Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 3

It was easy to get myself back into character and focus on my performance this time around. In fact, even though I was feeling a bit tense and exhausted before...seeing Greyson here on the set to watch me work had a massive energizing effect on me. I honestly felt like I could carry this whole show by myself if I had to! Hehehe! He's here. He's really here. And he wants to spend some time together. ALONE, no less! Wow! He's just so.....wow!

My heart was beating fast, but I attempted to quiet it down a bit and get that super dorky look of boyish infatuation off of my face. It wouldn't be 'in character' to walk around giggling cheerfully during the zombie apocalypse.

The director called action, cameras started rolling, and I sort of tucked my true self away for the sake of bringing my character to the surface. I delivered the lines without any mistakes this time around. "We didn't know whether to stay put or try to find another safe place to go. Walkers kept finding ways in...." Etcetera, etcetera. I remembered how to walk, how to talk, how to deliver, and how to react. I swear everything was perfect. Probably even better than it would have been if Greyson wasn't standing behind the taped off area, practically 'cheerleading' for me the whole time.

"And cut! Excellent! Save that take! Mark it!" The director said. He decided to do a couple more takes, just for safety's sake...but from the look on his face, I had pretty much nailed it on the first try. How awesome is that!

I saw the cameramen and crew resetting the shot for the next take, and we were able to relax for a minute or two while things were put in order and they checked the remaining daylight.

There was a make-up lady that came to lightly mist my face with a spray bottle, touching up my hair again. And by 'touching up', I mean she made it look messier.

And it was then that I noticed Chandler coming back to the set. This time he seemed a bit more out of breath than usual. He looked a little flushed. Basically, he had the exact look that this make-up lady was trying to artificially produce for me. He and Asa must have really been going at it today. I guess some days you're hornier than others.

"Hey...." I said, just above a whimper.

Chandler looked at me, and as usual, he gave me the usual...very polite and professional, "Hi, Evan..."

He walked right towards the first available cooler, and grabbed a bottle of cold water, going over to stand in front of the fan to cool off. I actually watched him close his eyes and tilt his head back as the fan blew the locks of his dark brown hair back off of his neck...the rippling strands of silk exposing an ear every so often...with Chandler occasionally using the cool water bottle to hold against his soft cheek, or sliding it across his forehead. It was almost as if it was all happening in slow motion. And knowing that he was probably still quivering with the tingles of sexual afterglow on top of it..it became an unintentional act of absolute beauty that I could, honestly, watch all day long without blinking.

But as the make-up told me to turn my head to the right more to get me camera ready, I noticed Asa coming back to set as well. His glowing blue eyes were bright enough to see from a distance, so there was no mistaking him for anyone else. I also happened to notice that he was tucking his shirt back into his pants. And just like Chandler, he appeared to be a bit more frazzled than usual. What did they get up to in that trailer today? I bet it was hot! I swear, I need to invest in a hidden camera or something.

It was almost time to start doing retakes, and I was preparing myself to get back on my mark when I suddenly heard Asa call out to Chandler from the sidelines. "Chandler! You've got to come over here! You're going to want to see this!" He said.

Chandler looked so disappointed to be leaving the cool breeze of the giant fan in front of him, but Asa only beckoned him with more enthusiasm, and with a grunt, Chandler took a few gulps of water and went to join his...well...I guess his boyfriend. I mean, that's basically what he is, isn't he? Ouch. That sucks. Asa Butterfield better know how lucky he is. Seriously.

"Alright, people. Let's get back on our marks." The director called out to the rest of us. "We're burning daylight here. Evan, I want you to do it just like you did it last time. You were great."

Well, I hope that I'm at least making up for some of the screw ups I just made on film. Ok, just like before. Two more takes...maybe three...and then it's just me and Greyson! Greyson and me!

Greyson and....Asa???

I was walking back to my mark when I saw Asa telling Chandler to hurry up and get over there....and there they were....talking to Greyson!

