My Only Escape

Chapter 15

The wind seemed to get even colder as I stood huddled underneath the lip of the convenience store roof. My teeth were chattering every time an icy pulse of air blew the rain in a diagonal direction to wet me up even further. My feet were so cold that I could barely feel my toes at all anymore. And what was left of my body heat was evaporating fast through a matted down mess of sopping wet fabric. It had only been a few minutes since Brody had left his house, and I could already feel my lips turning blue.

I was too stupid to go inside. Shivering like a lost puppy, no shoes on...the clerk behind the desk would have accused me of stealing or loitering or something, I'm sure of it. It's either buy something or get out. I'm sure that I could have bought myself a few minutes of warmth if I had just tried it...but I was too ashamed of myself to even do that. What must I look like to people? Are they laughing at me, as they get out of their cars and walk past me and into the store? Do I look weird? Homeless? Worthless? Probably worthless.

....So worthless.

Another few minute pass. And my mood worsens. I suddenly get this compelling urge to run away. To just...not be here when Brody rides up on his bike. I'd feel awful for making him ride all the way out here, getting wet, getting cold, just to help me...but the idea of running away was almost more comforting than having to look him in those bright hazel eyes and lie to him about why I was out there in the first place. Why is he doing this for me? Why is he wasting his time? My own father hates me....why is he so slow to catch up? Is my mask really that good? Have I fooled him? Tricked him into thinking that I'm worth something as crazy as love? He's going to totally expose me one day. I know he is. He's going to figure out how utterly worthless I really am, and he's going to want to leave me behind. He's going to HATE me for wasting his time when he could have been with someone else. He'll never talk to me again. My stupid little house of cards will come crashing down into the dirt...and he'll spit in my face every time he passes me in the hallway. I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be robbing him of his heart. He doesn't want me. He can't know what a big mistake he's making. I'm ugly. Soooo ugly. I should leave. I think I'm...I'm just gonna leave. I'll make up an excuse tomorrow. I just....I don't want to be here when he gets here. This is dumb.

There's a little fort on the playground at the elementary school about a mile from here on the other side of the neighborhood. I can go there and wait for the rain to stop. That would be best. Much better than having to face Brody, anyway.

He's gonna hate me for this...but the better he learns how to dismiss me for being the garbage that I am...the better...

I started to walk away, my shoulders tightening up as the ice cold rain showered down upon me full force again. My had dropped, like, 20 degrees in temperature since I first started walking in it. Or at least it felt that way. My sock feet were splashing around beneath me, almost completely numb now. It felt as though I was walking with bricks of ice strapped to my ankles. I crossed my arms in front of my chest, and just tried to walk as quickly as my awkward steps would allow.

It was then that I heard my name being called from behind me. "ZACK! Dude, wait up!" I turned my head, and saw Brody riding his bike in my direction at top speed. His hair was sticking to his forehead, his coat doing whatever it could to deflect the storm from every angle.

Stupid. I'm an idiot. I should have taken the alley. He wouldn't have seen me if I had taken the alley.

I almost wanted to cry from embarrassment...but I couldn't just run away from him. I didn't have the heart. Not that he wouldn't be able to catch me. Between my frozen sock feet, the rocks and debris on the ground, and the speed of his bike...chasing me down wouldn't be much of an effort for him at all. And I'd look like even more of an asshole for trying to outrun him. Shit. I might as well just give up. Everything I do turns to shit. Everything I am turns to shit.

It really hurts to love something when you know you don't deserve it....

"Where are you going, man? I came as fast as I could." He said.

I lowered my head. "I...I got cold. That's all. I was going to see if I could find stay dry...."

He looked at me, confused. "Where's your jacket? Omigod, dude, where are your SHOES??? It's FREEZING out here!" He said.

"I...." I was so humiliated. Instead of thinking about how cold it was, I should have been thinking of plausible reasons for me to be out here so I could have a lie ready to tell him. "...I...forgot them. When I got locked out..."

"You forgot your shoes and jacket?"

"Yeah. I was um...doing laundry. I went to the basement. That's when I realized that I forgot my key."

He gave me a weird look. "But...wasn't it raining when you went down to do your laundry? Didn't you wear shoes and a jacket to get down there?"

