Chapter 1

"Andrew? Are you sure you don't want a snack to hold you over until dinner, hon?" My mom called out as I practically raced through the kitchen after school.

"I'll get something in a little bit, Mom. I've got homework." I said, never once breaking my pace. I think she might have said something else after that, but I was too busy hurrying up the stairs to get to my room. I didn't want to lose what I had in my brain. I wanted to get it out before the feeling was gone.

I fired up my computer the second I entered my bedroom and closed the door, dropping my backpack on the floor as I kicked my shoes off. I sat down at my desk, wishing everything would boot up already! Let me in! Password! Hurry up!

I tried to be patient as I opened up all of the appropriate folders and programs, but it wasn't easy. I tried to remember every single detail of what happened in the library today after lunch. I didn't even expect to see him there when I went, but sure enough...there he was. Christopher Margo. Wow...

Sometimes, I run into Christopher Margo by 'accident' so many times during an average school day that it almost feels like destiny is deliberately pushing us together. Which is a sexy idea in itself, because...oh God, I would be sooooo happy if something like that was possible. I swear...if I knew, last year, that high school was going to be like this I would have skipped the eighth grade altogether.

If I ever had any confusion, whatsoever, about whether I liked girls or boys, or whether or not I was just going through some weird phase in my life that might just disappear over time...Chris' mega-sexy presence and heartbreaking smile cleared it all up for me. One look at him, and I had my undeniable answer. My truth. I don't think I've ever been so sure of anything else in my entire life. It was actually pretty scary to be so hopelessly infatuated with this one boy, seeing as I've only known him for a little over a month and a half now. And I can't even say that I really know him yet, to be honest. I 'see' him, I have classes with him, and on rare occasions I've even gathered up enough courage to talk to him. But outside of that, he possesses this level of beauty that's always just out of my reach. It pains me and excites me at the same time. That's part of what makes being utterly terrified of him so damn fun!

FINALLY! My word program opens up on my screen, I grab the appropriate 'secret' folder, and I crack my knuckles as I scoot closer to my keyboard, preparing to pick up right where I left off last night...




Story #9 - Lust In The Library

I was drawn to him the second I walked into the library. Even from across the room, Christopher Margo's smile was absolutely stunning. It was almost enough to make me dizzy all over, not just in my head. I can't believe that everybody else in the library can't hear my heart pounding this hard. If the thundering boom of it is going unnoticed, it's probably because they're dealing with pounding heartbeats of their own. Chris turns any mundane task into a show stopping performance. The cure for everything mundane about life in general.

He was standing right there in front of me, just 'existing' like a normal person when he was so much more. Like an angel in a bad disguise, unable to hide his giant wingspan, or the glorious glow of his radiant halo. It's almost insulting to think that he didn't know how gorgeous he was. I mean...seriously, how can he not know? He's got to walk by a reflective surface at SOME point during his day and think to himself, "God DAMN, I'm a hottie!!!"

I look into his deep, hazel, eyes...his fingers lightly threading themselves through his shiny brown hair, and I feel myself getting hard in my pants as I step closer. I know that look. He's always giving me that look. Chris blushes slightly, biting his bottom lip with a grin. He does that whenever he wants to tease me. I think he gets off on seeing me so horny for a piece of his hot, tight, ass...



Suddenly, I hear a light knock at my bedroom door. I immediately went into panic mode and covered up my screen with the Google homepage instead. "Yeah???" I said, slightly annoyed by the intrusion.

My mom opened the door and came in with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bottle of water, and a small, travel size, bag of potato chips. "Dinner took a little longer to thaw out than I thought. I don't want you to ruin your appetite with anything too heavy, but I don't want you to go without either."

"Mom, I'm really not hungry right now, ok?" I said, not that it stopped her from putting the plate down beside me anyway.

"Just take a few bites. It's good for you to have an afternoon snack."

"Alright. Fine. I will." I said, my foot impatiently bouncing on its heel underneath the desk. She glanced at my screen for a moment, and I wondered if she could see the separate window open behind the one on display. Geez! Can't she just go away already? Can I have some privacy? I'm trying to write this short story while I'm still all hot and bothered here. "I'll eat it. Promise." I said, hoping she'd take the hint and leave me alone. I even picked up one half of the sandwich and took a big bite out of it to show her that I was serious. "See? I'm eating."

She gave my blond head a motherly pat and, thankfully, took the hint. "I don't know what you're up to, Andrew...but don't wait too late to get started on your homework. It's a school night."

Grrr! Homework? Really? Way to take thirty percent of the hardness out of my boner, Mom! Ugh! Go AWAY!!!

