Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 23

There's a comfort that you experience in the arms of someone you have feelings of true love for that you can't quite explain, but you recognize it when it surrounds you. It's the kind of safety a small child feels in the arms of his own mother, but more intense. More direct. It goes beyond just the sexual feelings that I felt for Greyson. This was a much deeper connection, a perfect tangle of two kindred spirits finding one another after a long search that we didn't even know was going on until we found our better halves. As our intimate tongue kissing did all it could to keep our youthful trembling down to a minimum, our arms and legs wrapped around one another in an attempt to keep a single pocket of air from existing between our heated bodies in that hotel bed...I allowed that joyful vibration of complete satisfaction cover me from head to toe. I smiled to myself, holding Greyson close and marveling at the erotic feel of his ultra smooth skin. Every inch of him was so unfathomably soft to the touch. It was as if he had no bones at all. Hehehe, I had to struggle to keep from squeezing the breath right out of him sometimes. I loved every sensual minute of our intimate contact. Kisses and whispers and palms gliding over parts of his body that I had only ever touched on myself before now. All while the pounding of my excited heart bounced off of his, our naked chests pressed together, and gentle giggles passing between us as our bodies tried to keep up with our emotions. Not an easy task, but...I couldn't ask for anything more.

Greyson was so perfect.

Soft moans were traded between us. Involuntary cries of overwhelming affection, muffled by an expressive liplock that nearly left us breathless. But...as I got a mischievous spark in the back of my mind, I held back a bit of a grin...hoping that Greyson wouldn't be able to taste the trick of it on my lips ahead of time. Then, while still kissing, I gently rolled Greyson further on his side, then almost onto his back...using my kiss to distract him for the time being. And as soon as his shoulder touched the mattress again...Greyson suddenly gasped, and his body jerked forward! "Omigod! Cold!" He said.

It was too much. I couldn't hold the laughter back as he had rolled right back into the icy wet spot that he had left on the sheets. "Hehehe...Ahem, sorry....hahahaha!!!"

Greyson's eyes widened, and he gave me a slap on the shoulder. "You did that on purpose!" He grinned, and it nearly broke my heart in the most playful way when he gave me a pouty look and began to blush furiously at the idea of my minor prank. "Ewwwww! Hehehe, you're wicked. You know that?"

"It's your mess." I giggled.

"Well, technically, it's housekeeping's mess..." He replied with a wink. "...I'm going to have to explain that somehow."

"Just tell them that you spilled one of your many pastry treats on the bed or something."

"Hahaha! It's a hotel, Evan. I'm pretty sure they know a big splattering of 'baby-batter' when they see it on their bed sheets." He laughed.

"I've got a few quarters if you want to do laundry..."

"Oh shut up!" He said, giving my nipple a pinch and making me cringe from the pain of it. But then, he looked into my eyes again, and our smiles softened as he caressed the side of my cheek. "I love everything about you, Evan. You know that, right?"

"I feel the same way about you." I told him. "This is...so wild to me, dude. I'm, like...reeling from this whole situation right now."

That's when he told me, just above a whisper, "I really mean it when I say that I love you, Evan. Nobody has ever made me feel this way before. It's like I can't breathe." He kissed me on the lips, "I can't help but feel that this is what I've been looking for all along. That this is what love was meant to be like. If I could capture this feeling in the words of a song, it would live on forever. It'd be the greatest song ever written."

With my emotions swelling up inside of me, starting in my heart...crushing the air out of my lungs, and then rising up to pulse persistently at the back of my throat...I whimpered, "You have no idea what you're doing to me right now, Greyson..." I kissed him hungrily for a moment, and said, "I love you too. With everything I have to give. Promise."

I didn't realize how rock hard I was again until Greyson pulled me on top of him and wrapped his limber legs around my waist again, this time rolling over into the small puddle in the middle of the bed with no problem. I don't think he minded the mess at all anymore. He just wanted me. Just me.

It makes me so DIZZY to think that I could be loved so completely by a boy that I could only view on YouTube a few short months ago!

"Can you?" He whispered aggressively as I humped my hips on top of him.


