Nothing Wrong With Love

Nothing Wrong With Love

I can still remember the day little Jamie next door first came into my life. I was 21 at the time and had just moved into my very first 'bachelor pad'. It was a little townhouse type deal and I was so happy to be on my own for a change. My college buddies had taken me out drinking the night before it happened, so I wasn't really prepared for the sound of shattering glass as some kid's baseball came crashing through my front window. I remember getting up to see what the heck it was and realizing that some little brat had broken my window and probably high tailed it out of there by now. I cursed to myself for a few seconds before looking up to see a head peer through the jagged hole where my window used to be. Normally, I would have been furious, but something about this wide eyed little boy struck me as funny. He was only 10 at the time, so I guess I couldn't really yell at him or curse him out. He looked so shocked, with short, spikey blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. His lips had a small chocolate stain on the site, and they were so red, it looked like he was wearing lipstick. He had his hat on backwards and clothes that looked like they were four sizes too big. I kind of looked at him, trying not to crack a smile, but as soon as he opened his mouth he gave me the most innocent, "Sorry mister..." and I couldn't help but burst out laughing. I think it confused him more than anything, but my laughter seemed to make him feel a little better.

I remember his mother not being so light hearted about the whole idea, and she brought him back over the same night to see if I had some chores for him to do while he paid off his apology for the window. I really didn't hold it against the kid, but she was trying to teach him a life lesson and I figured I might as well help her out. She was a single mom, beautiful and kind, but not my type. I mean, she didn't know it, but none of the women on the block were my type. Let's just say, they weren't being cast in any of my wet dreams growing up. I knew I liked guys, and I wasn't ashamed of it at all. But that didn't mean that everybody else had to know about it, so I usually kept to myself most of the time. My name's Michael, and even though I was 21 years old, I have a babyface that keeps people carding me at every bar I go to. Everyone says I look like a high school kid, I don't see it. I've got thick brown hair, medium length, and giant brown eyes that glow in the sunlight if you look at them just right. I'm pretty average in the height and weight department too, but that darn babyface just keeps the jail bait chasing me.

Well, I let Jamie do little jobs for me around the house and we became good friends. He never ceased to amaze me, he would just ask the oddest questions out of the blue, and he was incredibly honest, even telling me things I didn't even want to know. One day he told me he saw his mom's vibrator under the bed and he used it as a light saber when he was playing with his friends. I swear, this kid was hilarious when he wanted to be. He was like having a brand new puppy at that age. He was always over, bright and early every morning. He only lived across the street, and he would often ring the doorbell, his mouth still chewing the last bits of his breakfast. He would walk in the second I opened the door and before long he'd be into everything. The kitchen cabinets, the closets, the basement, under my bed, everywhere. It was impossible to stop him from moving and talking and just basically being a kid, but it was even harder to get mad at him. One smile and I was helpless to keep from smiling too. He was just too cute to stay mad at for long.

As time went on, Jamie got older, and we became even closer than before. By the time he reached 12 we were like brothers. When he turned 13, he started to worry me a bit. It wasn't so much the fact that he was always over and hanging out at my place more than at home. It wasn't all the uncomfortable questions he started asking about sex and love and even masturbation (A little bit older, but still the same old 'honest' lovable kid). None of those things really worried me that much, he was just being a kid and that was cool with me, because I've always been a big kid at heart myself. It was just as much fun for me to have a playmate as it was for him. No...what really frightened me about Jamie was the fact that I wasn't necessarily looking at him as that same cuddly puppy dog that use to go through my things when he came over. These days, I was beginning to see him as something more. That scared me to the point where I'd literally hide from him on occasion. His spikey blond hair had softened to a silky golden mass that he let grow out to medium length. His skin had developed a sensual tan, and his red lips had become thin pink buds that sat under a perfect button nose. His baby fat had melted away and his face had thinned out to reveal high cheekbones and cute little facial features that I had never noticed before. Jamie was turning into a heartbreaker right before my eyes, and he was actually beautiful to me.

