Of The Flesh

Of The Flesh

I watch. To the point of obsession, I watch. You would think that my longing eyes could actually bring him to life the way I devoted myself to the act. But to no avail. He remains motionless. A series of still images, locked behind the cold flat surface of a computer screen.

I had stumbled across the website one night while looking for something really 'hot' to stroke to. After three years of being old enough to actually get into porn sites 'legally', I've developed somewhat of an addiction to long nights of relentless web surfing. Videos, pictures, stories...whatever I could find. Once you get tapped in to an endless supply of fresh daily pornography, you get locked into it. Hours race by like minutes. It's hard to figure out if time actually passes or if it just ceases to matter. It's a game in a lot of ways. A gamble. An endless search for the 'perfect' stimulation for the ultimate orgasm...always thinking that the next picture you click on is going to end up being the most beautiful boy in the world. You'd be a fool to miss him by doing something stupid like turning off your computer so that you could get enough sleep for school and work the next day. You always imagine that you're just a FEW pictures away. Just the right guy, with just the right body, with just the right picture, engaged in just the right sex act. Something that will be so sexually arousing that it will stay with you and fuel your most erotic fantasies for weeks to come. And then...when you think that you've finally found said picture out of the hundreds of others you've seen that night...you always convince yourself that there's going to be one even BETTER just a few more clicks after that. It can be an insane feeling...but an exciting one.

Just one more picture. Just one more video. Just one more advertisement or 'sexy boy' link. Ok...five more. No wait...ten. Ten is a nice round number. I'll look at these, see how good they are...and then I'll go to bed, I SWEAR. Wait...what's this? WOW! He's CUTE! I'll just check out a few of the pics in his gallery for now and save the site link for later. Before you know it, the sun is coming up, your body is sore, and all you can think about it...just ONE more picture!

It never ends. I've been doing it for so long that, nowadays, I actually begin to get hard just thinking about going home to my computer. I try to fight the urge to go 'porn roaming' as often as I do...but I might as well try to deprive myself of oxygen. I mean...no matter how toxic the atmosphere around me may be...how long can I possibly hold my breath before I'm desperate to submerge myself in the habit again? It began to feel pointless to even try. There were a billion hot gay fantasies online, and I wanted to experiment with each and every single one of them.

Then...came Jonas Wicke.

Finding his website was a mistake, to be honest. The product of me following the link from one gay twink site to another...click after click, until I couldn't even backtrack far enough to remember where I began. His site said he was 18 years old, but he hardly looked his age at all. Still, his very appearance sucked me in like no other porn site model had ever done before. I remember that it was his eyes that got to me first. Funny thing for a porn model, huh? It wasn't so much the color of his eyes, they were a simple shade of chestnut brown, nothing out of the ordinary. But...there was something about the overall 'look' of them and the way they created this unimaginable sense of untouched beauty that really pulled on my heart strings. Perhaps it was just the way they were shaped, or the length of his almost feminine eyelashes...maybe it was just the way they fit into the perfectly molded mosaic of his face. I couldn't tell. The definition of his immaculate beauty was something that was hard to place, but impossible to deny.

The second thing I noticed was the nearly bronzed color of his neatly cropped, shiny, blond hair. Jonas was a California boy, and he fit the exact description of what you would take that to mean. Almost arrogantly hot...but with a blend of sweetness that made him desirable in a way that caused one to pause helplessly like a deer in headlights from the mere sight of him. The 'spun gold' blond hair was just a pleasantly added touch from whatever angels it took to build him into the adonis that he was. Then came his lips. Lush and sensuous, blushed and blessed with the most charming of smiles. A single dimple in his right cheek. An asymmetrical flair to set off his blatant perfection with an artistic tilt of originality. It was breathtaking.