*MY* Greyson!

I couldn't explain what I felt as I saw Chandler's eyes widen, his feet picking up the pace as he rushed over to meet him. Both Asa and Chandler were smiling and shaking his hand and they....they just...

Oh God! I couldn't tell if it was jealousy, heartache, or just plan instantaneous rage, that began showering over me at that very moment. Why are they talking to Greyson? WHY??? What are they doing? Are they looking at him the way that I look at him? What am I talking about? Of COURSE, they are! Greyson's too cute for them not to notice! But that's not FAIR! Asa and Chandler already have each other. They can't take my Greyson away from me. They just can't!!!

Can they?

"You ready, Evan?" The director asked.

"Huh? Oh...I'm...yeah. I'm good."

"Alright. Rolling..." He said, and I attempted to clear my head long enough to nail this one scene and get back to Greyson as quickly as possible. I'm not going to let the two of them muscle in on my good fortune. No WAY!

Ok...get it together, Evan. Five minutes. Try to make it in five minutes. It isn't possible for even someone like Asa to charm Greyson and win him over in five minutes, right?

I mean...right?

I took a deep breath to loosen up, and I peeked over at the boys again just a few seconds before the scene started filming. What I saw was already more disturbing than I expected it to be. I saw Greyson blushing slightly as Asa and Chandler grinned and giggled and shook his hand. They obviously knew who he was. Asa was already using those blue eyes and dreamy accent to make an impression. It had been all of thirty seconds.

I felt this weird, sinking, feeling in my chest...and I just wanted to finish working and...and...I don't know. Go over there and drag Greyson off into the woods somewhere where they couldn't see each other. He came to see me. He actually brought me lunch. And now these two celebrity heartthrobs come back, just after having a passionate sexual encounter...still sharing the same sensual fragrance, lingering from the activity of being all tangled up with one another in a naked embrace....just to run over there and shamelessly snatch Greyson up for themselves. I can't believe that they're making him smile right now. Actually, smile! It's just not cool. That was my smile. They don't get to share it. It's unfair, I tell you.


Ok...have to concentrate. Have to get this over and done with. I mean, I already got it the first time, right? They just do this in case something happens where the lighting was too bright or too dim, if a bug or something flew in front of the lens, or if there was a noise offset that bled into the sound of the take. It's just security, right? If I pull this off two or three more times...I'll be done and I can get back to.....

Are they LAUGHING?????

Why are they LAUGHING???

"Cut!" The director said, evidently taking notice of my obvious distraction. He didn't reprimand me or anything. He just said, "Going again. And...action..."

I did everything that I could to block them out. I concentrated as hard as I could, and was able to make it through the second take without much effort. But the second he yelled, 'cut', my eyes went right back to the boys standing just behind the cameras. I felt myself gritting my teeth and tapping my foot impatiently as I waited for them to reset the lighting and cameras for us. Chandler was looking so cute, grinning in Greyson's direction. Giving him that million dollar smile. And I saw Asa leaning up against a nearby tent pole, his flirtatious wit turning itself on automatically as Greyson swooned and giggled from the extra attention. This can't happen. I have to stop this.

Hurry UP already!!! Let's finish this scene! Jesus! What the hell are they doing???

I shouldn't worry right? Nah...it's all in my head. It'll be fine. Greyson is nice to everybody. That's all. So what if they're pretty? And rich? And famous? Ugh...I need to stop thinking about them. Right now. I mean, like....riiiiight...NOW! Three...two...one...NOW! Arrrgh! Still thinking! What are they doing now? Is Asa touching Greyson's arm? Why is he touching his arm? What could the possibly be talking about that would make him reach out and touch Greyson's arm like that?

And what the hell is up with the lighting guys???? Can we start the scene already! Fuck!

