Sneak Away

Sneak Away (Part Four)

The weird thing is that I couldn’t seem to get it all out of my head. I was frozen in place, overtaken with a stunned silence. The look of Adler’s sexy face as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes...the bite of his bottom lip...the sensual throbbing of his warm shaft beneath my foot as heated splashes of his precious juices flooded into his underwear. I wish I could have tasted it. Fresh and hot...right from the tap. I wanted to feel those aggressive thumps and pulses against the side of my face...or even better, between my sucking lips. Omigod...did I just have sex? Was that sex? I don’t know, I was just kind of winging it the whole time. And while our short moment of passion seemed so timeless as it was actually happening...I’m now realizing how quick and fleeting the whole experience was. Did I enjoy it? Well, duh! Of COURSE I enjoyed it. I just...I don’t know if my super horny brain was able to absorb all of the sexy details that I wanted it to so I could remember it forever. You know? It’s such a weird feeling...being so excited and turned on while still trying to let everything settle into place where I could possibly decode it all. I don’t even know how to unpack it all just yet.

Which isn’t a good thing, seeing as Adler had already been gone for a few minutes now, and I was sure that he was going to come back down into the basement...forcing us to face one another once again.

Did he mean for any of that to happen? Or was he just, like...horny? It happens a lot at our age, after all. I got really really hard just petting my grandmother’s cat! Very affectionate animal, that damn cat. Purring and rubbing his head on my forearm as he sat on my lap. It wasn’t a ‘sex’ thing, I was just super sensitive and highly stimulated, that’s all. Hell, Steven once told me that he humped the shit out of his teddy bear until he’s twelve. Although I highly doubt that he just stopped doing it for no reason. I’m sure that teddy bear is still a target after he comes home from school during the week. And Adam Ferris once told me that he fucked a mini watermelon! Basically...when the calling comes for us boys, we’re no better than your average puppy, humping the leg of anyone who will sit still long enough to let us do it. Psh! And adults still want to believe that this intense craving doesn’t kick in until our eighteenth birthday? What are they, INSANE??? I don’t know anything about their generation...but I would literally explode if I had to wait that long to get some relief from this demon possessing me twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. How did they even SLEEP without finding a private moment to rub one out and relax?

Parents are weird...

Anyway, all of that aside...I kept thinking about feeling Adler’s hot erection jumping and contracting like crazy on the bottom of my foot, and the cute look on his face when he just surrendered to it and let it happen...knowing that it was too late to stop it anyway. And I just kept hoping and praying that he really enjoyed it. Not just for relief, but...because of me, you know?

I know, I sounds silly for me to be fantasizing about the idea that it would be anything more than a teenage boy getting off when the opportunity presented itself. I mean, it doesn’t make us boyfriends or anything. I’m not that far gone off of my crush to entertain such a ridiculous idea. But...a part of me really wanted Adler to like me enough to maybe want to do it again some time. Does that make sense? I wouldn’t mind him using me for sex, if that’s all it is. I’ve got no problem being his after school teddy bear if he’s looking for one. Better me than somebody else, right?

And yet, as my thoughts replayed the moment when his big brown eyes softly closed, and his hips pushed him slightly off of the sofa cushions, his hands on my foot holding me still just as his balls began to withdraw and tighten up between his legs...and unleashing a heavy offering of his seed...all that I really wish I could have done was kiss him. Is that weird? But seriously...I wanted to press my soft teen lips against his and just taste his candied breath as I inhaled his boyish scent and timidly tried to insert my tongue in his mouth. Even now, just thinking about it...I can feel my heart speeding up to an uncomfortable rate, my erection stiffening up again. Oh God...if I could have only kissed him. Just once. I think that was what I wanted more than anything...and that kind of goes beyond just beyong wanting to hump a hole that I cut into the produce of the local grocery store. Ugh...what is going on with me right now? Am I getting my emotions all involved? That has ‘future heartbreak’ written all over it. I should have been more careful, but once things were set into motion, it was a little too late for common sense to gear itself up for the ride.

Just at that moment, I saw this girl Stephanie walk over and sit in the spot where Adler was just a few moments ago. I suddenly went from confusion as I tried to shake myself out of my trance, to being almost offended by the fact that she would dare to trespass on our tiny little paradise. “Oh my gosh, was that your foot? I’m sorry, hehehe!” She said, but I barely cracked a smile, even for politeness sake. I just pulled both of my feet back and left my legs covered as my knees were drawn up closer to my chest. “That last movie was so bad. It had a few good jump scares though. So I guess that’s a good thing, right? I don’t know if we’re gonna make it through another one.”