I'm so dumb. So fucking dumb. "I....I just...." It was hard to hold back the tears. I was panicking. Trying to come up with another part of the lie that would cover the bullshit that I just told him. But luckily...Brody didn't push me any further.

"Well, whatever. It's not a problem. It SUCKS out here! Come on. Hop on my bike, I'll take us to my house. You look like you're freezing."

"Are...are you sure?" I asked.

"Am I sure? Hehehe, dude, hurry up or we're BOTH gonna catch pneumonia out here!" He smiled. I took a moment to notice how the rain drops would linger so gently on his long eyelashes. How they wet his full and sexy lips. I looked at his giant wet curls as they decorated his forehead. Water crawling down the curve of his neck and disappearing into the wet collar of his shirt. Just seeing his beauty so close like that, I felt almost ashamed to be seen with him. He was a walking work of art. A moving love poem...personified in flesh.

"What do" I asked, and he turned his bike around in the other direction.

"Just sit on the seat. Hold onto my hips and I'll take us there."

The very concept seemed to be enough to make me rock hard in seconds. I turned a bright red, and only hurried over to sit on his bike seat to keep my erection from showing. Besides, he was getting soaked by the storm just waiting for me to make up my mind. I felt bad for him.

"You ready?" He asked. I nodded silently, my shaky hands reaching out to hold onto his slender hips. My touch was so timid. I couldn't believe that I was touching him again. I could hardly breathe. I felt naughty. Perverted. He was trying to help me, and I was thinking about the sexual beauty of him with every intense second of our intimate contact. "K...hold on..." He stood up on the pedals of his bike, and began to propel us forward with his legs. He strained a little to move the added weight at first, but as soon as we were moving, he had no problem keeping us balanced.

I had to grip his waist even tighter as we sped up, and I found myself getting so hard that I just wanted to DIE. My eyes looked at the flexing muscles of his cute little butt in front of me, and I dreamed of being naked with him. Feeling his kiss. Caressing his soft skin. Rubbing my face across the wet locks of his hair. I shouldn't be having these thoughts. I should let him go. Why can't I stop? Why am I doing this to him? He could be so happy if it wasn't for me.

I don't exactly remember when I started crying...but once I began, it was hard to stop. I was thankful that he couldn't turn around and see me. I would be a disgusting and pathetic sight, I'm sure. Emotionally gutted from the inside...I just didn't have any other way to express my pain than through suffering tears and sniffles that I tried my hardest to keep silent. So cold. So very cold.

When we got closer to his house, I did my best to dry my eyes by rubbing my face on my shoulder. I did all I could to swallow the emotion whole. I was being weak. I'm STRONGER than this. Come on, Zack. Don't let him see. Please don't let him see. You have to fight it. You're all alone. you'll always be alone. Nobody can fight the pain but do it. Stop being a faggot and DO it! You're just like daddy said. This is why he hates me. This is why he hurts me.

Brody brought the bike to a stop on the side of the house and it tilted to the side to let me off. "I've gotta put my bike in the garage so...." He said...but he stopped. He looked at my face. Could he see the misery in my eyes? Am I that full of sorrow where I can't even hide it anymore? "...Zack...?" He asked. I didn't know what to say. Just having him look at me like that was embarrassing enough to almost start me crying again. But I held my breath, almost trembling as the lump in my throat was burning me unmercifully. "Are you ok?" I didn't allow myself to break. Didn't let my forehead wrinkle, didn't let a single tear drop. I just nodded, and hopped that was good enough. If I had spoken aloud...I would have burst for sure. "Ok, Here's my key. Just go on in and I'll be back in a second. Cool? Just take your shoes off at the door. My mom will flip if she comes home and finds the floor all wet and muddy." Then....he smiled at me. He actually smiled. And he said, "Hehehe, you look so cute right now." Nooo....why did he say that? Why? "I'll be back..." I saw him run his back through the backyard towards the garage. And I had to wipe my eyes before he saw me crying. Rain doesn't hide tears as well as I thought they did. Not when the tears are real. Not when they come from a place soooo deep inside.