At long last, they reset the scene, we took our places, and did another two takes. Luckily, the director was happy with those and decided to release my from on camera 'prison' long enough to go find out what was going on here. "Great job, Evan. Loved it. You really looked like you were burdened in those last two takes. Excellent. I want to see more of that."

"Yeah. Thanks." I mumbled softly as I hurried off in Greyson's direction. I didn't talk or make eye contact with anybody. I just kept walking. I didn't take my eyes off them at all. I couldn't get there fast enough.

WHAT??? I'm not jealous! I'm merely...protecting my emotional investment.

And I'll protect it with a big ol' STICK if I have to!

"Hey!" I said, almost out of breath from the rush. All three boys turned to look at me as I took the last few steps to join in their little friendly circle there. "What's up?" I didn't want to sound like I was being too clingy or protective or anything...but...I felt clingy and protective. So, sue me.

I'm an actor. I should be able to pull this off right? Then again, working to produce a fake emotion on camera and working to cover up a real emotion in real life are two completely different things.

"Hey, Evan." Chandler said. He was friendly about it, but...I was like a puppy protecting his favorite bone right now. In more ways than one.

Greyson had the sweetest smile on his face. I swear that smile had the most relaxing effect on me. Possibly a side effect of having all the blood rush out of my head and down into places unseen.

Asa offered me a little nod to say hello, but his gaze went right back to Greyson just a second or two afterward. "I still can't believe you're here," Asa told him. "Are you going to stick around for a while? Maybe...you wanna hang out with us or something? Like...when we wrap for the day?" Was he serious? Really? Right in front of me?

Then I thought about it, and it's not like anybody knows that I like him. Or that I like boys at all. But still....

Chandler smiled at Asa, and I think I saw Asa give him a secret wink. It didn't take a genius to see that the two of them were planning to at least take a shot at getting Greyson into that trailer with them. And let's be honest...what is he going to say? No? Is he going to say, 'Back away, super hot boys who want to have sex with me! I've got to eat a sandwich with my 'friend' that I just met once almost a week ago!'? That hardly seems like a likely scenario.

Just thinking about it..it was like my heart broke. Right then and there. It happened so fast that I couldn't really even put on a brave face. Not that I had to. Asa and Chandler were too busy focusing on Greyson to notice my eyes lowering their disappointed gaze down into the dirt where it belonged.

"Hey..." Chandler said, "That would be a great idea! What do ya say, Greyson?"

There was a short pause. I noticed it because I was really expecting Greyson to jump at the chance. I thought his answer would practically be involuntary. But once I heard that brief silence in the conversation, I peeked up at Greyson...and he gave me a warm grin.

Then he said, "Actually, you know what? Maybe some other time, you guys. I'm actually here to see Evan today. So...we were about to go out and have some lunch."

I couldn't breathe! What happened to my breath??? It was there in my lungs a few seconds ago! What happened? Am I hallucinating? I'm not so hungry and dehydrated that I've become all delusional, have I?

I saw Greyson's smile widen, and he said, "You ready? Sandwich is still warm."

My knees were so weak that they nearly buckled beneath me. But...with a trembling voice, I managed to whimper, "Yeah...I'm...totally ready."

Asa asked, "Wait...you guys know each other?"

Greyson said, "Who, me and Evan? Of course. Everybody knows that Evan Elliott is the next big thing." He looked at me, and he said, "What can I say? I'm a fan..."

Chandler and Asa looked over at me, and I know that I had to have been blushing hard enough to glow in the dark in that moment. I was shaking myself to pieces but gave them a somewhat convincing grin. Silently thanking Greyson for....making me the happiest boy on the planet. I mean that.

As Greyson and I started to walk away together for our lunch date, Asa and Chandler seemed to be completely outdone by the whole idea. I don't know what they were thinking, but I know they traded a few looks of surprise and a couple of quiet whispers behind us. Hehehe, if I could have turned around at that moment and stuck my tongue out, I would have. Chandler Riggs. Asa Butterfield. And Greyson picks me.