The fear first hit me one day while we were watching TV in the living room. I was looking over at him as usual and as if by magic, I realized that I wasn't just admiring his youth or his charm anymore. I found myself staring at his soft stomach, his long hairless legs, his sleek teenage frame and slender neck. His eyes held the same youthful innocence that they always had, but there was something else behind them now. Something sexual, some kind of new found excitement that was getting stronger and stronger with every day that went by. The more it grew inside of him, the harder it became for me to turn away. I would get anxious waiting for him to get home from school so he could come over and tell me what happened. Every detail of his life fascinated me so much. Because everything he said and did at school brought back some long forgotten memory of mine. Even when he wasn't around, I'd find myself smiling and thinking, "Wow! I remember that." I felt so cool being able to give him advice on things that I had already been through, that I had already experienced. I almost felt like the kid's father, and deep down, even though he never said it, I think Jamie looked at me the same way. He brought so much light into my world, and we hung out every chance we got. I think the most flattering thing he ever said to me was, "You're like my mom, but you're so much cooler. You know way more than the kids at my school." Hearing him say that made me feel like jumping for joy. I think that in the short few years that we had known each other, Jamie had actually replaced most of my college buddies as my best friend in the world. I felt like I could just be myself around him, just be silly and wild and have fun. I didn't have to put on that fake mask that adults hide behind. I could take him to movies and play video games with him, and buy him things to make him happy. And he just seemed so impressed and so appreciative of it all. I bought him a bike for his 14th birthday, and he nearly cried. It was the most awesome feeling in the world to be able to give something to the 'little brother I never had' and have him regard it as such a precious gift. It made me happy to see him happy, and that was all I wanted from him.

Then it happened. He was 14 years old, and me at 25 with the same teeny bopper looks I'd always had. We were in the basement watching same old horror flick, you know, one of those "Creature from Down Under the Muck" type of movies. And I remember the commercial coming on and Jamie was so enraptured in the movie that I guess he didn't see how bad it really was. I was playing around as usual, and pretending to be the monster, lurking ever closer to my young prey. "Don't try to run, no matter where you go, I'll find you." I said in my best cheesy horror movie voice.

Jamie let out a weak womanish scream, "Aahhhh...please don't kill me mister monster! I'll miss my soaps tomorrow!" We both started laughing and then I attacked him, the two of us wrestling playfully back and forth until I had him pinned under me, unable to move. Suddenly, I looked down at him, and his smile faded quickly. He got so serious all of the sudden, and I saw his eyes flare with a raw passion that I had never seen before. It was as if he became a sexual being right in front of my eyes. I could feel his gaze go right through me and it actually struck a chord deep inside my heart that made me feel weak. I couldn't believe that this boy, this 14 year old boy, was...turning me on!

I wanted to look away, I wanted to come to my senses and forget the whole thing ever happened. I wanted to get off of him and take a shower, washing away the dirty feelings that had entered my mind without warning, but I couldn't. Then, I felt Jamie's erection begin to grow uncontrollably against my stomach. Omigod! I felt it getting harder and harder, a good five and half to six inches at least. Then, as if he needed the release of the tension, Jamie pushed himself into me, lifting his hips slightly off of the floor. And I LET him do it! I LET him push his hard little cock into me and what was worse...I liked it! It was the very first time I looked into those blue eyes and felt the irresistible urge to kiss those pink lips and taste Jamie's tongue as it slid in and out of my mouth. I felt weird, filthy, almost like a rapist, but I just couldn't pull myself away. I realized that I had spent more time with Jamie than I ever had with any one of my boyfriends in high school or college, I'd had more fun than I ever had before in my life, we've talked, we've played, we've shared our ideas and our interests, whether I liked it or not...the two of us had been in a relationship for years. That urge, oh that incredible urge, to plant a sweet kiss on his tender lips. It would probably be his first, it would be the coolest and most erotic experience of his young teen life. But as the thoughts breezed through my mind, I felt Jamie push his hips up into me again, this time with no shame, and he let a soft moan escape those perfect lips of his. No! I can't do this! He's fucking 14 years old for crying out loud! That's like 20 years in prison! That's almost double my whole life!