His body completed the picture. From shoulders, to long legs. From sexy neck to strong thighs. Even his fingers were cute. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans...Jonas could easily pass for the harmless boy next door. Friendly, slim, with the sweetest personality known to man. The kind of boy that your mother would have baked cookies for, just to see him smile. But once the clothes came off...the taut, lean, swimmer's muscles came into view...and you were destined to be blown away by the awe inspiring hidden lines of his body sculpture. The make up of his deliciously well built frame was something I imagined they couldn't quite capture on camera. Not to it's fullest potential anyway. It was the most lickable human body that I had ever laid eyes on. With no tan line at all. His skin as smooth and as golden as the first rays of sunshine at dawn. A visible, and yet somehow 'humble', six pack in the front, leading to a small waist, and a seductive V-line that converged beneath a mouthwatering treasure. Behind him, a thick, round, set of bubbles that made me want to reach out to the screen and trace the curve with my finger. Hairless. Spotless. Something you could envision going to sleep, face down, in and never wanting to wake up again. I salivated over that ass from every angle, wondering if even hehad to reach behind him and grab a handful every now an then. I would. I mean, it almost seemed UNFAIR that he should be so outrageously gorgeous while you were so far out of reach.

And don't think that I didn't notice the tasty package in front. Even limp, it hung at a proud length. Neatly trimmed hair above it, suckable nuggets beneath. Just as beautiful as the rest of him. Maybe even more so. I looked hard to find something wrong with him...and could find nothing. This boy was beyond perfection. Jonas Wicke was the gay boy that I had been looking for my entire life. The one boy who would render online pornography useless for the rest of my days. And I had missed my chance to ever be with him.

Because Jonas Wicke...was 'gone'.

A memorial message was all that was left at the top of his website. Explaining, loosely, how there had been an accident...and Jonas Wicke had unfortunately drowned in a lake not far from his home. It didn't say much more. I suppose it didn't need to. I wouldn't have wanted to know.

I have to admit...I was surprised a how deeply I felt the loss of such a beautiful stranger. I shed tears, actual tears, when I first found out. I had never once met this boy, never saw his smile in person, or even heard his voice. But there was this alluring and passionate aura about him that came through in every picture he took. It wasn't 'just' porn with him. It was art. His body was poetry personified. A canvas that any photographer could turn into a classic portrayal of what beauty was meant to be.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I had....real feelings for this boy. A heavy, uncontrollable, infatuation that struck me hard at an instant and refused to let go...even after word of his untimely demise.

It's hard to imagine that the nearly 600 photos of himself on his site are all that's left of him. I haven't even gotten through one third of them, and I can already feel myself falling in love with the images he left behind. I stopped going to any other sites online. They no longer compared. I had finally found my special boy. My one and only obsession. How deluded am I? If I was going to lust after a random naked hottie online, it should at least be one that's still breathing. It sounds like insanity...but it feels like affection. I swear, it's almost like....when I look at his pics...he's looking back at me. And when he's looking back at me...he's smiling.

There was once an old legend from ages back. It said that every time somebody takes your picture...they capture a piece of your very soul. Just...steal it away, seizing it and holding it still for as long as the image exists. I often wonder how much of Jonas Wicke's soul is still trapped in these online pictures. Presented for the whole world to see, even after his passing. If only I could gain access to it. I'm willing to bet that it was just as painfully beautiful as the rest of him was.

I went back to my college Biology class the next morning, groggy as usual. Even art schools force you to take the same stuff you were supposed to learn in high school...but they go much easier on you. It's just something to do for college credit, and they don't teach you much of anything new, because they know that students want to keep their grades up. So it's more just a waste of my time and theirs. And that makes the class itself practically pointless. EXCEPT for the fact that there are a few really hot guys in the class with me. Not as hot as Jonas Wicke, of course...but hot in their own way, I suppose. That alone made it worth the effort of getting up every morning and taking the long cold hike through the Winter snow from my apartment to the classroom. There are a few that I stare at, as there are with all of my classes. One thing about living in the city...the eye candy is endless.

Still...they were just fantasies. And weaker ones than the ones I got when drooling over Jonas' website photos. It wasn't the same. It was just a distraction to keep me aroused until I could get back home and look at Jonas again. It had been such a quick trip from being an avid fan to a sex crazed digital peeping tom. I was astounded by how intense my obsession really was. It was like I couldn't get him out of my head. All day long...lew and obscene thoughts of him and I together...having the most insanely passionate sex known to mankind. It was getting increasingly harder to concentrate on much of anything else. I even created these weird little 'non-sexual' scenarios in my head where I accidentally bumped into Jonas in real life, found out his death was a hoax, and took him home for a romantic evening of dinner, wine, and hours of erotic sexual pleasures. He had trapped me. Ensnared me into his world, keeping me as stoic and as still as the photographs themselves. And I liked that. If he wanted any part of me...he could have it. I'd give it over willingly. I adored him THAT much.