"Are you ready? Can we...?"

Oh! Hell yes! "I'm ready if you are." I whispered back, and he tongue kissed me with a fever to show his appreciation for the good news. Ok...if my baby wants more...my baby gets more! Hehehe, oh WOW, I love saying that to myself! Just sounds crazy to me!

I'd like to say that I had easily gotten hard again at a moment's notice, but to be totally honest, I don't think I ever went limp to begin with. I definitely had a full on, super wet, orgasm inside of my new boyfriend...and while it was a huge relief from the building crescendo that began the moment my mother dropped me off in front of Greyson's hotel, our passionate kisses, our soft touches, our sensual confessions and soft-spoken declarations, kept my hormone driven momentum going strong the entire time we shared our mind-blowing embrace. I doubt that I could have gone limp if I tried.

I remember our tongues colliding in this really sexy way...

It was so wet...but not in a nasty way. More like a 'pleasingly naughty' way. I could feel y baby's breath on my cheek. I could feel his lithe frame wiggling beneath me, his heels applying pressure on the small of my back as he urged me to hump my hardness urgently against the leaking cradle of his splayed legs. I can just imagine his eager hole tightening and yearning for another penetration. I was almost scared that I'd explode again before I got another shot at it. My emotions were already out of control...but my body was at the mercy of the lustful sensations that Greyson's teen body could provide. He had ways of manipulating my most involuntary sex muscles that I didn't really have any practice with yet. I'm learning fast, believe me! But...even though I hate to admit it...I'm still kind of new at this.

Making Greyson happy and leaving him totally satisfied was all that mattered to me. Sure, I was definitely getting my share of good 'feels' out of it too, but...I'd be lying if I said that some of my deepest insecurities didn't worry about being...I don't know...the best that Greyson's ever had. You know?

Well, I'm the ONLY boy that Greyson's ever had. But still...I guess it's important for me to have some sort of positive impact here. Something that he can enjoy and be proud of. I want to love him soooooo much! I want him to feel the way that I do right now. And the biggest, most terrifying, series of thoughts in my head right now...are the ones trying to convince me that I might be even slightly 'inadequate'. That would be SO embarrassing!

Especially, after getting such a lucky gift from this amazing boy celebrity that basically dropped out of the sky for no other reason than fate decided to give me a shot and wanted to see if I'd make a go for it.

"Mmmmm, ok..." Greyson said with a smirk. "...I'm ready."


"Oh God, yes. Like...right now. Just, stick it back in me. I'm so ready." He sighed.

"Ummm...ok!" I said. I think my brain locked up on me for a moment, because my thoughts went blank, and I found myself unable to think of what comes next. "Do you, ummm...wait, ok...do you want to roll over on your stomach again, or...?"

Greyson blushed. "Actually, hold on...I mean, if I raise my hips up a bit more, do you think we can do it this way? With me on my back this time?" He bashfully looked way from me with a grin. "I just...I kinda wanna see your face this time. I want to see your eyes. Your eyes are beautiful."

Greyson definitely knew how to add about 50 pounds of extra 'weight' to my already overworked heart. But the moment his sexy brown eyes looked up into mine, their honey covered almond glow inviting me with a craving that refused to be denied for a moment longer...I was helpless to keep my paranoid idea of 'sanity' for a moment longer. I can't believe that ANYTHING this amazing hasn't been made illegal yet!

"Ok..." I replied. "Ummm...do you want me to put some more 'stuff' on, or...?" Replying to the lubricant Greyson had applied earlier.

"Oh. I don't know." He said. He grabbed the bottle and asked, "Do you want to?"

"Do I need to?"

"I don't know. It did say, 'long lasting'." He told me.

"Yeah, but...how long is long lasting?"

He thought about it for a second, and then said, "Well, I can always buy more if I need to. Let's put some more on. Just in case."

"Ok!" I smiled, and got up on my knees so I could put more of the slippery liquid on my erection. It still feels a little weird, being naked in front of another boy like this. I know that he's my boyfriend and stuff, but...being naked around other people hasn't been a thing for me since my mom was still giving me baths as a kid. And being HARD around another boy is something new entirely. I'm warming up to it, little by little, but...it's a little freaky right now.

