Waiting Outside The Lines

Chapter 8

Can I grab his butt?

That was one of the first things that I thought about as Greyson and I were rolling around and making out like CRAZY on his hotel bed! It was such a rapid escalation from our cute and cuddly conversation to something more...umm...intense! Hehehe, not that I was complaining at all. I liked it! I LOVED it! I just felt a little unprepared for how awesome it was!

We were alone. Really alone. No sensual make out sessions by the lake with me keeping an eye out for anybody who might walk up and catch us in the act. I was really here, all alone, with Greyson Chance....and he wanted ME! My mind had trouble trying to even fathom how MONUMENTAL a moment this was for me! Being able to just grinsmy hardness against his, while being able to taste the sexy wetness of his tongue in my mouth while sucking on it and having him suck on mine in return.

Yeah...I think I can grab his butt. I think, by normal 'making out' rules, I can grab at least one handful of his butt without seeming creepy. I mean....right? Well, I don't KNOW! I'm going to try anyway...

My hand traveled down...lower and lower. My eyes were closed while we were kissing, but it knew Greyson's body structure without being confused as to having to figure anything out. And then...wow...I touched it. I actually groped it, to be honest. And all of my fears about what was appropriate and inappropriate vanished with the first blissful moan that I felt vibrate between his lips and mine. More than a moan. A song. A Greyson song. Made just for us, as he totally gave himself over to this moment and silently asked me to do the same.

God, it felt sooooo good.

On some levels it was a relief. A teenage virgin relief of all of the pent up hormones and wet dreams and sexual fantasies that I had ever experienced in my life. And on other levels...love. True emotion. The appreciation of Greyson's smile, his humor, his weird little 'He's got the monkeys' dance, hehehe...his kiss was more than just a kiss. It was an expression of everything that he was. And he chose me to share it with. Someone who was willing to cherish it the way it needed to be cherished. With honor, and grace, and awe. I don't think I've ever known lips to be this soft. Even with the increasing passion causing us to smash our lips together hard as our bodies melted into one another...Greyson's lips remained unbelievably tender. And soft. And sweet. It was like kissing the tepid surface of his bathwater in the tub. Such a gentle connection. And addictive beyond my wildest dreams.

The humping and the gyrating became more of a frustration than a pleasure after a few minutes. Our clothes were in the way. I needed the flesh. I craved it. I yearned for it. And no matter how desperate the motion of our hips became...we still couldn't get enough.

Greyson kissed me harder.

I gripped the soft globes of his ass with both hands and pulled him into me with all the strength my arms could muster.

And breathlessly, we both decided that we couldn't deal with the separation anymore. This needed to happen now. RIGHT now!

Greyson got up on his elbows and knees for a moment, his dreamy eyes looking down on me as I found myself dizzy with the rapid pace of my heartbeat. And he was compelled to lean in and tongue kiss me deeply once again before getting up off the bed.

You can't IMAGINE how excited I got when I saw him reach down to grab the bottom of his shirt and lift it off over his head. His smooth chest came into view, small brown nipples, and the hint of a six pack that I could only see when he exhaled with another excited breath. I was almost so hypnotized by the sight of his slender hips and flat stomach, that I forgot about the fact that I might want to join him in getting undressed!

I quickly sat up and yanked my shirt off so fast that I nearly stretched the collar on it. It was stuck on my chin for a moment, my arms flailing as I struggled with a damn shirt covering my face, nearly suffocating me to death! But luckily, I got it off in time to see Greyson undoing his pants. Oh God...this is happening. This is really happening!

He was wearing a pair of bright red boxer briefs that came into view as soon as he pulled the zipper down. He slid his pants down a pair of long, smooth, legs, and I saw his hardness tenting his underwear out with an impressive length...a dark wet spot decorating the tip. Again, I was dazed by the very beauty of him. I felt like crying. Why? Why did I feel like crying? Maybe it was the adrenaline shooting through my veins like a heavy dose of heroin and cocaine combined. Who knows? But my emotions were suddenly all over the place. I saw Greyson lift one leg to step out of his pants, puddled down at his feet. And then lift the other. I tried to focus long enough to get my own pants off...but it was hard. Believe me! You can't imagine how sexy he was at that very moment. My mouth watered for the very taste of him. And if I thought his cute little bottom looked good with pants on...you have no IDEA how fucking hot it was in just a pair of boxer briefs! That one, silky, thin layer of material conformed to his shapely buns in ways that would drive a man insane with lust. The fabric fell oh so subtly into the crease of those pert cheeks, and invited you to just lean forward and smash your face into it! I swear...he was making it so hard to breath right now!