I was only a day away from Christmas break. I could have gone home for the holidays, but made up an excuse not to this year. All that postcard holiday cheer and sweet family dinner that they show on TV...it's not really how my family does things. Never has been. In fact, I doubt they'd miss me at all. They never call, and I never call back. We're barely connected at all anymore outside of the fact that we have this blurry history together that we all share. Sometimes it takes more than joint memories to hold a family together.

Besides, I had other plans. No school, no homework, no hanging out with friends either since they'd all be going home for Christmas. Nope. I was going to stay nice and warm in my house, starting tonight...and I was going to examine Jonas Wicke's website from corner to corner. I was going to read every word, click and enlarge every picture, and completely absorb as much of him as I possibly can for the whole break. I was actually pretty excited about it to tell you the truth. Once my last class for the day let out, I was already trudging through the snow to get back to my apartment. I swear...waiting for a computer to boot up never seemed to take so long. I put a frozen pizza in the oven, put in my password, and turned up the heat a toasty ten degrees as I stripped down to just my boxer shorts and a t-shirt. I was 'comfy' again. All I needed now...was my sweetheart.

My fingers were still a bit stiff from the cold as I opened up the homepage...getting an infatuated tingle from being met by those spectacular brown eyes. It was a relief to be 'together' with him again. As though my entire day had been building up to this very moment. And all days after this were sure to follow the same pattern.

I went straight to his gallery, and began to search through more and more of his salacious pictures. My God....my GOD, was he ever beautiful. There wasn't a single photo that didn't make me hard. Not a single one that didn't accelerate my heartbeat until the organ itself was slamming repeatedly against my ribs. I felt breathless. I hungered for more.

My focus was broken as the buzzer on my oven went off, and I got up to take the pizza out before my whole house burned down. My hands were still a little worn from the frigid weather outside, and I made myself a cup of hot chocolate to help my body get used to a pleasant temperature again. But once I had a plate and a drink, I was right back at my keyboard, picking up where I left off. There was nothing about Jonas' body that I didn't love. Every line, every curve, every angle...was sex itself. The way he would pose himself...it drove me wild with lust. I loved the way he could spread his legs in just the right way. A position so inviting that I could almost taste him. I loved the way his erection would seem to brighten up the whole picture with a pose and a personality all its own. How he could lay on his stomach...and bring his smooth leg up under him just enough to display the unimaginably soft curve of his delicious ass...presenting it to me as one would present the finest ambrosia to the gods of Olympus. His skin looked as if it had no texture to it at all. Smooth as fine marble. Warm as fresh milk. And beyond it all...were those eyes. That smile. That feathery mop of soft blond hair. Tantalizing my senses from a distance. It was the most mellow loss of control that I had ever experienced.

The pictures of him fully dressed were equally as exciting. No matter what color he wore, it brought out his beauty even more than when naked. But it was the 'action' pictures that caused me to stir the most in my seat. Extremely hot photos of him with various different boys, giving one hell of a sexy 'performance'. But while I was aroused to the point of leaking nectar into the fabric of my underwear...there was a hint of jealousy that I had to take notice of. I was almost hurt that these other beautiful boys got to know him. Got to talk to him. Got to 'touch' him. They knew the feel of his body heat, and the feel of his naked flesh sliding against theirs. They were provided with the opportunity to inhale his gentle fragrance, and bury their faces in it...lips and tongues dragging the scented areas with sighs of pure ecstasy. It ached my heart to know that they got to be so close...so intimate...with the boy of my dreams.