He picks me...

I was hoping that I wasn't reading more into this than I should have been. I tend to get excited sometimes. My expectations might be a little high for a shared lunch by the lake. My mind was buzzing with a million thoughts per second. Some good. Some bad. Some REALLY good! And...some REALLY bad! But just when I started to drive myself crazy with the questions and the assumptions and the insecurities and the doubts...Greyson would look over at me and smile...and my body would relax all over again. It was like a drug. I never got tired of seeing that smile. And he, apparently, never got tired of showing it to me. He was just...so special.

As we were walking towards the lake and looking for a decent place to sit with some shade, I told him, "You know...I'm really happy that you came way out here with me today..." Then, I softly added, "But...you didn't have to. I mean...if you wanted to go and hang out with Asa and Chandler...I mean, I wouldn't have been upset or anything." Did that come out as pathetic as it sounded?

Greyson giggled sweetly, and he said, "Unh unh. You don't fool me. I saw you. You were worried that I was gonna ditch you, weren't you?"

"No. Not at all." I lied. But he just gave me the cutest look...waiting for me to come clean. "Ok. Maybe a little bit." Still silent, Greyson reached out to poke me in the shoulder with a single finger. "Hehehe, OK! I probably would have STABBEDone of them if they stole you away from me! But I wasn't going to tell YOU that!"

"That's more like it." He grinned. "I'd be so hurt if I came all the way out here and you just tossed me over to somebody else. That'd be mean."

I said, "But...I mean, c'mon..."


"Don't tell me that you didn't think that they were...you know..."

"Cute?" Greyson asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Well....yeah. I mean, they are cute. Aren't they?"

Greyson paused for a second. And he said, "Ok...total truth? No foolin'?"


He rolled his eyes a little bit, and he said, "Yeah. They're really cute. Really cute! Hehehe!" Ouch. Maybe I should have told him to lie to me instead. "Honestly, I started walking 'The Walking Dead' for Chandler Riggs. I loved the show, but I was always kind of looking for him to show up. So...I think I had a little crush. So when I heard they were filming, I just had to come and see if I could catch sight of him in person. And he didn't disappoint." Greyson was just being honest, I guess. But that whole achy breaky heart thing was still causing my emotions to dip down into a mild depression. Then Greyson said, "Plus, I've always been a huge fan of the 'Ender's Game' books when I was still in school. And I liked the movie 'Hugo' a lot. So when I heard that Asa got the main part in the movie, I thought that was a match made in Heaven. I didn't even know that he was going to be on the set. So that was a bit overwhelming." Sighhh....keep talking Greyson. It'll distract me from the misery.

"So...why didn't you go hang out with them, then?" I didn't want to sound snotty. Maybe I just suck. Whatever.

"Because, I didn't come here to see them today. I came here to see you."

"Right..." I scoffed.

"No, really. Evan? It's the truth. You're the only person that I came looking for today. I promise."

I was trying not to smile, but I think he brainwashed me into it somehow without me knowing about it. I gave him a sideways look to see if he was joking. He looked back at me, and then he gave me this really goofy smile that was soooo over exaggerated that it cracked me up. Hahaha! Taking a page from his book, I used a single finger to poke him in the shoulder, but he said he was telling the truth. And even though this whole situation was about as surreal as it gets...I took him at his word. That was good enough for me.

We sat down side by side, and surprisingly, the sandwiches were still warm. And they were just as amazing as he said it would be. And twice as sloppy. Thank goodness for extra napkins.

It was a really mellow afternoon, and a cool breeze began to blow after being there for ten minutes or so. Little ripples in the surface of the lake, the sound of rustling leaves in the trees...it was like we had our own private paradise out there, and I loved it. Why would I ever want to leave?