I began using one foot to kick my right shoe off, and then the other, breathlessly watching Greyson's near naked body in front of me. At the same time I unbuttoned my pants and lowered the zipper. He was eager to help me get them off, grabbing a hold of the waistline and sliding them off my legs. The moment he unhooked them from my angles, he was all over me again. His featherweight frame felt as though it was just heavy enough to keep from floating away as we finally able to connect with more skin than we ever had before. My arms wrapped themselves around him, feeling the satin like texture of his back. He was sooooo warm. I melted beneath him from the contact, kissing him with all of the passion that I had. His hips flexed and relaxed repeatedly, driving him into me, and then we rolled over so I could get on top of him. He opened his legs wide to accept me, clutching my backside with a soft whimper as I began to grind and push into him on instinct. I didn't have time to worry about this being my virgin experience. I didn't think about whether or not I was doing it right. Everything seemed to come automatically. His panting breath and erotic whines guided my every move, expertly bringing him to heights of pleasure that he had only dreamed about up until this very moment. It was an intimate embrace that made time stand still, and a kiss that became more intense with every second that we were molded together.

And yet...still I need more. There was only one more obstacle to remove. Just one. I felt myself blush slightly as I worked up the nerve to simply lift myself up and remove his boxer briefs. I was nervous. Sooooo nervous. But as I saw a rather impressive tent pointing in my direction, there really wasn't any further reason to hide it. The moment of truth was upon me. All of those nights of me watching Greyson's videos, and staring at his pictures, trying to see if I could just get a 'hint' of what he might look like naked...they were over. I was preparing myself to lay my eyes upon the real thing. And I held my breath in anticipation.

The elastic band got caught on the tip of his hardness as I slowly pulled them down. But Greyson gave me a sensual smile as he lifter the band up in the middle, and a beautiful shaft and delicately cut tip flopped out from underneath the straining material, falling back onto a small dark patch of wispy fine hairs. Beneath, two orbs in a lightly wrinkled sack...pink in color. It was a breathtaking sight that I will remember the rest of my life. If I live to be a million years old...I doubt I'll ever see anything more amazing than the gentle pulse of Greyson traveling through those heated inches and waiting for me to take my first taste.

My heartbeat pounded in my ears. My mouth salivating as I pulled his undies the rest of the way off. I was baffled by how utterly gorgeous he was, laying completely naked on the bed...legs spread...sprawled out for the taking, a hazy look in the magic of his chocolate brown eyes.

A bewildering swoon washed over me, making me dizzy as I attempted to drink in every last detail of this amazing image so that it would fill every wet dream that I have from now until infinity. And Greyson gave me a sexy smile, as he sat up and rubbed the sides of my thighs, waiting to lower my underwear as well. It was the last thing standing between us. And when he gently pulled them down, I nearly erupted just from the idea that we were here...like this...and that things were only going to get better from here.

I only had one foot out of my undies when Greyson leaned forward, and I felt a warm wetness engulf my most private appendage in a way that I wasn't ready for. I kind of fantasized that blowjob would be...absolutely mind-blowing! But as far as even my most erotic fantasies were concerned, this was a feeling for which my young body had no precedent! My legs went weak. Turned into useless sticks of warm butter beneath me as my eyes closed and my head began to spin.

I could feel him. I could feel the softness of his lips. The slippery surface of his tongue sliding under my throbbing inches. The warmth of his breath as it breezed through the hairs at the base. The feel of his unimaginably soft hand as it gripped me tenderly and held me at an angle that he could use to pleasure me. I had to hold onto his shoulders just to keep my balance. My ass clenched up tight and refused to let go. And when I heard Greyson whimper...oh God, it was the most adorable whimper that I had ever heard. A newborn puppy couldn't compete. I was in Heaven. Seriously...this is Heaven....and Greyson is my angel.

After the first 45 seconds I became so light headed and woozy that I had to force myself to tap Greyson on the shoulder so I could get him to stop before I totally passed out. I mean, did I have ANY blood in my brain at this point??? I had an erection hard enough to lift Thor's hammer right now, I don't think my blood flow is too efficiently balanced at the moment.