I began to click through the pictures rather calmly at first...but my focus got more intense with every picture. Each one hotter than the last. I soon found myself biting into cold slices of pizza, as my attention was more concerned with my hunger for him than the food itself. He was bent and molded into so many different erotic positions, never once showing a moment's discomfort. My boxers remained tented...my erection so hard that I had to press my palm down on it every few minutes just to give it some relief. Jonas Wicke could take it as good as he could give it. He did it all. And by the time I had gone through the next 30 or 40 photographs...I found myself instinctively leaning back in my desk chair...reaching into the drawer for my 'materials'. The slippery stream of warm lubricating oil generously covered my palm, and and my natural juices were instantly cooled as I exposed myself to the open air. Pulling the waistband down and tucking it neatly beneath my sack, I reach for the throbbing hardness before me. The first contact for the night is always the most rewarding. I shudder slightly, sinking lower in the chair as my thighs spread wide, and my hips begin to gyrate. Normally, I would look at a picture long enough to keep the image in my mind...and then close my eyes...allowing the fantasy to take hold. But not with Jonas. I kept my eyes open. Glued to his magnetic charm. Every lickable inch of his enticing body was being fed to my brain in HD. Within the first few strokes, I was already in the beginning stages of climax.

I clicked another picture...


Jonas was laying, face down, on a bed covered with crimson sheets. His pert young ass turned upward with a seductive curve in his back that brought his chest down flat on the bed, while his knees held his rump high. The cheeks spread naturally, giving me a graphic view of a tight little hole, still pink in color, with a pair of low hanging jewels beneath.

The image caused my member to jump and spasm from the stimulation, and after a few more precious moments with Jonas in this position...I went on to the next one...


This image had Jonas slowly finger himself, as he looked back over his shoulder at me...flashing a tantalizing smile that made me weak in the knees.




I saw Jonas with his arms wrapped around another guy, their legs intertwined, their arms slid around one another's trim waist, as they shared a passionate tongue kiss. Envy. Bitter envy.


The pictures got more sexually graphic, and much more exciting. My stroking sped up in pace, my breathing heavy. Perhaps I turned the heat up too high. The movement was causing me to perspire now. I went to another image, and my stroking went into high gear. Jonas was seating himself on the other man's lap. Both of them had their heads back...the man's face overwhelmed with pleasure...Jonas' face enjoying the penetration with a slight grimace and clenched teeth. That was the image my sex hungry body had been looking for.

The sensation began to take over me. My toes began to curl. My brain ceased to function with any kind of focus, and just moments before I felt my pulsing tube fill with liquid...I finally allowed my eyes to close. My breath to stop. My body to tense. And I thrashed for a second or two before lifting my hips from the chair and firing off with an eruption that may just go down with one of the top 10 climaxes of my life. I managed to pull my shirt down over the tip, feeling the hot splashes of seed as it jetted underneath the fabric and landed on my heated skin. My hand was a blur, milking the experience for all that I could. Picturing Jonas on top of me, those round globes smashing down on my lap as his tightness gripped me in a sultry vacuum and 'pulled' the orgasm right out of me.

Moments pass...

My hand slows its pace...

I begin to breathe again...

Multiple waves of blissful tremors continue to move through my body as the remaining semen pours over the back of my hand like warm candle wax. My lips are parted slightly, and I allow my body to glow with the soothing sensation of satisfaction. Moments later, I opened my eyes...and on the screen I saw something different from what was there just a few seconds ago. It was a close up of Jonas' face, staring right into the camera. It wasn't so much a 'smile' that was crossing those sweet succulent lips of his....but a 'smirk'. The kind of smirk that a high school boy would give you just seconds before pulling a major prank on his substitute teacher. It struck me as odd. Such a strange photo to put in the middle of all the other images on either side of it.

I stared at it for a few moments. And it stared right back at me. Then...a small 'ripple' crawled its way from the bottom to the top of my computer screen. As if some magnetic or electrical disturbance had warped the image all on its own. The screen went back to normal,but I didn't make much of an effort to move just yet. I felt particularly weakened by my recent release, the juices quickly turning cold on my chest. I shivered as my wet shirt touched my skin, so I used my clean hand to reach for some tissues and clean myself off.

As I wiped off my stomach...another ripple crawled up my screen. This time followed by two smaller ones. I heard the faint sound of static, and my eyes returned to that peculiar smirk. I looked underneath the desk to make sure that it wasn't something causing a power surge or something. But everything looked normal to me. I figured that my computer probably just needed a rest. It could be overheating or something. I should get the fan checked out some time soon. Just to make sure.

I wiped some more of my fluids off with the tissue, and when I began wiping my palm and fingers clean of the sticky residue...I felt a strange sensation come over me. Like a thin blanket being draped over my shoulders. The hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood up. It was like that hidden instinct feeling you get when someone is silently sneaking up behind you...and you can just tell that they're there. I turned around to look behind me. It felt as though I was being 'watched'. And that's an exceptionally uncomfortable feeling when you're half naked and covered in your own ejaculate. I saw nothing. I looked towards the window, and as always...the shades were pulled. But for some reason...the feeling got stronger.

