Left Without Words

Chapter 23

Oh God!!!

Breathless and shivering, I had just woken up out of a near wet dream about Deme that was certain to cream all over my bed sheets! A few more seconds and I would totally have lost it. Had I not suddenly gotten excited enough to feel the pleasurable throbbing of my erect penis in my boxer briefs before exploding with a euphoric orgasm that I couldn't control...I'd be looking for some awkward reason to do a load a laundry before school.

As much as I politely, and impolitely, ask my mom to just stay out of my room and leave my stuff alone...she has a really unnatural obsession with constantly coming in here at the worst possible times, to find the worst possible things! Ugh!

I quickly rolled over onto my back and held my breath while trying to wait for the orgasmic tremors to subside a bit before taking me beyond the point of no return. Oh God...I was SOOOO horny! My legs were shivering. My dick was so stiff that it almost hurt at that moment. I couldn't take it. I just...Jesus Christ! I needed relief! Seriously!

With lingering visions of Deme in my head, I reached for a sock from my dirty clothes hamper. Just...something...anything...that could possibly handle the flood of teen nectar that I was about to unleash in a massive eruption that would hopefully be absorbed by the fabric of choice while I squirmed and gasped in pleasure from the intense delight that it brought me. I just...I needed this! I needed it sooooo bad right now!

I slipped the 'mouth' of my sock over the shaft of my erection, and I immediately began stroking my quivering hardness...picking up where the naughtiest thoughts of my wet dream had left off.

Deme...naked on my bed.


That look of sensual desire in his eyes as he rolls over on his tummy for me. Exposing those scrumptious, tan colored, cheeks of his as I allowed my weight to slide my erection up and down the length of the snug little cleft that I found between them. Warm. Slightly moist with his heated anticipation.

Looking back over his shoulder, like he said on the phone...yearning for me to make love to him. Craving the experience of having my hardness pressing itself against his cute little puckered hole for the first time, and slowly pushing it inside of him until he feels full and satisfied from my passionate invasion of his most private area...having him whimper my name as I begin to pump and withdraw, in and out, of his clutching tunnel until I'm finally forced to fly over the edge and cum deep inside of him...his slim, lithe, body grasping me...'milking' my shaft from all sides and sucking every last drop out of me...squeezing my pulsing erection to the point of nearly causing me to pass out.

Needless to say...I didn't last long. Hell, I was already on edge when I started. Stroking myself in bed, thinking about my sweetheart in such a lewd and lustful way...I released an audible gasp as I let go of a mind-blowing climax, gripping my shaft as hard as I could to keep the pulsing shaft from throbbing out of control. Just...I cant stop thinking about how tight Deme must be...how hard I would love to push myself into his smooth and supple teen body and have him deeply tongue kiss me as I cum so HARD into his fevered insides. It was enough to completely flood my sock up with enough sticky liquid to keep me trembling for at least ten minutes afterwards. Seeping right through the material and squirting out between my semen drnched fingers, despite my lame attempt to keep myself somewhat 'un-messy' this time.

And then...silence.

I just laid there in bed...trying to catch my breath. Feeling soft beads of sweat on my forehead, my mouth going dry, begging me for a glass of cool water or something to drink. But I knew my legs were still waaaaay too wobbly for that. At least for now. Why not just...relax for a while? K?

Yeah. I think...I think I'm going to relax for a bit...

My God...if the FANTASY of being lodged deeply inside of Dimitry's tight, wet, hole is this amazing...just imagine what it must be like if we do it for real? I mean...did he really tell me that he wants me to, like...ummm...'fuck' him? I don't mean for that to sound vulgar. I just don't know how else to say it. Like...he wants to feel me inside of him. And I definitely WANT to be inside of him! Just...this is new for me, ok? It's like finding five hundred dollars just laying around in the parking lot of your local grocery store. Like..."WHAT???" This is a joke, right? Somebody has got to be punking me right now? It takes some getting used to...having a boy like Deme even talk to me...much less offer to be my boyfriend. Or...you know...hehehe, my lover!