I stared at him until he was in the garage, and then used his keys to go inside. If he came back out to see me still sanding there like some kind of jackass, he'd know I was a weirdo for sure. So I went into his house, and I stood on the carpet. I was still shivering, but could easily enjoy the added warmth of being in a dry, heated, place for a change. My muscles ached from the overabundance of activity, but for a moment, they began to calm themselves down, with only a few twitches and spasms taking over every few seconds.

I heard the screen door open, and Brody came in behind me, breathing a sigh of relief as he got back inside and shut the door. God...he was stunning. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. If God had a face...that would be it. At least in my mind.

He grinned at me. And then he came close and shook his head back and forth, splashing me with droplets of rain water from his hair. "Hehehe! That's what you get for making me go out in the rain!"

The words hit a soft spot in me. And my playful smile faded. "I'm sorry...."

"Sorry? Shut up, I'm just kidding. Hehehe! Hold on a second, I'll get us some towels." He said happily, and he kicked off his shoes and trotted his way through the house while I stayed put. He didn't have to do this. He didn't have to make me feel so wanted if he didn't want to. He must be working hard at it. I'm a burden. I'm such an unwanted burden. I shouldn't have come here. I should have taken the alley. I would have avoided him if I had just stayed out of sight. I felt an empty hole in me, and it was growing larger by the second. I had to close my eyes and just breathe steadily to keep my heart from collapsing in on itself. I've taken this curse...this emotional cancer of mine...and I've spread it into a part of Brody's life. How could I be so cruel? How could I be so MEAN? I could still leave. He's not back yet. I could run out in the rain....and I could go to the park like I said. I'm so ashamed to be here. He hates me.

*I* hate me.....

I heard footsteps coming my way, and he came back to the door with some big, fluffy, towels from the bathroom. "What are you doing? Get out of those wet clothes. I've got a dryer in the basement. We'll throw them in. Here. Here's my mom's bathrobe." He handed me a warm, pink, bathrobe. Thick and soft and comfortable. I took it reluctantly, but didn't move until I saw Brody beginning to undress right in front of me.

There's something about the way that he takes off a wet t-shirt that drives me absolutely bananas. Brody doesn't really have a defined six-pack as most would think of it. Instead, it's like this one, flat, solid muscle that dimples at both sides. His cute little belly button is barely deep enough to hold more than a few drops of water. And his skin? His skin is so bright. So delightfully tender. I watched that shirt crawl up his flat chest and up over his head....his gentle curls cascading back down into place once the shirt collar was done holding them up. He tossed the shirt in the corner, and began to undo his belt. I held my breath. And he snickered a bit at my lack of activity.

"Hehehe, well, are you gonna get out of those clothes, or what?" He said.

I blushed, but I was so cold that I doubt he could see the change in color on my bluish cheeks. "Yeah...I'm uh...I'm....yeah..." I said, feeling an entirely different kind of shiver this time.

I nervously took off my shirt. The thought ran through my mind that he might not be as impressed with my body as I was with his. How could he be? He was perfect. But as my shirt came off, I saw him looking at me with a smile. It was definitely the warmest feeling that I had experienced since our time at the lunch table earlier today.

I stopped, and he nodded towards my pants...waiting for me to take them off too. He walked over and grabbed a laundry basket and placed it between us. Then I gasped as he undid his pants and lowered them down his smooth, almost pale, legs. He was wearing these crimson boxer briefs at the time, and they were a shade darker than normal with the amount of water they had soaked up from the rain. I could clearly see the outline of his manhood through the fabric as he kicked off his pants legs and put them in the basket. He was standing there in nothing but his socks and his undies. A more arousing sight has never been witnessed. Not by human eyes. JESUS....he was soooo hot!

Then...I saw him stand up straight, and he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his undies. I only saw a glimpse of his silken pubic hairs before being forced to turn away from him. It was too much. I thought I was actually going to FAINT from his sex appeal alone. Was he naked? He was NAKED, wasn't he??? Fuck!!! What the hell do I do now???

I turned my back to him completely, and after a few seconds, I heard movement. And he came up behind me. I felt his body heat against my back. I felt the warmth of his breath as he moaned softly in my ear and wrapped his arms around my waist. He said, "It's ok. Don't feel weird about it. I've seen it before, remember? And I liked it."