My clothes began to cling to me a bit more snugly than before, and I saw small dust particles fly past my vision on a steady nonexistent wind. Heading for the screen...and sticking it to it. Thin, near invisible, cobwebs began to form and get sucked further in, as the ripples on the screen distorted the picture even more. It morphed and twisted for a while...but that gentle grin remained the same. And Jonas Wicke's eyes never left me.

Suddenly...without warning, all of the electricity in the apartment went out. In the blink of an eye, every device shut down, and I was left in my chair...cursing the darkness. Great...now I've got to finish getting cleaned up, get dressed in the dark, and go out in the frigid cold to get to the basement and flip open the fuse box. Ah shit...tonight would have been awesome if I could just shower and climb into bed. Fuck my life.

I got my clothes on and my coat. I went to the front door of my apartment to put my shoes on and check for my keys...when suddenly...I heard my computer screen come back on. A light beep or two...and then it brightened up slowly. Focusing right back on Jonas' wicked grin. What was strange about the whole thing is...it was the ONLY electronic device that came back to life. The rest of the apartment remained black, while the bright bluish glow of the screen illuminated everything around it. I stared into the eyes of my obsession for a few seconds, and then reached over to try to flick on the light switch. Nothing. On. Off. On. Off. No response. I couldn't even begin to explain what was happening here.

I took a step forward to see if I could figure out how the computer was running and nothing else, but the second I moved...I could have SWORN that Jonas' smile got slightly wider. As if it...MOVED! And then, in a blink, the computer shut itself off again.

I didn't mess with the computer any more that night. Once I came back from fixing the fuse, I snuggled under a comforter and opted to watch some TV instead. But something about that little incident just wouldn't leave my thoughts. It was a creepy occurrence. One that I'd rather right off as some kind of weird 'one-time' accident and not think about it ever again. Besides, what's the point of stressing over something you can't explain rationally, right?

The next day, I got up and went to my last few classes before the holiday break. They were pretty much 'blow off' classes, as none of the teachers really seemed to want to be there more than I did. It was especially cold that day. The subzero wind-chill was enough to make your face hurt and turn purple if you were exposed to the weather for more than a minute or two. I felt weak inside. Like...I hadn't gotten any sleep at all. Maybe I'm just exhausted from commuting back and forth every day. Or maybe it's just one of those days that I would have rather stayed in bed. Either way...I was glad to see those last few minutes tick by. At long last...Winter break was upon us. And I...am...FREE!

The sun was setting early when I came back home. The darkness was dropping over the city fast. As soon as I walked in the door to my apartment, I shook some of the excess snow off of my coat, and pulled my wet boots off at the front door, placing them on the mat. It wasn't until I closed the closet door and walked into my living room that I noticed my computer on. I wondered, at first, if I had left it on since last night. But...the screen was just brightening up. As if it had been turned on only a few seconds ago.

And the image this time was different.

To be honest, I hadn't really been focused on another jack off session today. I was so tired that it didn't even really cross my mind. But on the screen was an image of Jonas completely naked...leaning back on his elbows with his legs splayed wide open. An enticing look in his eyes as he tempted me with his delicious meat. It was so clear, and so real, and so sexy. I felt myself getting hard as though he had reached a hand in my pants and pulled it out himself. All thoughts of how my computer activated itself were thrown out the window. It no longer mattered. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. It was like he was 'calling' to me. I had no choice but to answer.

I warmed my hands up a bit, stripped down, sat down at my computer, and once again began the exciting search for more of Jonas' amazing photos. You don't know what it was like...seeing his soft lips wrapped around a hard long shaft, or seeing his tight orifice being filled from behind. Just kissing him would be enough to bring me off. I doubt my mind could handle knowing that it was him that I was lying naked with. I'd give anything for just one shot. Just one.

