The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 3

Chapter 49

Saturday - This morning...this glorious morning...started off just the way I wanted it to. No...actually, it was BETTER!

When I woke up, I had almost kinda forgotten that Brandon was laying in the bed next to me. I remember just feeling the weight on the mattress next to me before opening my eyes, and smiling to myself at the overwhelming feeling of love and comfort that it brought me. It was like my whole heart puffed up and my body was given a whole new life of its own. I opened my eyes, and Brandon was laying on his side, watching me with a smile on his face. God, even when he wakes up he's pretty! What the hell?

I'm like, "What are you doing?"

He said, "I was gonna wake you up with a blowjob, but you were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake you." He giggled a little bit, and I felt a little wet spot on the pillow next to my mouth and figured that I must look awful to him at that moment!

My hair was ALL fucked up, I had drool on my pillow, and an imprint of the sheets on the flattened side of my face....UGH!!! I told him, "Dude, I'm sorry. Hehehe, wait...let me...umm...let me get up and try to look...a little 'better' or something..shit..."

And he's like, "Nooooo, don't go anywhere. You look fine."

I pulled the covers up over my head to cover my face, but he kept trying to pull them off of me while we laughed about. I was like, "Stop! I'm UGLY! No!"

And he said, "You're NOT ugly! Give me that!" And he snatched the sheet away to look at my tussled morning appearance, and he said, "You're beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful, Billy. Everything." And he leaned in to kiss me deeply on the lips, as our warm bodies tangled up on the bed and we softly worked ourselves up into some REALLY hot morning sex! Hehehe! You know...I don't think I've ever had morning sex before. There's something so cool about it. The sunshine is all bright, and your body is all super relaxed and's so natural, you know? Having Brandon over last night was the best idea ever. And if this party clears out soon enough tonight, I hope to do it again.

Brandon helped me clean up the house and move all of those embarrassing pictures and stuff into the hall closet. I was really thankful for Sam's help yesterday, because this would have been too much to pull off without some kind of plan. And I saw Brandon vacuuming the living room carpet...which for some reason REALLY turned me on! Hehehe, maybe it's just the way his soft little butt looks in sweatpants as he's pushing a vacuum. Needless to say....he had to take a 25 minute 'break'. Then we went out to get some lunch together and just....sighhhh...we had a good time, you know? It reminds me why I love him above everything else. Why there's no competition. And why I'd do anything to keep him by my side.

Anyway, so Brandon and I hung out all day, mostly watching TV together, and attempting, unsuccessfully, to keep our hands and mouths off of each other. I think it was about 4 PM when Lee called the house. I had Brandon's nipple in my mouth at the time, hehehe, but decided to answer it anyway. Lee was like, "Dude, I can't believe this is going down tonight! Are you ready?"

I said, "Yeah. Definitely. I'm kinda excited about it, actually."

He's like, "Do you need me to come over a bit early and maybe help you clean up or anything?" And I mistakenly just let something slip that I probably should have kept to myself.

"Nah, don't sweat it. Brandon's been helping me out with stuff all morning. So it's set."

It came out so naturally, and my body was so...relaxed, that it didn't even strike me that it might be somewhat 'odd' to say something like that to Lee over the phone. This sex is like...TRUTH serumor something! Lee was all, "Brandon? What's he doing there so early?"

And I'm like, "Uhhh...well, he hasn't...been here for that long."

But Lee said, "You just told me he had been helping you out all morning."

So I paused for a second, hoping that my brain would kick into gear, and I slid out from between Brandon's legs and tried to get my head together. "Ohhh...that. Yeah. You know what? He was just up early, and he stopped by to...drop off something. And I actually, like...asked him to help me, soooo....yeah."

Lee must have just shrugged the excuse off, because he didn't seem to mind. "Is he there now?" I told him he was, and he said, "Cool. Can he help put in some cash for food? I've got about fifteen bucks, that should get us a little something."

