The 'C' Symbol

The "C" Symbol

by Comicality

A lot of folks have asked what the 'C' symbol is and when to wear it! Here's the story....
What Is The 'C' Symbol?

The 'symbol' is simply the letter 'C' drawn on the back of the hand that you masturbate with. (And DON'T say you don't masturbate! Hehehe! There are only two kinds of people in this world...those who masturbate, and fucking liars! ::Giggles::) The mark can be as big or as small as you want it to be. It can cover the back of your hand entirely, or you can place a small one at your wrist. And if you need to be a bit more discreet about it, putting a small 'C' on a single fingernail is also a good way to do it without being too flashy about it. And whether you use a plain black marker, a pen, or jazz it up with paints and colors, is completely up to you. There really aren't any 'rules' to it. The whole point is just to have it somewhat visible, especially during certain Shack 'holidays' so folks know when to look for it. It just shows that you're a Shacker, you're a part of the site's community, and you're looking for others like you.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

It was actually a spur of the moment thing that happened years ago. It started one evening while reading the Shack message board, and seeing how everyone had suddenly fallen into a major funk about life in general. The emails I was getting were also becoming morbid and desperate, and it hurt to see everyone feeling so badly. Days went by, with everyone being so down and depressed and angry and was as if this giant storm cloud had suddenly covered the whole world at once. And the worst part was, we were all letting it get to us in the worst way. So, seeing a problem here, I made a post on the board one evening and figured that we were all going to cheer up whether our lives were picture perfect or not. Everyone was feeling heartbroken and alone, and I KNEW that couldn't be true! None of us are alone in that place! We're a family, and there are MAN shoulders to lean on any time you guys are feeling down. That's what the board is there for. That's why I built it and kept it going. Nobody has to suffer alone when there are SOOOO many people on this site who are seriously willing to help. Or to at LEAST give you a hug and a prayer when you need it most. This isn't just some place where you read text from faceless people that don't matter. These are REAL people, from all ages and all walks of life...and we're HERE for you if you need us. And I just wanted people to understand that they were never on their own. Not for a second.

That's where the 'C' symbol came from. It was a mark to wear with pride whenever any of us went out, or needed a friend. An if you saw another one elsewhere, then you knew for a fact that you weren't alone. You knew that you had some support out there in the world, and that we were a real life family, who understood what you were going through, and were willing to help you if you asked.

Beyond that, however, were the sudden endless possibilities of seeing symbols wherever you went. Questioning about whether you might see one on a best friend, on a family member, a teacher, a total stranger, someone you had a crush on, someone you work with, who KNOWS? What if? Right? Imagine seeing one on someone you never thought you had a chance with. Or catching sight of one at a party, or randomly in the hallway of your high school, or maybe on a next door neighbor. You never really know who you'll see one on, and you never know who might see one on you. So, after that night, we all pretty much dedicated ourselves to wearing the symbol outside in real life and seeing what we could find. Seven marks were spotted worldwide that very first week. Mostly in the Midwest and West of the the United States. Two of those spottings turned into long term relationships. Every story won't be magic, but the chance is always out there.

When Should I Wear It?

Well, there will always be announcements made on the Shack when a particular occasion is coming up to wear the symbol. But two 'holidays' that you can definitely bet on every year are the week following Valentine's Day (From February 14th to the 21st) and the week of the Shack Out Back's yearly anniversary celebration to kick off the Summer fun (June 19th to the 26th)! Those are ALWAYS 'C' symbol specific traditions for the site. But, really, you can wear one any time you want to. Whenever you're going out, or off to a party, or just have a feeling that someone you know might recognize it....just put your mark on and see what happens. What have you got to lose, you know? Me personally, I was going to be giving away free CDs at work to anyone who came by with a mark on. (Didn't see one, hehehe, sucks! But if I do, I literally consider you 'family'. I mean that.) So it's really up to you when you want to put your marks on. And how you react to the folks you see with one on as well.

What Do I Do If Someone Asks Me What It Means?

If anyone has to ask you what it means, then they're probably not in on the secret. So 'silence is golden', hehehe. Honestly though, it's up to you if you want to say or not. But it's kind of 'our thing', and we like it like that. So telling ten random friends to wear one who don't read the site kind of ruins the effect. If someone asks, and you don't want to say, make up anything you want to. But the only people who really need to know about it are the ones who would be wearing the symbol themselves

What Do I Do If I See One On Someone Else?