When I finally got the strength to roll halfway over onto my side, I could see the dark blue hue of the brightening sky as morning began to approach. It was careful to slip the sopping wet sock off of me. A lesson that I learned the hard way on a few occasions. My tip can get really really sensitive sometimes. I mean, like...my whole body goes still and I, like..."YIPE!" out loud! Especially after cumming this hard. So I made the whole removal of my 'sin sheathe' a surgical procedure...and while biting my bottom lip and closing my eyes, I experienced a full body shiver that made me sigh with relief once it was over. Then I tried to use whatever dry spots on my sock that I could find to gently wipe off the excess dribbles while my hardness kept jumping as if it was about to release a second load already. And then I got between my fingers and cleaned up as much as I possibly could before I simply ran out of dry spots to use. Wow...something tells me that this is going to go down as one of my all time greats!

What??? Like you've never had an earth shattering orgasm so explosive that you didn't automatically rate it as one of your favorites. I know you do! Hehehe!

I knew that I was going to have get out of bed and put on my bathrobe so I could sneak through the house and get to the bathroom and finish cleaning up. I just needed to ride out this euphoric blast of delight for a few minutes longer, K? I'll get cleaned up before things get too gross down there, I promise. It would be pretty weird if I went to school with my ginger red bush all stiffed out and permanently moussed up like an angry punk rock mohawk! I'm sure that would go over great in gym class.

By the time I actually felt enough of my lovey dovey weakness wearing off to actually straighten myself out, the sun was already over the horizon. Not to mention that my alarm clock was less than an hour from going off anyway. So I just walked over to my closet, picked out something casual to wear, and laid my outfit on the bed. Then some clean socks and a some fresh undies. And I figured that I might as well take a full hot shower, as long as I'm awake. I mean, even if I could find the courage to go back to sleep, it wouldn't be enough quality time to would warrant the risk of oversleeping. Might as well just stay up and maybe catch a quick nap when I come home instead.

So I ditched the sock, which was already hardening into a stiff slab of concrete more and more by the second...and got myself all squeaky clean. Hehehe...not that I was looking forward to having to spend any more time away from Deme than I absolutely had to...especially when it came to something as stupid as school. But it was nice to just relax and let the hat water cascade down over my shoulders for a few minutes in this house without having...

"Shane! Hurry up! I've gotta get in there! I need to look extra pretty for my presentation today! C'mon!"


...without having my little sister banging on the door and asking me to hurry up.

Whatever. She's not going to spoil this insane feeling that I've got pumping through my heart right now. No way. Even Sarah's early morning screeching is that annoying!

"Out in a minute..." I said, grinning to myself.

"Well, hurry up! UGH! God!"

"What-EVER!" I called back, quietly giggling to myself. Then I let out another long sigh of relief, just taking pleasure in the idea that she was completely powerless to affect me the way she wishes, soooo badly, she could. Nope. Life is good. And she'll just have to be mad about it until she figures out a few effective ways to deal with her own issues on her time. It's got nothing to do with me. Not today. Hehehe!

I sat down at the breakfast table for a quick bowl of cold cereal, and my mom did a bit of a double take at me when she saw the shameless grin on my face as I chewed my food. "You seem awfully happy with yourself today." She said. "What's with the extra sunshine, this morning?"

I shrugged my shoulders, but it almost caused me to giggle out loud when she looked into my eyes. "Hehehe, it's nothing. Really. Sometimes I just wake up happy. No real reason for it...it just kind of happens." That made her smile too. "Is it ok that I'm happy? Geez, Mom!"

"I didn't say anything!" She grinned. "It's just good to see you smile every once in a while. You turned about twelve or thirteen years old on me, and...well, we parents have to learn to appreciate whatever you moody teens decide to dish out to us while we can get them. Is this an indication that you might be coming out of that angst phase of yours?"