I immediately came to my senses and jumped up from the floor. Jamie laid there for a moment or two on his back, his erection showing through his pants. He sat up on his elbows and displayed it for me proudly, a mischievous grin on his face. That's when I noticed that I was hard as a rock too, and I quickly sat down on the couch, hoping he wouldn't notice. Yeah, I'm sure his mother would love to hear about this.

Jamie's face got serious again and he said to me, in that seductive, raspy teen voice of his, "What's the matter?"

"The movie's back on." I said nervously, hoping he'd notice and get back into it so he could forget about what just happened. He didn't.

"Oh...ok." He said, a little confused, and with a hint of what sounded to me like disappointment. He got up and sat down next to me again. But things were different between us, there was this strange tension, this violent attraction that swelled inside of me with every second that he sat next to me. He leaned back and sighed to himself, but he didn't seem to be paying attention to the movie anymore. I could feel him looking over at me every once in a while and it sent shivers up my spine. What the hell was the matter with me? He's just a youngster, the kid from across the street. This isn't some hot guy that I saw in a bar somewhere or working at the Gap, this is little Jamie who once broke my front window with his baseball. This is little Jamie who has been my baby brother for the past four years, the kid who is JUST a friend, my best friend. But he was sooo cute...wait, did I say that? I felt a strange confusion that had never crossed my mind before. Some battle between what's right and what's...right but feels wrong. I didn't know what to think. But every time I felt his soft blue eyes on me, I got goosebumps. It was like I was falling, I refuse to say it. I CAN'T say it! I am not falling for a 14 year old boy and that's that. I sat back and tried to just watch the movie, but Jamie suddenly broke the silence. "Do you have a girlfriend Mike?"

", no I don't."

"Oh...ok." He said again. He turned back to watch television and I thought that maybe that would be the end of the conversation, but after another five minutes of silence he spoke again, his hazy voice making my ears tingle with delight. "You know...I was just playing before."


"When we were on the floor, I was just kiddin' around. Cool?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"Nothing...just...say it's cool so we can be friends again. Okay?" I looked at Jamie and under his mop of shiny blond hair I could see a hopefulness in his eyes that melted my heart. He was blushing a little, and he was afraid to make eye contact with me, so I told him it was cool and just tried to go back to acting as normal as I possibly could, considering the circumstances. But something between us had changed, I could feel it.

I spent the next two or three days avoiding Jamie and trying to come up with a million excuses for him not to come over. It hurt me something awful to push him away, I mean I was losing my best friend here, but it had to be done. I didn't know what would happen if Jamie ever made a pass at me or something, how strong could I be? What if he hugged me, or wanted to sit on my lap, or what if we wrestled like last time, but I couldn't control that urge to kiss him a second time? I wished over and over that I could be young again so I could be with him without hesitation, but wishes only made me feel worse. I couldn't do this. I'd end up like those dirty old men picking up boy prostitutes in Hollywood. The freaks who molest kids in locker rooms and rest stops. I could never hurt Jamie, I'd rather kill myself, I never wanted to ruin his life or give him some kind of mental trauma from our little affair. I couldn't be with him, but how could I turn him away? It plagued my mind over the whole week, while I was still dodging and avoiding Jamie. The first day or two, he took it all in stride and figured that he'd just come over the next day. On the third day, he had a confused look on his face, like he knew something was up, but he didn't want to say anything. I remember closing the door with him on the front porch, and he remained outside my door for a few lonely moments before finally walking away, his head down and his shoulders slumped over. He looked so sad, God I couldn't tell you how bad I felt. The fourth day he almost had tears in his eyes when I said I was too busy. He just looked so pitiful that I decided to let him in, just for a little while.