"Ok. I won't." I said, and she tried to walk back out before I reminded her, "Can you get the door for me? Thanks." She closed the door behind her, and I waited a few seconds for her to head back downstairs before opening my other window again. was I?


I kept my eye on Chris, wishing that I could get closer to him, wishing that I could reach out and lightly run my fingers across the surface of his smooth lips. Wanting to push my hardness up against his, rubbing them together, kissing his lips...sucking on his tongue. Just sharing the same oxygen with him made me resent the fact the library was so crowded at that moment.

Then, the bell rings. A bunch of students get their books and stuff and start to leave the library so they could get to their next class, and the Librarians all go behind the front desk. I thought I might have to leave too, but as I look over at Chris, I see him smile at me...and walk back into the bookshelves, his bright eyes beckoning for me to follow him.

I'm soooo nervous, but I'm too intrigued to stay away from him. Chris has such a love spell over me.

I sneak all the way to the back of the library where nobody can see us, and I find Chris waiting for me. He's already hard, poking out in the front as he waited desperately to see if I'd follow him.

He takes my backpack off of my shoulder and drops it down at my feet. His voice is shaky, but he speaks. "Oh Andrew...I hope you won't be mad at me...but I've been madly in love with you for SO so long! It's been WEEKS, and I just can't take it anymore! I want you! I NEED you! Please, kiss me! Please, make love to me! Right here, right now, before next period starts."



Oh, man! This is getting good now! I took a cold sip of water, and wiggled a bit in my chair as I tried to adjust myself in front and scoot even closer. Ummm...ok, so I've got Chris Margo all to myself in the back of the library, and he totally wants me to do him right there. So...ummm...OOH! I've got it!


I walk right up to Chris and look him in the eye. He's a few inches taller than me, but it's long as my lips can reach his lips, we'll make it work. I reach out my hand, and I softly caress his cheek. I say to him, "It's ok, baby. I love you too. I've always loved you." Then I say, "You're so cute! You can have all the kisses you want from me! And a whole heck of a lot more!"

Chris Margo is so surprised and so stunned that he starts to cry. So I lean forward, and I kiss him on the lips. We've both been waiting soooo long for this moment. Neither one of us can actually believe that this is happening. He whimpers a little bit, and I have to tell him to hush up so we don't get caught. Then I press his back against the fiction section...letters M through P...and I start sucking on his neck. He hugs me close, and I grab his ass. I can't believe how smooshy and soft it is. It makes my boner jump with excitement to realize that I'm gripping the sweetest ass that the angels ever created. I grind on him as our tongues start getting all...start getting all...ummmm...


Shit...what's the word I'm looking for? What do tongues do when things are getting really hot? I've never Frenched anybody before, so...ummm...damn. 'Tangled', maybe? Or...'our tongues were...licking like...crazy?' That doesn't sound right. Let me think. Let's back up a bit, scratch that. Ok, how about...?


I grind on him as our kissing gets more intense, his tongue and mine sliding against each other as we fight to keep from moaning out loud.


Oh yeah! That's it! Whoah...that sounds so hot! This might be one of my best Chris Margo 'Andris' fanfics yet! Ok, so...what next?


I salivate over the idea of being able to suck off the sexiest boy in the whole school. Will he let me? Will he try to stop me? My heart races as I break our kiss and I get down on my knees in front of him. He whispers, "Oh it baby. Suck me. Suck me hard!" I slowly unzip his black denim jeans, and I reach in to pull out his massive handful of hard meat, directing it to my lips.

The second it slides over my tongue, Chris' knees nearly give way and he holds onto my shoulders for balance. I moan as I absorb his naughty flavor with every slow bob of my head. My lips are tingling...God, he tastes sooooo good in my mouth! I can't believe that nobody has caught us yet, but I didn't want to push my good fortune beyond my dumb luck. So I suck him harder. I want to swallow his sperm! Give it to me, Chris! Please hurry!



I used my hand to push down on my lap, my erection now aching with the need for release. Just a little bit longer. I just need to hold out for a few more minutes, and then I'll take care of it. For now, I need this horniness to finish my story off right.

I mustered up all of the sexually frustrated imagination that I could, always looking for a new word or phrase to somehow explain how badly I wish all of this was real. As I typed out the details of what I felt was the perfect, sensual, blowjob...I thought about Chris' unapologetically hot FACE! I thought about the expressions he would make if I was really sucking and licking him down there. I thought about how he would really move if I was pleasuring him in such a shameless manner. Just think...some girl is actually going to get the chance to actually DO this stuff to him someday! And when she does...I hope she videotapes it! Because there are so many details about sex, and sex with Christopher Margo specifically, that I kind of have to make up out of thin air. I don't know if I'm anywhere close to being accurate when it comes to the way he talks, or acts, or just...responds to having another boy worship the ground beneath his feet the way I do. But I hope I'm close.