I think I nearly came right there and then. Especially when his hands lowered my zipper for me, and gave me a light grope inside. My whole body was suddenly taken over with a series of violent tremors that made me almost too weak to stand. I leaned back on Brody for support for a moment, but when I felt something hard poking me between my butt cheeks...I jumped from the intimate contact. Brody kissed me on the cheek and then he moved away from me to put on his bathrobe. The space allowed me to accept oxygen into my lungs again, but it didn't do much to stop the trembling. It wasn't the cold. It was him. It was Brody's presence that made me shake this way. It broke me down. Made me vulnerable. And even though that was a truly dangerous place for someone like me to be...I cherished it. I cherished ever moment of it.

So this is what true 'joy' feels like? This is what normal people talk about? I think I'm beginning to understand why they long for it so badly.

I almost didn't want to undress any further...but I did. Caught between the humiliation of showing my body to someone who's approval meant soooooo much to me, and the humiliation of disappointing him by saying no. I felt sooo dirty. So insecure. But I kept going. Something about his love made me want to go on. I don't know why. I couldn't solve that particular puzzle. But I did it anyway. Just for him. Just to make him happy. He's the only thing in this world that makes me smile. The only thing that makes my existence bearable. How could I deny him anything he asked for? How could I even hesitate, when his smile was worth more than I could ever hope to be?

My pants were stuck to my legs. So wet. So heavy. My legs are stupid. My chest is ugly. My butt is flat. I hated myself. But I kept going. Why? Why expose more of my flaws to someone so flawless?

I peeled my soiled socks off, nearly falling over just trying to detach them from my frozen feet. They were so dirty from walking around the neighborhood for so long. I felt bad even letting him see them.

Then...I handed Brody my clothes in a bundle, and he flirtatiously wriggled his eyebrows at me before hinting that I should take off my underwear too. He said, "Everything. Don't tease me, hehehehe!" So I did it. I couldn't look him in the eye, but I yanked my boxers down and quickly kicked them off, wrapping his mom's robe around me as fast as humanly possible. It felt good to have some 'cover' again, but just before he opened the door to the basement to put our wet clothes in, he said, "You're beautiful, Zack. You really are." Then he rubbed his nose on my cheek with a giggle before walking past me. "I turned up the heat a little bit. You can just chill in my room if you want to get off of this cold floor. Just wrap the comforter around you until you get nice and warm. K?" And I heard him go down the stairs.

He was doing so much for me. What had I done for him? WHAT? Nothing. That's what. He let me into his house. He risked catching the flu or something for me. I have to make it up to him. I have to work harder to deserve this kind of love. This kind of treatment. I don't appreciate anything. I'm garbage. Total garbage. God...this hurts. It hurts so much that it's hard to breathe.

I could hear him turning knobs and tossing stuff in the dryer. Should I go into his room? I felt weird about it for some reason. Didn't want to appear too comfortable. I'm just using him. How can he stand me? Ungrateful. That's what I am.

He came back up the stairs, and I felt weak in the stomach when he saw me still standing there. His robe was dark blue and he had a towel over his shoulder. He gave me this really soft smile. I think I tried to smile back, but it must have looked clumsy at best. I could hear my heart pounding against my ribcage, and I suddenly couldn't think of what to do with my hands. He took the towel and began drying my hair a bit more for me. With my head down, I noticed that his robe was wide open. He wasn't worried about it at all. His naked body was right there in front of me, and he was semi hard, growing slightly more stiff as he touched me. I swallowed hard and tried to fight the growing feelings inside. I was dizzy with desire. He was so unimaginably beautiful. "Don't you wanna warm up?" He asked, laughing a bit at my tousled hair.

I almost couldn't speak. He was soooo sweet. I felt like a pig in his presence.

Then he took me by the hand, and he was like, "Come on. Get comfortable with me. I think the rain has flooded your brain, hehehe. Come." I was using my hand to hold my robe together, but Brody just let it flutter open like a hero's cape as he walked me back to his room. His hold on my hand was electric. I was completely erect, and all I could think of doing was holding that robe closed so that he wouldn't see. I blushed so hard that my face was warm despite the cold shudders that still lingered from the storm.

He brought me into his room and I just...kinda stood there in the middle of the floor. Standing in a pink bathrobe, looking like a witch on trial. Scared. Alone. It was times like this that I wished I could just disappear.

"So...." He said. Waiting for me to respond.