And I told him, "Don't sweat it, dude. My mom left extra. I'm sure I can make a sweet addition to the money pot." The next thing I knew, Lee said he was on his way over to come shopping with us, and me and Brandon were trying to hurry up and have sex just ONE more time before he got there! Hehehe, DAMN I love having a steady boyfriend and a house to myself. I've gotta find a way to kill off more relatives at a greater distance so my mom can stay away longer and more often!

Lee's here right now in the living room with Brandon (Omigod...what an image!)! They're helping me pick out some music to play until the DJ comes. Can't have people showing up to an empty house, after all. So...I'm gonna hide this book for now, but I'll try to keep a play by play as the night goes on!

Now...if you'll excuse me, I've got a PARTY to set up!


Omigod...this is so weirdly AWESOME! There are actually people from my HOUSE! I dunno, that's totally weird to me! It's like the merging of these two worlds that weren't really ever meant to cross paths.

Lee made a sign that let people know that my room was strictly off limits, which makes this the perfect place for me to escape to every now and then to write down what's happening. So far, things are still kinda mellow, but really cool. Hehehe, Simon was here like 5 minutes after 8 o'clock, thinking he was 'late'. As though you could really be 'late' to a house party. But I guess he was really excited about it, so I just invited him in and he chilled with me, Brandon, and Lee, for a while. I formally introduced him to Brandon, but made sure to let him know that our relationship was still a SECRET, so he was gonna have to keep his mouth shut! By the way, Lee has some GORGEOUS fucking friends!!! They came to the door, and I nearly jumped their bones at first sight! Jesus! What the hell kind of school does Lee GO to anyway??? They were like, boy model sexy! So not fair!

Anyway, there's about 15 people here right now, and they're kinda talking and giggling a bit, but they don't seem to really know what to do. Which sucks because I REALLY don't know what to do! I needed more entertainment! And where's the DJ...I hope he comes early, because I'm already starting to run out of music. What am I supposed to do then? Magic tricks?

Still, this is pretty fucking cool!

I've gotta go. I'm going to work something out and make things 'cool' for people here. And I might change my shirt before Jamie Cross gets here. AHHH!!!! He's coming to my HOUSE!!! Jesus! I've gotta get a grip! Seriously. Later!


Well, it's been about an hour since my last entry, and things have gotten a lot bigger! My living room and kitchen are, like, FULL right now! Simon has pretty much lost his mind, just being here. You'd think he was in Vegas. But it's awesome to see, because people warmed up to him so quickly. There's something about being associated with the right party that makes people accept you much more easily. It's weird, because most of these guys wouldn't have given Simon the time of day during the typical school day.

Jimmy LaPlane showed up with his girl squad, which easily evened out the boy girl ratio. (Girls at your party is a good thing) And even though it took a few awkward words to start things off, him and Lee seem to be getting along again. I even saw them laughing together in the kitchen at one point. Then again, the ONLY way to not be totally in love with Lee's extensive cuteness factor is to not have any contact with him whatsoever. The second you see that adorable smirk of his and hear his voice, you're lost all over again. It makes me feel good to see them together though. That whole 'sex' thing was a bad situation for everybody involved.


And Brandon answered the door when Bobby Jinette showed up. Brandon was happy to see him, and wanted to talk to him about stuff since they hadn't seen much of each other the last few weeks. Naturally, that made me uneasy as hell. What was I gonna do? Tell them not to talk to each other all night? I put on my best happy face and said hello and all, but Bobby immediately got weird around me and Brandon so I hurried away from him before Brandon figured out that anything was up.

Sam and Joanna showed up, Phil and Ted brought their dates, and I could see why it was such a big deal for this party to work out. Nice!

So far so good. I still need that damn DJ to hurry up! But people are mingling pretty good, and so far there aren't any problems. So wish me luck!

Oh wait...I think somebody turned the music up again. That's too loud, I've gotta tell 'em to keep it down. I'll be back.