And then...that 'feeling' again. A gentle but deliberate rise in static electricity. Even stronger this time. I felt my body being wrapped in a warm, sensual, series of light muscle spasms. Almost as if I was being 'touched' from the outside. It was soooo erotic at that particular moment. It seemed to enhance the sexual pleasure that I was giving myself. I leaned my head back with a quiet moan, feeling my body tingle, my hardness throbbing in my hand every time my greased fingers rubbed themselves over the sensitive ridge at the top of my shaft. And when my eyes closed...it was like I could actually SEE Jonas Wicke at my feet. Not in some fantasy setting, but right here at my computer desk.

I opened my eyes. And everything was as it should be. I was alone. Stroking myself in front of my computer. But when I closed my eyes again, I saw the exact same thing...as if my eyes weren't closed at all...but Jonas was there. Between my legs, on his knees....smiling at me.

I opened my eyes again, and the image disappeared. Again, I looked around the room. Even wheeled myself back from the desk to look down the hall towards my bedroom. Nothing.

I had a moment of panic as a spooky feeling washed over me, and I nearly jumped up and turned my computer off. Until the 'possibilities' entered my mind. I mean, even if it's some kind of sleep deprived hallucination...I might as well enjoy it, right?

I slowly scooted myself back towards the desk...and with caution, I closed my eyes again. Sure enough,there Was Jonas Wicke...his smile intoxicating me as he leaned forward to give my hardness a long and sensuous lick. It was like I could feel it. Like it was REALLY happening! I opened my eyes briefly, and saw a picture of Jonas on the screen doing the exact same thing to another guy. Licking his way up his shaft, holding his balls tenderly in his palm, looking up at him with a boyish smile. I took a chance, and reached for the mouse, clicking on to the next picture, where Jonas was deep throating the guy with a passion.

I closed my eyes again, and as I had hoped...I felt Jonas' warm, wet, mouth reach the peak of my hardness, and eagerly suck me inside. My whole body seemed to gasp in shock. Never had a sensation been so genuine. So amazingly close to the real thing. And when I opened my eyes and looked down...I noticed my erection bobbing and pulsing with the activity...but both of my hands were tightly gripping the armrests of the chair. It was as if I was being milked by the air itself. Oh God...what is this? How can this be?

I closed my eyes again, and saw Jonas working me over, his hand following the suction of his lush lips as he bobbed up and down on me without stopping. His hands moved to the tops of my thighs, spreading his fingers wide to cover as much surface as he could while he pleasured me. I reached down, and I swore that I could feel the locks of his hair in my hand. The softness of his cheeks as he sucked them inward. The feel of his palms as they slid, unrestricted, up the legs of my boxer shorts. This was no dream. This was real.

Breathlessly, I reached for the mouse to click on the next picture....


An image of Jonas on his knees, with another guy entering him from behind. Looking down, I saw Jonas take his position, grinning playfully over his shoulder. I practically kicked the chair back into the corner of the room as I got on my knees as well. My hands were magnetized to the firm round mounds of flesh before me. They felt even better than I imagined. The idea that this was all being made up in my head was no longer important. Only the flesh was important. Only the promise of sex. Nothing else mattered.

I leaned down, and with a heavy, lustful, sigh, I smashed my face against the bubbled cheeks, and rubbed my nose and lips against them as Jonas giggled bashfully from the touch. I licked one of the cheeks, and whimpered to myself as I lightly bit into the thickness of it...my heart beating so fast that I could hardly breathe. I devoured all that I could for as long as I could. My tongue leaving a wet trail from the top of his narrow cleft...all the way down to the treasure I longed for the most. The spongy softness of his butt tried to push my face back, but my tongue speared him in the most intimae of places regardless. I could taste him. My GOD...I could actually taste him!

I wanted to lick every last inch of him, but wanted to enjoy this hysteria before it came to an end. I lined myself up, nearly climaxing the second the leaking tip of my shaft touched the tight ring of his puckered entrance. And with a few pushes...I was allowed access to the tight warm moisture of his tender insides. It gripped me. Hungrily pulling me in further. Warm gelatin muscle structures...all massaging and 'chewing' at me nonstop....begging me to sink in further. The intrusion was welcomed with a sigh of pure arousal, and I felt Jonas push back on me...taking it all. Moaning his approval.