Rolling my eyes with a smirk, I said, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves..." Then she lightly smacked me on the back of my head before giving me a kiss.

It was then that the phone rang, and my mom walked over to answer it. At the same time, Sarah came walking into the kitchen, her hair still damp from her shower, and went looking to get a bit of breakfast of her own. She seemed a bit grumpy today, even for a Monday morning...but I didn't pay her much attention. I was almost done with my cereal anyway. I'll grab my homework and stuff and just get to school a bit early today or something. No reason for me to hang around the house for another half hour or so, tempting fate to give me a reason to be late for my first period class.

"Shane? It's for you." My mom said, handing me the phone. Then she winked at me, and said, "It's Dimitry."

Immediately, my entire body stiffened up, and I found myself nearly choking on my own slice of toast as I tried to recover from the utter shock of having him call without warning like this! Oh wow! I...I just....omigod!

"WHAT??? Are you serious?" I grabbed a napkin to wipe the milk from my lips and jumped up from the table as though my seat were on fire! I didn't mean to physically snatch the phone from my mom, but I couldn't really help myself. My heart was beating fast, my breath was short, my body temperature felt like it started to blaze at 150 degrees...what? What is it? What did I do? What didn't I do? And what do I do NOW??? Oh GOD, that boy makes me so crazy! "I'm gonna take this in my room!"

"Tell, Deme I LOVE him!" Sarah called out, but I was already out of the room and slamming my bedroom door shut. Whatever. "Hello???"

"I'm sorry. Is it too early? Or, perhaps, too late?" He asked, bashfully. Wow...his voice sounds super cute whether he's using his Grecian accent or not. I can only hear it accentuated on certain words and not others. But it's like...this really sexy blend that makes me feel all lightheaded and dizzy anyway. No matter what he says!

"Early or late? Wha...huh...?"

"I did not want to wake you up, but if too late, I thought I might miss you before you left for school."

"Oh! Ok! No...I'm...I'm here. Your timing was perfect..." I said, and then I lowered my voice a bit to say, "I love you, Deme! Heh...I just...ok, I'm sorry. Wow. That was weird. Well, not weird! It's TRUE! I just...yeah. Whatever. I love you, k?" I was so giddy that I found myself pacing back and forth across my bedroom floor, squirming in my own skin.

Deme rewarded my awkwardness with the cutest, most genuine, laugh. "Hahaha! I love you too, Shane." He said. "Topsy turvy!"

"Damn right! Always and forever!" I giggled.

"I have a favor to ask first though. I don't want to run out of time."

"Oh yeah? Go ahead. I'll do anything." I assured him.

"Well...you are leaving for morning classes soon, yes?" I told him that I was, and he asked, "I wanted to know if it would be ok if I came with you. I will take my bike and follow, so I can be sure that I know the way. You showed me once before, but I think I may have forgotten some of the twists and turns."

Delighted beyond belief, I asked, "You want to come to school with me today?"

"Maybe..." He hesitated. "This is okay, yes?"

"YES!!! Omigod, yes!"

"Not for the whole day. I have to turn in my transcripts and paperwork to the main office in person, I think. Much faster than mail. Much safer than online. But...if it means spending more time with my Shane, then I want to come and...ummm...do that." He said, and then giggled tiidly to himself for a second or two before asking me, again, if it was alright if we rode our bikes to school together today.

"Ok! I'm totally down for that! What do I...? I mean, what do I do? Should I come out to your house first, or...?"

"No, no. No need. I am already dressed and everything. I know my way to your house, and you are closer to the schoolhouse. So I will come to you. K?" He said. "I can be there in about ten minutes or so. I can leave right now."

"Right now?" I asked, surprised. I'm...I'm going to see Deme's super cute face again right NOW??? "Ummm...ok! I'll be here! And then...we'll ride to school. You know, like...together."