I sure wish I could find out for sure. There's soooo much that I want to know about him. How can I think about one boy so much and know so little? Wild.


As Chris starts to get that really nice feeling in his loins, his breathing gets really hard. He starts whimpering, like, "Oh yeah...oh baby...I love you, Andrew! Suck me! Mmmm...yeah!" And he starts humping my face, feeding me his delicious shaft as I tongue him all over and moan with delight. He's close. I can tell. A bit of salty stickiness begins to leak out, and I suck him even harder. He's going to taste so amazing! I know it! I can't wait to have a mouth full of his piping hot cum!


I think I actually started to sweat a little bit now. I found myself staring at a blank wall for almost a minute, picturing Chris thrusting into my mouth while he held the front of his shirt up...both of my hands on his smooth, round, ass...hearing him cry my name. I had to shake myself out of my own daydream so I could keep writing. I can't just leave it here. I've got to finish him off. And SOON! Because if I don't jack off soon, I might just blow a load in my pants. Ugh!

Ok, so what's next?


Chris' voice reaches a higher pitch, almost like it does when he laughs, but much sexier. He grabs the back of my head, driving himself deeper into my warm lips. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum! Are you ready? Get ready!" I moan, and I feel Chris tight ass clench up under my palms as he raises up on his tiptoes and looks down into my eyes as he blasts off in my mouth!

Two, three, four, five...I keep feeling his boner throbbing and splashing another hot shot of semen on my tongue. He tastes like candy. The sweetest candy ever. I almost wish I could drown in it! Give me more, baby! Give me soooo much more!

Then, just as he finishes up, we hear more students coming into the library, and Chris has to hurry up and stuff himself back in his pants. I have to swallow a few times to make sure I got it all down, and I hurry to wipe my lips off, in case some spilled over. That's when Chris gives me that dreamy smile of his, and he kisses me on the cheek.

He's like, "That was awesome, Andrew. I just knew that you were gonna be perfect at giving blowjobs."

I laugh, and I say, "Thank you, Chris. Maybe next time, we can do even more. You know...when we're not in this dumb ol' library."

He says, "Cool. Say, do you wanna be my boyfriend? Forever and ever?"

I tell him I would love that, and then we make out for a few seconds before the library gets too full for us to fool around anymore.

That's how Chris became my supet hot, teen boy lover. And I knew that we were on our way towards living happily ever after from that moment on.

I love you, Chris Margo! I love you!



Annnnd....'SAVE'! Perfect!

Ok, so I may not be the best erotic fiction writer in the world, especially since I have ZERO experience with the subject matter...but if I can take all of my dreams and fantasies about Chris and put them out there to read again later, then I'm proud of my stuff. It's like, getting the chance to control reality, you know? Build your own world where the rules of life are always acting in your favor...and the hottest boys imaginable are always available to you. Even boys as crazy hot as Christopher Margo.

I shut down my word program and immediately started taking my pants off. I was practically ready to burst from the stimulation of pouring my dirtiest thoughts out in that story. I needed a release, and I needed it bad.

I keep some of my old socks in a drawer next to my bed. Ones with holes in them mostly. I have to hide them or my mom will throw them away. I've got different ones too. Some are thicker, some are thinner. The black socks I wear to church are really silky, and my gym socks can take more wear and tear on them. Some have little ridges in them too. I use them special occasions. Hehehe! Today, I'm going with a gym sock. I think I'm going to be stroking pretty hard for this one.

I lay down on the floor behind my bed. So I'll have something blocking me from the view of my bedroom door. You never know when a parent is going to randomly wander into your room without knocking. Geez, you'd think they owned the place.

I spread my legs, and fish my hardness out of the slit in my plaid boxers. It swells and tightens with the first touch, soooo happy that I'm finally giving it the attention it's been begging for over the last fifteen to twenty minutes. I get some serious shivers as I open up the sock and slide it over my sensitive head...letting it reach all the way down to the base of my shaft, hugging my hardness from all sides.

I sigh to myself, letting my eyes close, and I go right back to picturing myself in that library...with Chris' hard inches sliding back and forth over my tongue. I can only imagine what he tastes like. How yummy it must be to lick his most private pieces, feeling his elevated body heat on my face, watching him wriggle in the most adorable ways as I demonstrate my love for him in the naughtiest ways.

As I start to squeeze and stroke myself, I suck my own tongue...wishing it was him. I think about his smile, and his gorgeous eyes, and the way his voice rises slightly when he says my name. Oh wow...I think I'm getting close already, and I JUST started!

