The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 3

Chapter 40

Thursday - I'm so stuck right now.

I'm totally wicked.

I'm totally EVIL!

I actually went to school for two class periods this morning...and then, I snuck out and took the bus to Bobby Jinette's house. And you can pretty much 'guess' what happened once I got there. I don't even know how many times we had sex today. I kinda stopped counting after the fourth explosion. I was there for like seven HOURS, and I didn't wear a lick of clothing the whole time! We even had to make a frozen pizza to snack on for lunch, and we did THAT naked! In his kitchen! And when he got hard again, I got hard again too, and I kissed him on the back of his neck while he giggled and tried to put the pizza in the oven. And then we had sex AGAIN in his kitchen while we waited for the pizza to finish! It was almost being a 'couple', you know? And he tasted soooo good. Even after having sex over and over again, every time was different, and it just made me want more.

Ugh...this is SO wrong!

I can remember just how guilty I felt about doing it at first. I can remember really feeling like some kind of gutless coward for not just telling Bobby to knock it off and respect the fact that I'm in love with another boy. Someone that I really care about and enjoy spending time with when we're not naked and rolling around, kissing like crazy. But you know what? All of that self-righteous garbage went right out the window once I got off of that bus at Bobby's stop. I could hardly WAIT to get to his front door. I could almost taste him from the end of his driveway. And just when he opened the door...I practically JUMPED his bones with a fit of passionate tongue kissing that almost made my throat hurt! I mean...we were REALLY going at it today! It was like...all of that holding back and 'wanting to be good' made us even hungrier for each other in the end. My GOD...I fucked him like it was the last piece of ass that I'd ever get on this Earth! And he LOVED it! I don't think Bobby has ever clung to me with so much passion before. I think I totally just rocked his world today! And I wanted MORE! SO much more!

Ok, so....before ANY of this stuff happened...I kinda ran into Brandon before school today. He was locking up his bike, and just....sighhh....just looking at him made me remember how the simplest details about him just brought this heavy dose of sunshine to my heart, you know? And it made me feel like an asshole, it really did! But....dammit, the feeling just didn't LAST long enough! It faded too quickly, and just left this horny jerk behind to run things without thinking. Brandon was so...adorable and cheerful today. His eyes were so bright and sweet, his attitude was so goofy and full of infatuation...I didn't really...I do I handle something like that?

When I said hello, I couldn't even look him in the eye. He was like, "So? Did ya talk to Bobby? Are we on for Saturday?" His smile was so anxious. It was cute, you know?

I kinda knew that Bobby would let us use his place once I went through with my visit today...and Brandon was too happy for me to let him down. So I lowered my eyes again and said, "Yeah...he said it was cool."

Brandon said, "AWESOME! Dude...this is amazing! I'm gonna be counting the minutes until then!" He said, and my heart sunk even lower. He looked at me, and he asked, "What's the matter?"

I was like, "Nothing. Just wish...I could've stayed in bed today. That's all."

He smiled and said, "I wish I could have stayed in there with you." And he blushed slightly as his sparkling eyes met mine and I tried to work up a smile in return. I said, I felt really low. Especially when he asked me, "You wanna meet up for lunch? We know...'talk' or something."

I said, "Lunch?"

And he's like, "Yeah. I mean...if you wanna eat with Sam and Joanna again, I mean..I totally understand. I just...I thought that maybe we could get some privacy. To talk about this weekend. Make some plans."

Awwww.....don't be adorable! Not now! "Oh...yeah. Actually, I think I might have some...leftover...I've got a paper to work on. So..." I had to make up something. And as the big fat lie seemed to be swallowing me whole, I just felt worse and worse and WORSE by the second! So, I started walking towards the school so Brandon would follow me and we could cut this conversation short. I HATED lying to him, but what else was I supposed to do? I was a little too deeply involved in all this to just 'back out' of it like nothing happened.

He was practically bouncing on his heels beside me. As long as I didn't look at those big bright hazel eyes of his, or the trusting smile on those kissable lips, I thought I might be able to keep my shame hidden from him. And I did a pretty good job until we went our separate ways. And, no more than a half hour later, all of those guilty feelings were practically gone, and the excitement came back. I was getting ready to ditch the boredom of school for an entire day of hot gay sex with a cute boy who had an extremely juicy as just WAITING for me to plunge into it over and over again until I cum my brains out! It, like...overpowered everything else in my head, and when that second period bell rang, I nearly sprained my ankle jumping out of that seat and running for the nearest exit. And was on to Bobby's house.

Listen, I had really planned to make this the very LAST time that Bobby and I ha sex! Seriously! I didn't want to do it anymore after today. So...when I got there, and we got into it...I made sure to fuck that sweet ass good and hard so that I'd never want it ever again! But...ummm...that didn't work out like I wanted it to.

Bobby was whimpering and whining and he REALLY wanted me to stick it in him! He could hardly wait for me to get my clothes off all the way. He was tugging at my shirt, and my pants, and my underwear...he was kissing and sucking on my chest, trying to lick any skin that he could get his tongue on as I stripped for him. And after only kissing for a minute or two on his bed, he was BEGGING me to fuck him again! BEGGING me! He was pushing his ass back against me and grinding his hips against my hardness, and he had this whimper that was sooooo hot! I sank myself into him DEEP on the first push, and he moaned loud and long from being penetrated so swiftly. And then his sweet ass started making these round circles, and he was humming and purring from the feel of it, and I just...I started really slamming into him. hard and as fast as I could! I mean, this wasn't just sex this time. I was literally just 'abusing' that hole with everything that I had to give! And I got so lost in it that I almost forgot that I even HAD another boyfriend!