I didn't.

I looked anywhere but in his eyes. Anywhere but at the open curtain of his robe. And after an uncomfortable silence, I cleared my sore throat and mumbled, "It's...warm. The robe, I mean. Thanks."

"Isn't it though? It's all fluffy and stuff."

"Y-Y-Yeah...." He made me so nervous. Something about the way Brody looked at me created such a turbulent eruption of conflict inside of me. He made me feel both priceless and wretched simultaneously. And yet...his smile was always enough to turn the tide in his favor. If only for a few brief moments.

"What are you being so weird about? Hehehe, come here..." He said, and I involuntarily tensed up as he came close to hug me lovingly around the middle. My body went weak in his embrace. I attempted to keep up by hugging him back, but I felt almost afraid to touch him. Was this a dream? A fantasy to keep me sane?

I was almost able to relax my chaotic thought and just...enjoy Brody's boyish scent...when his arm rubbed up against a painful spot on the side of my stomach. I winced and lightly yelped in agony as I backed away from him. Thinking more about the pain than the robe, it fell open a bit, and the marks from the staples in my carpet at home were in clear view.

Brody's eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped. "Dude, are you BLEEDING??? What is that???"

"''s ok. It's not bleeding. It just looks really red...."

"But what happened?" He asked. I was stuck for an instant explanation. I couldn't even force one to come to mind. "Zack?" He said, a true look of concern on his face. No....I'm hurting him. Please don't care about me. Don't hurt over me. I shouldn't be here.

"It's ok. It looks worse than it is." I said, making sure to turn the painful scratches away from him. They felt like they were on fire, even on my icy skin. But I switched the pain off in my mind. I don't want him to worry. I don't want him to care.

"Dude...I'm gonna get you some band-aids or something. Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?" He said as he hurried out of the room. I was still soooo hard. I tried to get it to go down, but it just wouldn't listen to me. I guess a part of me needed this attention. It needed his tenderness and charm. It made me want to let go and wrap myself up in the lie all over again. It would be soooo perfect to have him love me for real. So perfect. I saw Brody come back in the room with a bottle and some cotton balls, as well as some rather large band-aids. "Here, I've got some peroxide, just in case. Sit." I did as he asked and sat at the foot of his bed. I was under his spell. He kneeled down in front of me and opened the robe, but I kept my erection hidden as much as I could by leaning it to the side and keeping it covered. "Here, raise your arm a little bit..." He poured some of the liquid onto the cotton ball, and then told me, "This might sting a little bit..." He softly pressed it to my skin, and I hissed a bit through my teeth as the burn of it gave me a jolt. Brody saw me jerk, and his eyes connected to mine. It was an endless moment. One where the hazel beauty of his eyes was almost too amazing for me to bear. I was struck speechless, and his pretty lips curled up on the sides as he turned pink. "Hehehe...did I hurt you?"

" It just...stings...a little..." It's rare that you see someone who's so cute that you actually have an emotional reaction to them. It was overwhelming. I don't know how I kept from passing out.

"I'll be careful. K?" He said, and applied some more to my wound. I jumped a few more times. And he said, "Quit squirming, ya big baby. I'm almost finished." Only my mother had a more caring and experienced touch. And when he was done, he lightly put two of the big band-aids on my side, covering up about 95 percent of the scrapes. He actually made it feel better. He's a miracle worker. "That should do it. I don't want my boyfriend walking around with any unexplained damage on him. Hehehe!" His boyfriend. He called me his boyfriend. I almost wanted to cry tears of joy when I heard that. I took a deep breath and I held it. But as his smile became more sensual, I looked away. I never felt so ugly. "Hey, I know..." He said, and he got up to walk to his computer and turn up his speakers a bit. I saw him scrolling through some songs, and he looked over his shoulder at me with a big grin.

Some funky old song came blasting out of his speakers, and he hurried back over to me, reaching for my hands. "What?" I asked.

"Get up. Come on. Heheheh!" He took a hold of both hands and pulled me to my feet.

"Brody...what is this?"

"Hehehe, it's music. What's it sound like?"

He put his hands on my hips and tried to force me to sway in time with the beat. He was so happy that I had to avert my eyes to keep from giggling out loud. "You're weird." I blushed.

