Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 7

I don't know why I thought it was so CUTE to see Greyson suddenly swing his legs around and lay on his stomach with his head towards the foot of the bed, propped up on his elbows while holding the TV remote. Hehehe, maybe I was just being goofy in love or something, but the way he 'moved' was so adorable sometimes that it nearly made me giggle out loud. "Let's see what's on. I've got a ton of cable channels and stuff on here." He said, his little sock feet rising and falling on the pillow next to me.

Without even thinking about it, I cheerfully swung around to join him. Shoulder to shoulder. And I was compelled to give him a sweet kiss on his cheek while he began channel surfing. He grinned, a tiny blush appearing in his complexion, but he didn't really acknowledge it any other way. He always looks away from me when he laughs. I just thought it was...you know...it was the slightly bashful part of him that I quickly learned to appreciate.

"OOH!" He said, his bright smile gleaming as his eyes widened in surprise. "Cool! 'Aladdin' is on!" I giggled at his enthusiasm. He was like a five-year-old finding a brand new bicycle under the tree for Christmas. "Have you ever seen this?" I was almost drawn in to kiss him on his smiling lips again before he could even finish asking me, but I managed to demonstrate some level of self-control. More out of an awkward barrier of fear than anything resembling actual courage...but that counts, doesn't it?

I sighed, "Yeah..." Steady yourself, Evan. You've gotta be good for just a LITTLE bit longer! "I mean, I've seen it before, but...not in a long time."

"Oh man, I watch it all the time. This is one of my all-time favorites! I have to, like, put it on at LEAST once a month just so I can watch it again! I know every word of this movie by heart, I swear!" Greyson had absolutely no problem gushing about the animated movie on the TV. I was almost worried that he'd forget all about me if he got too into watching it again. Hehehe, but...God, it was so damn CUTE!!! I was compelled to scoot just a few inches closer. Our shoulders and elbows were already touching, but now our hips and legs were pressed up against each other as well. Greyson was completely enraptured by the TV...but I was staring directly at the angel at my side, and nowhere else. My heart was pounding so hard that I was actually short of breath. Then I felt Greyson wiggle a bit as the tune from a musical number started up, and his already subduing smile got even more charming in its intensity. I leaned into him a bit, and he actually began to sing along with the song on the TV. Hehehe, he really did have an almost involuntary reaction to music. I don't think he could help it. Not that he was conscious enough of his singing to really try.

"Make waaaay...for Prince Ali!!!" He sang. "Hey, clear the way in the old bazaar! Hey YOU! Let us through! It's a brand new star! Be the first on your block to meet his eye!" Hahaha, he really did know this movie by heart, funny voices and all! "Prince Ali, handsome is he, Ali Ababwaaaaah!" He was having so much fun, I didn't want to disturb him. I couldn't help but be totally transfixed on the glow of his childlike wonder and joy over something as simple as finding his favorite cartoon on cable. It gave me a warm feeling inside too. Everything that Greyson felt was so contagious. I swear, that boy must have some kind of psychic power or something to be this addictive.

I watched him sort of snap his fingers and hit every perfect pitch, rocking from side to side, and I got to watch the whole thing like a free concert. How much would my friends back home ENVY me right now for being able to watch this from so up close?

I think Greyson suddenly realized that I hadn't said anything in a minute or two, and he looked over at me with a deeper blush. And he buried his face into the mattress, covering his head with both hands as he giggled to himself about it. "Hehehe, Omigod! I'm being a total weirdo right now, aren't I? He said.

"NO! Not at all!" I grinned. "I just..." The words got caught in my throat for a moment or two, but when Greyson looked up and gazed into my eyes for an honest answer, my voice softened considerably, and I said, "I just...can't believe that I'm here with you like this. I mean...I don't think I could have even dreamed something this cool. I guess it's a bit overwhelming. That's all."

"Get outta here. Are you kidding me?" He said.

"I'm serious. It's like...you see somebody on TV and all over YouTube and stuff...and they have millions of people screaming and traveling to all of these exotic places and all..." I blushed an even deeper shade of red than he was. "...Then you see them in person, and it's like...they're 'touchable'. You know? Like...I can actually interact with you. That's just blowing my mind right now. It might take me some time to get over this."

Greyson kind of rolled over onto his side, facing me, and rested his head on his palm. "You really think I'm...'touchable'?" He smirked.

"Hehehe...well...I was hoping." I replied.