Luckily, Greyson's lips gave me one more generous slurp, and he leaned back on the bed, taking me by the hand to pull me on top of him. And the thrusting and grinding continued. This time, without barricades. Heh...I still had my underwear lingering around one of my ankles, and had to shake myself free of it while Greyson and I slid our tongues together in unison. His naked flesh was unfathomably smooth. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt to have him wrap his legs around me as I pumped rhythmically into his inviting nest...a slick wetness lubricating our movements as we both began to leak copious amounts of arousal on and around out stomachs and thighs. I swear, I don't know how I stayed conscious...

I wanted a taste.

I knew that I wouldn't last long like this at all. I was going to explode any second, and if, for any reason, it turns out that I only got to do this ONCE in my lifetime...then I wanted a taste to remember him by.

So, I regretfully separated my lips from his, and began to kiss and lick a slow trail down the side of his neck. Then to his nipples, both erect with an eager excitement. Then over the nearly invisible abs, which began to heave slightly as my kisses continued further south. Soft, sinewy, swimmer's muscle...tightening up as my tongue darted into his shallow little navel and licked a cool trail around the rim of it. And then....as felt his hardness poking at the base of my neck, I slid down even further, my knees now resting on the floor beside the bed...and I watched his manhood standing proudly before my eyes.

I could feel the warmth of it on my cheeks. It radiated off of him like the soothing heat of a Winter campfire. It pulsed with anticipation. And as my hands rubbed up and down the tops of his thighs...I made sure not to keep it waiting.

I leaned forward to lightly rub my face and lips over it. Greyson's scent was beyond intoxicating. Clean and sweet, but with a hint of naughtiness that flooded my senses and drew me closer to take my very first lick of another boy's erection. I don't know what I expected it to taste like...but it was sexier than I ever could have imagined. Something about it was raw, and erotic...it was a thrill that nearly pushed me over the edge. I had to keep my focus. I didn't want this to end. But my mind was lost in a fog and my body was on autopilot. With just a few experimental licks to start, and a stroke or two with my hand, I found myself lifting my head up to the flared, rosy, tip...and licking the sticky residue I found puddled there before taking it as deeply into my mouth as I could manage.

"Oh God, yes....mmmmm...." I heard him whisper to himself. Greyson's hands gently ran through my blond locks as his legs spread even wider than before...bent at the knees, frog legged, trying not to tremble from the sensation of me sucking him so sweetly. Tasting him. Curling my tongue around the most sensitive parts of him. Feeling him squirm as he fought to regain his composure. I'm doing it! I'm making Greyson Chansce writhe and wiggle with delight! Does this mean that I'm good at this? If I do it really good tonight...will he let me do it again???

Greyson's legs closed in on me, his thighs rubbing up against my cheeks. He looked like he was just trying to hold on. As if he was going to slide right out of his own skin if he didn't anchor himself to the cool bed sheets beneath him. His breathing increased, his whimpers grew in both volume and urgency. His cute little butt raised itself off of the mattress and fell again in a steady rhythm. He had been dreaming about this for a long time, evidently. But then again, so have I.

His sweet teen flavor became more intense as I tasted the slightly bitter tang of his fluid washing over my tongue every time the slow bobbing of my head reached the top of his length. The spongy head kept producing that sweet nectar, and I enjoyed using the muscles of my tongue to press the helmet against the roof of my mouth in order to get as much of his candied flavor as I could draw from him. Wow...there are no words. None.

As Greyson's body began to tighten and turn in more involuntary ways, I had to experience the disappointment of having him take hold of both sides of my head and pull me off of him. Caressing my cheeks, he pulled me up with a lewd and hungry look in his eyes, and he groaned deeply as he guided me back to those soft lips for another passionate tongue kiss. I missed the taste of him already, but hardly had the room to complain. I felt as though I was on the edge of orgasm the entire time. The dimly lit room, with the songs of Disney's "Alaadin" playing on the TV behind us...it all faded into nonexistence. There was only Greyson. Nothing else.

We rolled around on top of each other for quite some time after that. And soon, Greyson found his appetite turning towards getting another taste of me as well. I was on my back, feeling his hand stroking me ever so softly. And then he smiled at me in the cutest way, before moving his head down to take me back into the sultry confines of those cushioned lips of his. Can you imagine what it feels like? It feels like falling. Weightless. An almost disorienting detachment from gravity itself. And as soon I extendedmy hand to give his needy hardness a few strokes with my hand, I saw him swiveling his hips around to give me better access. Full access.