His face cleared up a bit and he plopped down on my living room couch. I sat in a chair on the other side of the room, hoping to keep some distance between us. He looked almost hurt by my gesture, but he started going into his day at school and how it went. He chit chatted and giggled all afternoon, but I was just terrified of him now. I kept seeing parts of him that just looked so cute to me, but I'd have to force it out of my mind quickly before I started dwelling on it for too long. My eyes watched his gorgeous lips form each individual word as he spoke, I watched his smooth arms move back and forth with every gesture. I looked at his flat chest, his tender belly, his soft thighs, his golden hair, his sky blue eyes...oh he was the biggest temptation of my life. I caught myself sighing out loud and stopped it right away. I was feeling dreamy and nervous, seeing Jamie and I just laying together in bed, just holding each other, locked away from society, free from judgement. I kept having visions of kissing him, and as he talked, the visions turned more graphic, more sexual. As soon as the thought of Jamie dropping his pants in front of me, my mouth only inches from his hot throbbing little teen cock, ready to suck him in and bring him to a climax like he's never dreamed, I jumped up and told him that it was time for him to go.

"Go? But I've got more to tell you about. Like this girl named Beckie, she says she's in love with me, but I don't really like her 'cause..."

I stopped him in mid sentence and tried to come up with a good reason for him to go. "I'm sorry Jamie, but I've gotta run to the store real quick."

"Oh. Can I come with?"

" you can't. It's a liquor store, I was going to buy beer for a party. They won't let you in if you're underage."

"I can wait in the car, I just want to spend some time with you, I haven't seen you all week."

"Look...Jamie..." I started, trying to get the courage to say the words so he'd leave me alone for a while. I knew it would break his heart to hear me say that we couldn't be as close as we were before, but until I figured things out for myself, that was the best thing I could come up with. But Jamie stopped me and kept talking. It was almost like he knew what I was going to say, and didn't want me to get the words out.

"Hey, guess what? My mom says she's going to be going on a business trip out of town, and I usually go with, but it's really boring and stuff. So I asked her, and she said if it was alright with you, I could stay the night here for the whole weekend! Wouldn't that be awesome?"

"Jamie...look man..."

"I could bring some movies, and the Nintendo 64, have you played 'Goldeneye' yet, it's so cool, you'll love it..."

I had to almost put my hand over his mouth to stop him from rambling, but this was going way too far. I was fantasizing about this beautiful young teenager, and now he was going to tempt me even more by staying at my house for the weekend. "Jamie, please. I've got to tell you something. Um...look, you're really cool and all, but...I don't think it would be such a good idea if you spent the weekend here with me."

Jamie looked confused and wrinkled up his nose a little, "Why?"

"You wouldn't understand Jamie, okay?"

"Why wouldn't I understand? You don't want me to stay with you?"

"No Jamie, it's not that. It's just...I don't know if I'm the right person for you to be spending the weekend with. That's all."


"It's just not right, okay?"

"But Why?" Jamie was clearly getting hurt, and I could hear it in his voice.

"Jamie...I don't know why, alright?"

"Well you said you don't want me to stay with you, you don't want me hanging around, you've been avoiding me all week, I just want to know why? What did I do?"

I could see his heart breaking and it made me feel like shit doing this to him. But didn't he know it was for his own good? Didn't he see the problem with a relationship or even a friendship between a 25 year old man and a 14 year old boy? I just wished he'd drop it and go home so I wouldn't have to feel my guts twist up like this and I could maybe get rid of these sexual visions so we could be friends again. But Jamie was actually starting to cry now, and a single tear of pure silver dripped from one of his shaky blue eyes. "I thought we were buds." He said.

"We are Jamie, but..."

"You know, don't you? You know about me, and now you think I'm being weird. Am I right?"

"Know about you? What do you mean?"

"I promise I won't be queer for the whole weekend. I promise, really. Just...don't..." Jamie started to cry in short sobs and had to collect himself before going on. "You said it was cool. Please don't stop talking to me, Mike. You're the only person I can talk to. Please? I love you too much for that."

