Kiss Of An Angel

Chapter 23

Kissing Tyler.

There's no way for me to come up with the proper words to explain how rad it feels to make out with him like this. I mean...being naked makes it better...but, then again, being naked with him like this makes everything better. But, its like...there's so much emotion conveyed in Tyler's kiss. So much love. So much passion. So much care and affection, you know???

Laying next to him in his bed, with our legs sort of tangled up, and our arms around each other, my body still quaking with the tingles of another sweet sex session...I feel like I'm in Heaven...but my brain still can't wrap itself around the idea that it's the real life Tyler Jordan holding me this way. I almost can't accept the concept of it all. He could have anybody he wanted. Literally anybody! What's he doing here with a goofy ol' klutz like me???

I love the way his tongue feels in my mouth. I like the way they lick each other, and we suck lips, and I can just let my hands roam all over his hot body without any shame at all. His skin is like silk. It's thee most enchanting thing in the world to slide my palms across its friction-free surface. And how can a pair of lips be so erotically soft? I swear, they make me feel like I'm melting when I kiss him. And I know he just made love to me about ten minutes ago, but...I sort of want to do it again. Maybe just onemore time? I don't want to make him think that my mind is all dirty and weird, but...I'm getting super hard again...and I want him to slide into my hole again before I leave for the day. I mean, he's my boyfriend so...that's ok, right?

I didn't want to come right out and ask him for more. I don't know...that seems like it would be rude. Or maybe not. Forgive me, I'm still getting used to this kind of thing. So I just tried to silently suggest that I wanted some more naughty stuff by kissing Tyler a bit harder, and pushing my hips forward to grind myself into him. It feels so good, having his hard inches sliding around with mine. I felt lightheaded, and I began to whimper quietly from the back of my throat as Tyler held me tight and eventually rolled over on top of me.

Oh wow...yeah, that's better!

Tyler's not really all that heavy, but just having him on top of me feels sooooo awesome. When he's humping me and kissing me at the same time, it's like it almost causes my brain to short circuit and fizzle out and I just...I don't understand how I could ever live my life without getting the opportunity to be underneath him again. I move my hands up and down, from his cute butt and back up to his shoulders. And as our kissing becomes more intense, I tangle my fingers up in the blond locks of his hair. I LOVE Tyler's hair! Just touching his hair makes me so hard sometimes. Hehehe, it's TRUE! Like, I'll run my fingers through it just one time, and 'ZAP'!!! Instant weiner stiffy!

Tyler was pushing himself into me, and I wrapped my legs around the small of his back so I could lift my hips up and maybe line my hole up with his passionate grinding. My whole body was trembling like crazy, but I wrapped myself up tight and held on, despite my near exhaustion. My legs were a little loosey goosey, but I wanted just one more good squirt before I was forced to leave my boyfriend and go home. Awww, I wish I didn't have to go. I wish I didn't EVER have to leave.

I tried to curl myself up a little bit tighter, raising my hips some more, but despite a few little pokes back there by mistake, I couldn't get Tyler to stick it in me. Not from this angle, I guess. I whimpered quietly, and Tyler kissed me on the lips, making me feel like I was melting right into his sheets. Then he moved over to kiss me on the side of the neck again...and I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head. Oh God! That's the spot. Right there. I didn't even know I HAD a spot! But, laying there, with Tyler lightly smooshing me into the mattress and sucking lovingly just above my collar bone...I knew that he had definitely discovered mine. Well, mysecond favorite spot, anyway. The first one he'll be able to activate and make me tingle all over...once I can...ughh...get my hole up high enough for him to get the hint.

"Mmmm...yeah..." I whined. I don't know why. I just, I make noises sometimes. It's kind of like talking in your sleep, I suppose. I don't even really know that I'm doing it half the time, but I know that it means I feel really really good inside.

Ok, this suggestive hip thing isn't working. So I had to think of something else. I had to rock from side to side a few times, but I was finally able to sort of give Tyler the hint that I wanted him to roll over onto his side. And then we kissed some more. And then...I got on top of him this time. I've seen this in a few naughty pictures and drawings before. I tried to draw it myself a few times, but I don't think it looked right. I guess I didn't get all of the logistics right or something. I tried a few times, but then I got all hot and bothered and had to touch myself before bed. Still, I thought it was sexy.