Believe it or not, Greyson and I were talking about boys. I never had a chance to talk about boys that I thought were cute with another person before. Especially with a boy that I thought was cute, himself. I don't think Greyson has either. It was kind of neat. Liberating, even. At one point, Greyson told me, "Being on tour is hard sometimes. The cute boys are everywhere. And a lot of times, I'll be signing autographs, and this totally gorgeous boy will walk up with a CD or something....and I have to work sooooo hard to keep myself from going all soft in the middle. Hehehe! I don't know if it shows on my face or not, but the whole time I'm like...trying not to drool all over his autograph. That part sucks."

I said, "I'm sure they would pass out if you gave them a phone number or something."

"Nah. I only get to see them for a minute or two, and then they disappear and I never see them again. It's not like I really lost anything. I just think they're pretty." He giggled. "Now...when I spend a bit more time with a cute boy, then...hehehe...sometimes I get attached. But just a little bit."

I asked, "Really? Who are we talking about here?" Greyson didn't want to tell me at first, but I wasn't going to let him off that easy.

"Well...." He blushed, pulling his knees up to rest his elbows. "...I kinda had a teeny teeny tiny infatuation when I was on the tour with Cody Simpson. JUST...a TINY one, though!"

I giggled. "I could see that!"

"They kind of threw us together and they wanted us to get to know each other and do promotional stuff for the tour....so I basically had to live and breathe Cody Simpson for weeks before the tour even started. And...you know..." His blush deepened. "...I kinda developed a crush on him too. It made it near impossible to perform together on stage at the same time. I wasn't concentrating at all."

"Heh...tell me about it. I know the feeling." I said. Then, when I thought about it..I had to ask, "Say...you didn't...? I mean, did you and Cody ever....?"

His eyes widened. "Oh, no! Hehehe! No, we didn't do anything like that." Greyson smiled at me and said, "Cody's umm...well...I don't even know if I should say..."

"What? Aww, dude, you can't leave me hanging like that. Tell me! Tell me!"

"Hehehe, well...let's just say that Cody has a few boys that he travels with that...kinda 'take care' of that need for him. A least two or three of them. So...no room for me." He saw my jaw drop and he laughed at me. Rolling his eyes again before burying his face in his folded arms. "Omigod...I SO should not be telling you this stuff! Don't tell anybody, ok? Cody's a really nice guy."

"I won't. Cross my heart." I said, still reeling from the shock of it. "I'm just surprised that...well, if Cody was into boys, why didn't he immediately go for you on day one?"

I think Greyson was flattered, but he didn't experience any rise in ego whatsoever from the compliment. "You know...I look at the boys he travels with, and I think he just has specific type that he likes. Like, a blond fetish, basically. Hehehe!"

"Awww, that sucks. He's missing out." I smirked bashfully.

That's when Greyson looked at me, and he softly murmured, "I don't know...I think I could see someone liking blonds..." And after a shy moment of hesitation, he reached up his hand, and lightly brushed some of my blond locks off of my forehead. It was such an intimate touch. Such a breathless rush of emotion. I was struck speechless by how beautiful he was at that moment. You know...when the sun hits Greyson's eyes...the once dark brown color turns into something more resembling a warm glass of iced tea. Almost a dark honey color. It's so hypnotic. It's crazy.

I was thinking about how much I wanted to kiss him. I needed it. I craved it. Oh GOD, it was driving me crazy! I wish I had more practice with this kind of thing. We'd be making out by now if I did.

"Ooh, don't move..." Greyson said, looking down at my leg.

"What? What is it?"

Greyson reached out with his hand...directly towards my inner thigh...causing me to tighten up immediately from the contact. "You have a ladybug on you." He said, his boyish curiosity pushing him to capture it. I felt the back of his tender fingertips as he followed the small insect further up my leg. And further. And further. Ok...seriously...where does the air in my lungs keep running off to??? "Come on, little fella. Don't be scared." He said. And just as the back of his fingers lightly grazed the side of my balls, the ladybug crawled onto his fingertip...and he took it away.