Seeing his tears got my own waterworks started and soon we were both sobbing. I gave him a hug and told him it would be okay for him to stay. I mean it was tearing him up inside to think that I was abandoning him. I wasn't, I had no intention of ever leaving him. But I was just so confused, so scared. Emotions are a weird thing, and they control everything. I couldn't turn them off, not even while I was hugging Jamie's lithe body in my arms. I heard his sobs stop little by little, and his tears were drying on my shoulder. Then I felt Jamie nuzzle his button nose into my neck, back and forth gently, experimentally, to see if I'd stop him. I should have, but it felt so good, so natural. Then, he brushed his lips up against my neck and began to kiss it lovingly as I shivered with delight. My heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour, and my hands began to hug Jamie closer to me as his kisses became more forceful. Soon he was licking at my neck like crazy and pushing his hardness into my chest. I couldn't move, I couldn't stop, and I almost gave in to lust and took him right there. Then he stopped, breathlessly looked at me with sexy lust filled eyes, and he leaned in ever so slowly, to kiss me on the lips.

I had never dreamed it would feel this good. His youth, his innocence, his sweetened new found sexuality, blossoming in front of me as our lips pressed against one another. I could almost hear the prison doors slamming now. Then, I felt Jamie's wet tongue enter my mouth and I knew right then that if I didn't stop this now, I'd be helpless to stop it at all. I pulled back and broke our kiss. Jamie was a bit surprised at first, but it only took a second before he leaned in for another soft kiss. I pulled him away again, but he was obsessed, he kept coming back for more, and it hurt me so much to pull away. But I had to, I had to maintain control. "Jamie...look, this is wrong okay? I mean, you're way too young for me. I could get into big trouble."

Jamie leaned in and whispered in my ear, ever so softly, "I won't tell." Then he began to nibble softly at my earlobe until I was almost ready to cum. Omigod, this cutie was getting me so hot.

"Alright, this has gone too far already. Please, just go home for right now. Please." I said, desperately trying to get some control over myself.

Jamie had a nice sized hard on tenting his pants, and he finally agreed to go. But he made sure that he could still spend the weekend before he left. "Yeah, well, I guess a promise is a promise. But there won't be any funny business! Got it!" Jamie grinned at me and left without saying another word. "Jamie?" I called after him, but he just smiled and closed the door. This was going to be a trying weekend indeed.

Jamie knocked on the door and he had his little overnight bag packed so tight that it wouldn't even close all the way. His mother dropped him off and got back in her car to drive to the next town. Jamie walked past me, just out of he shower, smelling like clean soap and shampoo. He was just wearing a pullover shirt and some sweat pants, it hugged his slim body so well. He went straight to the basement door and walked inside without saying much of anything. He made a beeline for the VCR and crouched down to open his bag of tricks. He seemed to be so happy, so excited to be spending the weekend with his buddy. I was hoping and praying that he was just looking at it as an extended sleep over with a friend, and not an opportunity for anything else. I was getting weaker by degree and I knew that anymore of this blond angel's seduction would end badly. I'd either end up turning him away and forcing him to stay at a neighbor's house, which would shred his heart and make him feel bad, or worse, I'd be unable to resist and molest this poor kid. I couldn't even imagine messing up the rest of his life, making him feel dirty, cheap, used. I couldn't do that, not to a kid who had brought me so much joy, a kid who had filled my life with laughter and made me feel so special. But as I watched him reach behind my television to hook up his video game, I saw him bent over, down on one knee, and my mind wandered into that dangerous territory again. He was just so flexible, so wiry, like the green limbs of a young sappling in the spring. As he leaned forward, I saw his ripe young bottom pressed against the thin fabric of his sweats, directed towards me. He leaned further forward to plug in the tangled wires into the back of the TV, and I watched helplessly as his ass danced and wiggled in front of me. His tight cleft was pried wide open, the material falling into that open crevasse, his soft round globes bouncing separate from each other. I could almost see the tight pucker through those sweats, or was it my imagination? I was getting hard and tried to look away, but my eyes always went back to that lovely vision. Why was it taking him so long? Didn't he know what he was doing to me? This was more than a sexual infatuation, my heart was actually aching here. It hurt me to not reach out and touch those bulbous ass cheeks and hold his warm body in my arms. I didn't want to say it, I wanted to deny it for as long as I could, ignoring the signs, suppressing my feelings, but I just couldn't do it anymore. I was in love, in love with a 14 year old boy. I guess deep down inside, I always had been. I've loved Jamie for a long time now, and now that it was more in the open, now that we had an idea that we both felt the same way, there was this uncontrollable urge to prove it to each other. This feeling of closeness that just didn't seem close enough. It was this strange bubbling in the pit of my stomach that told me I was holding back some unstoppable force, and it got stronger and stronger every time Jamie was near me.