Greyson was quite for a second. Just a second. Then his brown eyes peeked up at me in the cutest way, and he opened his arms to invite me in for a hug. Or...or a kiss. Or both. I couldn't tell. I just felt myself moving forward without even really letting it register in my already warped sense of logic. At first, I did the safe thing and just hugged his soft, warm, body up against mine. Chest to chest. Wow...he felt so cuddly to me. Like a child's favorite, worn out, teddy bear. I let my chin rest on his shoulder while his rested on mine. But it wasn't long before he leaned his head back to connect his lips to mine again. Just a lingering smooch, but an intimate one. He gave me this look, you know? And he was like, "You say the sweetest things to me, Evan. Thank you. You are SO special. You truly are."

The sensation that shot through me when he said that was so powerful that I almost had to check my undies to make sure that I hadn't wasted my first orgasm of the evening on a simple kiss and a compliment. Greyson Chance just kissed me on the lips. I don't think that will EVER feel 'normal' to me! Not at all. Natural, maybe. But never normal.

I started to lean in for another kiss, but I heard Greyson snort slightly as he choked back a snicker or two. I thought I had done something wrong. Like...maybe I made a weird face or something. But I guess a part of Greyson's attention was still focused on the television and the song playing in the background. "Hehehe, I'm sorry!" He giggled. "Hahahaha! 'He's got the monkeys! He's got the monkeys!' That's my favorite part!"

I had to laugh myself at the thought, and I tickled Greyson on the sides of his smooshy abdomen, causing him to burst out laughing in full. "Am I gonna have to turn that thing off, or what?" I chuckled.

"No! No! Just...be good for another few minutes. K?" He said, and he lightly ran his fingers through the side of my blond hair, letting his thumb softly brush against my cheek. Then...with a dreamy look in his half-closed eyes...he moaned, just above a sensual whisper, "Trust me...I want you too." And he followed that up with another kiss, this one a bit longer than the last one. My head was swimming at this point, but I surprised myself by keeping my cool and just going with the flow. I was still anxious, believe me. But I've waited my whole life for the day when I'd get a hot boy to kiss and make love to...what's another couple of minutes, right?

An ETERNITY!! That's what it is! Ugh!

Greyson saw something in my eyes that made him giggle, and he gave me a quick kiss to cheer me up. It worked. Even if I stuck out my bottom lip and gave him a boyish pouty face in return. That's when he rolled back over on his stomach and took a hold of my wrist to drape it over his shoulder. I was cool with that. As long as I was in touch with him in some way, shape, or form...I was super happy! But after just a few seconds, Greyson kissed the back of my hand and yanked on it a little bit to pull me closer. He wasn't going to get any argument out of ME on that one. But he kept pulling. Hehehe, I wasn't quite sure what he was hinting at here, but I scooted until my body was pressed up against him as tightly as humanly possible. I saw Greyson smiling to himself, and he kind of rolled away from me a bit, pulling my arm with him. I was like, "Hehehe, WHAT, already??? What are you doing?"

"Get on top already!" He grinned. "Come on, what kind of 'hint' do you need at this point? Geez!" He said.


"Just...look..." He pulled my arm further over his shoulder, until I had to roll over on top of him...my chest resting comfortably on his back. I had to swing a leg over to straddle the slim body beneath me, but I got what he was getting at. I...I um...okaaay...

...I like this. Yes. I can do this. BREATHING??? That I can't do. But laying on top of Greyson Chance...that I think I can manage. I'm pretty sure that I would aggressively kick my own ass if I couldn't.

"Mmmmm...there it is. That's much better." Greyson smiled, and I kissed the side of his cheek as we both worked to settle in to a whole new level of comfy. He looked back at the TV, enjoying 'Aladdin' and continuing to quote the characters from time to time. And as much as I loved sharing that moment with him...I couldn't focus on the screen for more than a few choice seconds at a time. I mean...let me tell you...I don't know where that boy is hiding this round, plump, booty of his...but it's definitely there. I've taken plenty of peeks at his ass since I've actually gotten the chance to see him in person, and while it's nice and shapely and cute as all hell...you can't really fathom the firm, yet spongy, glory of it until you're actually laying on top of it like I was at that very moment. His ass was absolutely breathtaking! Like a pillow folded in half and strategically planted beneath my rapidly growing boy-bulge. I don't think I had ever been so hard in my life. I couldn't help but to push my hips down into it, the full mounds eventually pushing back to rise up again. My belly was resting in the inviting dip of his back, an arousing cradle that pushed his ample cheeks even further up against me while I sighed out loud from the sensation.