"Unh unh! I'm not weird. This is 'Bad Mamma Jamma'! NOBODY can make it through this song without smiling at LEAST a few times!" He moved closer to me, and kept dancing with me until I rolled my eyes up to the ceiling.


"Oh no, he's smiling! Look, it's working!" He grinned. "She's a bad mamma jamma! Just as fine as she can be! Awww yeah!"

"Hahaha! Quit it!" I suddenly felt him pull my robe open with a quick thrust, and I was totally exposed. I was SHOCKED! But before I could close it again, Brody moved in and hugged me close to him by running his hands underneath it. His naked flesh touched mine. His hard inches pressed against my own. I had a moment of humiliation, but was so nervous that I broke out into a fit of giggles anyway. What the hell was he DOING? Hahaha! He's such a goofball sometimes.

Wow...there it is again. That feeling. That sensation of being loved. Completed. Appreciated. It wasn't often that anything made me feel this good. How is it that Brody can bring me to such a blissful state of mind so effortlessly?

He silenced the voices. He numbed the pain. He made it all go away. I wish I could stay with him forever. Forever.

I felt Brody's hands reach behind me, and glide down to grab the globes of my ass. He smiled at me and gave them a squeeze. "Well...what have we here?"

Our eyes locked on one another, and even though it felt like a blasphemy for me to even utter the words aloud...for him, for my Brody...I pushed myself with all my might to say it. It almost hurt, but I wasn't going to let another moment go by without truly expressing how good he made me feel. I was scared. I was uncomfortable. I was breathing heavy and almost ready to cry. But I did it. I really did it.

"I love you, Brody...."

I began trembling the moment I said it. It was a mistake. I shouldn't have been so vulnerable. So stupid. What did I do. Take it back! My GOD, Zack...if you don't want this feeling to end...take it BACK!

His eyes glazed over. I think he was surprised to actually hear me say it at that particular moment. And with a heavy heart, he said, "I love you too." And he kissed me. He kissed me so tenderly on the lips. Our bodies so close. I felt like I was lost in an endless freefall. Believe, Zack. Just try to believe. We can go back to reality later....but for now...just believe.

My trembling must have been pretty bad, because Brody asked me if I was ok. I nodded.

"Good. But, I have to tell you, Zack...hehehe, your skin is really really cold right now."

"Omigod...I'm sorry. The rain and the..."

"No! It's ok. I kinda like it." He said. And there I was..with those glorious eyes staring into mine again. Mesmerizing me with their infatuated gaze. He slowly moved forward and kissed my lips again. This time with tongue. I head a whimper escape me as the air rushed out of my lungs. My straining inches were almost sore from the stimulation. I almost lost balance and fell backwards when Brody broke the kiss. "Wait, let me put on something a little more romantic than 'Bad Mamma Jamma', hehehe!"

"Hehehe, um...k...."

I waited impatiently for his return to me. He was only on the other side of the room, but the distance was brutal. I felt goosebumps accenting the surface of my skin, a bashful grin causing my bottom lip to quiver ever so slightly. And once I heard the music change to something more mellow, the rain outside applauding us by falling softly against his window...I knew that this was Heaven. Pure paradise. A dream worth having.

He walked back over to me with a smirk and put his hands on my waist. "Better?"

"Mmm-hmm..." I nodded. And as our robes opened and our bodies connected, he kissed me deeply, and we fell back on his bed with a sigh. His gentle weight on top of me, his hips grinding into me with slow, erotic circles. It had only been 30 seconds, and already I felt like I was ready to explode. His kiss was strong, firm, and yet contained within its dazzling design, a hint of grace. His touch was delicate, but felt powerful to me, simply because his contact made me so very weak. I have to admit that I liked it. Everything he did was created with this perfect balance between extremes. He was absolute magic.

I whimpered in his embrace, spreading my legs to give him as much bodily contact as possible. I couldn't tell if those were his warm juices leaking just below my navel or if they were my own. Perhaps a mixture of the two. Sexy. So very sexy. I got lost in the moment. My eyes were closed, but my roaming hands gave me all the sight I needed. His body was so incredible. So lean, so smooth, so warm. I remember the feel of my thighs gliding against his as our legs intertwined, and nearly gasping from the sensation. I slid my hands down the small of Brody's back, feeling the rise of his round cheeks...feeling them flex with a passion, and yet still spongy and soft to the touch. Brody made the cutest noise ever when I did that. A boyish little whine that sounded so eager, so sweet to my ears. Oh if only I could have recorded it. It nearly made me cum as tingles of the sound entered my ears and I wiggled beneath him in ecstasy.