Greyson put some lube in his hand and then giggled, "You want me to...ummm...?"

"I can do it. Or...wait..."

"Well, it's no problem if you want me to..."

"No. It's ok. Unless...you want to, like...I mean, I won't say no if.."

We both found ourselves stuck in the mode of trying to be overly polite and considerate to a fault when addressing the issue. But we looked into each other's eyes and began cracking up. Yeah, we were being a little bit silly about it all, but in a 'fun' way. Just like with everything else. Hahaha!

I took the initiative, and said, "I'll put it on myself. K?"

Greyson laid back on the mattress, legs spread, and he said, "I'll put some on too." And I watched as he put a healthy dollop of the liquid on his index and middle finger, and then his eyes looked up at the ceiling, his lips pressed together in a moment of concentration as they wandered down to his rose colored pucker...rubbing the gel around the outer ring for a moment before dipping inside. Tentatively at first. Then sinking in with more passion.

The way Greyson tilted his head back, closed his eyes, opened his kissable lips, and gasped gently from the stimulation...I was almost jealous that I wasn't a part of his sudden involvement. I watched him finger himself with the lubed up digits and watched Greyson, basically start without me. I can't have that!

"Hehehe, having fun?" I said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, to be honest..." He grinned, but welcomed me with open arms when I scooted forward on my knees and leaned over to kiss him on the lips. Then, with his hands clasped around my neck, he stared up at me lovingly for a brief moment. "You're like magic to me, Evan. I love you." He moaned.

"I love you too..." I whispered. It was then that Greyson began to reach blindly for my hardness...finding me throbbing and ready as he guided it back to his slickened hole. My tip bumped the wrinkled pucker gently, and with a little less work than it took the first time, the tight ring 'gasped' to allow me inside. The sight of Greyson's strained expression was just about the cutest thing that I had ever seen in my life. He was sighing as I carefully slid into him, half inch by sexy half inch, as he bit his bottom lip and relaxed as much as he could to invite me in to the hilt. As half of my length disappeared into his warmth, his hand released my shaft, his long fingers now tenderly cradling my hanging balls and creating a ticklish sensation that caused me to smile.

I sank a little bit deeper. More confident this time. More capable of giving my new boyfriend the intense pleasure that he had earned through his love for me. I think Greyson was right. Having him on his back like this...hearing his soft whimpers, being able to see his eyes, feeling his heated breath on my face...this was a different experience entirely. I might like it this way even better.

Greyson's eyes sprung open as I felt his spongy cheeks touch the front of my lap. He wasn't hurt or anything, but he seemed a bit surprised. Almost as if I had opened a door or turned a specific corner within him that he wasn't expect me to reach. I felt his body quivering all around my shaft. I was soooo deep. Already, I found myself trying to hold back from an inevitable orgasm. Feelings that intensified as Greyson took two handfuls of my ass and pulled me even tighter against him.

I felt my erection jump inside of him, swelling and pulsing within his fevered tunnel. Greyson's feet were in the air, trying to keep his hips raised up high enough to keep me from slipping out of him. But I didn't want him to tire himself out, so I leaned forward to let him rest his legs on my shoulders. I remember how Asa did it to Chandler, and how it just seemed to make everything look like it would work easier once we got in motion. I even made a few circles with my hips before I got going. Hehehe, Greyson's eyes got even wider as he gave me a huge smile. "Hey there!" He giggled.

"What does it feel like?" I asked.

"I don't think I have anything to compare it to. It's like...OOF!!! Whoah! Yeah, hehehe, feels like that." He said as I pushed even further in. I slowly withdrew from his clutching hole, and then pushed myself back into him again. Holding still to gauge his reaction. It was priceless. So very priceless. "Keep going..." He said, breathlessly.

