look! I'm a tree!' Hahaha!”

I had to laugh myself. “Well, what the heck else were we supposed to do?”

“I don't know! But I keep imagining what it would have been like if Chandler had just turned around and saw us pretending to be branches on a tree. That would have been an epic fail if ever there was one.” He kept laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, occasionally saying, “Don't mind me! Nobody out here but us trees! Look, I'm blowing in the wind...whooooosh...”

“Hehehe! You are so goofy!”

“I'm not goofy. I'm a tree. Come to me, my little squirrel friends. Come, and take part of my cool shade, and my luscious green foiliage.”

“Hehehe, STOP that!” I said. We were standing right next to one another, laughing together about our lame escape. And then...before I even knew what I was doing...I held the sides of Greyson's face, lunged forward, and I kissed him on the lips. I don't know what came over me, but he was being so sweet, and so cute, and I just...I guess I fell into the moment.

Greyson was surprised by my sudden display of affection. And he had to take a moment to wring the last few giggles out of himself. But his breathing slowed, and his posture softened. And he reached for me. There isn't a more intimate moment in the world than having someone you truly love reach out for you to embrace them. To look you in the eye with such...such longing.

Once his arms were around me, our lips connected, and my head began to spin.

A kiss is everything. It's all there is. A truly honest kiss can solve all of the world's problems in an instant...provided you've got someone who loves you enough to share it with you.

I've got mine.

I heard Greyson moan ever so softly, his soft lips transferring the message as my fingers slipped up into the brown locks of his hair. After the scene with Asa and Chandler, I would have thought that Greyson and I would start going at like a couple of love starved rabbits on a cocaine binge! But...it wasn't like that at all. Despite the triggered awakening of some of our most lust filled fantasies...our connection remained soft. Slow. And gentle. Simultaneously fanning the flames in my heart and soothing my spirit. We took our time. We let ourselves absorb every last detail. Every touch. Every breath. Every timeless moment of true affection. I never would have guessed that falling in love could be this sweet.

We only spent a short while enjoying each other's company, before Greyson took my hand with a smile and we started walking again. Greyson had to leave, so we stayed out of sight for just a moment longer so that he could say goodbye.

“Say, why don't you come up and visit me again? I really wanted to have that whole hotel room to myself, but, to be honest...it gets kinda lonely in there sometimes.”

“Sure.” I said. “I'd actually...hehehe...I'd like that a lot.”

“Cool.” I saw a blush rise up in his cheeks, and he lowered his eyes for a minute. “Just...you know, let me know when you want to come by. K?”

“K. I can do that.”

“Like...soon. Really soon.” He giggled. “I need to see you...”

My heart began to flutter out of control, but I'd like to think that I kept a decent composure while agreeing to make it as soon as humanly possible. I wish I knew how to drive, I'd be over there every day and night if I could.

Greyson came in to give me a tight hug. And then, with a wicked smirk, he took a hold of my hair and gave it a tug. “Ack! No! Don't you start getting any ideas about that! I like my hair!” I grinned, slapping his hand away.

“You can't get mad at me. I'm just a tree. Whooooooosh....”

“Hahaha!” That's when I blurted out, “I love you, Greyson.”

I still felt like I was being a bit too pushy by saying that so soon. But Greyson just peeked up at me with a bashful smile and said, “I love you to, Evan.” Do you know what that does to me? I'm going to be even more wobbly than Chandler right now if he keeps this up. “I've gotta run. Call me, k?”

“I will.” I said. “Promise.”