Once the thrusting began...I knew that I couldn't hold out long. It was TOO good. The way his hold constricted around me so shamelessly...the way his cheeks were so soft that my hands left temporary rose colored prints on them from grabbing them so tightly...it was more than my highly excited hormones could handle. And Jonas seemed to want my orgasm even more than I did. So he pushed himself back against me, humping those delicious ass cheeks against me with a fever. And when I couldn't take anymore, I released a powerful blast inside of him. Draining me of even more energy as I literally flooded his tunnel with my heated seed. It lasted longer than most orgasms. My muscles became sore from the prolonged rigidity. I tensed up, holding my breath, digging my fingers into his hips and leaving marks on his skin as I held him tight against me. I came so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. And then....

...I did.

I woke up two hours later on the floor in front if my computer. I was so groggy that I could barely move. Could barely open my eyes. I had been completely drained. My limp penis was still hanging out of my boxers, and there was a dry and flaky mess on the carpet where I must have allowed the fantasy to take hold of me. But despite the loss of consciousness...I remembered every mind-blowing detail. The surreal nature of the whole act had truly affected me to the point where my obsession with Jonas Wicke had grown tenfold. What WAS that??? What had happened??? I didn't know, but I wanted more! I wanted soooo much more!

And it was then, that I heard a familiar beep. And the computer screen turned itself on again. On...off...all by itself. Always by itself. Jonas was calling me again. He needed to drain more energy from me. He wanted more of my sex. And as with all obsessions, I was compelled to give it to him.

For the next six or seven hours...I gave myself over to anything and everything that Jonas wanted of me. I had burned through 90% of his online images, and would have gone through the rest if I hadn't weakened myself to the point of no longer being able to produce another orgasm. I had explored his body time and time again like I had never done before with anyone else. It was difficult not to literally eat him alive. Licking the insides of his thighs was like licking up the side of an angels food wedding cake. He was THAT sweet. Kissing him was magic. His lips would wrap so lovingly around my own. And his skin was the map to pure unadulterated joy. There wasn't a part of him that I didn't want to suck at. Especially his neck, which always made him giggle in the cutest way. Over and over...we made love that night. A love that I couldn't explain...but soon felt no need to. And each and every time...I felt myself getting weaker inside. I guess that makes sense, right? I mean...my testosterone levels have got to be, like...nearing absolute zero at this point. My balls were sore from such nonstop production. What was once a healthy collection of wet spurts in great volume...were now reduced to nearly dry spasms, and a few dribbles of clear nectar that barely did anything more than leak down the side of my shaft. Still...I obeyed. I followed Jonas and experienced the greatest sex of my life that night until I just couldn't give him anymore.

I tried to ignore the screen...but the pictures began to scroll past my vision all on their own. Jonas was tempting me. Begging me. He wanted me. He NEEDED me to complete the set. Just 20 or 30 more images and I would have seen it all. But I was so sore that I didn't want to look anymore. My obsession had gone beyond my physical ability to keep up with it. More ripples appeared on the screen when I didn't respond. But I just couldn't do it anymore. I could barely move.

The screen beckoned me to keep going, and when I tried to turn it off, I received a static 'shock' to my fingertips. I yanked my hand back, more out of surprise than actual pain. And then an image came up on the screen that I hadn't seen before. It was Jonas Wicke, blond hair sweeping playfully in front of his eyes, and the CUTEST little pouty face that I had ever seen. It actually made me smile to myself. It was almost like he was hurt that I didn't finish going through all of his images. Something about it plucked stubbornly at my emotional strings. I don't know what it was...but I loved him soooo much. This stranger on the other side of the screen. This imaginary person who had suddenly reached out and touched my soul. So...for him...I found myself clicking forward again. Just...one last time.





The pictures got hotter and hotter. More breathtaking with every press of that button. And despite the soreness and the ache, or the lack of available juice...I found myself getting hard all over again. The sensations began. His lips, his hands, his tight round ass...they stimulated me from every angle. And the electric presence in the air got more and more potent as I neared the end of the gallery. It was as though the website and Jonas Wicke himself was reaching a powerful climax of its own. As I neared the last ten pictures...the ripples began again. Urging me to keep going. So close. So very close. The last five pictures...the lights in my apartment began to dim. A problem that I figured I would fix once I was finally done with them all.

Then...as I saw the last picture on the gallery...out of the entire 600...my body went limp.