Deme giggled again. "You are flirting."

"Hahaha! What? Noooo, I'm not! Promise! It'll be fun. Just you and me."

"I wouldn't ride with anybody else." He said. "I will see you soon."

"See you too." Yeah, whatever that's supposed to mean. I need to get better at having a somewhat normal conversation with boys this pretty. "I love you."

"Love you too." He replied...and we both shared a brief pause, as if we were looking for something else to say. Or maybe we just didn't want to be the first one to hang up. Who knows at this point? But we finally disconnected, and then I enjoyed a moment of true bliss before I suddenly realized...

...What the fuck am I WEARING???

I can't just dress in this, like...casual Monday, school appropriate attire, bullshit! I need to run back to my closet and start all over from scratch! He's already on his way! On WHEELS, no less!!!

I must have gone through every shirt and pair of pants in my closet, twice, at lightning speed. I didn't know what to pick out! It's not like we're going out on a date or anything...and yet, it sure felt like it. Green? He likes me in green. Where's my green shirt??? No! Not THAT green shirt! The other one! The one Deme thinks is so cute on me! Where is it? Omigod, is it in the dirty clothes hamper??? Nooooo! Why didn't I wash it this morning? I could have taken care of my sticky sheets, my soaked cum sock, and my favorite sprint green shirt all at the same time! Arrrrghhhhh!!!

Ok...Plan B!

Ummm...red? No...not red! Black Jeans! My black jeans go with, like, everything! It's too hot to wear this shirt...this one is too thin...tie dye? No no no...should I go all black? I should probably go all black! No wait! GRAY! Black jeans, dark gray T-shirt with the cool pattern on it! Let me see how it looks!

I began stripping out of my clothes that I nearly fell flat on my face, working my way out of my jeans...and nearly banged my head on the desk, trying to snatch my T-shirt up and over my head in a frantic tantrum...hoping to get myself all set up and relaxed before Deme arrived at my front door. Then I jumped in front of my bedroom mirror to take a look at everything to make sure that it was all matching. Ok...I think...I think I'm cool. No wait! Not my white sneakers! I'll wear the gray ones! Yeah...they sort of match my shirt, right? I mean, right??? Let me hold them up against my...hold on...YES! Close enough! Very cool!

Shit...I fucked my hair up a little bit! Stupid T-shirt!

Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring...and the pandemonium that was causing my heart to nearly explode increased its potency by a million percent! He's here! Fuck, he's here, he's here, he's HERE!!!

Taking what few moments that I had left, I raced into the bathroom and viciously teased my hair to get it to look as 'right' as my severely limited amount of time would allow. Which wasn't much, mind you. Especially once I heard my little sister squeal with delight once my mom had her open the door. Ugh! I didn't want to subject my poor boyfriend to more torture than he was willing to deal with. He might decide to stop coming over here all together unless he's delivering food from the restaurant.

Ok. Breathe, Shane. My hair is...it's...it's fine. My clothes are fine. I checked my breath, even though I had just brushed my teeth less than a half hour ago...I did eat breakfast. I don't want, like...'milk breath'. Wait...is that, like...a thing? I don't know. Maybe I'll do another quick rinse, just to make sure...

"Shane? Deme is here!" My mom hollered out. "Don't take too long. You boys'll be late."

"Coming!" I called back.

And then...feeling just as nervous as I did that night when I watched him working through Milo's store window...I finally made my out to greet him. Face to face.

"Hey..." I blushed instantly...and that only caused his boyish blush to imitate my own.

"Hi, Shane..."

I know my mom and Sarah were standing right there in the same room with us, but I can't help but to wonder if they can see the intense feelings being transmitted between us.

I don't want them to...

...But I'd almost be a bit disappointed if it wasn't at least a LITTLE bit obvious that we were totally in love with one another at this point! Hehehe!

What a waste that would be...for a feeling like this...