'A Fool In Love'

A Fool in Love

(What the hell was THAT about???)

Hehehehe! Ok, before you guys look at this story and think that I had totally lost my marbles for writing, I want you to know that this story was LITERALLY meant as a joke! You'd have to read all the way through it, hehehe, because if you stop as soon as it gets weird, then you'd probably just take me for some kind of crack baby writing on a bad trip. :) "A Fool In Love" was a silly prank that I pulled as an April Fool's Day joke a few years ago, and laughed my ass off at the reaction that it got. ::Giggles:: This was LOADS of fun to write!

I decided to try to come up with some kind of spoof of some of the stuff I had seen online, stories where kids meet for the first time and twenty minutes later they're having hardcore anal sex in a nearby bathroom at the mall. Or where they confess their true love to each other, and then bring three more friends over for an orgy, and break out the enemas and the 35 inch dildos. (No disrespect intended, of course. I've written a lot of bad ones myself on this site. ::Shudders::) This was my way of poking fun at some of the really bad '5-minute jack off' stories that I had read so many of. If I was going to pull a prank, I might as well have some fun with it. From the very first paragraph of the story, I was having a little subliminal fun with everyone reading, using a made up quote (That later spells out "A-P-R-I-L F-O-O-L-S D-A-Y") from an 'unknown author' who was sitting back and laughing at everyone reading it. And even named both characters after a gay man's favorite party favor. Hehehe! And 'Peter' and 'Willy' were born. In the story itself, I used a lot of the more unbelievable elements that I had seen many times before in so many places. It had become a kind of 'formula' for a lot of stories I've seen online, so I figured I'd follow it. Then I took those same elements and twisted them to get more and more ridiculous as the story went on. I spiced up the terminology and dialogue into something downright hilarious, gave both boys HUMONGOUS penises for 13 year olds, threw in a few locations like empty classrooms, a barn, and a table at Arby's (An old inside joke between me and a friend of mine! Long story, but it needed to be in here)...and voila! The story was written, sex-starved bull and all!

I started it off just like I would a normal story. With a main character and his thoughts. Afterall, I wanted everyone to at least invest a little bit of time into the story, wade out into the water a little bit, before realizing that it was a joke. So I tried to draw them in just far enough, and started twisting the story until there was absolutely no doubt in everyone's mind that this couldn't possibly be real! I was laughing outloud at some of the silly ideas that I was coming up with, and probably only used a third of them to complete the story! (Hehehe, maybe it needs a sequel!) So I'm sitting here, typing and giggling to myself, and the story just kept going until I just had to let it go and end it right there. For the following week or so, I made posts and even told some people in email that the new story I was writing was getting an AWESOME response! That people were saying that it was right up there with "New Kid" and "Class"! I hyped it up a few times to make sure that everyone went to read the story the FIRST day that it came out, before word spread that it was a fraud. And sure enough, a lot of people fell into the trap, and we all had a good laugh about it. It was great!

Anyway, believe me, that's NOT a real story...just in case you guys have already stumbled upon it and stopped halfway through it because it was turning into something so stupid! ::Giggles:: Consider it a smile from me to you, and read it whenever you need to just let go and laugh yourself stupid for the hell of it. I think we all need that every once in a while.

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