Omigod! Jamie Cross is here!!!! Fashionably late of course, with a couple of his hot ass friends! He's HERE! He really came! He's in my house, like...TALKING to me and sitting his delicious ass on my furniture! This party was the BEST idea that Lee ever had! And he's soooooo CUTE! He's not dressed up or anything, but...awwww, he's just looking good, you know? I can't believe he's really here. I never, in a million years, thought he would ever come to my house for REAL! I'm literally, like..floating right now!

Also, the DJ is finally here too, and setting up his stuff! So people are definitely having fun! I don't even know how many people are here now! I can't even count them all. Every time I even TRY, new faces keep popping up! It now takes me over fifteen minutes to get from the kitchen to my room to even write this!

I saw Sam and Joanna making out a few times, and it still kinda...I don't know...BUGS me! But...I'm supposed to be having fun. So whenever they kiss, I'll just look away and think about a time when I never thought Sam would kiss anybody but me.

The room is pretty dark and I thought to turn some more lights on, which didn't go over too well. So I turned them back off, and people seemed to like being mostly in the dark. know? Whatever. I have people talking to me that NEVER said a word to me before in the hallways. I didn't ever really think of myself as 'popular' before...but tonight? Tonight I'm a total rock star! And it's ADDICTIVE! Hehehe! Seriously!

And Trace showed up too! He was by himself, but I think he was impressed with what he saw! Hehehe, he's having a good time too!

I think some people brought'alcohol'. How they got it, I'll never know. But it's here, and they needed a place to keep it cold. So...I kinda made room for it in the fridge for them. It's just a little bit though. As long as it's gone by tomorrow morning, the I'll be fine.

I've gotta run. People wanna see me! Hehehe, I'm like...'hosting' this thing after all! Shit, I'm gonna be a LEGEND when this is over! Seriously! I'll try to make it back later!

-4- things are a little bigger than I thought they would be. I'm a little bit worried about the amount of people that are here, but it's not like I can just tell them to stop. There are people EVERYWHERE! I don't even know HALF of them anymore! Between my friends, and Lee's friends, and mine and Lee's FRIENDS friends...this party has totally grown beyond my ability to deal with it.

Thankfully, this guy, Trey, called me on the phone from across the street. He's like, "Ok, Billy...I'm going to assume that your parents aren't home, so I'm going to give you a little advice here, alright?" Trey is 20-something years old, and he's always been pretty cool, so I'm glad he noticed first. "Mrs. Goldberg down the street has already called here to ask if there's a party going on here, because she thought it was my house. I took the fall for that one, because she was going to call the police. I suggest you get your music turned down enough where she can't hear it so clearly." He told me. Then he said, "Also...I don't know whether you know it or not, but you have teenagers on your front steps and out on the lawn, drinking beer in plain sight. If you don't want a random cop car to ride by and see that, I suggest you either take it in the house or move them to the back yard." I was shaking at this point, but kept listening. "And third...if you don't want your parents to know what's going on, I suggest you tell any smokers to stand outside. That smell lingers forever. Ok?"

I was like, "Omigod, Trey...THANK YOU! I'm sorry...I just..."

But he said, "Don't sweat it, Billy. Lucky for you, I happen to have fond memories of being 14, and wouldn't rat you out. But be careful with what's going on in there, alright? Don't get crazy over there."

I said, "I won't! I PROMISE!" And I did what he said. I moved everybody out front to the back yard, and got all the smokers, Trace included, to go stand outside so I could keep the house from reeking of cigarettes when my mom got back. The music got turned down a bit, and things got a little more manageable, but not by much.

Also, I've been desperately dodging Stacy all night, because I SWEAR she's trying to kiss me! She keeps staring into my eyes and smiling and talking to me really really close! So I have to keep avoiding her! And Melissa is rubbing her hands through my hair again, and I think SHE'S trying to kiss me too! It's really becoming a challenge to avoid them both.

