The Secret Numbers In 'GFD: Mask Of Shadows'

The GFD Numbers

by Comicality

When the 5th chapter of the "Gone From Daylight" series ("Mask Of Shadows") was posted, you may have noticed that there were certain 'hidden numbers' located inside of Justin's dreams in the story. As an added bonus for this chapter, I created a collection of vampire extras that had to be found by arranging the order of the numbers into different codes. Each correct configuration led you to another one of thirteen hidden vampire extras (Unlucky 13 for a Halloween celebration called "Red October"). All in all, the extra sections almost added up to an entire GFD chapter's worth of writing and planning, and it lets you get a look at some of the other vampire related stories in the works! Here they are, all listed for you. Just click on the link and check it out!

"Gone From Daylight: Re-Vamped"
(The soon-to-come rewrite of the entire "GFD" series with a TON of extra features and deleted scenes re-added)

"Gone From Daylight: Many Different Futures"
(A preview of the upcoming 'spinoff' series centered around the possible future events that could happen AFTER the "GFD" saga takes place)

"Chase The Blond Rabbit"
(A game where you will have your "GFD" knowledge tested in order to chase the ever so swift, Chad, through the streets of Chicago)

(Hehehe...a 'nice' scene that allows you guys to peek in on Justin and Taryn while they enjoy a passionate evening alone)

"Taryn's Song" (Original Version)
(The beginning of the 'Taryn' series, where you find out about how he became a vampire and learned to deal with this new world of darkness)

NOTE: You can now find the re-written first chapter as well as chapter two on the story archive.

"Voices In My Head"
(Match the stories quotes with the speaker in this trivia game, and use the lessons you learned from your friends in order to beat Comicality's test for you)

"Mind Of A Killer"
(Wonder what it would be like to 'hunt' someone as a vampire? To know the thrill...and the horror? Now's your chance!)

"Taryn's Diary"
(An older hidden entry in Taryn's book, telling of his life as a vampire, and the one beautiful night that he came across a young blond boy at the end of Navy Pier)

"Pak Ratz: Sam"
(A new vampire series to be appearing on the site in 2002! The swift and unfeeling assassin!)

"Pak Ratz: Frank"
(The hard edged mob boss)

"Pak Ratz: Dean"
(The slick, fast talking, bounty hunter)

"Pak Ratz: Joey"
(The bumbling henchman looking for a way in)

"Pak Ratz: Peter"
(The suave and charming vampire undercover)

And that's all of them! I truly hope that you guys enjoyed them (A LOT OF EXTRA WORK! Geez! More than I thought it would be! Hehehe!), and look for more spinoffs in the future! Kewl? Seezya!

This page was last updated on February 11, 2016.