The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 3

Chapter 34

Friday - HAHAHA!!! Omigod!!! I'm still out of breath, but I made it home! Tonight was AWESOME!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Dude...I've got so much to report! I hardly know where to start! let me get the 'fucked up' news out of the way first! Then I'll tell ya what happened at Jamie's party! Shit, I can hardly believe that I escaped!

Ok, Bobby Jinette...he's just not playing fair anymore. What I was honestly treating as a bit of human kindness, or at least a fair trade of one 'service' fr another...was evidently the beginnings of a game that I didn't want to play anymore. Get this...I had a REALLY good time wth Brandon yesterday! I mean, it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. Me and Brandon both went out of our way to thank Bobby for the opportunity to be together for the first time in God knows how long! I was seriously grateful for everything he did for us, even when I knew that he liked me and wanted me for himself. But here's the shocker, I asked him if maybe we could use his house again sometime next week. I REALLY wanted to be close to my boyfriend again, and his place was the perfect place to do it, you know? No parents, no interruptions, no worries. Right? Well, evidently there was a rather big 'loophole' in our agreement.

Basically, when I asked him if I could use the house again, he seemed kinda surprised. Then he gave me this big sheepish grin, you know? And he blushed in front of me! It was a total 180* from the attitude that he had given us before, because he seemed like he was really against us having fun without him. So he's like, all giggly and shit, and he goes..."Um....hehehe, sure. Yeah. I'm all for it. When do you wanna come over?"

And I'm like, "Well, I thought maybe we could do it on Wednesday of next week or something."

And he says, "I can't. I've got a big test that day. It counts for, like, half the semester."

I was kinda confused, cause I'm like, "What does that have to do with anything?"

And then it was HIS turn to be confused. And he's like, "I can't just ditch school on that day. I've gotta be here to take the test."

So I'm like, "You don't have to come home or anything. Just give me the keys like last time." He gave me this really weird look like he had NO idea what I was talkin about.

Then he says, " want to get together before Wednesday, then?"

I'm thinking, what the fuck is he talking about? But then I think it hit me. "Wait, you and me?" I ask him.

And he's like, "Well....yeah. What were you thinking?"

And I was like, "Umm...I was thinking that me and Brandon could use your house again alone again."

Bobby says, "I GET that part.....but....." And just from the look in his eye, I could tell that he was looking for another...'payment'.

I lowered my voice and I'm like, "Wait a second...I thought we were 'cool'. I mean, I gave you...what you...wanted, right?"

And Bobby kinda looks at his shoes for a second, and he mumbles something that I didn't quite hear the first time. But when I asked him what he said, he's like, "Yeah...but that was for last time." I asked him what he meant, and he says, "If you wanna do it again...then I wanna do it again too." He kinda held his head up and looked me in the eye. You know, like he was putting his foot down or something. So I guess he wants me to keep paying him, like, 'rent' or whatever. Which I did NOT think was a part of the deal. I told him I would think about it, but there's nothing to think about. I'm not gonna fuck this thing up with Brandon by sleeping with Bobby! I'm trying to be a good boyfriend, and I've already done enough wrong to make Brandon hate me forever! No more!

Sighhhh....why can't Bobby just leave us alone? Yesterday what we had was like...amazing. Me and Brandon are sooooo right for each other. Bobby and I barely have anything to talk about most of the time. He just happens to have a really hot ass and is really good at sex. If it weren't for the orgasms, I doubt we'd have anything to do with one another. I just wish he would 'get' that already.

But, you know....whatever. I'm NOT gonna sleep with him again! If I want an orgasm, I've got a loving boyfriend. And when I can't have him, I've got a right AND a left hand to substitute. hell with that., the GOOD stuff....

Jamie Cross' big party was tonight, and it was SOOOO much fun!!! Omigod! Hehehe! It started off with Sam calling my house, which I was kinda nervous about because I had the phone off the hook for most of the time. I did NOT want my dad to call and screw everything up at the final hour by telling my mom I ditched school yesterday! That just can't happen! But Sam understood totally when I told him, and said that he'd call me at exactly seven o'clock. Luckily, when he asked me what the hell I was doing yesterday that I had to ditch school, my answer of "Hehehe! None of your business, I just needed a break..." was enough to soothe his curiousity. No need to try to give him any cleverly hidden details about THAT particular activity. Hehehe!

So Sam calls at like 7:03, making me sweat it out for three whole minutes before I finally hear the phone ring. And he wants all of us to get together at the same time, and he said that 'Joey' is gonna be at his house. Sighhh, whatever. He's like, "You think we'll have time for some nookie before we go?"

And I'm like, "NO! Fuck that! Come on, Sam, don't be a fuck up tonight, ok?"

And he says, "Alright, geez! I was just JOKING, for crying out loud!" Whatever. So we make plans to get together, and after a shower and dressing up, I go over to Sam's house and Joanna is already there. She's like....sitting on the same bed that me and Sam used to sleep in when I slept over, and it just sucked. But I try to ignore it anyway. We get on the bus, and Brandon gets on shortly after when we pass the stop nearest to his house. I don't know if Brandon and Sam get along well enough to really talk to each other, but at least there was no friction between them. So I was happy for that. Lee is only a couple of blocks away from where we picked Brandon up, and it was cool to see him again. It had been a while. Of course, Lee is looking cute as ever, his hair still kinda damp and his lips are and kissable. Hehehe, he can be really hard to look at sometimes.