I watched him let it crawl over the back of his hand with a grin...all while having a full-blown panic attack over the fact that I was getting so incredibly hard that I thought my shaft would just go through to orgasm all by itself without so much as another touch!

"Ok, go on. Fly away." Greyson said, and he lightly blew on the tiny beetle's back. As if on cue, it spread its wings, and flew off to enjoy the woods and lake for itself. I swear, Greyson had such a gentle nature about him that I half expected a chipmunk to run up and sit on his shoulder next. He could pick a song and have the whole forest come out to play like a Snow White cartoon.

That was it. I couldn't hold it in anymore. Enough was enough.


"Yeah?" Did he know? He seemed so innocent. I felt like a perv for being soooo hot for this boy, but I can't help myself. If I get struck by lightning tomorrow, I will gladly go to the pearly gates knowing that I had this ONE moment! And it was worth it!

"I'm sorry...but I REALLY need to kiss you right now...." I was trembling inside. I could barely keep my teeth from chattering. "I just...please? Can I...can I kiss you? Like...right now? While I still have the guts?"

He giggled in this really adorable way, and he tried to straighten up, but he couldn't contain that bright smile of his if he wanted to. "Um...hehehe, ok."


"I was kinda thinking about it in the back of my mind, but...I wasn't sure if you wanted to. I didn't want you to think that I was expecting that kind of thing. I just...I wanted to see you."

"Yeah. I wanted to see you too. And....I wanted to. Kiss, I mean. I just...well, like I said...I get some pretty crazy ideas in my head sometimes." I said, and then I sat there while I waited for something to happen. Some kind of sign from above. Something that would let me know how to be somewhat romantic about this. There's nothing sweet about lunging forward and smashing my lips into his mouth at 90 miles an hour. But, unfortunately, that was the only plan that I had at that moment.

"Evan?" Greyson said.


He poked me in the shoulder. "Hehehe, the kiss?"

"Oh! Right!"

He scooted closer to me, looking into my eyes as his cheeks turned pink again. "You've got me all anxious now..." She said.

"Yeah. Umm...me too." I said, clearing my throat. I peeked at him for a moment, and he looked back at me. He was waiting for me to make my big move. And I wasn't sure that I had one. So I peeked over again, and this time, Greyson stared me in the eyes, smiling sensually. Luring me in. And finally, he just giggled, grabbed both sides of my ace, and lightly pulled me forward until our lips connected. Thank you, Greyson! I had NO idea how I was going to start this at all.

His lips were soooo indescribably soft. Just having him kiss me made feel as if I was levitating ten feet off of the ground. The tender caress of his slim fingers, the gentle sensation of his warm breath on my cheek...the light brush of his dark brown locks on my forehead...the hushed smacking of our young lips, followed by the occasional moan of pleasure...it made for such an intoxicating emotional cocktail. And as his tongue entered my mouth, I found myself releasing all of that tension inside and truly falling into a full blown swoon of love.

Our kissing increased in passion. So much so, that our seated position became uncomfortable. I craved more. So much more.

Not a word was spoken. We kept our lips pressed together as I got up to my knees. I thought Greyson was going to get on his knees too...but instead, our lips parted for a moment, and I felt him pulling me towards him as he leaned backwards...uncurling his legs from under him and spreading them wide as he put his back on the grass. It was more than I expected...but I'll be damned if I resist!

So I let him gently pull me on top of him...

I felt his knees raise up on either side of my hips and his hands circle around to hold onto my back and shoulders as our lips reconnected with even more of a fever than before. Is Greyson Chance hard right now? Is that what that is? My shaft and his were rubbing against one another, a sexual friction causing us both to whimper in unison. I humped myself into him. He pushed his hips up into me. And by the time I felt his hands slide down to grab and squeeze the soft mounds of my ass...I knew that I was going to be late getting back to the set today.

Believe me...