The Good Stuff

(We're Talking S-E-X!!!)

What is an 'erotic' story without sex, right? Hehehe! I won't lie to you...I LIKE sex! ::Giggles:: It's fun, it's healthy, it's oh so satisfying, and it's the one strenuous activity that you can do without getting out of bed! So how does this once 'taboo' subject in the young gay teen category work itself into the stories? Read on...


To me, the most important, and sexually attractive part of writing an erotic story are the characters. Plain and simple. I've read many scenes of sex that were well thought out, and sexy, and rich in detail...but if the characters were just two unknown kids that met in the bathroom and were sucking each other off ten minutes later...then it doesn't stay with me as long. That's not to say that they aren't well written, but the people involved and what they feel for each other is what makes a story special to me. Because let's face it, if it's all about sex, then there's only so many holes you can fill. You could go through the whole Kama Sutra if you wanted to and never really get to the heart of your characters...but no matter how hot it is, you'll find yourself repeating the same old things over and over again without much variation past the first few interludes. But when I change the characters around, and make their personalities somewhat different, their situations different, their feelings brought to the surface, then two sex scenes that are almost identical can seem like two totally different experiences. And that's what I try to do.

There's blow jobs and there's blow jobs and there's blowjobs in my stories, sure. But when I'm writing, it feels 'different' when Randy is giving it to Ryan, than it does when Derrick is giving one to Tanner. There are various circumstances that brought them to that situation, and even though you guys have probably heard me describe a blow job a BILLION times by now...I try to keep every single one of them different and fresh by changing the circumstances around that particular act. The events that take place in "Home Is Where The Heart Is" are completely different to the events that happen "Sibling Rivalry", and those are completely different from the ones in "Beneath The Surface". Because the characters have their own unique feelings and motivations. So yeah, to me, the characters are important. If you care about the boys in the story, then you'll get a more powerful rush from the sex scenes.


What do I find sexy when it comes to writing these things out? Well, a lot of things really, but more than anything, I love kissing. I've always been really turned on by the act of kissing, and I think it's possibly the most intimate part of a sexual experience. It's an unspoken transfer of attraction, and it's mindblowing if you're doing it with the right person. So I do include a lot of kissing in my stories, and almost always start and end a sex scene with it.

Also, when it comes to other activities, I try to match up the sex with the characters' mood, the situation, the reasons for having sex at all. For example, some characters seem more like the timid, 'take it slow' type. So for couples like Tanner and Derrick in "A Class By Himself 4", the anal penetration was a very special and loving experience. It was their first time, and there's some fear involved and some experimentation involved. To ME, that was sexy because it matched what the characters were going through. I didn't want them pounding and rough riding in the first chapter, because they were more subtle in what they did with one another. Now in "My One True Weakness", it was a bit different. Russ having sex with Joey was a bit more carefree, a bit more lustful than emotional. He's not really emotionally attached to Joey, so the sex can be more of a 'release' than a religious experience. Then in "Just Out Of Reach", the sex is a bit awkward and one sided. Why? Because it reflects the 'theme of the story and the players involved. So whenever I'm writing something that I think will be hot, I write it with the whole story in mind and what events led up to this moment where they got to be together. Some characters have been waiting for this moment all their lives, some are terrified and shy of whether or not their doing it right, some are just doing it to get off, some are having sex with one person while thinking of another, and some are completely and totally in love, with no fear whatsoever because they know what their partner likes.

I think sex is an emotional expression of who you are and what you're feeling. So if the scenes go against everything that the characters have been going through, then it loses some of its potency. I don't want a shy kid to be bashful and cute for a whole chapter, and then suddenly pull out an 8 inch vibrating dildo and start tying the othr 14 year old boy to the bed. That wouldn't work for me, hehehe!


There were times, at first, when I thought about different locations to have sex and how 'exciting' it would be. Bathrooms, locker rooms, bedrooms, living room couches...wherever seemed cool at the time. Now me personally, I've always been an 'in house' person when it came to sex! Hehehe, sorry...no public restrooms, no behind the bushes in the park, no back seats of cars, for Comsie. But when I'm writing, I can expand a little bit and let give them a bit more freedom as to where they go to 'get it on'. The location sometimes adds to the variety of sexual encounters that the characters go through, just like everything else.

For example, when Taryn and Justin have sex for the first time, it's in their own private van, in a bed, with total privacy. Now, imagine that same scene, told word for word, but in a different location. The 'feel' would have been different if it took place in the upstairs balcony of the dance club. It would have taken on a different feel if had been in an alley on top of a heap of garbage. It would have taken on a different feel if it happened in a fancy hotel suite. Little things like that make a difference when I'm writing, and I have to plan that out too.

Who might catch them? Where are they? Is it in public? In private? How comfortable is it, if at all? Was the sex an instant moment of passion, or did they plan on this happening. The story drives these details in a certain direction as the characters carry it along with their feelings for each other. Maybe I want a feeling of danger present, like someone else being in the house, and the two boys having to be quiet. Or maybe I want to express a feeling of freedom like when Ryan and Randy first went to Sam's basement to be alone. Or maybe I want to capture the spontaneity of the moment like in "Lessons In Love" where Casey and Adam actually begin kissing in the darkness of a closet. So location plays a part in the whole vibe of the sex scene too.