I was over him on my hands and knees, and I scooted down a bit first, because he just...he looked so yummy to me, all dreamy eyed and stuff. I slid down a bit further, and Tyler reached down to rub my head as he closed his eyes, and I took a hold of his shaft in my hand. It's so hot, and it jumps when I wrap my soft fingers around it. And Tyler's thingy angles a little further up than mine does, which I think is sexy too. I have to pull it down a little bit so it can stick straight up, and I gave the tip a kiss. It throbbed so hard that it nearly pulled itself out of my hand, and I giggled out loud at seeing him so excited. Then I licked underneath the little ridge at the end, and I nuzzled my nose and lips on the right side of his balls, and I licked him there too. He smells so good. Every inch of him is like freshly baked candy. Everything about my Tyler is so hot. Hehehe!

Ok, so...I wanted to make sure I was doing this right. I've done it before, but I always want to get better. So after running my tongue all over him down there on his tasty sack, I kissed my way back up to the top, and I take him into my mouth. My lips are buzzing with the awesome mouth-watering taste of him. The whole time, I'm wondering, ‘How is this not an official Jolly Rancher flavor'? Seriously! I'd buy a whole bag of Tyler nuggets Jolly Ranchers every week if I could!

I lower myself down slowly, letting my tongue soak up all the yumminess that it could. I can't take the whole thing, but I always try to take as much as I can. Is that half? I think, maybe, a little bit more than half. I didn't want to gag though. Or, even worse...end up having an ‘accident' by taking too much. I had a dentist find out, the hard way, what might happen from playing around too close to my back molars. Ewww, what a mess...

I go as low as I can, and then I rise back up again. Tyler moans, and I can see his cute little stomach muscles showing their definition as he heaved with breath. So, feeling encouraged, I slid my mouth down on him again, and slowly sucked my way back up to the top again. I held the base of the shaft in my hand, and squeezed it so I could get a hint of that sweet and sour flavored reward at the tippy top. Leaked juices that made me shiver with their erotic tang. He's especially delicious today. Gasp...I wonder if he drinks pineapple juice too! Whoah...what a thought!

I love it when he wiggles. Tyler has a sexy wiggle. It's not all spastic and jerky like me when I wiggle. His is smooth. His motions are slower, and super sexy. And when I coil my tongue around his rigid shaft, he makes the cutest little noises ever. It's like, ‘YAY!!! He likes it!!!' That's how he makes me feel every time he smiles at me in the hallway at school. So, it's super rad to know that I can return the favor every now and then.

Ok...I don't want him to squirt yet. And I don't want to squirt either. But I'm getting close, and that's just from sucking on him and humping the bed. Unh unh! I've only got one more shot at this before I have to go home, and I want him to do it to me all the way. My booty feels like it needs him so bad! Can't waste it, you know?

So, I suck him one more time...really deep, and then I stop. more. And a lick. And then I give the tip a little kiss, because he's so pretty down there. Hehehe! And one more kiss. Ooops, wait, there's another little clear drop of stuff in his slit. So I make sure to lick that up too. Omigod...sooooo good.

Then I scoot up a little bit, and I'm hoping that I get this whole thing right. We'll see, I guess.

I kiss Tyler briefly on the lips, and he moans in the cutest way. I feel so squirmy inside. Hehehe, it's kind of cool though. Then I get up on my knees, and I try to position myself over him. I was straddling his waist, and I had to reach back behind me to find his hard shaft and angle it just right so it would touch my anxiously quivering hole. Oh WOW! The moment I felt the spongy tip touch me back there...I got a full body shiver that made me whimper with desperation. It's always a fightto get Tyler inside of me. I hope he doesn't feel frustrated with how tight I am. I can't help it. I'm just sort of small, I guess. But with a little determination and a few minutes of holding my breath and trying not to bend his boner or anything...I felt his tip finally penetrate me. And it was SUCH a sigh of relief for me! Oh GOD, did it feel good to get the hard part over and done with!