And Bobby...sighhhh...he keeps trying to stand next to me and 'talk' and just...he's totally trying to get me to give him all of my attention. It's just not cool. Not to mention that he's been drinking a little bit, and it's made his approach that much more aggressive. I mean...we're in a room full of people for crying out loud! And he's talking about sneaking off somewhere to 'be together'? What the hell? He's been doing this all night, and I finally got tired of it. So I told him, "Bobby...just STOP! Ok? It's NOT gonna happen! I'm trying to have a party here, and you're being all 'clingy' and weird, and this just has to stop."

Bobby's like, "Billy...I'm trying to tell you that I LOVE you. Ok? I love you more than anybody else in here...why....why can't you just see that? I just wanna...I wanna talk to you. Can we just talk?"

And I'm like, "NO! We can't talk. There's nothing to talk about. We've already said what we needed to say, and you don't seem to get it. So just leave it alone. I've been trying to spare your feelings, but you won't let me. So quit being a fucking 'pest' and just try to find somebody else! Alright?" was harsh. I know. But I'm really sick of this. He's PURPOSELY trying to wreck my relationship with Brandon, and it's not funny anymore! I wanted him out of the picture. If he can't just come here and be friends, then I don't need him here. Not if he can't respect my boyfriend.

Anyway, I should go back and watch my shit to make sure everything is ok. I'll write more in a few hours. Later.

Ps- I could have this totally backwards....but I think I saw Simon KISSING a girl on my way in here!!! Like...not a little kiss, I mean with TONGUE! And a HOT girl too!!! What the fuck kind of monster did I breed here???

He looks really cute kissing somebody!

Ok..that's all! I'm going! Later!


He left.

Why would he leave? He left without talking to me....what....what happened?

Bobby had pretty much avoided me most of the night after our little...'talk'. And when I went to look for him to see if I could introduce him to Jimmy...well, he wouldn't even talk to me. He was soooo hurt, and he just ran away every time I tried to approach him. I was hoping that this would be the perfect opportunity for him and Jimmy to talk to each other know...fall in love or something. I guess that wasn't destiny's plan.

Anyway, the party kinda started to thin out around 1:30 AM, which is WAY later than I expected the party to last! I thought folks would have a curfew of midnight at the latest. But luckily there weren't any big incidents that I could see, and...well...I was kinda looking forward to me and Brandon getting a chance to make love some more before going to bed for the night. Even Jamie Cross hugged me on the way out and said he had an awesome time. Trace said the party was 'off the hook', and Simon got a girl's phone number. Once things started calming down and Lee was helping his DJ friend pack his stuff back up into the trunk of his car, I started looking for Brandon, and Sam told me he....left.

I didn't know what that meant really...but when I looked over at the front door, I saw Bobby Jinette looking back at me with watery eyes. And then...he walked out. I didn't know WHAT to think, but...Brandon was gone without saying a word, and Bobby left right afterwards. What the fuck did he do??? What the fuck did he SAY to him??? So help me GOD...if Bobby told Brandon what happened between us, I'm gonna rip his fucking HEAD off!!!

It's too late to call Brandon's house, because his dad will flip out. Bobby Jinette had just better fucking PRAY that everything is alright with him! Or, so help me, I'm gonna tear him limb from limb!

Anyway...tonight was...sighhhh, it was great. It really was. I'm scared. I'm scared and worried, and I'm stuck not being able to sleep again. I just...I need to talk to my boyfriend.

I need my boyfriend to talk to me.

I just hope everything is alright.

I'm going to sleep. The house is a mess, but I'll clean up tomorrow. I'll call Sam, he'll help me. And Lee had better get his pretty little ass on a bus tomorrow morning and help me too, if he knows what's good for him. G'night.

Brandon probably just couldn't find me. That's why he left. I'm sure that's it. His dad would have raised a big stink if he was gone for a second night. So...there's nothing to worry about, right? Nothing at all.


- Billy