A Home For Christmas

A Home For Christmas 10

There’s something so addictive about this level of intimacy. It’s like...once you’ve broken past that whole ‘first time’ virgin barrier, something deep within you switches on, and you suddenly can’t get enough of it. It’s a craving that becomes so powerful that you just want to try everything out and explore it as though there was a time limit involved, and sex was going to magically disappear before you’re able to fully satisfy your appetite for everything at the buffet. It’s crazy. But in the BEST of ways!

Once Blake and I got back to my bedroom, all of our clothes came off and I fell back on the bed as Blake got on top of me. Our lips found each other so naturally that it was difficult to imagine them ever being apart from one another ever again. To feel his legs entangle themselves with my own, our nude bodies intertwined with a yearning and desperation for an even closer contact to express the passion vibrating vibrating its way through us, we just began to kiss and roll around...touching and tasting, grabbing and groping, until we were breathless from the foreign contact of two excited teen bodies in a heated, full body, embrace. I felt like I was floating. Totally floating.

And I reveled in the chance that I got to have Blake on top of me, squeezing and needing the spongy mounds with a rough grip as I crushed his slim body against me...massaging the cheeks and feeling a hint of the moisture that existed in the deep valley in between as his hardness dueled with my own...both eagerly searching for the powerful release that was certain to follow.

If only my parents knew how much I was thanking the stars above for having them be so far away from home at that moment. Hehehe, this is a Utopian experience that I never could have enjoyed if they were here trying to arrest my natural development with rules and regulations or even making me worry about listening out for noises or house keys as I tried to keep my deep desires a secret for just a little bit longer. No...I’d rather have this instead.

The full blown compulsion to give myself over to someone that I’m so heavily attracted to, and have them do the same for me. Letting my body quiver, my mind get excited, my soul feel fulfilled, and allow my heart to soar...all at once. Making love. True emotions expressed by means of the sensual sliding of flesh against flesh. Oh God...I’ve never been so grateful for the ultimate pleasures in life.

It might have been an hour, it might have been more. Blake and I just kept going at it until we unleashed whatever fluids we had to give...and then we would kiss and cuddle and hug one another naked until we got hard again. Then it was right back to it. It was a legendary and long overdue release of neglected tensions and confused biological boner ‘practice runs’. The frustration of a million false promises and unfinished nocturnal emissions. Omigod...at long last...for the first time since I was twelve, I finally feel like I can breathe again.

And when we finally wore our energy down to a point where we figured that we would need a break from it all before starting up again, Blake and I just closed our eyes and held each other tight, pulling the blanket back over us and trading a few quiet whispers with one another between kisses on the lips. It’s a comfort that can’t be described. To just know that you’re in the arms of somewhere you love, someone you can have sex with all the time if you want to...and you’ve got nowhere to go. No one to hide from. No one to answer too.

It’s paradise. It truly is.

I think we both drifted off a few times for a bit, but during one of those times, I felt something warm and wet going on underneath the blanket...and I was a bit out of it, so I had to feel around with my hands a bit before I noticed that I was hard again, and there was a head slowly bobbing up and down on me while I was asleep. Whoah...waking up to something like that, while disorienting at first...is the best damn feeling in the WORLD! It’s like...you’re still super comfortable and warm and half asleep...but with a hot pair of sucking lips creating a fully physical lullabye to seduce you back to sleep again. Hehehe! Holy SHIT, this is awesome! Best Christmas EVER!

I don’t think I lasted that long...or maybe I was asleep for half of it...who knows? But as I began to squirm and feel my balls shrivel up, I tried to frantically find a way for my hands to go under the blanket and warn him the way that he did for me, but he just grabbed a hold of my hips to keep me still, and my legs stiffened up as I began to convulse and contort myself into the weirdest of shapes as I began to involuntarily let loose from my heightened arousal. I gasped and whimpered and slammed my eyes shut as I just tried to ride that explosive roller coaster to its end and find a way to force my hips back down to the mattress.

When I was done...Blake crawled back up to hug me close again, and he whispered...”That...was a little gross.”

I started giggling, and he just kissed me on the forehead as we got all wrapped up in one another again. “I never said it was candy, Blake.”

“It’s an ‘acquired’ taste, that’s for sure. Hehehe!” And as he cuddled me close, I got all comfortable and sleepy again. Not that it would take much at this point. My little body was worn out now. Still, with Blake at my side...I’ve never felt safer. I wish life could always be like this.

When I moved around again, the house was pretty dark. I took a look at the clock, and it was almost four o’clock in the morning. But when I reached out behind me, Blake wasn’t there to hold me. Feeling a bit alarmed by his absence, I suddenly sat up in bed, and I walked out towards the living room. Thankfully, Blake was back in my sweats and sitting on the couch in the dark. The TV was on a timer, so it shut itself off hours ago. But he was just sort of sitting there with nothing but the blinking Christmas lights to light him up...and I couldn’t tell if he was in a good mood or a bad mood. Actually, he was staring out of the living room window at the heavy snow outside...and he seemed kinda sad. I was still naked, but I had that fluffy blanket wrapped around my shoulders, so I approached him and said, “You’re up awfully late. Or, errr...early. What gives?”