Finally, he finished fiddling with the TV, but instead of turning the game on he pulled out a few videos to watch. He brought enough movies for the whole weekend and then some. I wondered if he had enough room for his clothes in that little bag. He put in some black and white Hitchcock movie and started it up. I was always so impressed that he knew the classics, really cool for a kid his age. The movie started and he walked over to dim the lights. I was worried that we might have a repeat of our first little fling together and had to think of something to stop it from happening again. I stretched out on the couch, hoping he would have no room and would have to sit in the arm chair. But instead, he just wormed his way onto the couch too, laying down right in front of me and nuzzling himself into me, his back to my chest.

It became pretty obvious in the first ten minutes that he just wasn't watching the movie, and neither was I. We didn't say anything, but we knew what was going on. That thick air of sexual tension returned and it made me incredibly nervous. every time he moved to get more comfortable I stiffened up, afraid that he was getting ready to make a move on me. I put up my guard as best I could, but I knew deep down inside that he'd be able to seduce me easily if he really wanted to. I just laid there behind him, his soft round butt positioned evenly with my growing erection. I fought hard to keep it down, I tried consistently to keep my emotions for Jamie from running over, but they would not be silenced. The clean smell of his body and hair filled my nostrils with a sweet aroma that made me dizzy. His breathing caused his warm body to expand and contract against me ever so slightly, and I could feel him trembling with the same attraction that I had. But for the time being, he was trying to behave himself.

After a half hour, I could feel his hand travelling down to his hard member, continuously straightening it out and pressing up against it. For a boy of fourteen it must have been awful, that immense frustration, that desire for release. I felt Jamie sigh and I could tell he was trying to be good, probably torn between not being intimate and having to leave. I put an arm over his shoulder to show him that I wasn't angry with him or disgusted by his feelings. After all, what he was feeling wasn't necessarily wrong, it was just for the wrong person. But the arm seemed to make him feel worse, and I felt a few slight shakes of his thin teenage frame as he began to cry. I didn't really notice until he gasped for air and let out a quiet sob.

"What is it? What's the matter?" I asked, trying to comfort him, but as soon as he realized I knew he was crying, he cried even harder, pushing his face into the cushion.

"I...I love you Michael." He said, and he cried even more, still trying to hold back the tears as best he could.

"You don't mean that Jamie..."

"Yes I do! Why do you keep telling me what I mean and what I want. I know what I feel."

"Please, can't we the movie?" I said, feeling his body melt in my arms. If only I could bring myself to do it, if only I could be everything he wanted me to be. My God, I was hurting him and I didn't know how to stop it and make it all better.

"Why do you hate me so much? I can't help it okay! I don't want to be away from you, I want you to love me too."

Jamie turned around on the couch and cried into my chest, hugging me tightly and bringing out emotions in me that I didn't even know were there. "Jamie it's just not right."

"Says who?"

"The law, that's who. The community, that's who. The state..."

"I don't know any of them and I don't love any of them. I love you. Oh God Michael why can't you just belive me?" I hugged Jamie tighter and whispered in his ear, trying to calm him down, trying to make him stop talking before he started making sense.

We laid like that for over 20 minutes, while his tears stopped and I sat smoothing his soft blond hair with my hand. Then he pushed into me again, lightly, but I definitely felt it. His dick was hard and I felt it slide in and out of my crotch, rubbing me with the most delicious sexual friction. I hugged him tight and brought him into my chest, hoping that he could release a little bit of tension and leave it alone. But after a few of his gentle pushes ad quiet moans, it got to me. It started feeling so good, so beautiful, and I wanted him more than anything in the world. Was it worth it? Was being outcast, imprisoned, and the ultimate fire and brimstone worth this forbidden love? For the first time, my heart said yes, and I felt myself getting aroused to heights that I've never known.