What I learned over time is that an extremely important part of structuring my stories to have some feeling in them and to really get people to care about the sex at all, is to be aware of WHEN the sex happens. There are times when a sex scene seems 'forced' or 'rushed', and it can really damage the rest of the plot if you throw it in there too soon. Take "On The Outside" for example. That was one of those stories that I knew from the very beginning was going to move slowly as far as sex is concerned. There was simply way too much to say before jumping into that with Drew and Ethan, and they had some hurdles to get over emotionally before they stepped into that arena. I could have easily added another few pages at the end of the first chapter, had Ethan catch the bus with Drew, follow him home, come 'out' to him, and start with the banging. Hehehe! It would have been no problem. BUT...it wouldn't have been natural. Ethan didn't even LIKE being gay, was trying NOT to be gay! Drew had been teased and pushed around and had whispers shot back and forth behind his back! HE wasn't ready to trust anybody with his feelings yet either. So pushing the two of them together to have sex in the first chapter would have been a mistake (In my opinion). It would have thrown out all of the angst and the feelin and the troubles that the story had been explaining for the whole beginning of the chapter. After that, it would have been like, "You got laid, you're in love...stop whining." The series probably couldn't have gone much further, because the 'climax' of the story had already passed. I think that there was SO much more to say about these two before sex was even necessary.

So 'when' is another important question that I have to ask when I'm writing something out. And even then, when I PLAN on a sex scene, it doesn't always happen. Sometimes I'm writing and the story will stretch itself out n its own. If it doesn't feel right, I don't write it. In "Gone From Daylight", I've even taken some of those parts out, because they didn't seem like they belonged there (You can find one of those scenes, the hottest one, I might add, in the "Secret Numbers" section! Hehehe). The timing, like everything else, depends on the characters. If they're more promiscuous, then the sex might happen a bit more quickly. In "My One True Weakness", it starts off in the very beginning of the story. And in "Save Or Sacrifice" the timing is different, placing it more towards the middle of the story, in order to set up the point of the plot. If they're more shy or scared, it might not happen until the end of the chapter. If the character has doubts or issues or low self esteem, it might not happen until a few chapters further down the road. It matters, and I think it's a big part of the feeling behind a story when the sex is placed in just the right spot.


Why? I know that I've been asked this by a lot of people before. Because a lot of people have gotten to the point where they now skip all of the sex scenes in my stories to get back to the plot. Hehehe! And that's cool. Seriously. It's a compliment. So the question arises as to why I feel the need to add sex to my stories. I'll be honest...I'm horny! LOL!

Ok, ok...seriously though! I add the sex scenes because, in my mind, it's a realistic part of what a teen boy in love goes through. Now, I'm not saying that this is the way for everybody. I know a lot of people who have remained a virgin up into their mid to late 20's and beyond. But for ME? I had my first sexual experience when I was 13 years old (and my second, and my third, and my first blond boyfriend, Jason...hehehe!) and I'll tell you...sex was NOT something that I tried to supress or run away from back then. I was a kid, and I was horny, and if I could have sex with someone that I found attractive and willing to go for it...then that's exactly what we did. And I didn't hear any complaints (Of course they had their mouth full at the time, but...you know what I mean!). ::Giggles::

I think sex is a natural progression of any relationship, and the scenes in these stories reflect the way I felt about sex back when I was 13 or 14 years old. It might have been 'wrong' in the eyes of a lot of people, but I still wanted to have sex. It might have been only for physical attraction instead of love and committment, but I still wanted to have sex. It might have seemed a bit quick or rushed into as far as getting to know each other was concerned..but hey...I still wanted to have sex. And I DID! And once I actually HAD sex...I wanted sex all the time! Right NOW? If I had a steady boyfriend, I'd probably be having sex and trying to type this at the same time. Hehehe! (As though my typos weren't bad ENOUGH!) I think it's perfectly natural to want sex, and think about sex, and dream about sex, and if circumstances are right...even HAVE sex! I look at total strangers on the street and think "Damn! I wanna have sex with THAT guy!" Don't push it down and ignore it and pretend it's not there, have fun with your thoughts. It's ok, they're all in your own head, you can keep it secret if you want to, hehehe. I'm not saying you should ACT on all of those little urges that cross your mind, not by any means. Let me make that clear before the whole "Comsie advocates being a total SLUT" protests begin. But I didn't want to be scared of my own thoughts anymore, so at some point I tried to pay more attention to my thoughts instead of trying to control them.

I think of it like this...if I find a connection with someone, I fall in love with them, they fall in love with me, we're both young and beautiful teenagers and think about sex at least once every 15 seconds...chances are, when we get some quiet time alone, sex is going to happen. Maybe not right away, but at some point. Now that's only MY experiences with the whole idea, and that's fine because I'M the one writing the stories. But to me, sex is as much a part of the stories as anything else. It's a character in itself, the other two main characters combined into one. So I'm not going to shy away from the sex if they seem to bubble up in the back of my mind and my heart tells me "Hey...put a hot sex scene here". K? If it's not you're thing, that's fine. It's only a few screen scrolls before ya get back to the story. Hehehe! No biggie.

So that's all the 'sex-talk' you'll get out of me for now! ::Giggles:: I hope it gave you a bit more insight on the way I write and why I do the things that I do. And if it helps you in your own writing too, kewl! More power to ya! But I want to make ONE thing clear, and PLEASE read this! I AM an advocate for SAFE SEX!!! Ok? If you get nothing else from this, get that part straight. I know that condoms are absent from my stories, and I want you to know that this is FICTION! Thre are some EXTREMELY dangerous diseases out there, and it's important for each and every single one of you to know that it CAN get to you and to those you love if you're not careful. Read the statistics, the epidemic is alarming. So please be safe! USE PROTECTION! If you don't, 'Comicality' can't promise you that 'happy ending' that you love to read about in the stories. Get it? Got it? GOOD!

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