“Uh huh...” I said softly, looking away from her so she couldn’t see the disgust and anger in my eyes. I mean, who told her that she could sit there, huh? She wasn’t sitting there before. Can’t she just, like...go away or something right now? I don’t want to talk to her, I’ve got bigger things on my mind.

“Do you think that Steven has any of that birthday cake left? It was soooo good! I was thinking about taking a slice home with me. Does he have any plastic wrap or something?”

“I dunno.” I mumbled. “Maybe. You’ll have to check the table.” Yeah, go to the table. Waaay over there. Adler is going to be back any minute now, and the last thing I want him to see is me sitting here talking to HER! Shoo! Go away! Go!

Oh God, I could hear the basement door open from up the stairs, and that had to be him. I’m not ready yet. I should have been using these last few precious seconds getting my head right and my focus back in order...not making small talk with Stephanie about birthday cake and plastic wrap! What do I do? What is he going to do? Gah! I just needed a few more seconds, dammit!

“Come on, Steph. Let’s bounce.” Came a voice from in front of her, and her boyfriend Michael was standing there waiting for her to get up. Thank God!

“Can’t we just stay a couple more minutes? I’m a little tired.” She said.

“C’mon. Let’s go. Besides, I can’t be late for curfew...even if I’m only a few blocks away from home. My dad will drive you home. Let’s go.” Michael told her, and she rolled her eyes a bit, grunting dramatically as she got back up on her feet again. This was JUST as Adler started coming down the steps to reclaim his cherished spot on the couch with me. “See ya ‘round, Seth.” He told me, with Stephanie giving me a wave shortly afterward before wishing Steven one last happy birthday greeting. The room was beginning to thin out with the lateness of the hour, but there were still about six or seven people lingering behind to watch the next movie. I didn’t mind though. Just so long as they didn’t try to come between me and my imaginary sweetheart, who was making hard all over again as he walked in the room. “Later, Adler.” Michael said, and he responded sweetly, still heading back towards me and the seat that I was definitely more willing to guard a lot better now that Stephanie had made me so hypervigilant about it. Not to mention that I would have curled myself into a tight little ball and cried like a baby if he came back down to the basement floor and chose to go sit somewhere else after having the sick audacity to embarrass him or make him feel any shame for what we had done. I don’t think my heart was capable of taking that kind of burn. I would withered away and turned to dust if I couldn’t be close to him anymore tonight. Honestly. I was practically having a full blown panic attack over it.

Thank God for small favors.

One thing that I did notice, however...was that Adler was completely barefoot now. His cute little feet, and perfectly trimmed toenails, glaring milk white presentations of smooth flesh that led your infatuated gaze right up to his ankles and those coltish calves...past his knees and flowing up to a set of creamy thighs that made your mouth water just seconds before disappearing beneath the material of his camouflaged shorts, flooding your thoughts of the dreamy treasures that lied within.

The pacing of my overworked heart began to feverishly beat out of control all over again, with me hoping that the blanket was covering me up well enough to hide the aching tent that was sprouting up and tormenting me in the worst possible way. was like my whole lower half from the waist down was stiffening up to the point where I could barely move.

Adler sort of peeked at me for a second or two, almost as if to gauge my reaction to him coming back to the couch with me, and I noticed that he had his socks in his pockets. Why in his pockets? Unless...ohhhh...for a quick clean up. Ok. I get it.

Wow...I wish I could have gone with him to, or something. I could have cleaned half of him with my tongue alone. Hehehe! Oh man...I’m getting just plain naughty now.

When he first sat down on the other end of the couch, he didn’t really say anything. A bit worrisome as far as I was concerned, since he didn’t even look at me at the time. He was focused forward and just sort of watching Steven put in the next movie, all whille giving out a few sincere hugs as a few more people decided to grab their stuff and head on out as the party was obviously winding down for the evening. It wasn’t until Steven looked around the room at the rest of us and asked, “Ok, you many of you are gonna crash here tonight? Let me know.” that I notice Adler’s eyes shyly glance over at me again to see what I was going to say first before making any commitments of his own.

“Would that be cool?” I asked. “With your parents and stuff, I mean.”

“Dude, my parents are probably already knocked out for the night. It’s no problem at all.” He said. “You guys might have to sleep wherever you find room down here, though. The rest of the house is pretty much off limits for the most part. So if guys are cool with the couch, then feel free to spread out as best as you can. It’s either that or the floor. Whatever’s clever.”