Flashes of my tongue kissing the living shit out of him flood my fevered mind as my hand picks up the pace. My toes begin to curl, and I know that my ultimate fantasy is about to come to a swift and explosive I try to cram as many hot images into the last few seconds of joy that I have. Visions of rolling around with him naked, having an intense 69 with him right here on my bedroom floor, giving him a hickey on the side of his pretty little neck...and then, just as my inevitable orgasm reaches its peak...the thought of sinking all five inches of my boyhood into his tight hole...feeling the bounce of his well sculpted bottom as I humped my way to completion. It was all I could take. I arch my back, and my hips are raised off of the floor as the fury of an overwhelming climax rips through me like a bolt of lightning. I continue to urgently jack myself off into the sock, the thick liquid soaking through the fabric as my hand rubs the excess nectar all over my own fingers. I can't whimper out loud, so I just try to let a series of heavy breaths take care of expressing the mind-blowing crash of sexual pleasure and twisted emotion as they cascaded over me like a warm waterfall. Tingles and vibrations...blissful sensations bordering on biological confusion. Omigod...that one was insane! I'm ranking that up there with one of the best orgasms of all time.

Breathless, I whisper, "...Wow..." And I have to lay still for a moment while my body tries to regain its grip on the world.

Just think...if Chris Margo was my boyfriend in real life...I could feel like this all the time.

Feel like I'm flying.

By the time dinner rolled around, my hyped up memories of seeing Chris in the library had calmed down a bit. I thought about what really happened, and I have to admit that I like my version a lot better. What actually happened was...I went into the library and Chris just happened to be there. Me, being painfully shy like always, basically tried to stick to glancing over at him every few seconds and drinking in as much of his beauty as I possibly could before getting scared and forcing myself to look away again. He was with a few of his friends, and they were...quietly laughing about something. He has such an adorable laugh. Such a beautiful smile to go along with it. Maybe it's those kissable lips of his, or the subtle hint of shallow dimples in his cheeks. Who knows? I just know that I melt every time I catch sight of it.

Well, I was standing by the librarian's desk, and she actually hands me this piece of paper. She's like, "Can you pass this to that boy over there and ask him to sign it for me?"

I guess Chris had come in to pay a late fee or something, and she needed him to sign a receipt. I froze up instantly. Just to make sure I had the right guy, I asked, "Which one?"

"In the blue shirt. I just need him to sign for it." She said.

Yep...that's Chris alright. Shit.

I could feel the oxygen in my lungs turn into a block of ice as I realized that I was being forced to not only approach Chris Margo, but I was going to have to SPEAK to him too. What the hell? I almost felt numb inside, despite the flutter of butterfly wings in my stomach...but I did it. I walked over on shaky, unstable, legs...and I mumbled, "Hey..."

He turned around, and those bright hazel specs shot an arrow straight through my heart. "Hey!" He grinned. Omigod! Don't pass out! Don't pass out!

"She...she wants you to take this. You've gotta sign the ummm...the thing. So..." I said, and he looked at it for a moment.

"Oh. Ok, cool. Do you mind if I use your back for a sec?" He asked.

" what?"

He motioned for me to turn around, and I got the message. Nervously, I turned my back on him...and he pressed the paper against the back of my shoulders. I've never had so many goosebumps pop up at once. I started trembling as I felt the gentle pressure of Chris' pen on me, signing his name and just...'touching' me in general. I nearly started to hyperventilate when he finally finished and handed the paper back to me. "Thanks, Andrew." I almost wanted to CRY...just hearing him say my name with a smile. I have NO sense of chill around a boy that cute! NONE!

Anyway, as exciting as those few minutes were for me, it wasn't as hot as what I wrote in today's 'Andris' fanfic. I guess you could say that it was loosely based on a true story. Just not as 'true' as I wish it was.

And to think...I'm going to have to see him again tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. I always worry that I'm going to do or say something stupid. I'm worried that he's going to find somebody to love, and my whole world is going to fall apart. More than anything, I'm afraid that, one of these days, Chris Margo is going to look into my not-so-innocent eyes and realize that I've been writing an entire collection of smut based fiction about how much I want to get him naked and have my way with him. It used to just be a few naughty thoughts in my head...but once I started typing them out and really going into detail about my love for got really addictive, really fast. Now, I don't know if I could stop. Even if I wanted to.

It's the only time that I really get to spend with him. My stories are the only place where I have the confidence to do all the things that I want to do. Say all of the things that I want to say. But that's not real life. Chris? Chris is real. He's flesh and blood. He can reject me. Laugh at me. Ignore me. I don't think I could handle that.

In real life, I can be hurt. REALLY hurt. So...I think I'll stick to this for now. But, if I ever get a chance....just a chance at Christopher Margo's heart...I'll take it. I promise. I will.