Tyler closed his eyes, and his legs were shaking a little bit as I lowered myself down another inch or two. I heard him whisper, "...Jesus! Oh wow!" And that made me smile. He liked it. I must be doing something right. Hehehe! I was quick to take another inch inside me, and it felt like he sank a little deeper into me than I was ready for. My body suddenly started convulsing without warning, and my eyes widened as my legs went weak. I had to remind myself to breathe. Then I sank a bit lower on his inches. Tyler gasped too, and he rested his soft hands on my thighs. This is so awesome. I'm doing it. I wish I could see us right now. Do we look just like the naughty pictures? I bet we do. Sweet!

It takes some work, but eventually, I feel my butt resting on Tyler's lap, and he's practically gasping for oxygen at this point. I put my hands on his bare chest for balance, and even that makes him shiver wildly from the sensation. Hehehe, I'm like, "Are you ok?"

He opens his eyes, and he nods. Then he's like, "Are you ok?"

I nod too, with a big smile. "Uh huh..."

Breathlessly, he whispers, "Ok. Cool..."

I can feel him inside me. There's something so deeply intimate about having him be a sensual part of me like this, you know? I was sitting still, but my inner muscles were totally shivering with delight, vibrating around his shaft until his eyes rolled back and he had to grip the bed sheets to keep from losing his composure. There's a feeling of control involved when you know you can bring that level of pleasure to somebody. I wiggled my bottom just a little bit, and Tyler's voice cracked as he yelped out loud from the sensations I was giving him. Omigod...Tyler Jordan is TOTALLY mine!!! Can you believe it??? This is so mind-blowing! I can barely fathom the concept of being allowed doing this with him! I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world.

I used my leg muscles to raise myself up a bit, which took some effort because my legs were already weak as a pair of wet noodles...but Tyler took in a deep breath as he felt my hole tighten around him, and I wanted to make this soooooo good for him. So I balanced myself and rose up until just the tip of him was in me. "Wow..." He sighed. I gave my hole a little ‘squeeze', and then I began to slide down again.

The further his erection pushed into me, the better it felt. And this time, when I rested my butt on his felt like he was even deeper inside of me than he was before. He, totally, hit my ‘birthday' spot! A violent surge of tingles rushed through me. I feel like I make too much noise when we do it, but Tyler always says that it's ok, so I just...I whine and cry out whenever I feel tingly like this. I rise and fall, rise and fall, and it feels better and better every time I sit all the way down. I start to breathe so hard that it makes me dizzy, but all I can think about is ging faster, having him push deeper inside me. It stimulates every part of me, and I start bouncing my booty on him over and over again, hooping to keep this sensation going on and on and on forever! I was SO hard! Every time I sat all the way down on him, it was like a full blown orgasm in itself. I couldn't believe how awesome it felt to do this! I'm...I'm actually losing my MIND here!

I took my hands off of Tyler's chest, and reached back to let them rest on his legs instead. I was really grinding on him now. So good. Omigod….so GOOD! My hips were moving in ways they never had before, bucking and swiveling in this sexual frenzy that only made his sensual invasion of me all the more delightful. I had to grab the headboard of Tyler's bed to keep myself steady as I continued to ride him for all I was worth. At one point, he accidentally slipped out of my tight orifice, and I felt SO empty! Omigod, no!!! Push it back in! PLEASE, push it back in! I used my hand to guide him back to the constricted pucker of my boyish entrance, and I slid all the way back down to his base without any struggle at all. Yes! Please keep going! Omigod...don't stop!

Tyler began to moan so loud, and I just...I just...UGH...

What is it that I'm feeling??? I don't KNOW!!! My brain is trying to decipher it all, but I was so lost in the moment, that I don't think I had the emotional capacity to really figure out what was aggravating me so much when I was getting everything that I wanted fro my beautiful BEAUTIFUL boyfriend at that very moment!

"Nnnghhh...YES!" I said. But it wasn't enough. I kept feeling Tyler hit my special spot, and I kept wanting more and more! "Mmmm...umm...MORE…!!!" Is that what I meant to say? No. I mean, there was something inside me that just needed to express itself! I just...I didn't know how! "Oh wow!" I said, feeling Tyler's hips push up into me as I sat down on his lap. My cheeks would automatically clench up from the activity, always giving Tyler more pleasure than he was expecting. He was lifting his hips up off of thee bed now, and sometimes he would go a little too deep into my hole. But it wasn't like...a ‘bad' hurt. It was more like a surprise. Like...OH!!! Geez!!! But we got into a synched up rhythm, where he's push up into me, and I would slam my booty down on him at the same time. I'm starting to see why those naughty pictures online were all over the place. This feels really COOL!!!