“Huh? Oh. Yeah...I guess I sort of got in the habit of getting up hour or two so I don’t get into any trouble.” He said. “Living out ‘there’...almost everything is trouble.” The he looked back at me and said, “Sorry, I didn’t wake you up again, did I? I didn’t want to bother you.”

“The only thing bothering me is the fact that you got dressed again. Hehehe!” I said, and he smiled in return. I sat down next to him and offered him half of my blanket, which he gladly took without question. No wonder, he seemed a little bit cold to me when I snuggled up next to him. “Do you want me to turn the heat up some more?”

“No. I’m ok. Honest.” He said, but I didn’t quite believe him. So I just cuddled him even closer and looked out at the snow with him, cheek to cheek. We didn’t say anything at first, but then Blake sighed, “It’s all so beautiful from a distance, you know?”

“The snow?” I asked.

“The whole world, really. But yes...especially the snow.” He replied. “I look at the shiny lights, and I hear the music, and I see the big bags of Christmas gifts being loaded into the back of someone’s car...it really makes you feel like everything will be ok, you know? I see the snow on the trees, and the windswept dunes, and the candy cane decorations on everybody’s lawn...it makes you want to believe that everything can be beautiful as long as you’re not trapped in the storm.” He said, and then his tone seemed to get a bit more melancholy with every word after that. “Then...you go out there in the real world...and you realize just how cold and how dangerous it can really be. How a few wrong choices can just...ruin the illusion. And the more that happens, the more you realize that nobody cares. Everybody just wants to look out at the world through a bunch of decorated windows, just like me...and pretend that it’ll all be ok. And for a lot of people...they’re just not that lucky.”

I gave Blake a squeeze, but I doubt that it was going to do him much good. He seemed to really be having a downhearted moment, and if hes anything like me...you just need to feel sad every now and then. As long as he has someone to talk it out with.

“You know...as much as I wish life could all be rainbows and one hundred dollar bills sometimes...it still feels good to struggle every now and then. You know?” I said. “It lets me know that I did something. Fought for something. That I came from somewhere...and I didn’t give up. Living in a fraudulent state of mind must be so incredibly boring. I don’t know how people can stand it.”

Blake shrugged. “I wish I knew. It might be nice to go back to a time when I could lie to myself and pretend that it didn’t take a divine miracle from above to experience hope, or luck...” Then he looked me in the eye and said, “...Or love.”

“Well...” I smiled, “...Maybe it’s not as miraculous as you thought it was. Maybe it was just your good karma balancing out again. You know, for being awesome to people.”

“Heh...let’s hope so.” He chuckled. “I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.”

Kissing Blake on the cheek as this sudden gloom seemed to wash over him, taking away from the brilliance in his eyes. “You know...even with my grandparents this weekend...they might have insulted me with their original reactions to me being gay...but I really do feel like they’re going to know that I mean business when I told them they couldn’t be a part of my life anymore if that was how they were going to treat me. I’m pretty sure that they understand that me being their grandson and me being gay is kind of a package deal now.”

“You actually told them that?” Blake asked, his eyes looking a little bit misty now.

“I don’t think I had to. But they got the message just the same. I’m pretty sure that my parents are going to give them the same passive aggressive treatment for the whole holiday weekend too.” I grinned. “But it’s a conversation that we all have to have if we ever want to fix it and get past it. Hopefully, this whole thing can be fixed eventually. We’ll just have to wait and see. Time will tell.”

“And what if it can’t be fixed?” He asked.

“Well...” I said, “...Then I guess I’ll be right back here...looking out at the snow from this living room window...and pretending that everything will be ok until I truly believe it. And if Christmas miracles are real...then I’ll be doing it with you.”

I think poor Blake almost let a tear drop from his eye, but he hid it from me by hugging me around the neck so I wouldn’t see it. “You’re really good at this kind of thing. You know that?”

“What can I say? You inspire me.” I smiled, and we both just watched the snowfall for a while longer before going back to bed. I wish I knew what to tell him. Parents seem to complicate things with angst and insecurities MUCH more than I do. But if I can be there, I’ll be there. Period. No questions asked.

That’s what young love does. It’s the most exciting part of it all.

I was awakened by the ring of my phone the next morning. The sunlight seemed so bright as it came bursting through my windows, even with the shades down and my curtains closed. I almost didn’t want to answer the call, seeing as the blanket was soooo comfy and my body just felt so loose and free from the sensual ‘tightness’ that it had been plagued with ever since I first looked at Jimmy Shoreman’s bubbly ass in that sixth grade gym locker room and felt all tingly from it...but I knew that it would be my mom. And she was going to harass me forever until I picked up, so I might as well get it over with, right?