My humping motions took on a rhythm all their own. There's something evolutionary that just takes over when it comes to sex. The humping and hugging and grinding into a warm spot that feels so good? That's the easy part. I'm glad it came so automatically the way it did. It's the emotional part that makes things scary. Not in a bad way. I just...I got so wrapped up in being in my sweetheart's embrace that I couldn't have concentrated much on the physical act at all. I just wanted him to feel beautiful. To feel loved and cared for. It was that beautiful exchange that made the sex so unbelievably erotic to me. That's what made our time together seem like...as he would put it...magic.

There was a sensual friction between Greyson's snuggling hole and the length penetrating him in the most intimate way. A friction that surprised me, considering how slippery he was in there. I nearly lost myself to the very feel of him. Hooking my elbows around the back of his knees as I thrust into him with increasing urgency. Were those his high pitched cries of passion, or mine? It was getting hard to distinguish the two. I was breathing so hard, and yet never got dizzy. Greyson's body was folded in half beneath me and he only held me tighter, silently pleading for more. He surprised me by craning his neck up to kiss me on the lips. Omigod! That's right! Kissing him would be much easier while I was on top of him this way! Why didn't I think of that?

I could feel his hardness poking at my underbelly as I put more of my weight on him and smashed my lips against his. Our tongues were immediately reunited, and I continued to hump myself deep inside of him as or kissing flooded us both with an even deeper craving to reach that hidden finish line. I even began to suck on the side of his neck while he crossed his arms across my back and wrapped his legs around me to dig his heels into the small of my back. "Unh...unhh....unhhhh..." His whimpers aroused me to the point where I wasn't sure I'd be able to hold on for much longer. His chute was squeezing me for everything that it was worth, and after a few particularly deep jabs at his special little 'excite button', he began to speak. "Oh God! Right there! Yes! Don't stop! Just keep doing it...just like that...oh wow...mmmm..."

I began to push myself into him even harder. I don't know what made me feel so aggressive at that particular moment, but the fact that Greyson got so turned on by it kept me going. He was doing all he could to thrust his hips up in time with my rapid downstrokes...pulling me further into his love. We were too breathless for kisses now. Something else was happening here. Somewhere between a cuddle and a wrestling match...my high pitched moans joined his in the symphony bouncing off the hotel room walls.

I couldn't hold that boy tightly enough, my chin over his shoulder as I raced towards a climax...my muscles tightening up involuntarily, waiting for a major blast. Greyson's fingers raked the back of my shoulders, as I continued to press against that magic spot, again and again and again, with every rapid thrust. "Keep going! Omigod...PLEASE keep going! Oh, OH...!!!" I don't think I've ever heard Greyson hit a higher note than the one that he did just a split second before his heated seed began to shoot out of his rose colored tip like the blast from a shotgun! MY wild humping frenzy caused his hardness to bounce and wave all over the place, his boyish nectar splashing in every direction, sloppily being dashed against his constricted stomach muscles and puddling in his shallow navel as he gripped me tightly with both his arms and his legs. I could feel it on my tummy. Greyson's excitement showering me from below while his helpless body writhed and wriggled in my embrace.

Inside, his body had suddenly become a chaotic mess of biological panic. One that pulsed and contracted and milked me for a powerful eruption of my own. Greyson's sexy squirming just made me want him even more, and with a few final pushes of my hips, I felt my balls drawing up tight against me, finally firing thick, creamy, shots into Greyson's hole, a fiery retaliation for the release he created.

My body wasn't still, and yet it felt frozen in place. The turbulent convulsions in my shaft left me powerless to do much more than to hang on to my lover and ride out the intensity of the situation at hand. Then...calming down after what must have been a massive fire to ten shots of hot semen into his spasming hole...my body attempted to return to normal. My heart pounding, my breath short, a slick sheen of perspiration on my skin...our lips connected again, and I held on to the tingling vibrations for as long as I could before they were gone.

This time...I actually did go soft. My wiry frame was shuddering with such a sensual breakdown that my body almost seemed to lose all of its energy at once. Not even Greyson's satisfied tongue kisses could keep me from sliding out of him, and lazily rolling over to the side to recover. Wow...sex is fuckin' AWESOME!

I don't know how long we lay there, huffing and puffing, just anchored enough to reality to keep from having an out-of-body experience...but we were totally comfortable with the near silence. Even when we rolled towards one another to stare into each others' eyes for a moment. Everything about this night felt perfect. So very perfect.