One thing you DON'T want to do is go screaming, "WOW! You're GAY too?" Or anything like it! Hehehe! Everybody with a 'C' mark on their hand is NOT out of the closet. So don't go making a big scene out of it if you come across one during the day. A simple smile, a nod, or a quiet conversation, is enough. Be happy to know someone who likes the site and the stories as much as you do. Talk to each other, have fun, trade info if you think you might make a new friend (or more). There ARE people out there who are looking for someone else to talk to, and who will listen to you as well. PLENTY! The Shack isn't just a few familiar faces online that you see all the time. There are literally hundreds of Shackers in MANY countries, many cities, many cultures, and many small towns, all around the world! If I could mark an atlas to track all of the places that I've gotten emails from, there would be VERY little room left on the map! So, you may not KNOW who they are...but they're out there. Believe me.

Take things slow, be a friend, and just enjoy yourselves. That's what this is all about.

A Matter Of Protection? Why?

I want you all to listen to me VERY carefully, as this is the MOST important part of this post!!!

Despite the friendly nature of everyone here on the Shack, despite the fact that we have NEVER had any big problems with safety here, even though I have done all I can to make sure that the site is a safe and fun place for everyone who visits here...PLEASE remember that this is the internet! And taking ANYTHING from the net and bringing it into real life...requires caution! Ok? That goes for each and every one of you! ESPECIALLY if you are underage!

No matter HOW friendly someone is, or who they 'claim' to be, or how often you've spoken to them online...PLEASE keep your common sense in tact. Keep things 'public'! Don't just randomly go home with someone because you both read the site! Don't trust a complete stranger with your safety! I can't stress this enough, because the reality is that there are dangerous people out there. And you should always be prepared to deal with them the way you would with any other 'internet meeting' in real life. Ok?

I don't do this to scare you, but if I put just enough doubt in your mind to keep you safe, then it's worth it. Just be careful, ok? The Shack is a place of love, friendship, and affection...but you have to look out for yourselves. Cool?

If I hear so much as a RUMOR about just ONE adult approaching an unwilling minor for sex or attempting to use this as some form of 'access' to the Shack's teen audience...I WON'T hesitate to report you to the police! And I'll encourage other Shackers to do the same! Got it? Don't test me...a lot of people have lost out BIG time doing that!

I'm not saying that you can't reach out to assist our younger Shackers if you find one in your area...just know that we're watching. And you younger guys and girls...DON'T let your hormones do the thinking! You know how to take care of yourselves, so don't doubt your instincts! Be aware that abuse of any kind is NOT allowed! You will find yourself in a WORLD of shit if you cross the line, and I find out that you're trying to take advantage of one of our angels. We won't stand for it, so don't even THINK about it!

Will You Be Wearing YOUR 'C' Symbol Comsie?

Hehehe....let's just say that I have been known to wear it on occasion! Many occasions, actually! Would I come right out and tell you who I am? Hell no! LOL! But...if we got to be good friends, and I got to know you better...I might make a 'confession' to you a bit later on. So if anybody just approaches you on the street and says, "Guess What? I'm Comsie!"! Not something I would do. Like...EVER! Hehehe!

BUT...if I DO decide to let you in on my little secret, I would definitely be wiling to prove it to you. I might even let you get a peek at the old 'workshop'. LOL! Only a few people on the planet have ever actually SEEN the 'Comsie Workshop'! The emails, the boards, the unfinished stories and hundreds of untapped files...and I can tell you...their eyes have bugged out in the most hilarious ways! ::Giggles::

So there you have it. No giant conspiracies, no cults, or magical occurrences. Wear it when you want to. The more you try it out, the better your chances are of seeing another one like yours. Hey, like I said, you never know who ELSE might be wearing one too. It's simply a silent way of saying that you're a part of the strong community here, and that you know you're never alone. Never.

So give it a try, be careful, and have fun! Alright? Life isn't suffering. Life is GOOD! And it comes from knowing that you have friends to fall back on when times get hard. We're here for you, we understand, and it's our duty to take care of one another. Remember that, k?


This page was last updated on February 11, 2016.