I scooted down a bit, and slipped out of his lips for a quick moment. But Greyson was quick to move as well and get his mouth back on me as fast as he could. He barely missed a beat. The sexiest part was having him scoot himself around, his ripe and delicious ass now in full view of my craving eyes...and he lifted one of his legs to put down on the other side of my head, straddling my face, and putting that mouthwatering morsel right there above me, dangling down just inches from my lips. My hands gripped his thighs as I craned my neck up to pull him slowly into my mouth with one long suck...and I felt the vibrations of his bashful moan around my shaft as he humped himself further into my heated suction.

Together, we serviced one another with an intimate rhythm made just for us. The sensation was surreal. Him on me. Me on him. Both of us unsure of whether we could stand the staggering sensations passing through us. Wondering if we would have the will power to stop, even if we couldn't. I could feel Greyson's soft, warm, balls as they rested comfortably in the cradle of my nostrils and upper lip. Hanging down over me...his clean, mellow, fragrance filling me up as I breathed him in with every excited breath.

Was I here? Was this happening?

We were doing so little, physically. And yet...we were both breathing soooo hard.

It was more than I ever dreamed. So much more.

As our love continued to magnify the virgin pleasures surging through us, I felt the desperate need for release finally reaching it's peak. The catalyst being my hands wandering up from Greyson's soft supple thighs to the fleshy globes of an ass that was damn near perfect in every possible way. I groped it lustfully, and Greyson responded by lowering his hips to further submerge himself deeper into my moistened lips, now almost sore from the level of effort I put into sucking every last savory bit of boyish lavor that I could from his heated root. I felt myself reaching a point of no return, and couldn't hold on for much longer. I didn't know what to do...but just as before, my body took over, and I was left as a helpless bystander in this sexual encounter.

I was sure that I would be the first to let go. That I was sooooo overexcited, so overpowered by the idea of having sex with a hot boy celebrity, that I would end up as the hairtrigger underdog in this situation. But as my leg muscles began to tighten up, and my frustrated whimpers got higher in pitch...Greyson's lips now moving up and down on me at a fevered pace...just SECONDS before I was about to blow...

I felt Greyson's shaft expand in my mouth. I felt those familiar 'thumps' and 'pulses' as his hardness spasmed wildly between my sucking lips. And after the third or fourth twitch...a creamy reward was given to me. A LOT of it! It splashed across my tongue and back towards my tonsils, as Greyson's ass wiggled above me, totally out of his control. A boy that I thought I would only be able to see on TV and YouTube...was alone in a hotel room with me, completely naked, and emptying his aroused seed into my mouth for me to suck down like the nectar of the gods themselves! It was more than I could handle....

I climaxed with the force of a natural disaster, surprising Greyson at first, but then thrilling him to the point of purring and swallowing every last drop of it as if he needed it to survive. I could hardly stay still. I don't think I've EVER cum so hard in my entire life! And more and more squirts just kept coming. I don't even know where they were coming from, to be honest! But I'm sure that if I stood on a scale tonight when I went home, I'd probably be five pounds lighter than I was earlier today!

Then...near silence.

Not so much 'silence', as speechlessness.

We stayed in our mutual sex position for a short while. I felt Greyson go soft in my mouth, but not without a few aftershocks of total bliss. Each one, blessing me with another thick dribble of extra boy honey. Which I consumed eagerly, my hands gliding up and down the smooth skin of his ass as the narrow cleft hovered over me in full view. Greyson loved being in my mouth. I could feel his slender hips rolling in small circles, the warm tube swiping back and forth across my tongue. I liked the feel of it. It was almost enough to get me hard all over again.

Greyson finally pulled his ruby lips off of me, and he gave the insides of my thighs a few kitty licks before laying his head down on my splayed legs. Hehehe, his hair tickled me down there a little bit. But not enough to make me giggle. Just enough to make me smile.

The love that we shared was so explosive. Fireworks and adrenaline. Stars and out-of-body experiences. Every birthday that I've ever had all rolled up into one. And then...the tension relief. The calm display of a bright rainbow after the storm. The sounds of heavy breathing, and nothing else. Feeble attempts to claim control of our bodies again.




Sighs, and whimpers, and low moans....

And then...an afterglow so bright that it would have blinded us both if we hadn't closed our eyes and switched our positions again to snuggle and hold one another again. Just trying to understand how one act could be so powerful. So meaningful. So divine. As Greyson tangled his arms and legs around me, and we shared a few more breathless kisses and licks between one another...I found myself completely satisfied. No...wait...satisfied is hardly the word. Blown away. Mesmerized. Massively way-laid! And....


So very happy.