Jonas was bouncing up and down on my lap, my hard inches plunging hard into his depths as he rode me for all he was worth. It was like he knew this was the last picture. The last image. The last part of his offering to me. And he kissed me passionately, his tongue snaking its way into my mouth as the climax built up inside me once again. I have to stop. After this...I HAVE to stop. At least for the night. Maybe even for the next couple of DAYS! My tip was so sensitive inside of him. His sexual ring was holding me soooo tight. I gripped his succulent cheeks with both hands, but I had no control over his stimulating movements. The way he could grind his hips...up and down...back and forth...and in sensual circles...all at the same time. Clenching his ass around my shaft to make it even more constricted...squeezing me aggressively as my overworked inches slid in and out of his cozy confines. So wet. So warm. It was too much. Too much. I had gone over my limit. The orgasm is almost painful as it begins. I feel my whole life flash before my eyes. My body tenses and the electric current that I felt before rushes through me like a lightning bolt from the gods above. As I cry out loud, my body paralyzed...frozen in a locked position...preparing for an unprecedented climax...I see Jonas Wicke's eyes turn completely white. The once alluring chocolate marbles had vanished completely...and he smiled at me as his sexy body worked extra hard to drain me of all I had left. I felt his hot ass suck me fully into its narrow passage, and he gyrated his hips in a way that nearly caused me to scream. Only his lustful kiss kept me from waking the neighbors. And then...and eruption! A powerful spray of all the 'liquid love' I had left for him that night. The veins in my neck tensed, my head flew back hard enough to hit my head on the floor, and my toes curled to the point where my feet and calves nearly cramped up on me. My body was lost in the throws of passion. The sex had taken over every aspect of my life. That one moment...that's all that existed for me. Nothing else.

I felt Jonas squeezing and releasing his hold around my shaft in perfect timing with the squirts. And once I was finished...I felt but a sweet kiss on my lips before losing consciousness. It was something I couldn't help. I was pulled into sleep against my will. My body was spent. There was nothing I could do.

There was nothing I could do....

When I woke up again, I realized that I was naked. And still extremely weak from head to toe. I was...laying back on a strange mattress...atop a wrinkled set of red silk sheets. I didn't know where I was, but was too tired to even raise my head to find out. Instead, I let my thoughts linger on the night I spent with Jonas, and how amazing it would have been if it were at all real. I was almost disappointed that I had gone through all of the images in one night. NOW what am I gonna do with the rest of my Winter break? Start from the beginning again, I suppose.

I tried to get up...but I couldn't. In fact...I couldn't move at all. Not because I was drained and weak...but because my arms and legs just wouldn't cooperate. At first I attempted to wiggle a bit and get myself to at least move a few muscles and change the vulnerably nude position that I was in. But I couldn't. Now panicking, I struggled even more...trying to make some noise so that I could call out for help...but it didn't do me any good.

My eyes peeked to the side, and I saw Jonas Wicke on a computer screen...same as before. But THIS time...when he saw me looking at him...he MOVED! He gave me an evil smirk and a wink, and soon...I noticed that he was sitting in MY desk chair. In MY apartment! And when my mind began to fully focus again...I realized that it was ME that was locked into the many sexual positions of his website. Stuck. Petrified. Unable to move at all. It was *I* who was now taking his place online.

Jonas gave me a condescending wave to say godbye...and I watched in horror as he reached over and turned off the computer. Leaving me to remain....trapped. Forever.

I watch. To the point of obsession, I watch. Looking for someone to find me. Waiting for them to stumble across this website. Ready to lock onto their fevered search and urge them to repeatedly orgasm over the images they see here. Until they've gone through every last photo of me. Every one. It will happen eventually. I know it will. I will be ready to do whatever it takes to escape me from this online prison. I can only hope that they find me soon. I so desperately need another life to claim for my own.

Jonas Wicke is alive. Somehow, somewhere....he is alive.

And me? I wait. One day...one of you will find me. You'll trip over my website by 'accident'. And when you do...I'm going to make all of your erotic dreams come true. But not without a price. I want my life back. No matter how long it takes...I'm going to get it. Even if I have to steal it from you, piece by piece.

This website, these images you seek...they are haunted. Not by Jonas Wicke anymore, but by me. So keep searching for that perfect online boy when you're alone. I await my rebirth.


I'm always just a few 'clicks' away....