I was sliding in and out of that hot, tight, wet, asshole of his, and he kept getting tighter every time I pulled out of him. Like...he didn't want to let me go or something. And the first time I came inside of him, I almost passed out from the pleasure overload. His naked cheeks kept bouncing on my lap as I rammed him from behind, and he just...he wanted MORE! He never asked me to stop or slow down. It was like he couldn't get enough of my dick in him. And even when I got tired, he moved his ass back and forth to keep the rhythm going. I have NEVER had sex like this before! Even when we were just tongue kissing, it was like a wrestling match! Both of us pushing and shoving and rolling around, legs and arms twisted, harder than we've ever been before. I was literally out of breath, but we kept going anyway. We had the whole DAY to ourselves! And Bobby just..he loves me soooo much! He just couldn't stop touching me. Or kissing me Or stroking me. He couldn't even believe that I was being so sexually 'open', this time. Like I said, I really surprised him with my lack of restraint.

I can't even TELL you how many times I fucked that tight hole of his! He never gets any more 'loose' than he was the very first time I screwed him. I don't know ho he does it. And his cheeks are so round and thick, that there's always, like, this extra inch of my shaft that can't get in there, because his ass cheeks are pressing against my thighs. So...unless you really 'force' it, and shove yourself in with a quick thrust of your hips before his cheeks 'bounce' you back can't really get in all the way. I think Bobby really likes it deep though Because whenever I did that, he would whimper and sometimes he would cum on his sheets from it. There were so many wet spots on his bed that we eventually had to fuck on his floor. And I did it with him on his knees, and him laying down on his stomach (which was AWESOME!), and with him bent over his dresser, and with him on his back on the carpet (You get REALLY deep when you fuck face to face! And I came really hard, so he had to kiss me to keep me from screaming....but having him kiss me only made me cum TWICE as hard, and I thought that my body was gonna 'break' or something from it!), and I fucked him standing up against the fridge! And we fucked in the shower before I left! Because...well...he wanted to take a shower with me. And his ass is REALLY soft and shiny when it's wet, so...even though my dick was already sore as hell at that point...I couldn't help but turn him around and slide it in him for one more go. God....when he's wet, his ass is like...still SUPER tight...but it's al slick and relaxed, so you can slide in despite the resistance. It's fucking INCREDIBLE!

I've never had sex like this in my entire life! And even though I wanted it to be my last won't be. Shit...I shouldn't have said that.

Listen...Bobby said that me and Brandon could use the house on Saturday. We were laying on his bedroom floor, and he was staring up at the ceiling. He was like, "Jesus, fucked the SHIT out of me today!"

I was like, "Dude, I'm sorry..."

But he said, "NO! I liked it! I LOVED it! You are SOOOO fucking amazing! I never, in a million years, thought that I would be laying here naked next to Billy 'fucking' Chase, and feeling totally...just...totally 'wow', you know?" Sure, it was an ego stroke. But it felt..good. Really good. I just remember that Bobby was caressing my nut sack, and kissing and licking around my nipples, when he said, " wanna come back on Tuesday? I want you to fuck me like that EVERY time you come over! I want you to make me cum over and over again like you did today. You have got me SO head over heels right now, I swear! Mmmmm....God....are you sure you have to go?"

I kinda grinned. I mean...damn...I'm like..'a good fuck'! Me! He's, like, super infatuated with me right now. I should have said no, but when you have a cute teenage boy rubbing your balls and sucking your nipples, it's kinda hard to say anything that might make them want to stop. So I said, "Yeah...Tuesday sounds good." And he moved up to kiss me on the lips, and we had sex AGAIN before I really did have to go! If his mom came home and caught us, the whole plan would be fucked up. But...yeah...he wants me to come over again on Tuesday for more hardcore fucking and hours of boy sex.

Bobby today...Brandon on Saturday...more Bobby on Tuesday....and maybe MORE Brandon next can there be ANYTHING wrong with this situation??? I'm BEYOND satisfied, and I can't wait to fuck Bobby again. Or...wait...Brandon, I mean. Geez, did I just write that? Whatever. Brandon is the whole reason I'm even doing this. And if Bobby thought that I was giving HIM a hot time...wait until I get a hold of the boy I LOVE!

I had a lot of doubts, and a LOT of guilt, surrounding this situation. But...what if actually works out? I mean, just for a LITTLE while longer? What if I can get this to stay quiet for another few weeks, just until Brandon and I find a place of our own to be alone? I get the best of EVERYTHING! And nobody has to know! I just have to keep them from talking to each other for just a little while longer, and it'll all work out.

Ok, I've gotta run. I'm too sore and flimsy to really jack off right now, but I can already feel myself getting hard again. So I might have to before bed. much sex can one boy HAVE in a single day, anyway?

I'll see ya soon! And wish me luck! Life is AWESOME right now!!!!