I'd loosen up a bit as I slid down, but tighten up again as I rose back up to his tip again, and I could tell that he was getting close by the look on his face. Tyler Jordan has the sexiest ‘cum face' EVER! Hehehe!

"More!" I said...but that still wasn't it. Even though Tyler started to pump me even harder when he heard it. "Yeah...oh wow….yeah...PLEASE!!!" I said. But ‘please' wasn't enough either! What am I trying to say? How do I say it? It's in me...I can feel it coming. "Mmmm! YES!!! Please! I love you!" I was trying out different words, but I still wasn't quite nailing the expression that I was looking to find. And I was vigorously bouncing up and down on Tyler's hardness, tightly gripping his headboard with both hands, huffing and puffing as my sweat soaked locks of hair stuck to my forehead...I felt the words blossoming in my sex crazed mind. The craving hit a crescendo, and I just couldn't hold it back anymore. So...while lost in the intense moment of exquisite passion and lust...

I squealed, "...Oh God, FUCK ME!!!!"

Suddenly, without much warning at all, my balls got really tight, and I started to squirt all over his belly while I wailed and twitched from one of the most intense orgasms that I've ever experienced in my life. I didn't know it was coming, it just sort of happened all by itself. And this is when Tyler sat up in his bed, and he wrapped his arms tightly around me, putting his chin on my shoulder, and he exploded inside of my spasming hole, my insides milking him to the point of exhaustion.

Omigod. I...I just...omigod! OMIGOD!!!!!

Tyler kissed me so hard on the lips that I nearly fell over from the dizziness I was experiencing at the moment. We were both breathing like we had just run a marathon together, and I sort of fell to the side, feeling him slip out of me...leaving me empty again.

What do I do when I feel this good? Do I laugh? Do I cry? Do I just...lay here? My emotions were all over the place at that moment. My whole body had been drained of its energy, but...laying next to Tyler made me feel like he was quickly recharging my battery. I could do this ten more times today if he wanted me to. In fact, I almost HOPE that he wants me to.

Tyler was so breathless. Hehehe, I think he came really hard that time! Good! I'm glad. That means that I'm good at sex too. I never knew if I would be or not...but Tyler makes me feel like a hot lover. It makes me smile. God...he's so DREAMY!!!

We were lying in bed together, and once I caught my breath...I felt a touch of shame wash over me. Tyler was staring up at the ceiling at the time, but I turned to him, and I just...I felt I had to say something.

"Tyler?" Still breathing hard, he said, "Yeah?"

"Ummmm..." I had to look away from him for a second. He's so pretty, you know? "I'm sorry I cussed..."

I don't know. I just...I didn't want Tyler to think I was...'dirty'. I don't usually say curse words if I can help it. But in that one moment, I needed that word. I needed to let that particular outburst send a message that this was the most incredible, most baffling, most euphoric, experience of my life! And that he was at the center of it all.

I don't know...maybe I'm just diving too deep into this whole ‘boyfriend' thing. But I like it. I really really like it!

Tyler giggled out loud. Awwww, his giggles are so cute. He said, "I LIVE to hear you curse out loud, Ariel!"

I gasped. "Really?" I asked. "You're not mad?"

"Mad???" He said, and kissed me on the lips. "It's one of those bad habits that I would suggest you pick up wherever and whenever you can. You'll get no complaints out of me."

With a deep blush, I said, "Ummm...m'kay. But only around you. Nobody else." I giggled.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." He said. Then he caressed my cheek with his hand, and he looked into my eyes, saying, "You have no idea how much I love you." Adding, "Stay with me? Forever?"

"M'kay." I said. "Forever."

We sealed the deal with a kiss, and I knew at that moment...we were going to make this work. All of it. Not many peoople get a chance to experience a love like this in their lives...but WE do! And we're going to enjoy every last moment that we get to spend together.

You know...because...'love'.

What is life without it? You know?