I picked up the phone, and I was like, “Mom...it’s early...”

“Merry Christmas, Aric, honey! Mwah!” She said. Ugh...she is such a morning person.

“Uh huh...Merry Christmas...” I responded lazily. I heard a few other holiday greetings being called out in the background, but except for hearing from my dad, I didn’t pay them any attention.

“We’re all having a big dinner tonight, and we’re going to pack everything up so we can be back tomorrow afternoon and open presents, ok?” She said.

“M’kay. I’ll be here.”

“Your cousins say they miss you! They’re outside playing with their new toys and all, but they send their love.”

“Sweet. Love and a merry Christmas to them too...” I said, and then noticed that Blake wasn’t next to me anymore, causing me to sit up and I thought about maybe putting some clothes on. You know, since it was daytime and all. “You guys have a good time, k?”

My mom hesitated, “Are you sure that you’re ok there, all by yourself?”

“I’m totally ok here! I’m just sleepy, alright.” I said. “I spent all last night watching movies, that’s all. I’ll see you guys when you get home.”

“Ok, then...” She said, maybe a little disappointed by my lack of enthusiasm. Hehehe, sorry, but my enthusiasm doesn’t quite kick in until at least two or three in the afternoon. “We love you, Aric.”

“Love you too.” I said, and with a little bit of awkwardness, we finally hung up, and I put on some boxer shorts and a pair of pajamas to find out where my sweetheart had scattered off to. He’s always sneaking away from me. Hehehe!

As I left my room, I walked towards the kitchen, and I could clearly smell bacon and eggs on the stove. It kind of took me by surprise, considering that my mom wasn’t here at home. But once I peeked around the corner, I saw Blake standing at the stove...bacon, eggs, some diced onions, and a few other ingredients that I didn’t even know we had in the house. “Blake…?”

He was quick to turn around, and he was wearing his own clothes again. Fresh out of the dryer from the looks of it. “Hey! I was getting ready to come in there and wake you up.”

“What the…? What is all this?” I asked.

“Merry Christmas, cutie!” He said cheerfully. “I figured I’d make us a couple of omelets and do something sweet for you. Just to say thanks for being such an angel.” He walked over to give me a quick kiss on the lips, and he had already set the table with two plates and silverware. I hope you don’t mind. It took me a little bit of work to find everything that I needed, but this should do. I make the best omelets ever. Watch, you’ll see.” He was so happy and giggling that I couldn’t help but to step behind him and wrap my arms around his waist to give him a lingering kiss on his cheek and press myself into his ample mounds while doing it.

“You did all of this while I was sleeping?”

“You’re a hard sleeper, Aric. It’s not really hard to sneak out of your bed.”

“I swear, I need to tie a bell to your wrist or something.”

“What fun would that be?” He grinned. “Go! Sit down. Let me take care of you. Christmas breakfast. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

I did exactly as he told me, and soon he was serving up a couple of egg omelets that I can honestly say were some of the best that I’ve ever had before. How did he even do this? Did he find this stuff in OUR kitchen cabinets? I can’t even make a salad without nearly burning the house down! How much amazing can Blake get before I’m forced to chain him up in the friggin’ basement just for the sake of keeping him all to myself for the rest of my life???

Blake had finished his own laundry, cooked breakfast, and even said that he was going to wash the dishes as soon as they soak for a little bit. And we began to talk and laugh and just...bond with one another, you know? It was so weird, but it’s like we were two halves of the same person. Two random souls that were out there in the snow, looking for a way to find one another and find completion in one another’s embrace.

It’s such a feeling of tranquility...finding someone that gives you purpose. Finding a pursuit that gives your heart a function that goes beyond your mere survival. He just...he captivates me in every possible way. How crazy is that.

“Blake…?” I started, feeling nervous and weird, and yet determined to give saying it a try.


“I think that...I’m feeling like I might be...like, totally...uhhh...”

Blake just smiled back at me. “I feel like I might be falling in love with you too, Aric.”

“Do you?”

“I do.”

“Cool...” I giggled. The tension felt a little bit heavy at that moment, so I tried to diffuse things a little bit by saying, “...Can we have more sex now? Hehehe!”

“Do you want to?” He replied, raising an eyebrow. “I’m down if you are!”

“OK!!!” I said.

And before I knew it, we were both running back to my bedroom to get out of our clothes as quickly as humanly possible for a bit more fun.

We were certainly going to get our money’s worth out of our private time together, weren’t we? Hehehe! Sweet! I wonder if this is what it’s like to actually be married to the person you love most in the world. To just...’be’ with them, you know? Just like everybody else. If so, I’d never get enough of this life. This is what love is all about.

I’d be so full of JOY if life could be like this all the time. I really would!