I briefly looked back over at Adler, who was now beginning to display the cutest little blush in his cheeks. I didn’t want to feel like I was pushing him or anything, but at the risk of appearing more forward than I wanted to be...I knew that I was better off taking a chance than spending the rest of the night at home by myself, wondering what could have been, I said, “Yeah. I’ll crash tonight. I just have to call home so they know where I am.”

“Just like old times. I love it.” Steven grinned. “What about you, Adler? Are you gonna stay over?”

He peeked over at me again, and then he cleared his throat to say, “Yeah. Sure, I’m down.” And I think the rest of the guests made the same decision. So we still had a decent sized group of people looking to keep things going. And imagine my surprise when Adler put his feet back under the blanket to rest alongside my leg again as soon as Steven got up to turn the lights down so much that I don’t know why he didn’t just turn them all the way off. still provided us with an added level of privacy if we needed it. Hehehe! I can work with that.

The movie started up, with everybody else in the room being pretty much silent and still...with one or two yawns being exchanged between them, and with Steven surprisingly all comfortable and cozy with one of the girls that I’ve sort of seen in the school halways before tonight’s party, but I couldn’t say that I really knew her outside of being a recognizable face in the crowd. And yet, Steven seemed to have gotten quite acquainted with her in a very short amount of time. I’m one to talk.

As Adler and I began to make more and more eye contact, even in the dark, I began to replay our intimate connection all over again from start to finish, and I felt myself trembling slightly as I took the initiative to straighten my leg out a bit more...allowing it to push forward until it was nuzzled deeply in between his legs again. This time, totally caught him by surprise and he gasped out loud, quickly pushing my foot out of his lap as he jumped in shock, his eyes opening wide and glistening with the light of the TV in the room.

It was loud enough to get everybody to suddenly perk up and look back at us on the couch to see what was wrong. Despite a heavy blush that almost glowed in the dark, Adler just played it off as though it was nothing, and adjusted the blanket a bit more to make sure that he was completely covered up. It confused me a bit, as he still felt like he was kind of half hard to me, which I thought might be a good thing. But he widened his eyes again and gave me the most adorable smile as he made sure to hold my foot down over to the side of him while he tried to catch his breath. Then, as his body shook with a fluttery series of stifled giggles...I think I got the message, and realized that he was incredibly sensitive down there after erupting so hard less than ten minutes ago. Hehehe, seeing the look on his face as he bashfully covered his eyes with his hand, some of his dark brown hair flopping down over his fingers...I couldn’t help but to start giggling myself. We were both trying really hard not to, but it was a lost cause. Especially when Adler accidentally snorted between chuckles and quickly reached up to cover his nose and mouth for fear of doing it again! Hahaha! Omigod, he could be so CUTE sometimes!!!

I decided to give that part of him a little bit of a rest for now, but was more than accepting when he sort of let his bare foot rest on my thigh. We smiled at one another once again, and I just sort of caressed his bare foot with both hands...feeling it all over. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt skin so soft before. I just...I held it for a bit, but soon began running my fingers all over it. Both sides, and on top, and underneath it...which made him giggle a bit more from the ticklish sensation that jolted through him whenever I rubbed a certain spot or two. I let my fingers go between his gentle toes and then caress the back of his was almost enough to make me squirt right then and there. And that’s when he sort of looked around the room to make sure everybody left in the room was still focused on the TV...and he put his hand under the cover to start pulling one of my socks off too.

From there, we just spent the next several minutes just feeling each other up that way, and as I began to concentrate on the super pretty look of his sweet young face...that deeply seeded urge to kiss him rose up once again. I couldn’t help it, you know? It was almost too much for me to bear, and I had to fight to keep from whimpering out loud as thoughts of my lips being able to mash themselves against that amazingly soft skin and maybe enjoy the passion and divine gift of having him kiss me back caused me to wiggle to the point where I was worried that I was going to fall down to the basement floor.

But, how can I do that without getting caught? There’s no WAY that the remaining people in this room wouldn’t notice me fully making out with another boy on the couch. No chance in hell.

But as I saw people sort of getting a bit more tuckered out from the party itself...I started to wonder if I might be able to get Adler to follow me somewhere, you know? Just vanish for a few minutes? Like...maybe we can find a way to think of a private place and maybe just...sneak away. Just for a little while.

We can do that….right?