Jamie was grinding into me harder now, and he knew that I was letting him do it. I felt his erection pushing into me again and again, and all I could do was hold him closer, hoping that something would happen and I'd come to my senses. Then I found myself placing small angel kisses on the top of his head, then his face, and then back to his head. My lust was getting out of control, and I didn't know if I'd be able to stop. I started to talk some sense into him, but the second I said his name, he put his hand up to stop me, "Shhhhhhh."

Then, he tilted his head slightly, and kissed me on the lips. It was the most powerful kiss I had ever experienced, one that made my head spin and my toes curl. It was even better than my first time. It released a lot of my doubt, and I fell deep in love with this boy, this young boy who had stolen my heart and made it his own. After trying to remember if the front door was locked, the back door, the windows drawn and locked, I realized that Jamie and I were alone down here. And my love for him came to the surface for the first time, and his age didn't matter to me at all. It was his mind, his youth, his humor, his charm, his bright eyed love of life that attracted me to him. Something deep inside him that made me want to be with him, that made me want to love him in every possible way. I had completely lost my mind, but insanity never felt so good. As we kissed, I began to return his gentle touches and rubs and I felt the excitement rise in him. It was as though he was saying to himself "He likes me! He really likes me!" And I could feel it as his body quaked and trembled against me. Our kissing became more passionate, and I felt his tongue experimentally push it's way into my mouth. This time I accepted it, and as soon as he saw that it was okay, he relaxed and let his teen libido take control. I let myself go and actually enjoy this, moving my hand down his back and then letting it rest on his tight young bottom. It was almost enough to make me cum right then and there. I gave his firm buns a gentle squeeze and he moaned into my mouth, his desires being fulfilled at last. His tongue went wild in my mouth and his sweats were forming a wet spot in the front. He was so turned on by the whole thing, gyrating and moving with every emotion he had, he was never still. His hands moved down to my hard cock and a bolt of electricity shot through me the second he touched it. I had gone too far to turn back now, and I just let him feel it, his hand exploring all of my seven inches through my pants. He was rubbing so hard, so fast, desperate to get inside and hold the warm meat in his hands. He broke the kiss and looked down so he could unbutton my pants and release my aching cock from its confines. He fumbled a bit with the zipper and I was forced to kiss at his soft neck as he reached inside. It felt soooo good. His soft neck was frictionless, with the thinnest layer of downy peach fuzz on it. I could have licked and sucked at the tender flesh all day. His hand pulled out my dick and held it in his gentle grip, his fingers wrapping around it lovingly. He treated it as though it were the most fragile and precious object in the world, and I was just sooo close, so ready to cum.

