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May 27, 2020: Upcoming Holiday Reminder...
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Gang!

Yup, this is the last shopping day before the 14th Annual Random Cake Holiday celebration begins. That's right! It's time to go out and get that cake, or the ingredients for that cake before it's too late!

Why you ask? Because just as in years past, who doesn't need an excuse to have cake? It's fun, we all need a smile, especially with things as messed up as they are right now. What more reason do you need? It is a part of our online culture! Well, not really. I mean by definition "laziness" is also a part of our online... you get it. LOL!

So take that run out to the local bakery, grocery store, 7-Eleven, or gas station and get you some cake! Doesn't matter what time you have your cake, as long as it's between Midnight and 11:59pm on the 28th it counts. Then why not make it official and hop into the Shack Discord Chat at and tell us what kind of cake you had. For a real smile, tell the chat admin, "Reverand_Doctor_Dude" that you are visiting for Comicality's random Cake day. He'll want to know what kind of cake you had. (Well, he may want to know why you didn't bring him cake but, it's not on you to provide him with cake, I mean, the nerve of that guy ;)

So get ready before it's too late. The cake selection at my local Grocery Store was picked pretty dry and I had to decorate it myself... Hey, I tried! LOL! Have Fun!


May 27, 2020: *If Only In My Dreams* (Remixed) Gets Its Second Chapter
Posted by Comicality

Greetings to all of you guys who are reading tonight. I hope you're doing well.

I have to admit to being in a bit of a strange mood tonight, but I'm just trying to take in a lot at the moment, and it can weigh pretty heavy on my shoulders sometimes.

Long story short, the current pandemic has hit the Chicago area pretty hard over the past month or so....and I've been getting calls from my friends to tell me that we've lost three of our classmates to Covid-19 in the past week and a half. Gone. People that I've laughed with, partied with...people I'll never see again. I'm trying to figure out how this whole thing is going to work, but we're going to have to go to the funerals via camera feed if they have it available. My best friend's father was tested positive for the virus, and he hasn't shown any symptoms...but they have to quarantine and check him out for the next two to three weeks to see if anything shows up. This whole thing is just so crazy. It really is.

My apologies for dumping all of this on you guys. I know you probably don't want to hear it. Just...please...PLEASE take care of yourselves out there, ok? If you want to know why it's so infuriating to see people being so stubborn and stupid about this, and not taking the pandemic seriously...this is why. One of my friends was the mother of three kids. She had to be rushed to the hospital, and nine days later she was dead. Nine days. Those kids don't have a mom now. And she probably contracted the virus from some reckless idiot who put going to the beach, or some stupid house party, or eating in a restaurant instead of simply getting take out, over the lives and well being of the rest of us. And, yes, I'm in a fucked up mood...but **FUCK** those people!!! You're toxic to everything you touch and the very oxygen you breathe! And my friends and family are in danger because of it. I am stupefied over how selfish people can be. I really am.

Anyway...rant over. And I'm sorry.

A new chapter of the remixed version of "If Only In My Dreams" is up. I hope you guys like it. Check it out, and tell me what you think. K?

Or...don't. Whatever.

(Read it Here & Discussions Here)

G'night. Seezya soon.


"You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. You'd be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much. As long as love has arrived, and I thank God I'm alive. You're just too good to be true...I can't take my eyes off of you. Pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare. This side of you leaves me weak. There are no words left to speak. But if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it's real. You're just too good to be true. I can't take my eyes off of you." -*Frankie Valli*

May 25, 2020: Scheduled Server Maintenance Notice!
Posted by JeffsFort

Between 2am EST and 6am EST on May 26, the wizards who provide our hosting will be casting a new integrity spell on the rack-mounted totem that contains all of our characters. This is done to ensure not too many of them escape or cause too much havoc on our realm. It may be difficult to reach the sites with your computer as they perform this ritual but if you are able to peer into ethereal realms, you shouldn’t have a problem. If not, I'd suggest you use your own wizardry and save a few chapters locally to get you through.

This ritual should take about 30 minutes for most of our sites. Maybe about a DAY for The Story Lover's Home as Dragons are much more difficult to contain and really do like messing with the wizards. <snicker> 

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, both in lost reading time and should you become overrun with the group who plans out this time of year to escape normally. Our hopes and gratitude go out to the wizards tasked with this responsibility!

May 25, 2020: A New Chapter Of *Jesse-101* Is Up! :P
Posted by Comicality

Hugs and kisses are going out tonight, from me to you! I hope you're doing well, and I love you lots!

I'm just dropping in to let you know that a brand new chapter of "Jesse-101" has just been posted to the site! I slept in this morning because my cousins spent the night last night. Hehehe, and I have a BUNCH of little cousins! So it was like trying to keep track of entire litter of puppies at once! *NOT* easy! And they've never seen "Aliens" before! :O Are there still people out there who have never seen James Cameron's "Aliens" in the world? I didn't think that was possible! LOL!

Well, I was honored to pump their young minds full of THAT heavy dose of nightmare fuel! And they didn't go to sleep until 'Comsie' hours because of it. Because...cinematic trauma! Hehehe! But still fun!

Anyway, the party must go on! Still on our own 48 hour schedule! So I'll see you guys on Tuesday! Cool? I'm also hard at work on finishing up my GayAuthors Anthology story in the next day or two! And big thanks for the early submissions for the June issue of Imagine Magazine! We're almost half way done with the new issue, and it'll be ready to go on the 15th! Just four days before the Shack's 22nd anniversary! So be sure to keep an eye out! K?

Have fun with the new "Jesse" chapter!

(Read it Here & Discussions are Here)

This Thursday is May 28th! And that means it's Random Cake Day here on the Shack! So be sure to put a few dollars aside to treat yourself for being awesome! (What the hell is 'Random Cake Day'? Read here to find out! Happy RCD, folks! Smile for me!!! :)

And welcome to all of the Shack's newest readers of all ages from all around the globe!!! Thanks for stopping by! South Africa, Iceland, Israel, Greece, China, you all!!! Spread the word! And feel free to drop by anytime! Welcome to the family!

Alright, I've gotta run! But I'll seezya soon! Take care! Stay safe! And I'll seezya soon!


"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -*C.G. Jung *

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