So we're going out to Jamie's house, and Joanna and Sam are kind getting all twisted up in each other like, kissing a little bit, and cuddling, and holding hands and stuff. I WISH they would fucking STOP that! How hard is it to control yourself in front of people for a twenty minute bus ride for Christ sake??? I'm getting uncomfortable, and Brandon is sitting next to me, and I'm wondering if he's feeling uncomfortable too. I really get the urge to cuddle with him too, you know? Just because...I love him just as much but I can't do anything about it in 'public', you know? Straight people are so damn obnoxious. They're all like, 'look at me, I'm in love, nah nah'! Brandon and I kinda look at each other for a second, and I think he could see me sorta squirming from not being able to show him any kind of affection, and he smiles a bit and gives me a wink. Just a little one. And that really just made me feel a lot better. I don't know why, but it did. It helped to ignore the kissy faced bastards in the back of the bus with us.

Then, out of nowhere, I think Lee gets tired of watching them cuddle he wraps his arms around me and holds himself all close to me. He's like, "Oh Billy...hold me! Kiss me! I'm so in love!" And he presses his face against mine, and playfully throws his leg over me. I start laughing and blushing, and I think Sam and Joanna get the hint as we both start moaning and giggling at the same time to make fun of them. But I have to admit, having around me like that....? It made me sooooo HARD! Hahaha! I'm serious! I had to practically cross my legs to hide it for the rest of the bus ride. I hope Brandon didn't see that. At least it got Sam and Joey to stop making a spectacle of themselves for a while.

Ok, so we get to the party, and!!! I mean, I guess news of how cool the last party was had gotten around school, so this one was THREE TIMES as big! I swear that half the high school was there! And they had a KEG that somebody's older brother bought for them! And there was this one room upstairs that we didn't go into, but whenever somebdy opened the door, this big cloud of smoke would come out. and when me and Brandon smelled it, it was like...not tobacco smoke. So we were like, "Omigod...they're totally smoking weed in there!" Which was just...I ws awesome to be at a party with marijuana there, even if we didn't smoke any. It just felt like...I dunno...awesome! And the music was all loud and banging all night! And all the people that I know and see at school all the time were here, but it was an entirely different atmosphere, you know? It's not like school at all. The funny thing is, a LOT of people remembered me from some of Jamie's last party, and they totally were giving me hugs and high fives! It was like being famous! I think Brandon was impressed that so many people knew me, and that only made me feel even MORE incredible inside! The whole night was just an amazing experience!

Hehehe, I even DANCED a little bit! I NEVER dance! But I did tonight. And Sam and Joanna were there, so I had my best friend at my side! And Brandon was there, so I had my boyfriend at my side! And Lee was there, who's by far the cutest boy in the world! It just felt good. And, I remember at one point, Jamie came by and gave me a big hug and said that he was glad that I came tonight! And he made sure to say hi to Brandon too! So when he left, me and Brandon looked at each other and started giggling and squirming in our seat!'s such an awesome feeling to have someone next to you who can see and appreciate the true sexy hotness of the boy that just spoke to you! We were almost screaming!

Brandon's like, "Dude...Jamie Cross just fucking hugged you!"

And I'm like, "I KNOW!"

And he asks, "What did you DO?"

And I say, "I don't know! He just 'likes' me I guess! Hehehe!"

So Brandon goes, "You WISH! Shut up!" And we just enjoyed the moment, you know?

But get this...about 10 o'clock...there's a loud knock at the door...and the POLICE are outside! It starts out as just a random visit to tell us to turn the music down and take it easy, but when they see how young everybody is and catch sight of the keg in the back of the room, they totally raid the party! They're just like, "Party's over. Everybody out or it's your ass!" And people start running because there's WEED in the house, and we're all minors! And as the cops come into the house, things get a bit moe frantic, and me and Brandon see people literally climbing out of windows to get out of there! Now...I'm already gonna be in trouble with my mom for ditching class, there's no WAY I'm gonna have her pick me up at the local POLICE STATION for being at a party with weed and liquor! Fuck that!

So I grab Brandon's hand and we make a mad dash for the back door! I kinda run into Sam, who's grinning, and he tells me that it's every man for himself! But he wants me to call him tomorrow to make sure that I got out! I gave him a high five and a shoulder bump before we wished each other luck. He grabbed Joanna and Lee and went looking for a different exit. Me and Brandon went out the back and hopped over Jamie's back fence. Hehehe, I couldn't believe that I was even OOING this! But Brandon and I were laughing so hard, that we could hardly run down to the bus stop without falling down. And at one point, we were both out of breath, and I looked at him....and I just said..."I love you." I don't know why I did it. It just sorta 'came out' like that, you know? And he blushed. Which was so cute that I couldn't resist. I leaned in, and I gave him a kiss on the lips. It wasn't too long, but it was more than just a little peck on the lips. We were right out there in the open. Somebdy could have SEEN us...but...sighhhhhh, I had to do it. I couldn't help it. My heart was bursting, and I needed his kiss just to hold it together. I think it surprised him. Hehehe, I think it TOTALLY shocked him, actually! But it was my moment, and I wanted to show him how I felt.

Anyway, tonight was incredible! And it goes without saying that I made it home way before curfew! Hehehe! I'm sure Sam made it home, but I can't wait to talk to him about it tomorrow! Hehehe, we're fugitives! That's so COOL! This is gonna be the talk of the whole school on Monday! And I was totally 'there' when it happened! Sweet!!!

I've gotta go! I feel too good to just sit still and keep writing! It's almost midnight now...but I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight! Not for HOURS! I feel like I wanna just....I dunno....go back out and party some more! Hehehe! I wanna run, I wanna shout, I wanna 'fly'! I guess I'll write some more later! Arrgh!!! I've gotta send Lee an email and make sure that he got home ok! Seeya later!