Jamie got up and got down on the floor where we'd have more room. He pulled his sweats and underwear off in one smooth motion and his beautiful teen cock stuck out proudly in front of him, six inches puling in time with his heartbeat. I looked down at my young lover as I undressed, his eyes watching my every motion, and I knew at that moment that I had never loved anyone more than this boy who laid before me, ready to share and experience his first virgin experience with me. I looked at his stiff penis, juicy and ready, a little tuft of silken pubic hairs at the base just beginning to grow out. He had such a look of lust on his face, a look that even my old boyfriends at my age could produce. It was a look that only a horny teenager could give, those bright blue eyes ablaze with passion and love. I lowered myself to the floor and began kissing his chest, completely smooth except for two tiny buds for his nipples. His dime sized, brown nips were hard and erect, begging to be licked an nibbled. I obliged, then began moving down even lower. The closer I came to his boyhood, the more nervous I became, knowing well that it would be the end of our once innocent relationship. But the teasing had gone too far, the temptation had become too much, and now I was lost in his love. I kissed the soft hairs just above his cock, and then licked lovingly around the base. Jamie shivered and gasped as my tongue left a wet trail around his shaft. I stayed near the base, knowing that the second I went to the tip and tasted the dollop of pre-cum at the top, I'd be forced to take it all the way in and I wouldn't stop until he graced me with his teen cum. I licked down to his balls, and omigod they were so soft. I had never tasted skin so silky and smooth, a sack so warm and loose, his nuggets were spongy and delicious and clean. I felt my heart pump harder as I experienced the smooth warmth of Jamie's testicles, then I licked the insides of his thighs until he silently begged me to stop. He was so anxious for me to go further, to take him in and put an end to this torture. I was so nervous, after all, this was basically a virgin experience for me too. But I couldn't wait any longer and finally moved up between his legs, positioning myself to give Jamie the blow job of a lifetime. I absorbed his six inches into my mouth and he lifted his hips off of the floor, shoving it deep into my mouth. It allowed me to reach under him and grab two handfuls of his soft round ass, his ripened cheeks still firm and tight. I look up to see his head thrown back in a lustful arc, his eyes closed as he reveled in my mouth's pleasures. He tasted so good to me, so full of flavor and young lust. I really got into it and he began humping up into my face as I bobbed rhythmically on his swollen member. He was whimpering loudly, his voice reverting back to that puppy dog kid who first threw that baseball through my front window. Jamie's legs were kicking wildly and his hands were on the back of my head, guiding himself deeper and deeper into my hot mouth. His thighs clenched around my head and his hips were grinding out of control, I knew he was just about over the edge. His ass was moving back and forth as his whimpers got louder and more frequent, each one higher in pitch than the last. But I held him steady, gripping his round globes tightly as he squirmed beneath me. Then, with a cry of teen passion, Jamie erupted into my mouth with spurt after spurt of sugar sweet cum, the sweetest I had ever tasted. It was like candy. I swallowed every drop and nursed at his softening cock until it was completely clean.

We laid there breathlessly for a few minutes before I got up and sat on the couch. I was so hot that I just started stroking myself furiously, trying to release this built up tension that was shooting through my body. But Jamie got up and took my cock in his hands and stopped me. "Jamie, what are you doing?"

"Let me do it."

"Dude, you don't have to do this."

"Just shut up and relax." He said, pushing my hands away and taking my cock into his mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening. His mouth was so hot, hotter than anything I've ever felt before. His lips were so soft and wet, and I shuddered when I felt my cock head hit the tender roof of his young mouth. I was in heaven. I ran my fingers through his soft blond hair and looked down at him as he bobbed up and down on my shaft, taking a little more than half of it, but seemingly getting in more and more with every down stroke. My mind stayed focused on my teen dream lover as he brought me to the very edge in a matter of seconds. He kept moving, trying to get a better angle so that he could get all of my cock into his tight little mouth, his hands massaging my thighs and brushing against my testicles. His hair was so soft, his mouth so wet, his ass so ripe, his face so flawless and perfect, and the very thought of him pleasing me the best way he knew how brought me to an explosive climax that rattled my body violently. I didn't want to hold the back of his head while I was cumming, so I tried to just let him take as much as he could. But I didn't know what to do with my hands as I spasmed and twitched, shooting hard into his mouth. I moved my hands to grip the cushions of the couch, then to his shoulders, then to his head, then back to his shoulders, then back to the cushions. I couldn't hold still, all of my self control was gone. But Jamie just suckled at my sensitive cock like a baby calf, swallowing every drop that I had to give him. I hadn't even stopped twitching when he crawled up into my lap and began kissing me again. I've been in love before, but never this bad.

Jamie and I spent the rest of the night watching TV, we never got dressed again, and I was just happy being able to express my love for him. It seemed like he was hard and ready every fifteen minutes, coaxing me into another little game until I was too exhausted to stay awake anymore, and even then I would wake up in the middle of the night to find him sucking at me lovingly under the covers. I hadn't cum that many times since I was his age. It was hard for me to get used to, even harder for me to admit, but eventually I came to the realization that Jamie and I were happy. We were in love and that was all that mattered. He still makes me laugh, still makes me feel special and loved and wanted, and I do the same for him. But now we had so much more, and everyday I thank the stars for bringing him into my life. Maybe that baseball was fate's way of bringing us together. Either way, we had the rest of our lives to explore our feelings and grow even closer. If that's even possible.