As Greyson softly caressed my cheek, he said, "I never dreamed that things could be like this."

"Like what?" I asked.

"I dunno...like...this. You and me. Just...laying here. Close. Affectionate."

"Really? I used to dream about this kinda thing all the time." I said. "I mean, more than just having a super cute boyfriend and LOTS of hot, naughty, sex marathons every chance we get. Hehehe! But...you know, the quiet moments too. Just like now."

Greyson smiled warmly as he kissed my lips and threaded his fingers through my hair. "I'll be honest, I didn't think I'd ever have any sweet moments like this. I thought that maybe I'd have to settle for something a little less romantic. Then I found you. And you're more than I ever dreamed you'd be."

I blushed. "Me? Even more than, you know...whatshisname?" He seemed puzzled. "You know, that Rodney guy?"

Greyson's forehead wrinkled up a bit, as if that was the strangest question I could have possibly asked him. Who knows? Maybe it was. "Rodney? From back home? Hehehe, no. Trust me, as big a crush as I had on him at the time, my whole idea of him didn't go too far beyond getting him naked and on top of me. Nothing more significant than that."

That's was the topic I was trying to ease myself in to without being too obvious. I probably just said it wrong. "'Back home', huh...?" I mumbled, taking a peek into his eyes before looking away.

Again, Greyson wasn't sure what I was getting at. "Evan...?"

"Forget it. It's nothing."

But he persisted, "Go ahead. Tell me what's on your mind." He kissed me on the cheek and scooted closer. "Whatever it is, it'll be ok."

I hesitated for a moment, then said, "I wasn't really eavesdropping or anything, but...did you mean what you said over the phone? To your sister?" Our eyes met again. "Are you really wrapping up your video shoot in a couple of weeks? Are you...ummm...going home to Oklahoma soon?"

His expression was genuine. I could tell that he hadn't thought about it much. Maybe not at all. "Oh..." He said softly. "Ummm...yeah. I mean, I have to go home eventually. All my family is there. My friends."

It was if my heart was slowly being torn apart, with only a thin layer of denial to keep it from being ripped in two. "Yeah. I get it." I wondered if that meant we only had a short time left to explore this 'thing' we had both fallen into so blindly, causing us to figure it would simply last forever without conflicts or complications. I didn't want to drain all of the love and energy out of the moment, so tried to be hopeful by asking him, "But...you'll go back on tour and stuff though, right? You've got to come to a town near me some time, right?"

Greyson gave me a halfhearted smirk. "Sure. I mean, I might. The new album is almost finished, so once I'm done recording, I'll probably tour again."

"See?" I grinned. "As soon as you're anywhere near me, I'll be sure to come looking for 'Chance LeGrey' at the closest swanky hotel I can find. I'll make sure you get yourself a good night's rest. Hehehe!"

"Yeah..." He said, blankly. "Well, except...I mean do a lot of my touring overseas. My fanbase is bigger over there. I spend a lot of time in Malaysia...and stuff..."

"Oh." I replied. "So, how long do your tours usually go on for?"

Sadly, he said, "Eight...maybe nine months. It depends."

Silence. This one, much less comfortable than the last one.

"Oh..." I mumbled under my breath. I didn't say anything else about it. I was barely sure how to begin that conversation, much less end it. But as I interlocked my fingers with Greyson's, rubbing the tip of my nose against his...I just tried to push these hurt feelings and worried thoughts right out of my heart and mind. I'm happy. This is a happy time right now.

But I will admit to dreading the possible outcome of falling in love so quickly without knowing more of the details involved. I don't know how to get to friggin' Malaysia! I can't even point that country out on a map if I had to. Not to mention that my beginner's salary for the 'Walking Dead' can barely buy me a bus ticket to Chicago...much less anywhere overseas.

But...like I said...this is supposed to be a happy time. For my baby and me.

I just hope that the stars above didn't give me the greatest loves of my entire life...only to snatch it away from me just as I was learning to appreciate it. I don't think my heart could take that. Worse...I don't think Greyson's could either.