I know that Greyson could feel the overly excited hardness poking at his back door, and while that could have made for a truly embarrassing experience for the both of us under different circumstances...I think he actually LIKED it! I mean, there's no secret that we both like each other in 'that' way, but I guess I'm still getting used to all of this. I don't usually run around pressing my boner up against boys that I really really like. No matter how much I would LOVE to if given the courage and the opportunity more often. Hehehe...but for now...this felt nice.

I felt Greyson shift a bit, and his cute little bottom tensed up and squirmed a little beneath me before he let his muscles relax, and it became marshmallow soft again in an instant. Oh GAWD, that was awesome! I sort of buried my face into the chestnut locks of his hair while attempting to keep my wits about me, but...but...he smelled so GOOD! I rubbed my nose lightly against the back of his head, and that caused his hips to gently push upward and into me as I involuntarily humped myself against him. My elbows were on either side of him, and I just...I felt myself hugging him tight as my hips pushed into him a few more times. I pressed him down into the mattress, and when he turned his head to the side to lay flat on the bed, I began to kiss his flawless cheek with a tender enthusiasm that left me dizzy with the promise of what was to come.

With a tiny whimper, Greyson smiled, and he moved his little booty back and forth a bit more as if trying to find something with his bubbled cheeks alone. I let my knees dig into the mattress so I could hold myself still, and I giggled softly into Greyson's ear, causing him to giggle back with his usual charm. I was getting REALLY aroused from his deliberate gyrations, and at one point, I gasped out loud, holding onto his shoulders as I tried to balance my affections and pull myself back from the very edge of losing it completely. "Hehehe, Greyson! Stop that!"

"What?" He asked with a sly grin.

I said, "You're....wiggling. Hehehe, quit it. You're gonna make me...um...you know..."

He craned his neck back slightly. "Make you what?"

"Hehehe...you know!"

"Yeah, I know. But go ahead. Say it." Greyson grinned at me over his shoulder, biting his bottom lip. He whispered, "Say it..."

"Hehehe, you're totally gonna make me cum, dude..." It felt naughty to say it like that, but what the hell, it was the truth, right?

That's when Greyson replied, "Yes. Yes, I am. But not yet. Not like this. I've got better plans than that for us tonight." He gave me the biggest smile, and I thought he might let me kiss those cherry lips of his again. But he only let me get so close before quickly turning his head away from me. "NO! Hehehe, not yet."

"Please?" I said, playfully placing my hands in the perfect place to possibly tickle him silly again.

"Unh unh!" He said. "You be a gentleman, now. Hehehe!" He knew how to toy with the strongest of my emotions. I felt him wiggle some more, still trying to find that perfect position for the both of us.

"QUIT IT!" I cackled. Every time his slender body squirmed beneath me, it increased my pleasure to heights that I wasn't used to handling at this point in my young life. I was just...I....ARRRGH! I had fireworks going off in my head, about to have a fire hose going off in my pants, and I didn't know what to do to keep myself under control for much longer. It was insane! And then, Greyson scooted and writhed and grinded his delicious body into just the right place beneath....with my chin on his shoulder, my arms wrapped lovingly around his chest, and the length of my hardness lying directly in the narrow cleft of his perfect round ass...the supple, juicy, mounds hugging my erection passionately on both sides with a gentle flex of his hips. Even through our clothes...it was the most intense connection that I had ever shared with another boy before. Or anybody for that matter. And as I humped myself up and down the heated valley of his ample bottom...I watched Greyson lower his head to the mattress and push himself back up into me, enjoying every second as he purred and trembled beneath me. I gave him a little lick on the back of his neck, and he took a hold of my hand, interlocking our fingers as I began to grind into him with a fever that made me yelp out loud in ecstasy.

Jesus...and we haven't even really done anything super sexy yet....

Maybe it was a few minutes of grinding, maybe only a few seconds...I couldn't tell. My concept of time was so insignificant at this point that I doubt I could have an accurate measure of it at all. But, eventually Greyson got really restless, and I heard him whisper, "Ohhh, screw it..." And he stopped holding back as I felt him rolling over onto his back. I leaned to the side, thinking that maybe he wanted me to get off of him, but he was quick to snake his arms around my middle and hold my position on top of him. It didn't take much shuffling at all before I found myself between his splayed legs, our lips mashed together, our tongues wrapped around one another in a deep and breathless kiss...moaning and breathing hard as we totally let go. Oh GOD...it was hotter than any dream that I had ever had before! Greyson's kiss just made my soul feel heavy. I'm surprised that I was able to stand it. And the grinding...the fevered humping of my hardness against his...it was too erotic for our clothes not to get in the way. They had to come off. his has to escalate. I can't take this anymore! I'm losing my mind! AHHHHHH!!!!

Then, just as I was about to lift off of him and strip down...there was a knock at the door.