Our mouths were disconnected, and Brody put his chin over my shoulder as his naked thrusts became more urgent. My arms wrapped around his back, my legs around thighs. I felt his kisses on my cheek, his nibbles at my earlobe, an erotic suction at the nape of my neck. "Mmmm, God, I love you..." He moaned. It was almost too much for me. I couldn't take much more. My legs tightened around his waist and just before I bubbled over, going past the point of no return, Brody stopped his humping and brought his lips back to mine. My whole body was shaking. Every nerve ending was lit up like a Christmas tree, and I was positively breathless.

Our kissing became feverish. Heated. And I whimpered out loud as I felt Brody shifting his position on top of me...swiveling his body around and taking my aching hardness in hand. My tip was so sensitive at this point, that the slightest wind could have set me off. Imagine how much more incredible it felt to have this warm slippery wetness slide over the first few inches, followed by the sensation of a textured tongue sliding back and forth between the slit. Further his lush lips went, engulfing me almost to the base. And I urged him to turn around all the way and straddle my head so I could return the favor. There it was. Right above my face. Pulsing and twitching with excitement. I slid his open robe up and over his bubbled cheeks, and craned my neck up to catch a smear of warm nectar as his rose blushed tip entered my mouth. The taste of him was sweeter than honey. His ass in my hands, his balls resting on my upper lip. I felt weightless. Sooooo weightless. His humming caused me to vibrate. This couldn't go on. Not for either one of us. The climax was quickly approaching. Thank God. As much as I wanted it to last, I couldn't stand being on the edge like this any longer. The way his mouth pleasured me, I felt as though I was going to squirm right out of my own skin.

I found my blissful release first. I couldn't hold it anymore. Everything felt soooo good, I was on full body overload. I held his hardness in my concentrated suction as my stomach contracted. Involuntarily, my legs closed around Brody's head, tickled by his damp curls as my hips began to buck off of the bed. From the waist down I had lost all control, and Brody only sucked harder. So I clutched tightly to his ass cheeks, my fingers raking across the soft mounds as it was the only thing that I had to hold onto, and I felt that harsh 'thumping' of an intense orgasm as my seed was released into Brody's willing mouth. I heard him moan as the surprise of the strength and volume of it splashed frantically over his tongue. I felt some of it dribbling down my shaft as he couldn't keep up at first, but as the spasms became less violent, he made sure to suck me down as fast as he could to pick up every stray river of juice that his tongue could find. And even after, he suckled at it lovingly, giggling quietly at the way it made my butt wiggle when he hit a sensitive spot.

Still using his cheeks to pull him further into my face, I returned to my efforts, and was soon rewarded with an afternoon treat of my own. Brody's body trembles in the cutest way when he reaches his peak. It's almost like this subtle vibration that gets stronger just seconds before the first few squirts come rushing out. The taste of him, that seductive flavor...I couldn't get enough. Using my lips to pull as much out of him as I could. It almost hurt to let him go. But when he turned around and snuggled up beside me with a kiss and a smile...I couldn't help but to feel more loved, more safe, than ever before. He's special. To me, he's everything.

He reached a hand up to run his fingers through my hair. He was so close that our lips would often touch by accident. And that would lead to small kisses here and there. Sometimes a bit more. We hardly said much of anything. He just looked me in the eyes. Not a word spoken, and yet so much was communicated.

Another kiss. And another. And as I grew hard again, I rolled into his arms to press myself against him. I don't think he ever went limp. Our bodies tingled. We felt so alive. But it was more than the sex. It was being wrapped up in a feeling that you couldn't touch physically. Nor did you have to. It was quite possibly my favorite part.

I wasn't sure when Brody's mom was going to come home and wreck our private little reality. I didn't ask. I just knew that I wanted to spend every second that I could, just laying there face to face with the boy of my dreams. And I'm not leaving until he, inevitably, pushes me away.