We both fell silent, the room filled only with our labored breathing. I looked down at Greyson's face, flushed pink, with messy hair and the sexiest look of desire in his dreamy eyes. He smiled up at me and said, "Rotten timing..."

"Yeah..." I said. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and then we heard a second knock on the door.

Greyson didn't want to be...'rude', I guess...so he gave me this really gentle push to hint at me rolling off of him, and I did it without any protest. Greyson swung his legs around to stand up at the foot of the bed, and I stared at him with a grin. He was sooooo hard! Hehehe, I blushed from looking at it so shamelessly, and think that made him shy about it too. It wasn't obscene or anything. I just thought that it was really cute...him being so excited about this. I saw him reach into his pants and kind of...'move' it, you know? Attempting to angle it upwards and hopefully hide it from the room service guy. It didn't seem to want to stay put though. Greyson called out, "Just a second. I'm coming." And he put his finger to his grinning lips to tell me to keep quiet. I giggled and nodded towards the TV. He laughed and did this funny little dance that cracked me up. "He's got the monkeys! He's got the monkeys!" Hahahaha! What the hell? Greyson started to break down himself, but composed himself and reminded me to hush up while he answered the door. They must have known who he was, because there were two of them. A guy and a girl. It hardly takes two people to deliver a pizza.

Luckily, I was around a corner. As long as I stayed on the bed, nobody could see me from the hotel room door. Still, I wondered for a second if they would actually come into the room. Maybe it's not such a good idea that another teenage boy was seen just seen laying on Greyson's bed in his sock feet. I mean...well...hell, I don't know! For some reason, I thought it might look bad. So I got up and stood right next to the bed instead.

You know...because a teenage boy standing NEXT to Greyson's hotel bed wouldn't look strange at ALL, right? Riiiiight. I'm a genius. Psh!

Anyway, I heard them deliver the pizza to the door and all and had Greyson sign and stuff for it. Then I heard the guy say, "Please don't think we're being unprofessional or anything, it's just...we're huge fans of yours, and we just had to come up here and meet you and...would it be too much trouble to ask you for an autograph?"

"Awww, of course! That's no trouble. None at all." Greyson smiled. I couldn't see his face, but he just had one of those smiles that cast a divine light over the entire room whenever it appeared on his adorable face. It changed his voice, you know? I could hear it. And he was always so sweet. You would think that it was an act. That NOBODY could be that happy and that nice all the time. But it totally wasn't. He radiated this really alluring glow of everything that was good and wholesome in life, and it only intensified when you got him to smile. I'm still so utterly floored by that smile. "You've got a pen or something? Cool. Ok, so what's your name?"

Greyson signed an autograph for both of them, and I got a bit of an ego rush, just knowing that they got the thrill of their lives just being able to talk to Greyson for a minute or two, and I got to have sooooo much more of him. All to myself. They'd never know what it was like to hold him, to kiss him, to have that beautiful voice whisper 'I love you' in their ears. Hehehe, nope! Just me! He chose ME!

I heard the girl ask, "Can I get a picture? Please, please, please?" Her voice sounded like she was almost ready to cry, which is normal for a tween-wave fan, but it was kind of odd coming from her, as she was about 19 or 20, I think.

"Yeah. Sure. Come here." Greyson was so patient with them. And he smiled for a few pics, and thanked them and all for coming up. They traded a few nervous giggles, and then they said their goodbyes before I heard Greyson close the door again.

I hope he was able to hide his bulge that entire time. Hehehe, otherwise, those hotel employees might have gotten more of a thrill than they expected.

I saw Greyson walk back into the room pretty quickly, and he saw me standing beside the bed. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" He asked.

"Don't ask." I told him. "So...it's finally here, huh?"

Greyson didn't even stop walking. He just sort of tossed the pizza on the dresser and approached me with a hungry look in his eyes. "Uh huh..." He groaned, and before I knew it, he had his arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders and was kissing me deeply on the lips with his eyes closed.

It kind of took me by surprise, but it only took me a second or two to catch up. He stepped forward a bit, and I felt myself being pushed back until my knees hit the mattress and we both fell back on the bed. This wasn't just making out, this was like a sensual wrestling match now. Greyson had definitely been waiting for this moment, and as we began to whimper and moan from the heated intensity of our embrace...I found myself dizzy all over again.

Greyson was humping me hard at first, but he liked for me to be on top. I think he just liked the weight of me bearing down on him. He clung to me desperately, and soon, he was rubbing his palms up and down my back underneath my shirt.

So much for hot pizza. It's going to have to WAIT!